Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 730 - Interpersonal Relationships Are Complicated!

Chapter 730: Interpersonal Relationships Are Complicated!

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“What? Wang Lu isn’t here? Are you kidding me? When you guys need to work overtime, you say he’s not here? If you want to tell an excuse at least find a reasonable one! And I’m not an outsider, can’t you see my clothes? Sh*t, I’m not a role-playing enthusiast. This is a real Spirit Sword Sect uniform, ok?! You’ve been working for Wang Lu for such a long time, can’t you see the authenticity of the clothes? What? Haven’t you heard that Spirit Sword Sect has four successor disciples? What a joke! Of course, I am not the fourth successor disciple, I am the first! Your Big Brother should call me Senior Brother in theory! When he ascended the Spirit Sword Mountain to begin his path to immortality, I have also watched him all the way. It could be said that I have witnessed his growth with my own eyes. Yet, you guys dare to stop me!”

Outside the courtyard, a tall young man excitedly shouted and made gestures. The two young cultivators who guarded the door smiled helplessly, but they did not allow him to enter.

After making a noise for a while, a lazy and fretful voice came from inside the courtyard, “Why is it so noisy outside? Didn’t I tell you to beat away all the door-to-door salesman?”

When the young cultivators who guarded the gate heard those words, they seemed to be under more pressure. One of them quickly turned around and bowed to the courtyard, explaining, “Report Daoist Master Non-Phase, there’s someone claiming to be a successor disciple of the sect, but I have never heard of the fourth successor disciple of Spirit Sword Sect.”

At the same time, the tall young man looked happy as he shouted, “Master, it’s me!”

When the guards at the door heard this, their knees turned soft and their minds went blank.


On Nine Regions, there was only one person who could call Daoist Master Non-Phase as Master…

“Daoist-Daoist Master Wang Lu, how did you become like this?”

In the eyes of these two people, the man outside the gate was obviously Wang Lu in disguise. Although his disguise was so perfect that even his dad wouldn’t be able to recognize him, but still, they have blocked the master of the house. It was hard to imagine any good endings for them.

Wang Lu was not an unreasonable person, but he was a senior leader of the Organizing Committee of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. In most cases, there would be no good end for those who make leaders unhappy…

When the two gatekeepers were about to collapse, the courtyard door was pushed open from the inside and a barefooted woman in white came out of the courtyard with a complex expression.

The tall young man appeared to have an extraordinary identity, “Master, I haven’t seen you for a long time! Oh, no. I’m sorry, I forgot again. Fifth Aunt, I haven’t seen you for a long time! I see that you’ve been well all these years, but I miss you so much. You’re still as beautiful as before. Presumably, everything is going well right?”

Wang Wu looked at him and said, “Yin Xuan, why are you coming back?”

When they heard the name Yin Xuan, the two guards looked at each other and felt that their sinking hearts began to float again.

As long as he was not Wang Lu, then it would be easy to handle. Yin Xuan or something, who had ever heard of it?

However, when they heard this, they also knew that it was better for them not to listen to the following conversation. They silently cupped their hands to Wang Wu and disappeared without a trace.

From the beginning, Wang Wu never looked at them even once. All her attention was on Yin Xuan.

“… That’s enough. You’re looking for Wang Lu? He’s really not here. Do you want me to call your Master to talk about the past?”

Yin Xuan was a bit surprised, “Younger Brother Wang Lu is really not here? This is not the right time for him to abstain from work. I have something important to tell him… But, since you’re here Fifth Aunt, I can tell it to you.”

“Something important?” Wang Wu frowned. She knew that although Yin Xuan was a bit crazy in doing things, he would never make a joke about big things. For a variety of reasons, most of the time, he wandered down the mountain and rarely contacted the people of Spirit Sword Sect.

The last time they met was in the Immortal Gathering. After more than thirty years, Yin Xuan never appeared in the sight of Spirit Sword Sect. Now that he suddenly appeared, something of great significance must have happened.

Thus, Wang Wu raised her hand slightly and covered them with a golden shield.

“Speak, no one can hear you now.”

Yin Xuan nodded and then spoke, but at the same time, he passed on the real message in cryptic using a secret technique.

“Xuan Yinzi is dead.”

With just one sentence, Wang Wu’s eyes suddenly turned sharp as she said, “Did you just say Xuan Yinzi is dead?”

That’s right. Just now, he was killed in a trap.” Before Yin Xuan finished talking, Wang Wu already grabbed his wrist.

Wang Wu put her four fingers on Yin Xian’s wrist, and after a moment of silence, let go of it and then sighed.

Yin Xuan smiled happily and said, “I knew Master still cares about me.”

Wang Wu shook her head and said, “Xuan Yinzi is dead. Even if you can suppress the backfire of God of War Blood for a while, you can’t suppress it forever. You need to make a new doppelgänger as soon as possible.”

“Well, the materials have already been prepared for a long time, but you have to help me.”

Wang Wu was silent for a while and said, “Ok. Moreover, who killed Xuan Yinzi?”

“Good question!” Yin Xuan excitedly said, “This is the main reason why I came here to look for Wang Lu! I believe that no one can imagine that Luo Xiao is the one who did it! He has defected to the Fallen Immortal camp and is helping them laying out their plan secretly. The next step is to move against Four Element Supreme. Xuan Yinzi fished Luo Xiao out using a chess piece in his hand as bait, forcing him to kill people to show more flaws. As expected, Luo Xiao was really a schemer. He set up a killing quarter in Xuan Yinzi’s house to kill people to silence them!”

After she heard this, Wang Wu asked, “Can he sees the connection between you and Xuan Yinzi?”

Yin Xuan pondered and said, “There’s no reason for him to see it. At most he was a little surprised that Xuan Yinzi blew up his Yuanying. But he couldn’t find anything more than that. As for Xuan Yinzi’s background, he only found out about the Qing Ming Dojo.”

“So, for him, the murder was successful?”

“Yes, even the puppet sent by Xuan Yinzi was killed by him halfway. He should have nothing to worry about.”

Wang Wu didn’t speak, however. After a while, she said, “Follow me.”

With that, Wang Wu clenched her right hand and waved it to the side.


The silent impact shattered the space, and a hole appeared in the courtyard.

“Come on.”

Through the void, Wang Wu lead Yin Xuan from the City of Immortals to the highest point of Blue River Region, Spirit Sword Mountain.

Wang Wu chose Spirit Pond Peak as their destination. At this time, the Sect Leader Feng Yin, Liu Xian and Fang He were all in the pink building of Spirit Pond Peak. Sensing the abnormal fluctuation outside the building, Fang He stood up in surprise and checked the situation.

He was not surprised to see Wang Wu. But the man behind Wang Wu caused him to open his mouth in shock.

“Yin Xuan!’

The next moment, Fang He became furious. He took three steps forward and slapped him hard in the face.

“You still think to come back?”

Yin Xuan was flung away by that slap for several kilometers and fell all the way from Spirit Pond Peak into the Grand Cloud Array outside. It took him a long time to float back wobbling.

Half of his face was badly mangled, but at this time he smiled happily and said, “Master is indeed old but vigorous. Although your age is not small anymore, your anger is even more vigorous than that of young people. Such a heavy slap, it’s hard to imagine that the wielder is only a mere Yuanying Stage cultivator.”

At this time, Fang He slightly restrained his anger and coldly looked at Yin Xuan.

“Mere Yuanying Stage, ha… God of War Blood is really extraordinary. Thirty years ago, you’re still at the edge of Xudan Stage, but now you’re almost standing shoulder to shoulder with me. No wonder you look down on my mere Yuanying Stage.”

Yin Xuan smiled and said, “Master, you’re exaggerating. How could this disciple stand shoulder to shoulder with you? Although our stage is the same, but I still have the self-knowledge that one of you can beat a hundred of me.”

With that, Yin Xuan slightly restrained his smile and said, “Compared with your generation who has experienced the catastrophe, what is my mere God of War Blood? Master, you really don’t need to have a sense of crisis.”

“A sense of crisis? What a joke…” Fang He was about to make his move but was stopped by Wang Wu.

“Elder Brother, I didn’t bring him to quarrel with you. I’m afraid something important will happen in the City of Immortals.”

Fang He looked at Wang Wu in surprise.

‘This thing made this mischievous woman so attentive and serious? Is it really a great event?’

“Come in.” Fang He then took them to the pink tower.

In the building, Feng Yin and Liu Xian were also surprised when they saw Yin Xuan. However, Yin Xuan didn’t waste any more time talking nonsense. He immediately told them the truth about what he had heard and seen.

Having heard of the whole story, the several Elders in Spirit Pond Peak became silent.

After a while, Fang He knocked the table with his knuckles and said, “Senior Brother, according to the emergency procedures of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, it’s better to report this to Heavenly Sage Hall as soon as possible.”

Liu Xian shook his head and said, “Heavenly Sage Hall? Who knows if the people there are reliable? Even Luo Xiao, an insignificant ant, has been instigated by the infiltration of the Fallen Immortals. I don’t believe that there is no mole of the Fallen Immortals at the upper level. In other words, when Luo Xiao made his move against Xuan Yinzi, who intercepted Shu Si’s body?”

Fang He said, “The man clearly plays second fiddle to Luo Xiao. Are any of the Elders of Heavenly Sage Hall willing to live under Luo Xiao?”

Liu Xian still couldn’t agree as he said, “Not necessarily. In the eyes of the Fallen Immortals, Deity Stage and Jindan Stage are the same, just mole crickets and ants. I’m afraid they care more about other things than their cultivation. And… Yin Xuan, did you see the man’s face clearly?”

Yin Xuan said, “The man who did it concealed himself really good, his skills in covering up his tracks are superb. Although Xuan Yinzi had attached a trace of his primordial spirit to Shu Si’s body, before he could see the opponent’s real body, he was already killed.”

“Although it’s just a trace of primordial spirit, it’s the primordial spirit of a Yuanying Stage cultivator, yet the man could make it not perceive anything. This is something that an ant like Luo Xiao could not do.”

While Liu Xian and Fang He were still in dispute. Wang Wu suddenly stood up.

“Junior Sister, where are you going?”

Wang Wu looked at the several people in the room with disdainful eyes.

“You idiots are really hopeless. You guys can quarrel whatever you want. I’m going to look for Four Element Supreme.”

With that, she moved her fist to open the space again and then stepped into the void.

In the pink tower, several Elders looked at each other.

“Indeed… At least, their target, Four Element Supreme, should be fine.”

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