Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 737 - Master, You Really Are My Good Master!
Chapter 737: Master, You Really Are My Good Master!

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The appearance of Ancestor Dragon was unexpected for Senior Gem Emperor.

Ancestor Dragon, as the name implied, was the ancestor to the thousands of World Dragons in the Tomb of Immortals—at the beginning, the Earth Immortals subdued the Ancestor Dragon and then they multiplied thousands of these strange groups, which then supported the entire Immortal Tombs.

The Ancestor Dragon might not have the most power, but it has an extremely special significance. If the common World Dragon was the brick and stone of the Immortal Tombs, then the Ancestor Dragon was the pillar. Through blood relationship, an Ancestor Dragon could have a lot of relationships with many World Dragons. In other words, losing an Ancestor Dragon might mean losing countless World Dragons.

Because of this, when the Immortal Tombs was built, the Ancestor Dragons became the top priority. They were hidden so well that there were only a few people who were qualified to contact them.

“As far as I know, there are no more than five people in total, but Black is not one of them…”

Wang Lu said, “That’s easy to explain, he’s a traitor. Traitors always know some secrets that they shouldn’t know.”

“Yes, but among the five people, there’s also Bai Ze.”

Wang Lu was stunned and said, “Are you going to blame this on that innocent pitiful moron?”

Senior Gem Emperor said, “… About Ancestor Dragon, only those people knew it. As for Black, even though he was a traitor and had some unknown means, but he had limited access to information. At present, the only one who could leak it is Bai Ze.”

Wang Lu touched his chin and said, “You mean that Black and Bai Ze are all in cahoot, and it’s been a long time?”

“There’s no more reasonable explanation at the moment.” Senior Gem Emperor shook her head. She then said, “Okay, let’s not talk about this gossip first. As you said, we met an opponent that we can’t ignore. Let’s solve it first. By the way, how much can you contribute in this fight?”

Wang Lu said, “I can cheer for you and then witness your brilliant victory.”


“Do you expect me, a new Yuanying Stage cultivator to fight the Ancestor Dragon? Wake up, Senior Gem Emperor.”

“…” Senior Gem Emperor shook her head and smiled. The next moment, pulled away her smile and flashed hundreds of miles away with Wang Lu.”

The space where they originally located had been shattered by the black Ancestor Dragon.

For these creatures that contained huge living creatures and worlds in their bodies, controlling space was as natural as breathing. Similarly, it was easy for them to destroy space.

Wang Lu didn’t know if Senior Gem Emperor, who was an Earth Immortal, had the ability to survive the space shattering, but he was sure he couldn’t do it. Thus, needless to say, he firmly grasped the Senior Gem Emperor’s belt.

Senior Gem Emperor turned her head back. Just as she was about to open her mouth, he heard Wang Lu’s eloquent words, “You are in charge of the fight, I will come up with a plan.”

“Hahaha, you are such an interesting person.” Senior Gem Emperor laughed happily and said, “Very well, I’ll do as you said, see what you can do.”

But then, the first sentence that Wang Lu said made her hesitant.

“If you can do this easily, I suggest you wait and see the changes first, before you hit it.”

Senior Gem Emperor said, “Why?”

“Since it’s here already, don’t you want to check if there’s the poison?”

Senior Gem Emperor nodded, “Ok.”

The timing for this Ancestor Dragon’s appearance was too coincident, obviously someone had deliberately manipulated it.

From the point of view of those hiding behind the scenes, couldn’t they see how powerful the Senior Gem Emperor was? She had killed dozens of World Dragons in the whirlpool of stars. Although Ancestor Dragon was strong, it was still not the opponent of the Senior Gem Emperor. This combined with the changes in the City of Immortals made Wang Lu feel that instead of using the Ancestor Dragon as a stumbling block to prevent them from returning to the City of Immortals, it seemed to have been pushed out here to die.

Then, why would someone deliberately control such a precious card to die?

Ancestor Dragon itself was also a kind of World Dragon, meaning that it also contained a huge world. And in this huge world, there might be something important.

Of course, the above was only a speculation, but it did not prevent Wang Lu from making a relatively prudent choice.

“Senior Gem Emperor, with your speed, is it possible to bypass this fellow and return to the City of Immortals?”

Senior Gem Emperor flashed away to avoid the bite of the Ancestor Dragon, and replied, “If you mean flexibility… I can split it into three parts before it reacts. But if you mean speed, at least in the tomb, no one could be faster than it.”

“Because of its spatial magical ability? Then, is there a way to subdue it?”

“If I’m alone, It’s hard.” Senior Gem Emperor said, “With you, it will be very difficult.”

Wang Lu thought for a moment, “Or you can pass me all that you got, so that I can reach my full potential in a flash, then I won’t drag you down.”

“Is this your so-called ingenuity?” Senior Gem Emperor said, “I have already begun to consider ditching you here.”

“Well, since it’s not feasible to catch it alive, let’s go for the next best thing… Wait a minute, this fellow has that strange poison in its body, right?”

Senior Gem Emperor said, “It’s also the source of the poison, at least one of the sources. Eliminating it can greatly curb the spread of the poison. Of course, eradication is still hard, but it’s still better than letting it go. So, if you can’t give a reasonable explanation as soon as possible, I don’t think I’ll waste too much time.”

While they were talking, Senior Gem Emperor had completely suppressed the Ancestor Dragon by relying on her powerful strength. She had created a terrifying gravity field with the power of Earth Immortal, firmly holding the hundred miles long black Ancestor Dragon that it twisted to form a ball and howled in humiliation.

Of course, it cost a lot to do so. If this gravity field was placed in the Nine Regions, it could directly crush the headquarters of a middle rank sect, while cultivators below the level of Deity would be crushed into powder instantly—A veritable killer move.

Although the tone of Senior Gem Emperor’s voice was stable, Wang Lu could feel that her Earth Immortal’s spiritual power had already been strained.

Wang Lu took a deep breath—Of course, in the whirlpool of stars, this action was more symbolic.


Senior Gem Emperor repeated, “Break the illusion?”

Wang Lu didn’t explain too much as he said, “Try to remove the illusion from it with your most powerful illusion-break magical ability.”

Senior Gem Emperor squinted her eyes and didn’t feel that there was any illusion on the Ancestor Dragon in front of her—This was one of the twenty seven Ancestor Dragons that had been set when the Tomb of Immortals was built. Earth Immortal Luo Xue gave its name based on the dark sea within its body that covered the world. Thus, Senior Gem Emperor was not unfamiliar to it.

However, since Wang Lu insisted on this, Senior Gem Emperor built a large-scale magical spell with the Earth Immortal Spirit from her Jade Mansion, which she then used on her eyes.

Suddenly a bright mirror appeared on the top of the Ancestor Dragon’s head, which was bound by gravity. The endless light, like a waterfall, poured down from the surface of the mirror and shone on the Ancestor Dragon.

The Emperor’s Mirror broke all the illusion in the world.


In an instant, the world hidden in its body was ignited into flame, which then spread on the surface of the Ancestor Dragon.

Senior Gem Emperor looked at the fire in surprise. It was the fire that broke through when the illusion was broken. The fire ignition meant the elimination of the illusion.

“There’s indeed an illusion!” Then, Senior Gem Emperor looked at Wang Lu with surprised eyes and said, “How did you know?”

“By guess of course…”

As an Ancestor Dragon, it was also the source of the strange poison. So, it should be regarded as an important card. But, it was actually sent to die to be killed by Senior Gem Emperor. Clearly, there was something fishy about it. The biggest possibility was that the existence of Ancestor Dragon was of extraordinary significance. Once it was killed, it might cause irreparable damage to the entire Tomb of Immortals.

However, Senior Gem Emperor was not an idiot, couldn’t she recognize that the Ancestor Dragon was more important?

Thus, of course Wang Lu guessed that it had been covered in illusion by others. Senior Gem Emperor couldn’t see it, perhaps it was because she didn’t try her best to see it. After all, although she had an abundance of Earth Immortal Spirit, there was no reason to just squander it recklessly.

At present, Wang Lu’s guess proved to be correct.

When the flame burned out, the Ancestor Dragon showed its true self. The whole body was still dark, but it was golden dark red. Seeing this color, the pupils of Senior Gem Emperor very obviously contracted.

“Full Red!”

Of the twenty seven Ancestor Dragons, only the one named Full Red had such color.

Full Red was indeed different from Black. Black could be killed, but Full Red could not be killed. This was an important secret of the Immortal Tombs.

‘Well done.” Senior Gem Emperor lightly praised Wang Lu.

Letting him follow her to give her advice was originally just a joke. No matter how clever Wang Lu was, could he compare with Senior Gem Emperor in actual combat experience? What’s more, how much did Wang Lu know about Senior Gem Emperor? How could it be possible for him to develop a reasonable strategy for her?

Senior Gem Emperor just wanted to see Wang Lu’s level of capability.

Now that she saw it, it was indeed amazing.

But now, there was a new problem. Since Full Red couldn’t be killed and they couldn’t shake off an Ancestor Dragon in the whirlpool of stars… What should they do? Seriously injured it and then left it behind?

“Could we enter it’s inner world?”

Wang Lu’s suggestion surprised Senior Gem Emperor once again, “Do you want to enter it?”

“I suspect that the other party had put something important in it…” Wang Lu said, and then frowned. He felt that his unfounded groundless guess was actually a bit untenable. Thus he added, “It’s never wrong to check the ingredients of the food delivered to the door.”

“Okay” Senior Gem Emperor had considerable trust in Wang Lu. She slightly opened her palm and a red light appeared which then fell on the palm.

It was a key.

“I have the key to the inner world of the twenty seven Ancestor Dragon.” Senior Gem Emperor explained, “However, trying to open up the world inside a poisoned Ancestor Dragon means taking a lot of risk.”

Wang Lu thought for a moment and said, “I’ll just probe it from the outside, I won’t go in.”

“… suit yourself.”

Then, when Senior Gem Emperor was ready to use the red key, the Full Red Ancestor Dragon raised its head and let out an exceptionally painful roar.

The next moment, its hundreds of miles dragon body became full of cracks.


The loud explosion sound shook the whirlpool of stars, Full Red’s entire body was blown up and turned into an endless powder of flesh and blood.

Amidst the explosion of flesh and blood, a woman in white held a bamboo sword and laughed wildly.

“Hahaha, want to trap me? In your dream!”

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