Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 724 - Write A Farewell To Monday On Tuesday
Chapter 724: Write A Farewell To Monday On Tuesday

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“Ah, could this Grand Competition still be saved? Apart from losing, what else could the Union of Ten Thousand Immortal do?”

It was yet another humiliating evening. After the end of the whole day’s competition, the resentment and grievances in the main arena of Immortal One Area almost turned into substance, like a dark cloud that hovered over the venue.

There was an old saying from the mortal world that said when a lot of people pointed out, people could die without disease. This was meant to say that the strength of human’s will could affect reality. If it was changed to tens of millions of cultivators, then perhaps even if a True Immortal descended to earth, it would tremble under their will.

At present, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was under such pressure.

Twenty days had passed since the absurd event of Senior Gem Emperor taking on the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals alone. And for the entire time, Senior Gem Emperor miraculously kept her record of total victory. Correspondingly, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals naturally maintained the record of total defeat.

Since the founding of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, there had never been such a shameful and embarrassing record. This Grand Competition was really the first in the world of immortal cultivation in Nine Regions.

“Calm down, okay? The competition is not over yet. Fortunately, Senior Gem Emperor is arrogant and conceited, so she changed the condition so that the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals only needs to win one time and the union would be declared as the victor. This would give us a little bit of opportunity.”

“How could that be good news? Even if we do win one time, do you have the face to admit that we are the victor? Union of Ten Thousand Immortals consists of tens of thousands of sects and millions of cultivators, yet, they can’t do anything to one person! I think those higher-ups should resign and offer us their apology!”

“I don’t think it’s necessary to think about such extreme. After all, the opponent is an ancient Earth Immortal. Before the Age of Chaos, the conditions were so advantageous that we simply couldn’t compare it. Although it seems that our opponent is only one Senior Gem Emperor, she represents the entire Earth Immortal camp, and the Earth Immortals could also be said to be the representative of the glorious era before the Age of Chaos…”

“Enough, you can lie to yourself with this bullsh*t reason if you want. Damn it, I should’ve given the dog the money that I donated to them previously!”

“Are you f*cking finished? I’ve been hearing your fart for over two hours already, if you have the ability, go on stage and compete against Senior Gem Emperor! Didn’t she say anyone is welcome to challenge her? Since you look down on the Organizing Committee of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, then go ahead and fight her!”

“What’s the matter with you? Are you one of their dogs? If you are so loyal, Wang Lu would give you two more bones?”

“Sh*t, you want to be trashed aren’t you?”

Seeing that the riot would start, three golden armored men descended from the sky and forcefully suppressed the several red-faced cultivators with invisible pressure.

However, similar scenes could be seen everywhere in the City of Immortals. Although the golden armored men were devoted to their duties, their number was limited, and not always in a position to stop these riots. This made the order in the City of Immortals more and more chaotic.

Nevertheless, compared with the worst expectation, the current situation was quite good.

There was no large-scale and organized riot. Although the management of the Organizing Committee on the Grand Competition had been questioned, it had not been challenged. After dispelling the violence, people still reasonably believed that Wang Lu should still be in control and that he still held a card up his sleeve that could turn the table around.

Of course, all of this was also under the deliberate guidance of the organizing committee. As early as when Senior Gem Emperor proposed to change the form of the competition, Wang Lu led the organizing committee to design a complete set of public relations programs, to control public opinion and guide people’s minds, so as to ease and stabilize the situation as much as possible. Now it seemed that the effect of public opinion work was not bad.

The most important point was that, although it was difficult for people to accept the defeat of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, they could begrudgingly accept the successive victory of Senior Gem Emperor.

In short, people had a good impression of Senior Gem Emperor.

This was, of course, the role of public opinion apparatuses. The cultivators of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had no chance to contact Senior Gem Emperor in person. To understand her, in addition to witnessing her invincible heroism in the competition, one could only hear what people say about her.

As the most familiar figure in the City of Immortals in the past month, the story of Senior Gem Emperor had been widely spread. It was said that she was omnipotent, and in ancient times, she was the top person who once made many immortal cultivators bowed their heads. It was said that she was kind-hearted, noble, and sincere. It was also said that she had a natural beauty. Beneath the purple imperial aura, she had a perfect figure and face.

These stories were, of course, fictional. Senior Gem Emperor possessed great magical abilities were indeed true, but the one that made many immortal cultivators bowed their heads was another person. As for the kind-hearted, noble, and sincere, those were even more of a joke. Although Senior Gem Emperor did have the vision and aspiration of an emperor, she was too resolute and ruthless. In this, she was more like a tyrant, completely unrelated to being benevolent. As a matter of fact, she didn’t want to be known as being kind-hearted. As for having natural beauty, that was a matter of opinion. The appearance of a pubescent girl might be an irresistible temptation for some people, but for a lot of people, it was still an unripe sour fruit.

The organizing committee used these fictitious stories to pacify people as much as possible. But at the same time, even in the view of the organizing committee itself, it was no different from drinking poison to quench thirst.

The truth will always be revealed. Senior Gem Emperor was not a cultivator under the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. She had no obligation to cooperate with their fictional propaganda. Once the truth came to light… just thinking about it made it hard for people to sleep and eat.

However, those who personally directed all these things seemed to be completely stress-free and relaxed.

As the chief planner of the organizing committee, Wang Lu basically had delegated his works to the group of secretaries headed by Hai Yunfan. There was only one thing he had to do every day, skipping work to unknown locations.

Of course, Wang Lu also had a good reason, he had something important to do and in that, he was on official trips. As for where these official trips to, even the lead secretary Hai Yunfan was vague about it. The important thing was that he needed to do was even more unknown.

Of course, Wang Lu didn’t seriously hide his whereabouts—there were countless talented people in the City of Immortals. Thus, even if Wang Lu wanted to hide it, there were still people who knew where he was going.

The whirlpool of stars deep in the Tomb of Immortals.

However, only a few people knew that Wang Lu went deep into the tomb to visit an unexpected person.

Senior Gem Emperor.

The name was, of course, unexpected because Senior Gem Emperor had to participate at least three to four matches every day in the City of Immortals. Moreover, the competition time was longer and longer with each match. At least, she would be held back on the arena sixteen to twenty-four hours a day. And Wang Lu’s unknown whereabouts were mostly at the same time. Thus, theoretically, they couldn’t meet each other at all.

As a matter of fact, of course, there was a problem here.

As Wang Lu initially guessed, although Senior Gem Emperor was invincible in the arena, all along she was actually absent-minded. Because the Senior Gem Emperor in the arena was just her avatar.

Senior Gem Emperor’s real presence was always in the whirlpool of stars.

At this point, if not for Wang Lu himself who personally went to the whirlpool of stars and saw the real Senior Gem Emperor, even he was not sure that Senior Gem Emperor really had such courage, dared to use an avatar to fight the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

However, after seeing her, Wang Lu realized that it was not that Senior Gem Emperor was that brave, but that she had no choice.

She had more important things to do than to subdue the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals with the strength of one person in the City of Immortals.

Which was to kill the rebels in the whirlpool of stars.

When Wang Lu ventured into the whirlpool of stars for the first time, he happened to encounter Senior Gem Emperor battling three world dragons; the imperial purple cloud was ever-changing in her hands, revealing endless magical abilities. In most cases, with one person’s power, she seriously injured the three berserking immortal beast level World Dragons, causing them to flee in disarray.

After chasing away the World Dragons, Senior Gem Emperor naturally found Wang Lu and questioned his intention,

“I’m here to find you to deepen the understanding and friendship between us.”

Of course, this excuse could not fool anyone. Seeing that Senior Gem Emperor’s eyes were flickering, seemingly having a fierce intention, Wang Lu had to pull out a card up his sleeve.

“Is it true that Calculation Immortal and Xuan Mo are your men?”

Hearing this sentence, Senior Gem Emperor’s face changed slightly. She then reached out her hand to stir the rivers of stars, breaking numerous bright stars and destroying them, which created a deathly quiet area around them.

Then she looked at Wang Lu for a moment.

“How do you know? What did Xuan Mo tell you? She shouldn’t have the guts…”

Wang Lu said, “I don’t need anyone to tell me. I guessed it myself. You used their magical abilities in the matches, of course I know they are your people.”

Senior Gem Emperor slightly frowned, “You know that I could borrow other people’s magical abilities? And you made that guess based on this?”

“This reason is enough. It is impossible to borrow the magical abilities of others without restrictions. Otherwise, if you could borrow the magical abilities of others directly, you wouldn’t have lost the fight against the Fallen Immortals in that year. According to my speculation, the biggest possibility is that you need the consent of the original owner of the magical ability to borrow it. If the owner is unwilling, you can’t get any benefit from it.”

Senior Gem Emperor could not help but sneer. “That’s just your fantasy… but it’s not without reason. You guessed it right, my imperial purple aura does have such restrictions. But with this alone, I don’t think you could conclude that Xuan Mo and Lu Biechen are my people, right?”

Wang Lu said, “Your performance in the competition is too arrogant. Winning against Supreme Tian Lun with the skill of Calculation Immortal and beating the Sixteen Night Villa with the skill of Yin and Yang Separation… I’m not blind, so of course, I can see it clearly.”

“Ha, you’re sharp.” Senior Gem Emperor was evasive. “Then what did you find?”

Wang Lu said, “Since I guessed those two are yours, I naturally thought, why were you so cruel to your own people?”

Senior Gem Emperor faintly said, “Maybe because I am a tyrant?”

“Can you say something useful?” Wang Lu sighed, “Could you respect each other’s intelligence?”

“Hahaha!” Senior Gem Emperor was looking very happy. “Tell me, what else do you know?”

Wang Lu said, “After thinking about it, I think the most likely thing is that there are traitors among you. You let them use the trick of injuring oneself to gain the enemy’s confidence.”

Senior Gem Emperor’s smile froze instantly, and her cold eyes swept like blades as she said, “This is not something to be joked about.”

“So even you have to deal with it carefully, for fear of making a mistake. You let Xuan Mo, Lu Biechen, and perhaps other people use the trick of injuring oneself to gain the enemy’s confidence, and you expelled them along with the one that you suspect as the traitor. You then constantly give them pressure and force them to cooperate during this time to expose the real traitor.”

Senior Gem Emperor nodded. “Your conjecture somewhat does have a reason.”

Wang Lu smiled and said, “Of course, if we make a deeper guess, perhaps you don’t even trust Xuan Mo and Lu Biechen, or you don’t need to expose your cards so fast in the City of Immortals. Although you are used to covering up your true feelings with tyrant gestures, I think you are at least a thoughtful person, and thus in doing things, you will not be so careless. And if it’s intentional… then I’m afraid two things can be inferred from it.”

With that, under the more serious gaze of Senior Gem Emperor, Wang Lu held out two fingers.

“First of all, you have doubts about Xuan Mo and Lu Biechen, so in the competition, you used those two people’s magical abilities in a blatant way, not hesitating to expose their identities. Second, this is a deliberate action from you to show it to the other person, but that other person is not me, because the competition is meaningless to me. In other words, you think that there are also traitors in the City of Immortals.”

Hearing this, the face of Senior Gem Emperor finally changed its color.

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