Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 708 - Things Develop Beyond Expectation Again
Chapter 708: Things Develop Beyond Expectation Again

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In the courtyard of Immortal Five Area, Wang Lu warmly welcomed the Daoist Master of Non-Phase who returned from a long journey.

“Oh, it’s been a long time since we last saw each other, almost six to ten hours. Unexpectedly you are indeed old but vigorous, full of firmness. Your endurance is astonishing to see. By the way, when can I drink your marriage wine?”

“Get lost, can’t you see that I’m badly in need of recuperation? Quickly bring me hundreds of thousands of spirit stones to calm me down.”

Wang Lu exclaimed, “Your marriage proposal ended up in a disaster? Are there fifty shadows in the heart of Senior Gem Emperor?”

At the same time, Wang Lu also took out the elixir sent to senior Elders by the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Without looking at it, she casually grabbed and swallowed it.

“It’s really dangerous.” Wang Wu said, “Unexpectedly, in a short time, the Earth Immortal camp has been firmly in her control…”

With that, Wang Wu roughly talked about the experience of proposing marriage. It was indeed really a mess.

With a bouquet of flowers in hand, she proposed at the entrance of the swirl of stars, thinking that even if she provoked the anger of Gem Emperor, she would at least have a chance to get in touch. Of course, if the two sides fell in love at first sight, it would be better if the Gem Emperor obsessed with her infinite amorous feelings… Who knew that soon after she shouted the marriage proposal, a group of people came out of the swirl of stars to gang up on her like crazy. They shouted the accusation that she had blasphemed the Emperor.

Being ganged up by a group of angry Earth Immortals, she was beaten black and blue. She had to flee in a sorry state. Only after the strenuous effort and untold hardships did she able to return to the City of Immortals. This was Wang Wu’s magnificent marriage proposal story.

“Sigh, this time it’s really a miserable loss.” Wang Wu complained as she worked on her true yuan to heal herself. “Before this trip, I went to Yin and Yang School to ask for advice about their secret Young Girl Heart Sutra. They only need to cast a glance at the common young girl and gave them a sweet cake. And those young girls would immediately fall heavily for them. I thought that when I meet with Senior Gem Emperor, even if I could only show a piece of that skill, I could hold hands and touch her face, or something. If I had better luck, I might be able to kiss her. Who knows that not long after I shouted at the door, a large group of mad dogs like people went crazy at me. The fanaticism of this team of fans is really appalling.”

“… You shouldn’t look for that Young Girl Heart Sutra if you’re working for the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.”

“Why? Do you want to learn? I can teach you. When I went to Yin and Yang School this time, I used the Telepathic Finger in exchange for a lot of good things with them… This school, which has been handed down for thousands of years, is indeed remarkable and eye-opening.”

Wang Wu said and began to apply ointment to the wound. At this time, there were only two of them, Master and disciple, in the courtyard. Thus, she did not in any way shy away. She untied her shirt, showing her white upper body and began to smear the ointment.

Wang Lu turned his head and looked at it. His eyebrows then frowned slightly. The so-called “black and blue” were only three words written on paper. However, on the body, it was really terrible. Fortunately, until now, she could still bear it while talking cheerfully and wittily.

Wang Wu was not an ordinary Daoist Master of Jindan Stage. When it comes to strength and self-healing of the body, she had already surpassed most of the cultivators in the world. It was no exaggeration to say that even if her bones were crushed, she could recover in just a moment. However, all the way from the swirl of stars to the courtyard in the Immortal Five Area, she could not recover from her injuries… Those Earth Immortals were indeed very spicy.

After a while, Wang Wu finally handled the wounds and became energetic again. “Although this time I failed, I think I have no regrets for true love. My heroism in bravely fighting for the beauty has definitely left a deep impression on Senior Gem Emperor! Especially since it contrasts with the particularly abhorrent behavior of her subordinates! This will lay a solid foundation for future success!

Wang Lu sighed. “Rest assured, you would be properly awarded.”

“Great, if there’s nothing else then I’ll take my leave.” Wang Wu got up and was ready to leave.

“… Wait a minute. What else is there in this mission? At least give me a detailed report.”

Wang Wu looked at him lazily. “What else can I say? Can’t you guess it by my story? The girl didn’t show up, but a group of fanatics suddenly jumped on me. This only shows that she is in complete control of the situation. Others such as Xuan Mo and Bai Ze have long been swept into the rubbish heap of history, not worth mentioning anymore. What we need is to get ready to face a group of united and determined elites…”

“The Earth Immortals are now determined and united?” Wang Lu’s face looked serious as the situation that followed was likely to become extremely difficult. In the Grand Competition, the greatest advantage of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals lied in the concentration of resources. The working mechanism of the Organizing Committee ensured that the resources of the entire Nine Regions were concentrated. And opponents such as the Master of Heavenly Book Building were overthrown at the first chance, so they could not set off a storm at all.

On the other hand, Earth Immortals had not been united from the beginning. Bai Ze, who in theory had the highest position, was an opponent who could only say no. The person who was pushed to the stage as the leader was Xuan Mo who had a relatively mild temperament. The man in black who had the ability to command the overall situation was willing to stay behind the scene. Under this mechanism, the forces of the Earth Immortals were very dispersed. There was a set of data to illustrate this problem—The Grand Competition has been going on for half a year, but from the more than a hundred Earth Immortals, only half had participated.

There were many kinds of events in the Grand Competition. Anyone who had special skills could have their moments. So, why was half of them still not contributed? Were they really useless? If they were, how could they have been absorbed into the Earth Immortal camp? Or were they not wanted to contribute because they had other ideas in mind?

Now that the Senior Gem Emperor had come to power, her ability to control the situation exceeded everyone’s expectations. Wang Lu originally thought that such a tyrant-like figure could maintain the unity on the surface but the dissenting voice within would not be small. Who knew that from Wang Wu’s experience, it was nothing like that at all.

This guy had such a strong personality charm, where did he come from? Unfortunately, even after Wang Wu had personally sacrificed her face and body, more personal information about the Senior Gem Emperor still failed to be obtained. This made the future work more difficult. Wang Lu shook his head and decided not to consider so much for the time being. The situation was difficult, nor was it difficult for himself alone. There were a large number of Elders working on it. Let them worry about it first.

However, before Wang Lu convened an emergency meeting again, an unexpected situation disrupted all his calculations.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

In the courtyard of Immortal Five Area, there was a slow knock at the door.

Wang Lu, who was writing the meeting materials, raised his head and motioned to Hai Yunfan beside him to open the door. At the same time, he was curious about who would come to visit him at this time.

If it was Daoist He Tu or other Elders of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, they would mostly inform in advance before visiting, so as for Wang Lu to be prepared. If someone who was familiar to him like Wang Wu, they would just fly directly into the courtyard with their flying sword. The battle array on the outside was useless on her.

However, Wang Lu’s curiosity lasted only a moment and he soon focused on the material in front of him. The threat from Senior Gem Emperor was too strong. No matter what the other top Elders thought or did, as the chief planner, he must do his work as best as he could.

However, just before he dived back into his work; a series of slightly hasty footsteps sounded from outside the wall, which disturbed Wang Lu’s thinking.


With Hai Yunfan’s character and current position, it was rare for someone to make him hurry and panic. Moreover, Hai Yunfan was also an expert in receiving guests. So what in the world happened outside? Was it an ex-lover who came with an illegitimate child to demand repayment?

While he was thinking about it, Hai Yunfan came into the house and said, “Senior Gem Emperor is here.”

“What the?!” Wang Lu was shocked. The writing brush in his hand fell down on the table, leaving an ink mark as it rolled.

Hai Yunfan handed Wang Lu a letter of exquisite texture. “This is the visitation letter… It was presented by Fairy Luo Xue on behalf of Senior Gem Emperor.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu had a little peace of mind. Senior Gem Emperor considered herself as a monarch, so the proper procedure would not be omitted. I.e., when a monarch went on a journey, someone had to clear the way. Thus today, it was not that Senior Gem Emperor had arrived, but rather Senior Gem Emperor wanted to come. The real person who came was her messenger.

After receiving the letter and opened it, he asked Hai Yunfan, “It’s rare for a grand Fairy Luo Xue to fall into the role of messenger for others… Holy sh*t!”

The letter said that Senior Gem Emperor would come to visit in a moment.

This fellow was too aggressive! Did she need to be in such a hurry?

In fact, Senior Gem Emperor was more in a hurry than he thought. Wang Lu just put down the letter, Senior Gem Emperor had pushed open the door. The battle array attached to the door was not enough to stop her.

This time, Senior Gem Emperor did not show her true face. Instead, she was surrounded by majestic purple light. She came floating in it like a purple sphere, which looked very strange.

However, what was more bizarre was her motivation. What exactly was she doing here?

Since the start of the Grand Competition, there had ever been a precedent for an Earth Immortal to enter other areas of the City of Immortals and visited the cultivators of Nine Regions. They had always been living in the swirl of stars, or in the designated area in the City of Immortals—and were not likely to leave. Even Xuan Mo, who had a good relationship with Wang Lu and others, had never broken this convention.

As he rose to meet Senior Gem Emperor, Wang Lu gave Hai Yunfan a wink, indicating him to report the matter to Daoist He Tu as soon as possible. Hai Yunfan understood his signal and withdrew through the back door. Senior Gem Emperor clearly saw it, but she did not stop him.

She came to see Wang Lu. Others in her eyes were like ants or grass. She did not care what they think and do.

Seeing Wang Lu, Senior Gem Emperor immediately opened their meeting with a big statement.

“End the Grand Competition.”

Wang Lu was silent for a moment. “Why?”

Senior Gem Emperor said, “Because its existence is meaningless. We have wasted too much time and resources on both sides. It’s time to end it.”

Wang Lu remained silent for a while before saying, “Grand Competition does waste a lot of time and resources, but it exists to solve contradictions and avoid greater waste. But now, the contradiction still exists…”

Senior Gem Emperor said, “Yes, so, I will solve this contradiction before ending this Grand Competition.”

Wang Lu looked at the purple sphere in surprise.

Was she serious?

The aim of the Grand Competition was to deal with the relationship between the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and the Earth Immortals. To determine the distribution of inheritance and the position of each camp according to the results of the competition. And also to promote mutual understanding and to reach more consensus in the course of the competition.

Unfortunately, the latter goal did not seem to be well achieved. And the two sides still could not understand each other and communicate well with each other. It was really not easy to eliminate the sixteen years of differences.

Thus, in spite of this, there was a way for Senior Gem Emperor to solve this problem?

“It’s very simple. Let the two sides merge into one. Everyone obeys my orders. I can guarantee that every camp, everyone, would be treated impartially.”

“…” Wang Lu looked at Senior Gem Emperor in silence, deeply impressed by her whimsical brain.

She was indeed worthy to be Senior Gem Emperor, her means to deal with a problem were simple and crude to the extreme! Everyone obeyed her orders? She really dared to think and dared to say it!

“This is the simplest and most sensible way to do it.” Senior Gem Emperor coldly said, “I have the strength to overcome everyone, and I deserve to be in charge of everything. I will give you a month… During the period, I will be in the contest arena of Immortal One Area. I welcome any of you to challenge me in any situation.”

Wang Lu sighed. “This is not just a matter of strength. Even if you really are invincible…”

Senior Gem Emperor interrupted, “You are all worried that my position is biased toward the Earth Immortal side and that my actions and judgments would not be good for you all. This problem can also be solved.”

Wang Lu opened his mouth, but no words came out of it.

Senior Gem Emperor said it very well. Right now, the focus of the problem boiled down to two points.

First, no one thought that the other side was stronger than themselves. Earth Immortal’s individual strength was dominant, but the Union of Ten Thousand Immortal’s resources were much richer.

Secondly, nobody trusted the other party and thought that the other party would probably do something disadvantageous to them once they came to power.

If Senior Gem Emperor could really solve these two problems at the same time, she was indeed qualified to be the leader. However, which of these two problems was so easy to solve? Obviously the first one—if she could really keep winning and there was no loss in a row for a month on the arena, no one could say a word about it.

The difficulty lay in the second problem. How would she win the trust of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals?

With her charisma as a leader? That was a big laugh right there. Not to mention the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals side, she had not even won the support of all the Earth Immortals. At least, Xuan Mo, Bai Ze, and the others were her staunch opponents.

However, the next moment, Senior Gem Emperor merely used a light sentence to overcome this difficulty.

“I can marry one from your side.”

“… Marriage?” Wang Lu endured the dryness in his throat and asked, “Who are you going to marry?”

She came here in person from far away, could it be that she wanted to…

To be honest, from the lead disciple to now, Wang Lu did consider sacrificing his personal interests for politics. At the previous meeting, when a group of Elders asked him to sacrifice his body to take Xuan Mo in, Wang Lu also thought about it a bit.

However, deep down, he was extremely resistant to this. Moreover, it was fine if it was the kind of gentle and sweet-tempered one like Xuan Mo. But he had seen the true body of Senior Gem Emperor… and Wang Lu had no feelings for young girls.

While Wang Lu’s mind was still confused, Senior Gem Emperor laughed and said, “Not long ago, someone on your side proposed to me.” After a pause, she added, “I appreciate her courage and forthrightness and decided to marry her as my wife.”

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