Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 705 - This Woman Most Likely Has Already Fallen Into My Hands
Chapter 705: This Woman Most Likely Has Already Fallen Into My Hands

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The World Dragon was the only trump card in the hands of Xuan Mo and other escaped Earth Immortals. It was also their only hope. This magical creature theoretically possessed the power to confront low-level Fallen Immortal for a short period of time.

However, this hope vanished before everyone’s eyes as the World Dragon was killed by Senior Gem Emperor. Under the cover of the purple light of Gem Emperor, the boundless fear atmosphere spread toward the Mysterious Frost World.

“How… how could that be possible?”

Lu Biechen looked pale at the calculation on the ground. He had counted it thousands of times, but he never thought that there would be such a thing. Did Senior Gem Emperor become so strong that he could kill World Dragon head-on? When did he get so strong? If he had such power, why did Gem Emperor never showed it in the first place?

After the awakening, Senior Gem Emperor’s temperament changed dramatically. It was as if he had a personality change… Wait a minute, or was it another person entirely?

Lu Biechen’s mind flashed as if he had thought of something. However, he could not afford to think too much. The purple light in the sky gradually became strong, as if brewing the next wave of Gem Emperor’s anger. Senior Gem Emperor was really strong and overbearing, far beyond anyone’s imagination. The matter had come to this point, it was no longer possible to turn the situation around.

“I’m sorry for implicating you in this.” Lu Biechen sighed softly and said to Wang Lu beside him.

This was the internal conflict between the Earth Immortals, but they had carelessly involved the people of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals… Although the two sides were still hostile to each other not long ago, Lu Biechen and the others were now ‘traitors’ in the Earth Immortal camp and thus, Wang Lu became more and more pleasing to the eyes.

Wang Lu himself did not take it seriously and said, “It doesn’t matter, no need to be so polite. It’s not that bad yet.”

Lu Biechen said, “Senior Gem Emperor will not be kind to you because you are not an Earth Immortal… the rules of engagement between the two camps will not necessarily be followed by that fellow.”

Wang Lu laughed and said, “I’m not that naive… I said it’s okay because Senior Gem Emperor is at the end of his reign.”

Lu Biechen grinned bitterly. “However, in front of Gem Emperor, we are not necessarily able to fight him.”

After seeing the end of the World Dragon, these Earth Immortals were now really downhearted, completely losing the will to fight.

Wang Lu was still smiling. “Senior Earth Immortal, although your arithmetic might not work when calculating Gem Emperor before, you don’t have to be discouraged. Or even abandoning your craftsmanship… Pick up your calculation and work it out again. At this time, the oriole is about to swoop in.”

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind (idiom). Senior Gem Emperor had fought a fierce battle against the World Dragon, could it be that there was someone waiting behind?


Another whistling roar of a dragon was heard, penetrating the purple light and into the Mysterious Frost World. Lu Biechen opened his eyes in shock. With a slight tremor in his hand, he said, “There’s another World Dragon? Black, it’s Black!”

Outside the Mysterious Frost World, a giant black dragon with fierce appearance appeared above the body of the ice dragon and rushed over toward the Gem Emperor. It then furiously said, “Black, how dare you hide the traitors!”

This Gem Emperor was indeed a noble emperor. At that time, he personally beat Black until Black was hurt and had to flee. And now unexpectedly, he still questioned why Black hid Xuan Mo and the others.

If Black didn’t hide Xuan Mo, could it be that he should wait for the Gem Emperor’s people to deal with them one by one?

In his fury, the Gem Emperor fought against the black dragon into a bloodbath. However, in the end, he had just gone through a vicious battle. He lacked the stamina and was soon bitten by the black dragon in succession and the purple light was shaking incessantly.

“Black, after today, you are my number one enemy. The last time my men showed mercy, but the next time they meet you, you will die!”

After that, the purple light flickered away. The black dragon circled outside the Mysterious Frost World and threw a willful victory laughter, humiliating the fleeing Gem Emperor. A moment later, the black dragon gently nodded toward the Mysterious Frost World and then his figure also flew away.

On the ice sheet, there were about seven or eight Earth Immortals, coming out of the ruins and stared at the sky with a blank look.

“Is… Black gone?”

Lu Biechen sighed. “Black has never been here at all. He was seriously injured, how could he recover so soon? Just now, he merely sent his own dragon.”

As he spoke, Xuan Mo came down from the sky and with a pale face, he then added, “However, the appearance of Black’s world dragon couldn’t stop Gem Emperor. Now its breath has inevitably been locked by the Gem Emperor. Next time, Gem Emperor will be able to follow the breath to find Black… Black sacrificed himself to save us.”

“How did Gem Emperor become so strong?” One of the escaped Earth Immortals was full of despair. “What shall we do when Senior Gem Emperor and his whole men come looking for us next?”

The Earth Immortal next to him was also full of gloom. “If I knew this earlier, I might as well have stayed… Senior Gem Emperor didn’t say that he wanted to trouble me.”

Suddenly someone angrily replied, “Nobody asked you to come in the first place! It’s you who are so afraid of Gem Emperor that you come to us with a runny nose and now you say that you regret it? Do you still have a face?”

Xuan Mo said, “Don’t quarrel. Just now, the Gem Emperor’s purple light frightened the entire Mysterious Frost World and everyone’s mind was shaken. Thus, some unclear words are excusable.” This sentence was intended to carefully smooth things over, but the next one was somewhat though. “But in any case, please remember that you guys choose this road, so there is no possibility of turning back. Senior Gem Emperor will not accept traitors!”

After these soft and hard words, people’s hearts barely stabilized. Xuan Mo then found Wang Lu again and said, “I’m sorry to have involved you this time. Senior Gem Emperor is obstinate and self-opinionated, but very careful. Just now he has certainly discovered you. I’m afraid this will be bad for you in the future.”

Wang Lu smiled. “Even if I didn’t come today, would Gem Emperor let me go? I’m also in the top management of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. It’s not strange that he regards me as nails in the eyes. But, if you really feel indebted to me, you might as well jump over to my side.”

Xuan Mo looked at him helplessly. “I’ve just made my statement on this topic.”

Wang Lu earnestly said, “You will be treated very well.”

“Don’t make a joke will you?”

Wang Lu replied, “This is not a joke. I’m just looting a burning house. Think clearly, your trump card has been torn, Black’s trump card has been used once, so the next time will not work. Plus, Gem Emperor did not regard you as his own people, but instead as traitors. So…”

“So it’s better to be a real traitor and show it to everyone?”

Wang Lu said, “Traitor? Does that mean you are a loyal dog now? Isn’t leaving the master tantamount to betrayal? How could you say that? Didn’t you leave Gem Emperor because you don’t want to be somebody’s dog? So why bother keeping yourself in the kennel?”

Xuan Mo was at loss for words.

“Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and your Earth Immortals camp are not arch enemies, we are only opponents in the competition. However, Senior Gem Emperor obviously could not coexist with anyone. With such a person, our plan to fight against the Fallen Immortals is simply a joke. Do you understand?”

Xuan Mo was still speechless.

“May I think about it?”

Wang Lu said, “Sure. While you think about it, I have some questions to ask…”

Wang Lu’s question was about the World Dragon.

Wang Lu was very interested in this kind of creature that have thousands of miles long in length and could accommodate a small world. Before this, he could only see such a huge creature in the record in the classical book about Great Desolation Age.

Great Desolation Age was filled with primordial chaos and thus, extraordinary things were born. However, with the multiplication of life and the evolution of civilization in Nine Regions, those magical creatures gradually disappeared and the era of human beings came to Nine Regions.

Wang Lu didn’t think that the World Dragons were the creatures from the Great Desolation Age. They had strong human cultivator aura on their bodies, meaning that they were obviously human creation. However… If the Earth Immortals were able to create such a gigantic killer being, even if the restrictions on its use were very large, the outcome on the battle against the Fallen Immortal would be another thing entirely.

However, upon hearing Wang Lu raise this question, Xuan Mo seemed slightly embarrassed. Because the World Dragon was one of the secrets of the Tomb of Immortals, it was reasonable to say that only when the Grand Competition was over and the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals won a great victory could the secret be revealed. However, after thinking that a part of this important secret just vanished like smoke in thin air under Senior Gem Emperor’s hands, Xuan Mo’s insistence loosened a bit.

“These World Dragons can only survive in the tomb of immortals. They are part of the tomb of immortals.”

Once these words came out, the rest would naturally follow.

Xuan Mo explained, “These dragons are the foundation of the tomb of immortals. We built the entire tomb of immortals through these World Dragons… Initially, they were just creatures that we stumbled upon. They were very weak, but they had incredible magical abilities—they could hold a world in their bodies. The world itself is very fragile and unreal, just like a beautiful illusion. However, the illusion itself is very significant! We studied them for a long time before we gradually found a way to use this ability. Among us, the Thousand Illusion Child spent the longest energy, and also benefited greatly from it. His thousand illusion ability was achieved only after succeeding in research of the universe inside the World Dragon’s body. Later, when we were defeated by the Fallen Immortals and began to look for a comeback, and prepare to leave a legacy for the future generations, Thousand Illusionary Child was the first to propose and use the unique ability of the World Dragon, which was an admirably genius idea. Unfortunately, the Thousand Illusionary Child himself has already…”

After sighing, Xuan Mo continued with her explanation, “Right now, these World Dragons are the products of our original species transformation. We have removed the valves that restrict their growth. And then we connected the spiritual energy vein of Nine Regions with them, directly supporting the living beings with the mighty spiritual energy vein of Nine Regions so that these World Dragons can grow indefinitely. As the size of the World Dragon grows, the inner world could also become immensely large and infinitely close to reality—of course, there are many complex steps involved, but there’s no need to elaborate here. In short, the foundation of the Tomb of Immortals lies in these World Dragons.”

Wang Lu nodded. “In short, the Tomb of Immortals is actually a farm right? In that case, the number of World Dragons should be quite large, right?”

“Not so much. It’s very difficult for World Dragon to reproduce. Now the total number of World Dragons in the Tomb of Immortals is not much and there are only a few that were powerful as the ice dragon. Moreover, these dragons are not of natural products and once they leave the environment of the Tomb of Immortals, they will die instantly. Thus, they do not have any practical value… Unless the Fallen Immortals come to us on their own initiative, we could use them to hold the enemy for a bit.”

Wang Lu raised a question, “But why there are millions of small and large worlds in the Tomb of Immortals, and that there are cycles of rebirth and destruction?”

Xuan Mo replied, “There are two kinds of World Dragons. One is with fixed universe, the other is the ever-changing universe. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The latter one is mainly used to provide you with trials and treasures.”

Wang Lu thought about it and asked, “At the same time, the cultivators who participate in the trials of the Tomb of Immortals can reach millions and everyone will enter the corresponding independent world…”

Xuan Mo interrupted him, “That’s because some dragons can accommodate many worlds… The world used for your trial does not need to be particularly solid. The total number of World Dragons are not very large.”

Wang Lu smiled and said, “No, what I want to ask is how many millions of people can enter the body of the first kind of dragon?”

After a pause, Wang Lu said, “If I’m not mistaken, the real legacy should be in the body of the first kind of dragon, right?”

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