Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 734 - Blind My Dog Eyes
Chapter 734: Blind My Dog Eyes

“… That’s basically it.”

In one of the arena in the City of Immortals, Wang Wu racked her brain and finally finished telling the story of Yin Xuan and Luo Xiao without revealing too many secrets. After he heard the story, Four Element Supreme revealed a pondering look, not anxious to respond.

Wang Wu’s story was indeed good. Although many key points had been clearly erased, it was still a persuasive story as a whole.

However, should he trust her? A Woman who didn’t have much interaction with him and had no friendship with him at all?

However, on the contrary, although he had no friendship with the Spirit Sword Sect, with very little communication between their two sects, there was also no animosity. Thus… why did she come all the way to tell him such a ridiculous story?

What benefit could she get?

On the other hand, if the story was true, and he was not prepared… the price would be too great.

“That’s a good story.”

After a long silence, Four Element Supreme finally made a decision, “But it’s not a story that can convince everyone.”

Wang Wu cynically said, “I don’t expect the average IQ of the present cultivators of Nine Regions to be too high.”

“Very well.” Four Element Supreme nodded, and then said, “I… will take care of it myself.”

Wang Wu smiled and said, “Then I will wait for the good news.”

The next moment, Four Element Supreme flew away, his figure looked desolate.

On the other side, Wang Wu gradually stopped smiling, or perhaps it became somewhat mean. She raised her hand and wrote an invisible letter out of thin air.

The content was very simple: Lu Li and Zhou Ming, the two Spirit Sword Sect currently in the City of Immortals were going to watch over Four Element Supreme and wait for the enemy to make their move.

She didn’t believe Four Element Supreme could handle Luo Xiao alone. Because right now Luo Xiao was not alone at all, and Four Element Supreme might not have the heart to be cruel to his Successor Disciple that he had high hope for. Considering the IQ of Four Element Supreme, to let him deal with it alone was tantamount to let him die.

After she wrote the letter, Wang Wu flicked her fingers and released the invisible letter. This kind of secret letter was sent with her True Yuan, which was faster than an ordinary flying sword! From the arena, she watched the letter go away and gradually showed a sigh of relief. After a while, she whistled and rolled out a homemade dice in the palm of her hand—it had the same six sides, but instead of dots, it read: eat, drink, (visit a) whore, gamble, smoke, all at once. Looking at the smooth surface of the dice, the use frequency must be very high.

The result of that dice throw was, unexpectedly, ‘all at once’. Wang Lu laughed twice and left the arena leisurely. However, the moment she stepped out of the field, he look suddenly sharpened, he usual lazy look swept away, and her eyes turned sharp like two sharp swords!

“Damn it, I knew there would be some some stupid idiots to intercept my letter!”

The letter that she sent was actually a bait. Although she was not sure that someone was watching her and Four Element Supreme just now, there was nothing wrong with being careful.

After all, she was not the little girl who relied on her Elder Brother for everything one hundred and fifty years ago. Now that Wang Lu was not here, while Feng Yin and others were still on Spirit Sword Mountain, she must take action in the City of Immortals… In fact, she had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

It took Wang Wu only one breath’s time to get to the place where the letter was intercepted halfway.

In a long and narrow corridor in Immortal Three Area… It was a closed corridor connecting Immortal Three Area and Immortal Five Area. It had few pedestrians, but it was also one of the few channels deliberately chosen by Wang Wu. The reason Wang Wu chose this place was because it was the most inconspicuous place. One could quickly escape from the relatively well-connected Immortal Five Areas to other places. The only problem was that Wang Wu would appear in this place at an unexpected speed and block the person who intercepted the letter.

Of course, considering that the opponent was the Fallen Immortal, it was likely that the interceptor would not be blocked. However, that could also explain the problem: The Fallen Immortals already had masters in the City of Immortals that could stop Wang Wu. Luo Xiao was likely to be just a cover up, a puppet that they pushed to the front stage to attract attention.

However, when Wang Wu finally arrived at the scene, she couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

“Damn it, it’s really watertight.”

The people who intercepted the letter were indeed blocked by her: Three little bastards dressed in inferior cultivator gown, with cultivation bases ranged from Foundation Establishment to Xudan Stage. At this time, Wang Wu’s invisible letter was wrapped in a thin net by them. They were discussing with each other on how to distribute the windfall in happy face.

In a single glance, Wang Wu had guessed the other party’s means.

The culprit didn’t show up. Instead they hired other people to carry out the plan. This one was indeed very slippery… So, what could she do now? Should she catch these three little accomplices to look for clues? Based on the other party’s means it was likely that she would get nothing out of it!

Even using her knees to think Wang Wu knew how these three bastards come here: There must be some unknown mysterious person who gave them a small sum of money and provided them with a set of net, and then sent them to quickly rush to the corresponding location to intercept. And that mysterious person, most likely, was also under the command of others. Right now, if she wanted to look for clues, at most she would find a dead body, and all the relevant clues being destroyed.

Thus, Wang Wu had no interest in these three little bastards. She pondered for a moment in the front of the long corridor, and then quickly adjusted her goal, and flew away in a flash.

She decided to go to Four Element Supreme.

According to normal situation, she was just supposed to catch those three little bastards. Although they were just small accomplices, and that most clues were doomed to have been destroyed. However, this was not the mortal world, but the world of immortal cultivators, and this was in the City of Immortals. If searched carefully, she would find clues. Even if it was a skeleton that had been destroyed, she could use soul search, divination, and other methods to deduct the cause and effect in the past. In the current situation, the slightest clue should not be ignored.

However, Wang Wu, on the other hand, thought that, what would it mean if she did that?

It meant that no one was watching over Four Element Supreme!

This should be the perfect opportunity that the other party waited for… And from the consistent impression that she always left out, it was likely that she didn’t have the intelligence to deal with the situation properly.

The most famous number one Jindan in Nine Regions had never been known for her superior wisdom. There were only two things that people knew about Wang Wu. First, she was really strong. Second, she had no moral integrity at all.

Perhaps only those who had fought with Wang Wu for more than one hundred years and her other Spirit Sword Sect members could understand deeply that, when needed, Wang Wu could be much smarter than most people. This could be proven by the wrinkle and grey hair of the Disciplinary Elder Fang He.


When Wang Wu reappeared in front of the building for the Four Element Sect, it was not a surprise that the door had been closed. However, the gatekeepers had been replaced by two tall and powerful men, who exuded the aura of Yuanying.

Putting Yuanying Stage cultivators as gatekeepers… Four Element Sect likely could not do such a luxurious move. This was certainly not the norm for the Four Element Sect. In other words, something extraordinary had happened there.

Without hesitation, Wang Wu chose to break in. And the two gatekeepers did not hesitate to block her.

Of course, even though they were Yuanying Stage cultivators, they would not arrogantly think that they could suppress the Jindan Cultivator in front of them. However, Wang Wu was famous for having strong defense and weak attack. As the elite of the Four Element Sect, they at least should be able to block.

Then, they were knocked out flying. The two Yuanying Stage cultivators fluttered to the sky like straws until their primordial spirits were stirred up and stunned. They couldn’t believe that, with their strong cultivation base and defensive prowess and with their connection to the large array in their residence, they would be bumped up flying by the opponent just like that!

They knew that Wang Wu was strong, but… they never thought that she would be this strong!

At the same time, Wang Wu impolitely smashed into the gate of the residence. The thick and massive gate carved with gold and jade collapsed under the impact of tremendous force. The whole residence array gave out a groan of distortion and ruptured. Wang Wu turned a deaf ear to this and marched forward in great strides. Her face already showed a bit of anxiety.

Before her, in the room belonged to the Four Element Supreme, it seemed that something had happened. Because her sense could not penetrate it at all. It was as if someone had intentionally blocked the inside.

Of course, it was natural for the residence of Four Element Supreme to have a need for confidentiality. However, it was too exaggerated to keep it to this point. Wang Wu speculated based on the feedback from her primordial spirit that, inside at least one Supreme level expert was fully shielding the place from outside probing.

There was no reason to do such a thing. For Four Element Supreme, the rational choice was to disclose the process to show his innocence, so as not to be implicated by Luo Xiao. But now the door of the room was locked… which was too abnormal.

The situation was urgent, so Wang Wu couldn’t care too much. She took two steps forward and drew the strength of the earth from under her feet. And then, with an unprecedented domineering posture, she forcibly broke through the last gate in front of her!

Then she stopped and looked at the scene in disbelief.

In the room, dozens of female cultivators and Four Element Supreme were tangled into a group. Their white and greasy bodies were dazzling!

“Oh, yes, Supreme, you are so good…”

“So hot, so hard…”

“Supreme, come here, I want it too…”

Listening to the incessant obscenities in her ears, Wang Wu felt that her mind went blank!

While Wang Wu was shocked, Four Element Supreme was also a bit surprised. He freed himself from the tangle of female bodies, frowned and asked, Supreme Non-Phase, what are you doing here?”

After swallowing her saliva, Wang Wu composed herself and angrily said, “I should be the one to ask here, what are you doing?”

Four Element coldly snorted and said, “Can’t you see? Of course I’m trying to procreate here!”

“Are you… sick? How could you try to procreate in times like this? And with dozens of women?”

Four Element Supreme said, “It is exactly time like this that we should pay close attention to reproduction. Otherwise, it would be a pity to be in a desperate situation without leaving enough descendants. I’m now the number one target of the Fallen Immortal, meaning that I’m in danger. So, I need to seize all the time to procreate well… Alright, I think you can go out now.”

Wang Wu just wanted to pull out her sword and stabbed this procreation-mad person to death!

“Where’s Luo Xiao?”

Four Element Supreme was quite impatient in his reply, “Of course I can’t find him. Otherwise, why do you think I have to procreate in such a hurry? That’s because the situation got out of hand.”

With that, he picked up one female cultivator whose consciousness was already hazy, separated her legs, and then stepped forward to work quickly.

Unlike the female cultivator who climaxed in a short time, the expression of Four Element Supreme was very serious and solemn. He didn’t look like someone who had gone over the cloud, but more like a terminally ill patient who was drafting his suicide note in a stroke!

“You… really treats it like it’s an important job!” Wang Wu crossed her arms in front of her chest, feeling very annoyed and wanting to vomit blood. She said, “Since you just want to procreate, why did you close the door and windows so tightly just now?”

Four Element Supreme angrily said, “I’m not like those Yin and Yang School! Why would I do this in front of others? If you have nothing to do, then just get out! And don’t forget to close the door!”

Wang Wu was silent for a long time and then finally turned around and abruptly left, but not before she gave her middle finger to Four Element Supreme!

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