Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 713 - A Fleeting Glance In A Passing
Chapter 713: A Fleeting Glance In A Passing

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On Spirit Sword Mountain, a man and a woman walked side by side at the mountain roads. As she walked, the woman looked around. Her eyes pierced through the clouds and mists, reaching everything. Although the two were at the foot of the mountain, when the woman looked at Spirit Sword Mountain, she could even see the disciples who trained on the mountain. Thus, she raised a question,

“Is this your Spirit Sword Sect? As one of the five great sects, why are there so few people?”

Wang Lu thought for a moment. If this question is to be explained, it would have to be a long story. For example, the culture of Spirit Sword Sect was such that there was not much precious essence. In those days, when acting like a pretentious prick had become a general trend, the sect once claimed: Only talents who in theory had the potential to soar into immortality could enter the Sect. Blue River Region was not rich, and high-end resources could not support too many people. The most important thing was that one hundred and fifty years ago, after the catastrophe, many years of accumulation vanished overnight, the golden generation and senior elders were killed and wounded, and many cultivators were separated. Later, the ruins were rebuilt, but still, the people had withered.

However, these problems were all sad things about Spirit Sword Sect. Wang Lu was too lazy to mention them. Thus, he merely said, “Because of poverty.”

Senior Gem Emperor nodded and stopped talking.

Wang Lu suddenly wondered. “Don’t you have any comment on that? How could you believe it just like that?”

Not long afterward, they came to Four Directions Peak. Wang Lu explained that this place was a transportation hub and showed her the transmission array used by Spirit Sword Sect nowadays. Senior Gem Emperor observed for a moment and was obviously interested in the array. However, she did not comment on it after the trial.

Through the transmission array, Wang Lu first took her to Misty Peak. The Elders of Heavenly Sword Hall, including Sect Leader Feng Yin, were mostly in the City of Immortals. Thus, only two Elders stayed on the mountain. Considering their temperament, Wang Lu did not bring Senior Gem Emperor to visit them. Also, it was not suitable for Senior Gem Emperor, considering her status, to meet people of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals at this time.

It was enough for one person to bear the charge of private association with the Earth Immortal.

Thus, he went straight to the Misty Peak cafeteria. If there was anyone who did not care about the accusation of private relations with the Earth Immortal, it was her.

“Aya, a customer is coming, come out here to greet her. Oh, and prepare the table, as well as your signature, Look Up at the Starry Sky dish.”

As Wang Lu announced their presence in the cafeteria, he explained to Senior Gem Emperor, “This is the famous legendary cafeteria on Spirit Sword Mountain, where there is the most powerful chef who is a Supreme level.”

Before he could go any further, Senior Gem Emperor frowned. “A Supreme level cultivator who doesn’t want to break the barrier and soar to immortality, is a cook here instead?”

Wang Lu said, “Every person has their own aspiration. Besides, the three thousand avenues might not necessarily the only way to reach the peak. The chef in this cafeteria is obsessed with cooking, trying to reach the peak of idiocy. Looking Up at the Starry Sky is superb, enough to cause a Supreme level cultivator to faint.”


“Oh, I mean greatly admire (Faint: 昏倒 hūn dǎo; greatly admire: 倾倒 qing dao).” After Wang Lu corrected himself, he continued with his nonsense, “In short, this person is using cooking skills to enter the Dao, and is already close to achieving it.”

“Is it outside path?” Senior Gem Emperor’s eyebrows were still locked, but she did not say much.

It was only after entering the cafeteria dining room that Senior Gem Emperor was surprised to see the blonde chef of Western Continent.

“A westerner!” How could you put such a person in the crucial part of the Spirit Sword Mountain?”

Wang Lu was stunned. “What? What’s wrong?”

Aya, who had just tied her apron, was also baffled. How did she provoke this customer?

Senior Gem Emperor said seriously, “She’s not of our own race, so her heart is different.”

Wang Lu smiled upon hearing it. He thought that Senior Gem Emperor was actually a standard nationalist. At that time, when the Earth Immortals built the Tomb of Immortals, they went to the Western Continent to join hands with Golden King. This should be a mutually beneficial cooperation, so the Earth Immortals should not see any discrimination against foreigners at all. But, how could Senior Gem Emperor ended up being this radical?

Or was there any hidden danger in the cooperation with Golden King?

Whatever the reason, today’s eating schedule seemed impossible to continue. Wang Lu deeply regretted this. It didn’t matter if it were anything else, but it was truly a pity that he could not see Senior Gem Emperor, the leader of Earth Immortal eat Look Up At The Starry Sky.

After leaving the cafeteria, Wang Lu was in a bit of a dilemma for a while.

Where should they go next?

Senior Gem Emperor’s view of different races made Wang Lu’s tour area very limited. Needless to say, Elder Guanhai on Clear Sky Peak was off-limits. His Kunlun slave status was probably a huge blaspheme in the eyes of Senior Gem Emperor. There was also a certain dog on Non-Phase Peak… Bai Shixuan was just as bad. The fame of Western Continent’s Monster Wolf was worse than that of a Nine-Tailed Fox.

Starry Peak was the residence of the Sect Leader. But since the Sect Leader was not here, it was meaningless to take Senior Gem Emperor to visit the place. After thinking about it back and forth, Wang Lu finally took her to visit Misty Peak and Carefree Peak, where those young cultivators resided.

In this regard, Senior Gem Emperor was quite interested. No matter which era, young cultivators meant the future. Through them, it was easier to see the rise and fall of the immortal cultivation world in the next century and thousand years.

However, after seeing the disciples of Misty Peak and Carefree Peak, Senior Gem Emperor was extremely disappointed.

“Is… this the average level of your younger generation cultivators?”

Wang Lu thought for a moment. “Not really, because I was excluded. If I join the equation, the average level could rise really big.”

Senior Gem Emperor still shook her head when she heard his words. “That’s entirely a different situation.”

Wang Lu said, “You have come into contact with me a lot, and your view has changed. In fact, they are still excellent. For example, this cultivator Zhu Qin, who has cultivated for more than thirty years, is now already in Peak Xudan Stage, which is rather original.”

As he said that, Wang Lu pointed at a handsome young man on Misty Peak. He was only pointed by Wang Lu, but his face had turned slightly awkward.

Zhu Qin… This name had far more weight on Spirit Sword Mountain thirty years ago than it was at present.

Because in the two years after that Immortal Gathering, he had the fastest progress among his peer cultivators—even faster than Wang Lu! As a matter of fact, everyone was faster than Wang Lu. Wang Lu’s Body Forging training made him lag far behind.

At the same time, Zhu Qin’s future in Misty Peak was unlimited. He had admiration and jealousy from among his peers. However, whatever attitude he had, his position was even more outstanding. Also at the same time, because he was very sociable, his predecessors also paid more attention to him.

To put it more exaggeratedly, although at that, he was just an Inner Court disciple while Wang Lu was a Successor disciple, a ranking higher than him, in terms of reputation within the sect, perhaps he was even more famous!

But now… what?

One was a young man who was famous all over the world, while the other was still training on the mountain, an unknown. Was his Peak Xudan Stage achievement great? Compared with some of his fellow disciples, it was indeed a lot stronger. But, compared to Wang Lu? Compared to the other two Successor disciples?

Remembering the days when Wang Lu was ridiculed in Teng Cloud Hall, it was indeed a long time ago. Now, Zhu Qin would hurt his neck if he wanted to look up to see Wang Lu.

Of course, Wang Lu would not haggle with Zhu Qin about some unpleasant things that happened in the past. For him, the dispute at that time was more like an anecdote. Especially after reviving the memory of his previous life, how could they be compared with this small character?

However, Wang Lu’s generous gesture was sometimes more hurtful… At least Zhu Qin still put on a brave face and a smile. But, the desolateness in his heart was almost overwhelming.

At this time, Senior Gem Emperor suddenly pointed to a figure who had quietly withdrawn from the crowd and said, “Who is that?”

Wang Lu turned to look and said with a smile, “Wang Zhong is also an outstanding talent in Spirit Sword Sect. Although he was quite inferior to the talented disciples like Zhu Qin, he is also above the standard.”

Above the standard?” Senior Gem Emperor obviously scorned this evaluation. However, she was more concerned about another thing than his cultivation stage.

“That person… seems to have a history of rebelling.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu was shocked. “You can see this too? Aren’t you too **?”

Senior Gem Emperor turned a blind eye to this kind of nonsense. When the leader of Earth Immortal examined a small cultivator in Xudan Stage, she could see through his past and present life at a glance. How could shed not see that Wang Zhong and Wang Lu were inextricably linked?

“It’s actually not that big of a deal. A fine bird chooses a tree to nest in, and Wang Zhong just happened to be blind and followed the wrong person once.”

Senior Gem Emperor asked, “In short, his betrayal is an indisputable fact. That being the case, why should you tolerate a traitor around you?”

Wang Lu thought about her attitude toward the traitor, but he also understood her doubt. However, not everyone was as hateful as her.

And actually…

“He is tolerated because it doesn’t matter at all. Can a Wang Zhong turn over the sky?” Wang Lu smiled and said, “After all, he is only one of the millions of ordinary cultivators in Nine Regions. Should I care for such an insignificant person?”

However, Senior Gem Emperor seriously said, “There are some things that deserve your consideration.”

However, after that, Senior Gem Emperor turned around and said no more about it. Instead, she said, “I’ve seen enough of Spirit Sword Sect. Take me to see Shengjing Sect.”

This person really acted as soon as she thought… Wang Lu sighed and said, “Okay, let’s go to Shengjing.”

Going to Shengjing could not be as comfortable as going to Spirit Sword Sect. One had to make preparations in advance and make an appointment to get in. Fortunately, the relationship between Wang Lu and He Tu was not usual. He contacted Daoist He Tu directly through his personal channel so that he could go all the way smoothly.

Shengjing Sect was much bigger than Spirit Sword Sect. The headquarter of Shengjing Sect alone was dozens of times as vast as Spirit Sword Mountain. It also had a large population of high-quality cultivators. Jindan Stage cultivators could be seen everywhere and Yuanying Stage cultivators were as many as dogs.

Seeing such a magnificent scene, Wang Lu could not help but feel that Shengjing Sect was indeed the number one in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, and the gap with the other sects was just too big. Especially when they just came from Spirit Sword Sect…

However, when Senior Gem Emperor visited the grand entrance of Shengjing Sect, she appeared careless and even absent-minded. Holding the pass issued by Daoist He Tu, the two circled high above the headquarters of Shengjing Sect for several times. Senior Gem Emperor was already so tired that she did not ask any questions.

“I’ve seen enough here. Take me to Royal Soldier Sect.”

Wang Lu stopped and said, “You want to tour the Five Uniques of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals on a one-day trip?”

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