Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 718 - Write a Chapter on Wednesday to Call for the Weekend
Chapter 718: Write a Chapter on Wednesday to Call for the Weekend

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“… I’m not willing, but I have to give up.”

At the dining table, Liu Li’s eyes were red and she was about to cry. Reluctantly, she put down the jade chopsticks in her hand and turned to Wang Lu and then sobbed softly, “Senior Brother, I’m sorry…”

Wang Lu touched her head, “Don’t say that, you’ve tried your best. It’s not that you’re incompetent, but your opponent is too cunning.”

While saying that, Wang Lu looked at Senior Gem Emperor who had turned around to leave.

Senior Gem Emperor was indeed worthy of being Senior Gem Emperor, powerful in any aspect that it was hard to even look at her back. Her first opponent was Supreme Tian Lun, who had won against the so-called number one calculation god in Nine Regions pertaining to calculation. The second was A Wu, the witch doctor, and the third one was… She defeated Liu Li in the food judging match. No matter how much she ate, or how careful she was in identifying the food, she was perfect.

Even the trick Wang Lu used to defeat the Food Immortal before did not work on her. Senior Gem Emperor simply had no flaws.

It was really not the responsibility of Liu Li to lose to such an opponent. It could even be said that it was a kind of cruelty to send Liu Li to such an arena.

If the outcome was likely to be this, then there was no need to make things difficult for Liu Li.

“But…” Hearing the comforting words, Liu Li’s expression relaxed a bit, but her beautiful eyebrows were still tangled, which showed that she was still in a bad mood.

“But what?” Wang Lu asked with concern.

“But… I haven’t had enough. The match ended because of the difference in scores.” Liu Li flattened her mouth and swallowed her saliva, and then looked back at the kitchen. “It is said that the last dish to judge is Master Sun Buping’s ‘Mess.’ I saw it in the magazine, and have been looking forward to it for a long time…”

“… It doesn’t matter. I told the cook to serve you the dishes from behind.”

Wang Lu sighed and felt relieved. In any case, Liu Li didn’t fall into the psychological trauma because of this lost… If she were, he would feel guilty about it.

In the first day’s matches, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals got three consecutive defeats… It was a terrible achievement, but it was also expected. Therefore, the three people sent to participate were all open-minded people who could put the victory or defeat aside. Supreme Tianlun had already calculated his defeat, so it could be considered that he had known his fate; A Wu was eccentric and didn’t care about the outcome; Liu Li had a clear mind… When Wang Lu sent out the list, he made full consideration so as not to leave a post-traumatic syndrome after the failure.

Right now, since Liu Li was safe and sound, the first day’s matches could be considered a complete success. Wang Lu smiled and turned away.

In contrast to the smiling Wang Lu, millions of spectators inside and outside the stadium were speechless, shocked by the three consecutive defeats in front of them.

After a while, bursts of noises broke the silence. People began to talk about it, and the more they talked about it, the angrier they became, shouting and smashing the equipment. Soon, the golden armored men were notified and rushed to clamp it. The audience was in a turbulent mood and they fought against the golden armored men. The scene was chaotic…

At the same time, there were similar situations in many streets of the City of Immortals. Through the broadcasts of the billboard version, the three consecutive defeats of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals were seen by everyone. Thus, questions, curses, and quarrels… could be heard endlessly.

Of course, all of these had long been expected.


“… It’s not bad. The level of unrest is 20% lower than predicted. It seems that they underestimated their level of self-control.”

On top of a dome at the Immortal One Area in the City of Immortals, a Shengjing Sect’s Elder gently stroked his beard, looked down at the chaos under his feet, nodded slightly, and the magical power of his true yuan, which was integrated with his primordial spirit, gently swayed. It infiltrated into every corner of Immortal One Area, and controlled the situation—this was certainly the ability of Deity Stage.

“Self-control? I think they underestimated the combat power of golden armored warriors. Unexpectedly, after entering the red alert status, a big stress array appeared in the City of Immortals, which nearly doubles the attributes of all golden armored warriors… This lower than 20% estimated data thing is simply a knife taken out with a sledgehammer.”

Standing next to the old cultivator from Shengjing Sect was a young man who looked like he was in his thirties. The fluctuation of magical power showed that his stage was a high-ranked Jindan. He didn’t look handsome and his Shengjing seemed robe looked old, with the elbow’s parts were already patched… However, at this moment, standing on the dome meant that his status was not uncommon.

Each area of the City of Immortals was totally enclosed in four directions, but there was actually an open space between areas. And only a few privileged people could pass through these areas. In addition to the senior Elders of the Heavenly Sage Hall, there were also elite cultivators who performed various tasks for the organizing committee.

To be named as elite in the City of Immortals, one must be the cream of the crops, dragons among the snakes, and phoenixes among birds. And the tasks performed were also of great importance.

“However, since it’s not higher than the estimated value, we won’t be able to take a shot… On the other hand, this is an easy way to earn overtime pay.”

The old cultivator moved his bones and muscles for a while and was already absent-minded. His eyes occasionally glanced at his feet, which was full of contempt.

“A group of fools! They really think that the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, with so many people in it, could not fight one woman? Idiots!”

The scruffy cultivator beside him had the same opinion.

“Morons, do they really think that victory can be gained by relying on more people? Did they really not see the horror of Senior Gem Emperor in those three matches? Did they think we let her win? If all the people in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals are as useless as them, even if there are a million of them, there’s no use. I’m afraid these three consecutive defeats are just the beginning…”

Thinking of this, the scruffy cultivator reached back and summoned his mount; a big and ugly donkey.

“Forget it, I’m out of here.”


“We have seen the three matches today. I followed up with the whole process and closely observed them… The conclusion is that Senior Gem Emperor did not use any tricks. She won the matches fair and square. The results are beyond doubt.”

Standing on a podium in a deep hall, Wang Lu faced the Elders from all the sects and stated his opinions.

This hall was the highest standard conference room in the City of Immortals arranged by the Heavenly Sage Hall. To be able to speak here, one must at least have mighty power or fame. As for standing on the podium to preside over the meeting, it was a privilege reserved for the leaders of several super sects. Right now, supported by Daoist He Tu and Daoist Master Feng Yin, as well as the tacit consent of several other sect leaders, Wang Lu could stand here.

Because his opinion was really important.

Wang Lu’s words were concise and comprehensive, and he clarified his point of view in one sentence. Soon, someone under the stage asked, “So, if as you said, Senior Gem Emperor won fair and square… Then it’s true that she is omnipotent and omniscient?”

In those first three matches, Senior Gem Emperor was not informed before the match began. She didn’t know who was going to compete against here until the contestant from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals entered the arena. In other words, she could not possibly make a targeted preparation.

Then she defeated the three strongest contestants of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals in three matches… One was a coincidence, two could still be called a coincidence, but three in a row could only show that it was a certain thing.

Wang Lu nodded and said, “At present, we could only assume that Senior Gem Emperor is indeed omnipotent and omniscient.”

“… How could there be such an omnipotent person in the world?” The asker shook his head forcefully, “Even those almighty legends of the past who managed to soar to immortality didn’t have any real all-round genius. There are three thousand main paths in the world, and anyone of them could lead to the highest state, which is enough to be studied for life. Senior Gem Emperor is a mere Earth Immortal, she could not even soar to immortality. How could she be omniscient and omnipotent?” Could you explain that to me?”

Wang Lu said, “Supreme Huo Yuan, I can’t explain your problem because I don’t understand why Senior Gem Emperor is omnipotent and omniscient. But if we want to deal with a problem, the correct attitude is to admit the objective facts first, and then to find a theory that could explain and predict the facts. Instead of using existing theories to erase facts. What we have seen with our own eyes is that Senior Gem Emperor is omnipotent and omniscient. I don’t think it’s necessary to entangle this issue.”

“Seeing is not necessarily a fact.” Senior Huo Yuan asked, “Maybe she learned about our plans in advance through other channels and made preparations in advance? Maybe she used some secret arrays in the City of Immortals to gain ability bonuses in the competition? There are so many possibilities. We don’t have to find one that is most uncomfortable for ourselves.”

Wang Lu sighed and said, “Right now we are discussing countermeasures, not comforting each other. There are too many conditions for the conjecture established forward by Supreme, and its value is far less valuable than the guess that I made.”

“Fine, you are talented and always reasonable. Tell me then, since Senior Gem Emperor is omniscient and omnipotent, why are we still competing against her? We might as well surrender as soon as possible!”

Wang Lu seriously said, “Omniscient and omnipotent does not mean invincible. We have a month to go, so there’s no need to throw in the towel. In fact, through today’s matches, I already have some ideas.”

Supreme Huo Yuan said, “I’m all ears.”

Wang Lu cupped his hands toward Supreme Huo Yuan and said, “Today’s three matches have already been held in the Grand Competition. Although the Earth Immortals lost at that time, they must have thought hard afterward and had new countermeasures. It’s necessary to take a look at the Earth Immortals from the perspective of the past. They lived in the most glorious era of the immortal world, and they were at the forefront of the elite. To put it bluntly, in terms of talent and wisdom, I’m afraid they surpass most of the people here.”

Supreme Huo Yuan was silent and immersed in contemplation.

Wang Lu added, “So for the next, I plan to arrange three brand-new competitions, all of which have never been held in the Grand Competition, and we’re in a position to win. There’s a comprehensive test of opinions, a dishwashing competition, and a circus performance.”

After listening to Wang Lu’s three competitions, the hall was quiet for a while.

“Wang Lu, your three competitions… seems a bit too playful. Will the other party agree?”

Wang Lu said, “We’ll try it first, but I think it’s possible that she would agree. Today she won three matches in a row. With her temperament, most likely that she would consider pushing the boat along the river, taking it to the next level. Her winning would make us speechless even more. So even if the competition is biased, she would probably agree to compete and try to win over us.”

“… That makes sense.”

Wang Lu said, “Moreover… tomorrow’s three matches are just to verify my guess.”

“Your guess?”

Wang Lu seriously said, “Actually, from my own point of view, I don’t want to believe that Senior Gem Emperor is really omnipotent and omniscient… Whether she could do it or not, from necessity alone it doesn’t make sense. She takes herself as the Emperor of the Earth Immortals, but is there any Emperor that you have ever met that proficient in everything? It is enough for an Emperor to ensure that there are talents under them that are proficient in each field. The only thing that they need to be proficient in is imperial power politics. Senior Gem Emperor’s omnipotent and omniscient things seem superfluous. Of course, today’s three competitions: chess match, poison battle, and food tasting, could barely touch the life of Emperor, so it’s acceptable if she’s proficient in them. But tomorrow’s three competitions, if she is equally proficient in them, it seems too redundant.”

Supreme Huo Yuan said, “Isn’t that what I said before? And if she is really that all-round, what are you going to do about it?”

Wang Lu said with a smile, “Of course it is to find out the secret of her omniscient and omnipotent thing and try to imitate them. As you said, although Senior Gem Emperor is strong since ancient times, more powerful cultivators than her are many. So maybe we can do what she could do as well?”

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