Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 723 - Write A Chapter On Monday Mourning For The Weekend
Chapter 723: Write A Chapter On Monday Mourning For The Weekend

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“Recently, I feel like this City of Immortals has become cold and cheerless.”

In a restaurant, a drinker held a wine pot and gently shook it. He looked out through the window with a thoughtful smile on his lips.

On the opposite side of the table, a Daoist with coarse clothes coldly said, “Cold and cheerless? There are more and more people in the City of Immortals.” After a pause, he continued, “Not only people, even monsters and evil characters are more and more here.”

“What monsters and evil characters can hide from your eyes?” The wine drinker sneered and took another sip of the wine. “Even if there are, they’re probably just small in numbers. They haven’t done any terrorist attack lately, it’s really boring.”

The Daoist on the opposite of him frowned. “You call me to complain about this nonsense?”

“Hahaha, of course not. The supervision of Shengjing Sect makes everyday run smoothly. How could I delay your time for boring little things? I asked you to come here because I want to ask something… Of course, it’s not for nothing, all the dishes on this table is on me.”

The Daoist frowned and looked at the table. There were three empty wine pots—all were finished by the drinker alone. There was also a plate of peanuts which for the most part eaten by the wine drinker alone. At the same time, there was only a pot of tea and half a cup in front of him.

Why would the wine drinker even bother to call the Daoist if it was just to treat him a free cup of tea?

The wine drinker was indeed worthy to be the infamous record holder of how low a person could stoop to in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

“Wang Wu, if you have something to say, just say it. However, Wang Lu is the chief planner of the organizing committee, and he has rich sources of information. Surely anything that you want to know he knows. So why would you bother to even ask me?”

The drinker across from him was Wang Wu.

“Inspector, you think too high on him. When it comes to intelligence, who can match the inspector of the Nine Regions of Shengjing Sect? The world-renowned former number one Jindan in Nine Regions, Daoist Master Kong Zhang.”

The coarse-clothed Daoist invited by Wang Wu was Kong Zhang, an unknown but important Daoist Master of Jindan Stage.

“Ah, the former number one Jindan in Nine Regions, this title is really harsh.” Kong Zhang said and, like a sword, his gaze stabbed at the opposite side. However, this gaze, which seemed like a substance, seemed to fall into a void and chaos.

Kong Zhang chuckled and took back his gaze. This simple exchange truly reflected the strength gap between them that was hard to cross.

There was indeed a gap that could not be crossed between the current number one Jindan in Nine Regions and the former number one Jindan.

“Tell me then, what do you want to ask?”

Wang Wu put down the wine pot and pondered for a moment. “I want to know, in your opinion, what is going on in the City of Immortals these days?”

Kong Zhang couldn’t help but laugh. “That’s a good question.”

The City of Immortals was so large that there were countless things that happened everyday. Merely the people in the main arena of Immortal One Area alone was worthy to put in a big book. However, presumably, Wang Wu didn’t call him just to ask the affairs of everyone.

In fact, she had Wang Lu as her disciple. It was not difficult to know any information, but it was difficult to find useful information among thousands of information. It was impossible for ordinary people to screen information and sort them out. This was the irreplaceable position of the Nine Regions’ inspection envoy of Shengjing Sect.

After thinking about it, Kong Zhang said, “In my opinion, there are several things worth mentioning in the City of Immortals in these days. First, Wang Lu left the City of Immortals several times and went deep into the whirlpool of stars and had a private meeting with the Earth Immortals. Preliminary speculation is that he was there to meet with Senior Gem Emperor.”

Before he finished speaking, Wang Wu nodded and confirmed the news, “Yes, he went to look for Senior Gem Emperor. It seems that he wanted to use the handsome trap tactic, but he failed miserably.”

Kong Zhang pondered for a moment and decided to filter out Wang Wu’s response. The only thing that could be confirmed was the meeting with Senior Gem Emperor.

“Besides that, there are many unclean things in the City of Immortals these days.”

Wang Wu immediately became interested. “What is it?”

Kong Zhang shook his head, “At present, I’m still grasping in the dark. The other side is very skillful, and this is just based on my intuition.”

“Someone that could evade the eyes of the inspector of Nine Regions, are they from the devil sect?”

“No, I clearly remember the smell of devil sect. But this, I can only say that it is unclean. As for what exactly it is, I can’t say it at all.” After a pause, Kong Zhang said, “I’m not even sure whether this unclean thing really exists.”

“Well, with the current situation in the City of Immortal, it’s unusual for anyone to be attracted. Nine Regions is vast and boundless, meaning that there might be hidden powers, and right now they come to see the excitement.”

Kong Zhang nodded, “That is also an explanation. But, I can’t find out their identity, so I can’t feel at ease.”

“All right, besides that, is there anything else?”

“The third thing is that Shu Si, the boss of Qing Feng enterprise, has been asking Luo Xiao for cooperation for several days, but Luo Xiao is doing a closed-door training.”

Wang Wu was stunned. “What is this? You even have this kind of people’s gossip? I am familiar with Luo Xiao, but who the hell is Shu Si?”

“A newly rising business upstart.” Kong Zhang patiently explained Shu Si’s origin for Wang Wu and then said, “He is a very interesting person.”

After listening to the story, Wang Wu was also curious, “Is this little sh*t really that interesting? In the world of business, merchants are like sand in the river, everyday someone would rise, but everyday someone would also drown. This kid’s luck is not bad, but is it worth it for you to come out and say it?”

For ordinary cultivators, a business firm in the world of immortal cultivation, which controlled huge resources, might have considerable weight. But in the eyes of Nine Regions Inspector in Shengjing Sect, even merchants ten times as powerful as Shu Si were just that, a merchant.

“Shu Si himself is not worth mentioning. What’s really interesting is the man behind him… A completely blank person.”

“A blank person?”

Kong Zhang said, “I can find out his appearance, his accomplishments and his actions in the city, but before entering the city, his records are blank. In this world, there is no real blank person. Even Wang Lu from your sect; At least I know that he was born in Wang Family Village, and then he has a fantastic inheritance.”

Speaking to this, Kong Zhang once again looked at Wang Wu with sharp eyes, but he still didn’t get any response.

He then continued, “But I can’t find the origin of the man behind Shu Si.”

Wang Wu shook her wine pot and said, “With the means of the inspector, there would always be a way.”

“It’s a pity that when I noticed him, he was no longer a target that I could freely put my hands on. With the cover of Qing Feng Enterprise, I can’t do anything to him at will. Through my observation, although his origin is unknown, he is not an enemy that has to be dealt with by fair means or foul.”

“I see… well then, what do you think is the problem with this guy directing Shu Si to see Luo Xiao?”

“I don’t know.” Kong Zhang bluntly said, “I can’t see the problem, but I can’t think of a good reason why he deliberately went to see Luo Xiao. The reason given by the Qing Feng Enterprise is that they want to buy hearts and minds, but I don’t believe it.”

Wang Wu somewhat didn’t understand. “So? Even if you don’t understand, it’s not something that serious.”

Kong Zhang said seriously, “The things that I can’t understand, have the value to be taken seriously.”

“… Well, you sure are confident. And then what else?”

Kong Zhang thought and said, “The fourth thing is that you called me here.”

Wang Wu laughed. “Don’t worry, I don’t fancy you, so no need to be anxious about your chastity.”

Kong Zhang said, “But there must be a reason. So, what did you find out?”

“… Sure enough, just like what I said, suddenly calling you for no reason would certainly make you suspicious of me; Fan Er that bimbo girl insisted on me to try it. She told me that you might be a natural fool…” Wang Wu sighed. “In simple terms, I have a girlfriend with a very keen intuition. She said that something might happen in the City of Immortals recently. I asked a few people, but they all felt puzzled, so I had to ask you.”

Kong Zhang pondered for a while and said, “Is Fan Er that you refer to one of those women who, together with You Jiu and the others, suddenly appeared in the City of Immortals? What a coincidence, I just want to ask you, who exactly are they? Last I checked…”

“Oh, it’s women’s secret.” Wang Wu said, “I guarantee that they are all good and pure girls.”

Kong Zhang was speechless for half a day. The guarantee made by the number one cheap person in Nine Regions was really convincing.

“Very well, I’ll put down the matter about these people… But, if you have something new, please contact me in time. At least we can confirm with each other.”

Kong Zhang didn’t ask more questions, but he trusted Fan Er’s intuition.

Because it was guaranteed by the present number one Jindan in Nine Regions.

Wang Wu thought about it and nodded, “Okay.”

Thus, Kong Zhang picked up the cup and drank the last half of it.

“Last one, I also have a question for you. With your personality, you seldom take the initiative to participate in these things; usually you would avoid them. Is there any compelling reason this time?”

“Well, this is also a matter of safety for all the people in this City of Immortals. Why do I have to be forced to do it?” Wang Wu was somewhat dissatisfied with the attitude of the other party.

Kong Zhang was a serious person. Hearing this, he honestly replied, “Because if you do this kind of work in private, no one will give you money.”

“…” Wang Wu finally had nothing to say. After a long silence, she stood up and said, “Inspector, you still don’t know me.”

After leaving the restaurant, Wang Wu smiled and looked up to the sky, and then whispered, “Even if no one gives me money, don’t tell me I couldn’t find it myself? Wang Lu that cheap guy has so much money, yet wouldn’t take the initiative to share it with me a little bit…”


Meanwhile, on the other side of the City of Immortals.

The big boss of Qing Feng Enterprise, Shu Si, who was young but extremely wealthy, was on his way to a hidden residence with vigorous steps.

Looking at his expression, it was as if he was going to the execution ground.

“Alas, the ancient sage has the ‘three humble visits to a thatched cottage’ (Famous episode in the fictional Romance of Three Kingdoms in which Liu Bei recruits Zhuge Liang to his cause by visiting him three times), but I have visited him ten times in a row in three days. Even after he moved, I’m still coming to see him… I am afraid I’ll be branded as a stalker soon.”

As he talked to himself, Shu Si knocked on the door of a small courtyard and then prepared for another rejection.

This was Luo Xiao’s new residence. Previously, he was harassed by Shu Si everyday in the residence of Four Element Supreme. Last night, he moved within the night to this place. Unfortunately, the people under Shu Si were still watching him. In a word, these acts were indeed the acts of a stalker.

However, unexpectedly, this time, the door opened. Luo Xiao, with a somewhat helpless and amused expression, appeared from behind the door.

“You are so persistent.”

Shu Si forced himself to bear the excitement and joy in his heart and cupped his fists. However, before he could speak, he saw Luo Xiao waved his hand and said, “Come on in, come on in.”

Shu Si hurriedly followed him all the way to the inner room. While walking, he looked around. The yard was simple and dusty. It seemed that the owner of this place had no thoughts of living here for long. Instead, it was just like a shelter.

Thinking of this, Shu Si couldn’t help but bitterly smile. ‘Daoist Master Luo Xiao, I really don’t wish for this either. But for Deadface, I have no alternative. Later on, I will surely compensate for your spiritual loss…’

While thinking, Shu Si followed Luo Xiao into a room.

When he stepped into the room, that was the time he saw a man who shocked him.

A man who looked exactly the same as him.

And then he heard the last words of his life.

“It doesn’t take much time.”

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