Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 727 Hahaha! It’s the Weekend!

Chapter 727 Hahaha! It’s the Weekend!

Black, this person was really strange.

No matter from which point of view, this person was very suspicious. However, until Senior Gem Emperor woke up, he was the uncrowned king in the Earth Immortal camp. His power and prestige were much heavier than Sun Buping’s deputy Bai Ze. And whether or not the Earth Immortals agree with his style of doing things, they had considerable trust in him. The reason for this was that Sun Buping trusted Black, so other people did not doubt him. This was something not obvious in Xuan Mo.

Of course, this was very unreasonable. This kind of trust was akin to blind flight and blind obedience. Even if Sun Buping had a gargantuan reputation, his followers shouldn’t blindly trust those closest to him like that. What’s more, according to Senior Gem Emperor, Sun Buping realized at the last moment that he believed in the wrong person, and that there was a betrayer in the Earth Immortal camp but that he never found out.

Could that person be Black?

Right now, it seemed very likely.

Senior Gem Emperor said, "But I don’t have conclusive evidence. In retrospect, many things that he had done could only be said to be suspicious but not enough to convict him."

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Wang Lu asked, "Is it necessary to be so particular? Since you doubt him, kill first and talk later. Who’s your leading cadre in doing things according to rules? You’re an Emperor, so you should have a sense that law and regulations were only for common people."

Senior Gem Emperor said in a deep voice, "In that case, I needed at least one third of the Earth Immortals to become my accomplices. In that era, suspicious facts and people were too many."

"… Then how on earth did you band your troops?" Wang Lu simply stated his admiration, "Making a revolution with a group of suspicious people? Wasn’t your team building too sloppy?"

"That’s why their leader was Sun Buping, not me. He had the courage to tolerate everything, but I didn’t have that interest. And it turned out he was wrong." Senior Gem Emperor commented on his former daoist companion without any politeness. "It’s a pity that he walked away happily but left me with a big trouble. I can’t lock in my target at all now, so I have to muddy the water first."

Speaking of this, Senior Gem Emperor paused for a while, her face looking even more serious.

"And now I’m worried… Has there been any other change before I woke up?"

Wang Lu asked, "What are the other changes?"

"Sun Buping said to me before he fell asleep that there was a traitor among the Earth Immortals. After more than ten thousand years, perhaps there might be more than one traitor."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu was a bit stunned, but then he immediately understood.

It was human nature to seek benefits and avoid harm.

The so-called Earth Immortals were just a group of powerful cultivators. There was still a qualitative gap between them and their enemy, the Fallen Immortals from the Immortal World. This was a bit like a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

When Sun Buping was alive, he was like a dazzling banner, encouraging the morale of many Earth Immortals, who kept on fighting despite repeated defeats. However, after the defeat in that decisive battle, the Earth Immortals retreated to the Tomb of Immortals; Sun Buping was seriously injured and hid himself. The morale hit suffered by the Earth Immortals could only be imagined.

Was it true that all of them were willing to go to eternal sleep right away? With more than a hundred Earth Immortals, had no one ever considered surrender? If they considered it, would they not put it into practice?

Now that when one thought about it, at the start of the competition, only about half of the more than a hundred Earth Immortals appeared on the field, while the rest seemed indifferent… Perhaps they were not completely indifferent to the Grand Competition, but they were no longer interested in fighting against the Fallen Immortals.

In such a situation, if the traitor hidden in the team intended to incite, it was not difficult to instigate more people.

Thinking of this, Wang Lu once again said, "So, you found reasons to banish the most prestigious members of the original group?"

Senior Gem Emperor said, "Yes, when I woke up, the Grand Competition has been competing for half a year. I really can’t judge what happened in this period, but I can at least prevent things from getting worse. From what I saw and heard when I woke up, those who have the power to instigate were exactly those few people. Banishing them away and establishing my own authority can at least deter the situation."

"It’s indeed hard work." Wang Lu heartily sighed.

Senior Gem Emperor said, "Don’t patronize me, the situation on your side is the same. The construction of the City of Immortals has made the distance between your people and mine closer than ever before. In more than half a year’s time, it might be your people who have been instigated."

Wang Lu helplessly shrugged. "There’s no need for them to be instigated, there were already many of the so-called defeatists on my side at the beginning. Some people even gathered together to submit a petition, asking the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals to give consideration to the people of the world by giving up the struggle and surrender as soon as possible. Damn it, I haven’t even seen the face of the Fallen Immortals, yet they had already tucked their tail like a frightened dog. Fortunately, Daoist He Tu was not confused and authorized me to use heavy-handed policies to suppress these cowards so the world is at peace now."

Senior Gem Emperor shook her head. "Is the world really at peace? I’m afraid it’s not that easy. Even the City of Immortals has been infiltrated. My avatar smelt an unclean smell competing in Immortal One Area. Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate it accurately, so it was inconvenient for me to make my move."

"Unclean smell? That’s consistent with what Wang Wu said…" Wang Lu said to himself, "I’m afraid something really has happened recently.

Sharp pain.

A heart-splitting, deep-into-the-bone-marrow pain. Like a surging ocean and rolling waves that instantly swallowed people, it caused people to lose reason, as if they went mad.

Under this kind of inhuman torture, even death had become a relief.

After no one knows how long, the endless pain lasted, and finally, the wind and waves subsided. In the dark ocean, a little sane light appeared.

"Am I… finally dead?"

The young man pieced together the fragments of reason and asked such a question in his heart.

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However, the next moment, the bright light in front of him swept away the reverie in his mind.

Opening his eyes, he saw a very familiar scene.

A large and gorgeous bedroom, partially covered glass windows, and refreshing incense… This was his new home in the City of Immortals. Everything in the house was arranged by his own hands, so it looked very familiar to him.

"Am I… still alive? Was that just a dream?"

The young man felt his head as his heart continued to palpitate.

He thought, ’How could someone commit murder openly in this peaceful City of Immortals? And it’s also aimed at a wealthy businessman like me? What’s more, the other side is a famous disciple of Four Element Supreme. He has a promising future and has no grievance or hatred with me. What’s the need to risk being arrested just to kill me?’

However, as the young man’s heart began to calm down, he suddenly found something strange.

In a flash, he felt his blood run cold.

The young man found out that his body was out of his control.

At that time, he was sitting on the bed with his legs crossed. Faint purple smoke diffused out from his seven orifices, as if he was he was training some strange skills.

The young man was sure that he had never learned such an evil skill. He had just come back from the gates of hell and sure had no intention of secretly training at home.

At the end of the day, he was not interested in immortal cultivation. Comparatively speaking, he was more willing to be a rich man and win status with wealth. If he had to cultivate, he would pick those flashy ones…

But now he can’t help but puff out purple smoke. No matter how he tried he could not stop it!

"W-What is happening? Why can’t I stop it?"

In panic, the teenager tried to use the method of internal vision to see what was wrong with his body. However, the next moment, he was shocked to find that his purple mansion and primordial spirit were gone!

This was, of course, against common sense. If a person’s primordial spirit was gone, then it was tantamount to one’s soul flew away and died. Moreover, without, primordial spirit, how could one think?

Since he woke up, the young man’s mind had been running fast, and this thinking must have something that supported it. Where could his thinking reside when there was no primordial spirit?

"What the hell is going on now? Dead face, come and save me."

The fear in the young man’s heart grew deeper and deeper. And gradually, he realized that some things might not be dreams after all.

When he visited Luo Xiao, he was led into the courtyard, and then he saw an identical person in the room. Then there was darkness. When his consciousness woke up, he experienced a painful torment.

Now when he thought about all these, the experience seemed more strange and bizarre, which made people unable to grasp.

However, after all, the young man had some experience in the City of Immortals. Along with the rising prosperity of his business, his knowledge also kept expanding and he gradually knew some strange skills. This time, the young man suddenly realized something.

"Could it be that now… I am actually a puppet controlled by other people? And that a little bit of my consciousness was attached on the puppet as a disguise?"

"If so, wouldn’t it mean that…"

The young man’s heart trembled with fear.

"The real me is, dead, and now, I’m just a wisp of soul?"

Just as he thought about it, suddenly his body froze involuntarily, and the faint purple smoke was quickly taken back.

The young man knew that the puppet had received new instructions and was ready to go.

At the same time, there was a familiar sound of footsteps outside.

"Dead Face?"

The young man was shocked, and then a deeper terror came over.

He screamed in his heart.

"Dead Face, run away! Someone wants to ambush you! Run away!"

Unfortunately, his body had already been involuntarily saying the opposite sentence, "Dead Face, I just encountered some trouble in cultivation. My four limbs paralyze, I need your urgent help!"

There was a sound of footsteps outside the house.

And then Dead Face slowly came.

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