Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 722 - Please, God, Give Me Endless Weekend
Chapter 722: Please, God, Give Me Endless Weekend

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“Humph, drinking like a ghost again. Do you really think you can do whatever you please since you’ve already entered the Foundation Establishment?”

When Shu Si returned home, he seemed to hear a familiar voice, saying unfamiliar words. Suddenly his heart warmed.

However, he soon realized that all this was just a side effect of the famous “drunken dream” wine—projecting a person’s deep desire.

However, the fact of the matter was that, Deadface never said any words of concern to him, not even within his rebuke.

He was always as cold as ice. Even if they were technically master and disciple, there was no master and disciple warmth between them.

However, Shu Si was still grateful for Deadface. Without Deadface, he would just be another prodigal son that could be seen everywhere in the streets. And the end for those prodigal sons, he had already seen a lot of it when he was a child—most of them died without burial.

But now, he was already the leader of several major businesses in the City of Immortal, a veritable distinguished man.

Shu Si knew that all these were gifts from Deadface. Without him, he would not even be able to operate a small shop, let alone able to seize several key business opportunities and make a profit, so as to become one of the top businessmen.

In addition, Deadface also taught him cultivation. With the help of elixirs and pills, he had reached Foundation Establishment Stage in just a few months of cultivation. Many people praised him for his outstanding talents—nonsense, what talent did he have?

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, he didn’t have much affection for Deadface.

At first, when he was still huddled in a small shop, in Shu Si’s heart, he was grateful to him. However, the bigger the business was, the less gratitude he felt. Instead, the confusion and panic grew deeper and deeper.

Deadface… Why was he so nice to him?

In this world, there might be hatred for no reason, but there was no love for no reason. Behind a person’s kindness was a demand. Even the rich gave alms to beggars for the sake of good reputation and self-satisfaction—of course, this was not bad, but there must be a reason for all good deeds.

He felt this most at the banquet today.

Amidst the wine toasting, several rich businessmen on the surface expressed their feelings that old Ma was loyal and considerate. Previously, his friendship with Wen Fangbo was just skin deep. But when Fangbo was at his lowest point, he reached out to pull him up from the abyss.

However, secretly, a businessman who was familiar with the situation told Shu Si in private that, Old Ma did save Wen Fangbo’s life, but it was never because of old affection.

Old Ma wanted Wen Fangbo’s two daughters.

Of course, this was a reasonable request. The two daughters of old Wen were delicate as flowers and refined as jades, who doesn’t want them? It was a pity the two were previously given to the disciples of prestigious sects. Although old Ma wasn’t afraid, he didn’t need to look for trouble himself. But now that the engagement had been canceled, old Ma pushed the boat with the current.

Could this be called taking advantage of somebody’s difficulties? Perhaps. But, the fact was that old Ma saved someone from the threat of bankruptcy. And in the eyes of the businessmen, the big enterprise was obviously more valuable than two daughters. Thus, although in private they did commented about it, they also conceded that old Ma had indeed done good deeds, and could be considered as upholding justice and being generous.

Having listened to this, Shu Si had mixed feelings about it, was this really upholding justice and being generous?

Perhaps because he was born at the bottom of the society, his values were different from them. Even if he was used to sneaking around and cheating, he didn’t think that this was upholding justice. However, this also made Shu Si understand the truth more.

There was no love without reason in this world.

Deadface gave himself everything. What exactly was his purpose? Was it like old Ma? Ha! If Deadface was really interested in that, Shu Si thought that it was no harm to give himself to him. Unfortunately, Shu Si had enough self-awareness. He really didn’t have that condition.

Was it only because he had received a gift from Wang Lu?

Even if Deadface was loyal to the death to Wang Lu, he would not go so far as to accomplish this situation… If he put himself at the front and achieved what they had achieved today, it would not be difficult for him to meet Wang Lu. So why would Deadface bother to put everything to him?

The more he thought about it, the more nervous Shu Si was. Deadface could give him everything, so of course, he could take it all away.

And could he adapt to life after everything was taken away? Right now, he had become used to a life of luxury, and especially… he had met a lot of rich businessmen and gradually trapped in a comfortable life. If he suddenly lost everything…

Just as he was thinking about it, he heard a cold hum.

All of a sudden, Shu Si regained his awareness and concentrated his thoughts. At the same time, he put up a smile.

“Hahaha, Deadface, I…”

Before he could finish his words, he was unexpectedly interrupted, “Starting tomorrow, I want you to operate according to the new plan.”

Shu Si was surprised, “Is there a new plan again? This change is too fast…” He said these as he took a few steps into the room. And sure enough, he saw a new book on the table. When he took a look, he was surprised once again.

“What about the others? Increase investment in Luo Xiao? Didn’t you give up on him long ago? Why do you suddenly think of him again at this time? He has no investment value at all! And even if you take good care of him again, doing it right now seems shortsighted, you…”

Shu Si kept asking a series of questions, but Deadface didn’t give any reply.

“Oh, forget it, I’ll let my men do it in the morning.”

But then, Deadface’s voice came back.

“I want you to go and meet him in person.”

“What?” Shu Si was amazed, “What the hell are you talking about? You want me to do it myself? Luo Xia is already past his time, there’s no need for me to go in person, right? Okay, even if he is already past his time, he is also the Successor Disciple of Four Element Supreme, so I can’t compare to him in terms of status. But, it’s too sudden to meet him… All right, I’ll go.”

Knowing that the things that had been decided by Deadface could not be changed, Shu Si shut himself up after nagging for a while.

Whatever he wanted him to do, he would just do it. The previous business opportunities were also made in this strange environment.

After dealing with the sudden attack of Deadface, Shu Si climbed up to the bed still reeking with the smell of wine.

Before he fell asleep, his heart had calmed down a bit.

Although it was a tough assignment, it was more reassuring to give everything he had first.


“Oh? You want to work for me?”

Luo Xiao was a bit surprised and looked at the distinguished guest who came to visit.

Shu Si.

Although he had just stepped into the world of immortal cultivation, and in the eyes of many people, he had yet to shed away his mortal bound, but this young man had gradually become an important member of the City of Immortals.

Of course, when it came to status, Shu Si was still far from Luo Xiao himself. But, for these businessmen, what they value was investment value, not status.

When it came to investment value, was it worth to visit him personally, a rising star who has past his prime?

As a matter of fact, even Shu Si didn’t understand this problem. Deadface told him to come, but he didn’t tell him what to do. So it was really confusing.

Thus, he had to improvise.

“Yes, cooperation.”

Shu Si said, while at the same time, he racked his brain to think about how to cooperate with this bald man.

He came from Hua Yan School, and gradually showed his talent from obscurity. After that, he was accepted as the Successor Disciple of Four Element Supreme. He also had several encounters with Wang Lu. Although the outcome of those fights was not positive for him, he showed his excellent strength. And then…

And then there seemed to be nothing worth mentioning. Originally, he was expected to emerge in the Grand Competition. However, since the form of the competition had changed, he also lost the opportunity to perform. It was said that because of this he was so depressed.

Hold on, if that was the case…

Shu Si thought of something and had a flash of inspiration.

“I want to work with you so that you can get the opportunity to compete.”

“Oh?” Luo Xiao’s interest seemed to have been piqued, “Why do you want to do this?”

Shu Si said, “Because you have investment value. No matter what other people say, you are the most outstanding disciple, and you are also a person with a rich legendary character. You have the advantage that others can’t match, you are more talented than those who had been trained by famous sects since they were young. Your rise is more dependent on your own efforts, which resonates more with the common people. And…”

Hearing this, Luo Xiao smiled and said, “And now you want to invest in me, the cost is also relatively low, right?”

Shu Si said, “… Please understand, I am a businessman after all.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Luo Xiao waved his hand and ignored the fact about his low-cost value.

However, when Shu Si thought that he was about to get the deal, he heard Luo Xiao say, “I’m grateful for your consideration of me, but it’s a pity that I now have no intention of participating in the Grand Competition.”

Upon hearing this, Shu Si was shocked, “What?”

“Recently, I have something important to do and will soon go into a closed-door training. I’m afraid I can’t cooperate with others. So, thank you for coming today, but I’m sorry, I can only decline your offer.”

With that, Luo Xiao got up and walked the guest out, not giving Shu Si any chance to respond.


“You mean that he claimed to have something important to do, so he couldn’t participate in the Grand Competition?”

Shu Si helplessly said, “Yes, and after that he quickly shooed me out, not giving me any chance to talk.”


Inside the house, Deadface lost in thoughts, which was rare for him.

Shu Si’s heart immediately fell. Things had come to this, but Deadface still refused to give up?

How tempting this Luo Xiao was? Was it worth his persistence?

“The way I see it since he is so uncooperative, we don’t need to be totally shameless. What’s more, wouldn’t others think it strange if they see it?”

“Then not only you should continue to invite him, but you also need to make a big show to make everyone in the city know. As for the reason, it’s to buy hearts and minds. You are a rookie in this City of Immortals, so it’s reasonable for you to invite people.”

“What? Deadface, who is this Luo Xiao? You are too good for him!”

“Little Mouse, I’ll give you freedom after this.”

“I…” Shu Si was shocked, “What-what did you say?”

“After this, I will travel far away. I’m afraid I won’t see you again for decades. So you don’t have to worry about me taking everything away from you.”

Shu Si was surprised, “What are you talking about? Everything that I have is given by you. Whenever you want to take them back, if I even wrinkle my brow, let me be struck by lightning! My soul flies away!”

“Oh, that’s nice. Are you really willing to part with your wealth and rank? And those gentle girls?”

“… Well, even if I do have some reluctance, I never thought about asking you to go! What should I do without you? How could I manage such a big business?”

“I’ve never told you how to do it except for a few key decisions. You have done a good job. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll be safe and secure, rich and worry-free.”

For a while, Shu Si was stupefied. However, somehow, in his heart, he felt more and more frightened instead.

When Deadface was there, he was afraid of him. But if Deadface was not there, the fear in his heart would only grow stronger.

“But, what about my cultivation?”

“Well, you never like to cultivate.”

Words suddenly seemed to be stuck in Shu Si’s throat.

“… Do you really want to go?”

“After this, we will part our ways. So, do it well.”

Shu Si was silent for a long time.

“Although I don’t know exactly what you want to do since it’s your request, I will do it anyway.”

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