Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 712 - There Is No Friendship Between Women
Chapter 712: There Is No Friendship Between Women

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“Oh, is this Blue River Region?”

Standing on the purple clouds, Senior Gem Emperor’s eyebrows glistened slightly.

Wang Lu explained from beside her, “Among the Nine Regions, Blue River Region is located in the frontier, with a small population, insufficient resources, and insufficient spiritual energy. Moreover, it was the battlefield of the Immortal and devil war. That’s why there’s nothing beautiful to see here… Nevertheless, in the eyes of those of you who lived in the past, Nine Regions might be in a dilapidated state compared with the day when the immortal path was flourishing.”

Senior Gem Emperor shook her head in silence, and then looked at the land below her feet. Her eyes were as deep as the unpredictable sea. They pierced through the clouds and mists and gave a panoramic view of all living things.

Wang Lu stood beside Senior Gem Emperor on top of his flying sword, but his eyes did not look down. Instead, he gazed at her eyes and looked at everything that was reflected in her deep eyes. In a trance, Wang Lu seemed to have a slight sympathy toward Senior Gem Emperor as he obtained the perspective of the Earth Immortal sovereign.

Hundreds of millions of living creatures in Blue River Region were like ants in her eyes, and the rich spiritual energy veins were like tiny snakes, readily available to her. The vast land, mountains and rivers were fully in her grasp. Even the cause and effect and the flow of time that people were supposed to be unable to fathom could somewhat be inferred.

After a long time, Senior Gem Emperor regained her gaze and sent out a sigh of emotion.

“This is Blue River Region…”

Wang Lu suddenly realized that Senior Gem Emperor did not care about the decline of the Immortal Cultivation world after the end of the Age of Chaos, nor did she care whether Nine Regions was run-down or prosperous. She just lamented the vicissitudes of life after her sixteen thousand years of sleep.

The Blue River Region in her time must not be like this. At that time, there was no Spirit Sword Mountain, there was no Spirit Sword Sect, and there was no Great Ming Empire. However, there was still the Immortal cultivation world, where many cultivators trained and lived. And that was the Blue River Region that Senior Gem Emperor was familiar with.

However, Senior Gem Emperor did not waste time dwelling in this senseless sentimentality. She stopped in the air for a moment and stretched her finger to the west. The next moment, the clouds parted away, revealing a lonely mountain shadow in the distant sky, which was like a sword pointing straight toward the sky.

“Is that Spirit Sword Mountain?”

Wang Lu nodded his head. Senior Gem Emperor pointed at the place where the spiritual energy converged the densest in Blue River Regions. There was no second choice other than Spirit Sword Mountain.

“Let’s go, take me to see it.”

She said she wanted Wang Lu to take her to see it. However, as soon as Senior Gem Emperor’s voice fell down, she pulled Wang Lu’s hand forcefully. In a flash, they crossed thousands of rivers and mountains and came to the foot of Spirit Sword Mountain from near the border of Blue River Region with Cloud Region.

The way the Earth Immortal’s move was truly exceptional.

After they landed, Senior Gem Emperor was curious. “There is a town here?”

Wang Lu said, “This is Spirit Creek Town, the junction between Spirit Sword Sect and the mortal world…”

Senior Gem Emperor interrupted, “Why do you have to have a point of intersection with the rest of the world? Isn’t Spirit Sword Sect one of the top five sects?”

Wang Lu thought about it. In his impression, the historical records show that in ancient times, the civilization of Immortal cultivation was flourishing. However, correspondingly, the gap between the Immortal Cultivation World and the mortal world was deeper than it was now. In those days, the path of an immortal was different than that of a mortal, and it was not just a saying.

In this regard, Wang Lu could only say, “The times have changed.”

Senior Gem Emperor frowned, but did not say much. She just followed Wang Lu on the town’s street, which quickly attracted the attention of this town that combined the characteristics of Immortal and mortal.

From time to time, she stopped in front of a building, and then she was immediately lost in her own thoughts. Wang Lu’s responsibility was only to accompany her and to greet the familiar but old faces in the town.

More than thirty years ago, in this small town, an Immortal Gathering allowed him to set foot on the Immortal Cultivation World. Fifteen years ago, he still remembered the serial puzzle at the entrance of the town… But the old man who stood at the entrance had already died twenty years ago. On the days of his death, Wang Lu personally presided over his funeral for him.

Today, the grandchildren of that old man, two tall and strong young men, greeted Wang Lu warmly after seeing him. It was just that, their enthusiasm was somewhat philistine—for ordinary people, all the cultivators over the stage of Foundation Establishment were immortals, let alone Wang Lu.

Wang Lu did not care about the minds of these mortals. The longevity of cultivators was truly long, so his concept of time was different than ordinary mortals. In the Immortal Cultivation World, thirty years went by in a flash, but in the mortal world, it was enough for two generations to live. In this way, Wang Lu also had some feelings in his heart. This was only in the space of thirty years. How about sixteen thousand years? For Senior Gem Emperor, the world was totally unfamiliar. Among her contemporaries, only about more than a hundred of her companions survived—quite a few of them were banished by her own hands.

Thinking of this, Wang Lu suddenly remembered a place. “I’ll take you to taste a special food here.”

Thus, they came to Ru Family Inn.

Over the past thirty years, many things have changed in Spirit Creek Town, but this inn remained the same. The two wooden doors were half-open, a little bleak and dilapidated. Wang Lu pushed the door open and saw the Lady Boss dozing off on the counter. The soft snoring was particularly clear in the quiet shop.

In a flash, Wang Lu was in a trance. In his eyes there was another scene, the inn was full of imperial relatives from all over the Nine Regions. They were competing with each other in the Immortal Gathering. And the bright girl behind the counter was thrilled by this rare traffic…

After taking a breath and converging his thought, Wang Lu took a few steps and came to the counter. He then put down a large piece of silver while saying, “Girl, get up, you have a guest here.”

The next moment, the girl woke up from her sleep. But when she was coming to her senses, unexpectedly, a fist was coming straight at her face. It was Wang Lu who was sending his fist while laughing out loud. The result was, with a loud thump came a muffled sound. The entire person was sent flying back ten meters away and then landed on the ground after one backflip.

After shaking his sore wrist, Wang Lu sighed. “Sure enough, it’s easy to forget things. Unexpectedly, I didn’t remember that your iron fist can break ten thousand skills.”

“Hey, hold up your face and come here, let me make you profoundly remember it… By the way, what are you doing here?”

The Lady Boss obviously woke up with a vengeance on the rare visitor. However, when she saw the girl next to Wang Lu, she suddenly put up her welcoming a guest smile. “Ma’am, are you coming to eat or stay at the inn?”

Wang Lu sighed. “Changing your face like that in front of a guest, don’t you have any shame? We come here to eat, so bring out your special dishes.”

The Lady Boss responded with an enthusiastic ‘right away’ and immediately went to the kitchen. After a while, she said, “There are cooked rice, salt and well water left in the kitchen. How about I cook you rice soaked in salt?”

“… The Inn that has an average daily turnover of one million is operated to you like this. It is also a matter of course.

“Hmph, I’m happy with that!”

While the two of them were arguing, suddenly Senior Gem Emperor looked at the Lady Boss and said, “Nine-tailed Fox?”

The Lady Boss sighed. “You can see it? You have a good eyesight. For many years, no one has ever seen the little guy in my body at a glance. But, don’t be afraid, the seal is tight and it won’t break.”

However, instead of paying attention to her, Senior Gem Emperor turned to Wang Lu and asked, “Why would Spirit Sword Sect offer the Nine-Tailed Fox a shelter very close to it? It’s an untamable evil beast, a source of disaster.”

Wang Lu said, “In any case, it is now sealed in her body. It doesn’t matter as long as the disaster does not happen. Moreover, look at this seal carrier.” With that, he reached out to Lady Boss. “Look at how beautiful she is? She’s young, pretty, versatile, and an iron fist that can break ten thousand skills.”

Being praised as young and beautiful, Lady Boss obviously blushed. However, she tried to put on an unhappy look and snorted. “Boring.” She then paused and said, “I’ll go buy some ingredients for me to cook for you two.”

Wang Lu smiled and said, “Okay, I haven’t tasted your craft for a long time.”

However, Senior Gem Emperor’s cold voice came, “No, I don’t have the habit of mingling with the Nine-tailed fox at the same table.”

Hearing this, the Lady Boss was dumbfounded, and her expression became a bit complicated, more bewildered than irritated.

As the seal carrier of the Nine-tailed fox, she had encountered some strange eyes over the years. However, such blatant discrimination and exclusion were really rare.

Even the cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect who were most hurt by the Nine-tailed fox were polite to her. In fact, as the seal carrier, she bore the risk of the break out of the Nine-tailed Fox. Moreover, she also bore the side effect of not being able to cultivate. In short, she should be the one that deserved sympathy. So, what reason was there for her to be discriminated against?

Seeing that the atmosphere in the restaurant had quickly turned awkward, Wang Lu sighed and said toward Senior Gem Emperor, “You want me to take you to visit Spirit Sword Sect? No problem. But please show the proper gesture of a visitor. When you should not talk, close your mouth.”

For this unapologetic reprimand, Senior Gem Emperor did not take it seriously. Slightly arching her mouth, she said, “Your sect’s affair is certainly not my business, but the Nine-tailed fox is always a bad omen since the Age of Desolation, good luck with that.”

After that, she got up and left, heading for Spirit Sword Mountain. Wang Lu apologized to Lady Boss, but he could not help but keep up.

It was just that, after some time she hastily left. Wang Lu didn’t notice the indescribable faint haze that appeared on Senior Gem Emperor’s face.

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