Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 743 - What’s Wrong With Cute Girls Being Nice To Black People?

Chapter 743: What’s Wrong With Cute Girls Being Nice To Black People?

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“… You always keep others free from worrying. It took me a lot of effort to eliminate the main force of the other party, yet you still fell for the other party’s plot. I want to break our Master-disciple relationship!”

“Your ability to put the blame to others has actually been trained to perfection. Obviously it’s your lack of ability as a lackey to protect me that led to me being unfortunately poisoned, but unexpectedly, you still have the nerve to talk sh*t about me?”

“Sh*t, without me by your side, you would’ve been f*cked by him a long time ago. Now your body is still innocent and pure thanks to my hard work. Not only you don’t thank me about it, you even dare to critique me?”

“Innocent and pure? Are you interested in feeling your so-called self innocent and pure?”

“You can enjoy those good things by yourself, hahaha…”

In the whirlpool of stars, the pair of Master and disciple freely laughed and scolded each other.

However, from their expression, it was hard to see even a little bit of relaxedness. At this time, Wang Wu tightly held Wang Wu’s wrist. The jade white palm was red and the perspiration on her forehead was crystal clear.

As for Wang Lu, the corners of his mouth slightly curled up, but his facial muscles had stiffened because of excessive force. The palm of his that was held by Wang Wu had turned dark, but it was still difficult to stop the black mist from penetrating along his arm.

After a moment of stalemate, Wang Lu sighed and said, “It’s indeed worthy to be the strange poison of the Fallen Immortals. After trying so many ways, it still can’t be stopped.”

“After all, this is the trump card of the Fallen Immortal, if it’s so easy to be stopped, how could they call themselves as the Fallen Immortal?” Wang Wu shook her head disapprovingly, “Even I can barely press this poison into a corner in my body. If you were me, you wouldn’t even have the chance…”

Wang Lu laughed and scolded, “Sh*t, what about it? I also cultivate Non-Phase Method, the same as you. Moreover, I have now reached Yuanying Stage anyway. What qualification do you have to say that, as you are still in the Jindan Stage?”

“So what?” Wang Wu immediately smiled contemptuously and said, “The version of Non-Phase that we cultivate is not the same.” After that, she said righteously, “Don’t take me as a standard, my road is not easy to follow.”

Wang Lu nodded and said, “Well that’s no wonder. From the pure innocent girl in those years till she fell down to this point. If you want to say that the road is easy, I don’t believe it.”

Wang Wu snorted, “Then whose responsibility is that?”

“… Mine. Is it not fulfilled yet?” Wang Lu shook his head. Suddenly he felt that the memory of the Spirit Sword Sect’s golden generation Big Brother began to overlap with him more and more. However, soon he felt dizzy again as the poison began to spread uncontrollably.

At this time, even Wang Wu had to let go of her hand that clasped his wrist and said in the ensuing silence, “Do you need me to give you happiness?”

Wang Lu asked, “How are you going to make me happy?

“Sh*t, death is near at hand, but you still not forget to take advantage of others…” Wang Wu scolded and said, “Seeing you like this, the common method is probably not going to be good. Why not…”

“Body union?”

“… You know this?”

Wang Lu smiled and said, “The trick of dodging the Demon Heart Oath to use the Star Destroyer Sword might be explained by your endless hidden cards, but what do you say about the three golden cores in your body? I’m not blind.”

After a pause, Wang Lu’s face looked a bit heavy as he said, “Is Youyou still there?”

Wang Wu was silent for a moment and then opened her mouth. However, the voice did not belong to Wang Wu.

“Thank you for your concern. I’m still here, but this kind of dialogue is probably the first and the last.”

Wang Lu nodded, not surprised by the result. He didn’t have a deep friendship with You Jiu of Song, so he couldn’t talk about sentiment here. The problem was… Was there really no side effect for someone who put three golden cores in the body? Moreover, You Jiu of Song and her had been friends for many years, so they should be in harmony with each other. For him to add to that would not be so easy.

“What side effects are better than helplessly watching you die of poison?”

Wang Lu shook his head and said, “I’m not necessarily going to die due to poison, don’t look down on me too much.”

Wang Wu covered her mouth and chuckled, “Yes, of course, you are the most extraordinary, no poison could harm you.”

This perfunctory attitude was obviously hurtful, but before Wang Lu could refute it, a strange but familiar voice popped up in his head.

“Hahaha, the Holy Light is on, this is not poison.”


At the same time, in the City of Immortals.

In Immortal One Area, the containment array where the White Jade Coffins were placed was running at full capacity. The crackling popping sounds in the air could be heard from time to time, as well as the back and forth of the blue arcs. All these made people afraid to approach.

In the original design, the containment array could accommodate twenty White Jade Coffins, but now it was stacked twice as many. The containment array did not break however, thanks to the deep knowledge of the Elder of Kunlun Sect. Nevertheless, there were still dozens of White Jade Coffins outside of the array. The cultivators that carried the coffins looked livid. Their angry eyes kept on scanning the array. They wished to throw out some of the White Jade Coffins there and put their own in exchange.

The situation in the City of Immortals deteriorated rapidly, even worse than what was initially expected. Four Element Supreme appeared and disappeared like a ghost. He was even able to deal with dozens of Supremes, such as Daoist He Tu with ease. And each time he made his move, he could cause heavy casualties. What’s more, the spread of the poison gradually went out of control.

The most terrible thing about the strange poison of the Fallen Immortal was exactly its contagiousness, which was nearly evil. If one person was poisoned, everyone around him or she was also at risk of catching it. Fortunately, this was the City of Immortals. There were a large number of Golden Armored Men and prohibition arrays in the city, which could control the situation fast. However, everyone knew that if this continued, the crash would happen sooner or later.

“… Damn it, those old fools at Heavenly Sage Hall usually consider themselves as a cut above the others. When the days are good, they rob faster than anyone else. Now we need them to do things, but they just look like idiots…”

“Humph, before the Grand Competition, they asked each sect for resources and manpower, such that people endlessly grumbled that they’re bloodsuckers. But now, the situation in the Grand Competition is inexplicable, and they have no explanation. Moreover, it’s clear that they have provoked the Fallen Immortals, yet we’re the ones who bear the loss. These Union of Ten Thousand Immortal people have tricked us too much!”

“Yeah, with the resources provided by each sect, they could set up the containment array to block the poison, but in the middle of it are several of their own… And our people have to wait outside. F*ck, I have never seen such a bully! Their people are people but our people are just dirt in their eyes!”

In addition to the crackling and popping sound from inside the array, there were also endless noise and insults. The irritation and anger of many cultivators were like real substance, which suppressed the atmosphere in that place.

At this time, suddenly, the light around the containment array flashed, and an exhausted tall cultivator came out of it.

The cultivator was dressed in an unusually large robe, with a hood that completely covered his face, which made him look a bit mysterious. However there were many cultivators present, and some recognized him.

An Elder in Heavenly Sword Hall of Spirit Sword Sect, and the number one medicine man employed by the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, Ao Guanhai. At present, hundreds of poisoned cultivators inside and outside the containment array heavily relied on his elixir to save their lives and blocked the spread of the poison.

However, no matter how proficient Ao Guanhai was in medicine, his energy was limited. As more and more cultivators were poisoned, he gradually failed to take care of himself. Now, after he took care of the forty people in the array, he felt that his Jade Mansion was empty. It was likely that he couldn’t apply his medicinal expertise to the people outside the array.

Toward the people outside the array, he somewhat apologetically shrugged, and then swallowed a pill. He planned to meditate right there to squeeze his Yuanying to recover his True Yuan. However, before he sat down, he heard a strange effeminate voice from someone nearby, “The Union of Ten Thousand Immortals has a galaxy of talent, yet despite everything, they allow a black person to mingle here. Since he’s not our race, his heart is certainly different. Who knows if there’s a trick in his medicine?”

This was no longer a disgruntled voice, but a vicious and malicious attack. Immediately, everyone’s expression changed. Although Spirit Sword Sect was sparsely populated and the weakest among the Five Unique, a Five Unique was still, after all, a Five Unique, a sect that no one could bully and humiliate…

However, Ao Guanhai himself didn’t care. He just sat quietly and crossed his legs in meditation. He had seen too much of such racial discrimination.

But although Ao Guanhai didn’t mind, it didn’t mean other people would just accept it.

Humph!” As if there was a broken silver bottle, a cold hum was heard, and then people saw a gorgeous rainbow sweep across toward them.

The next moment, a scream was heard from among the crowd. That eccentric cultivator with an effeminate voice was stabbed in midair with a sword. Holes were cut open in the chest and abdomen, and blood spilled into the air.

A cultivator who looked like a young girl, with her right hand extended forward and five colored lines extended out from her five fingertips, had nailed the strange cultivator in midair, allowing the blood in the holes on his chest and abdomen to gush out like waterfalls. Then, she glanced down and said in a cold voice, “In crisis, all of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals are in the same boat and should work together. At this time, it is mostly the enemy’s spy who would attack their own people for inexplicable reasons. Anytime they appear, they must be killed without mercy.”

Finally, after she said that, the girl landed on the ground. Her posture was like a butterfly among the flowers. However, superimposed with the corpse in midair, it caused people to feel indescribable horror.

“Who… is that person?” Someone asked in a low voice in private.

“Who else could she be? Of course, she’s someone from Spirit Sword Sect… It is said that she is the Ninth Elder, the youngest among the Elders in Heavenly Sword Hall. Her name seems to be Hua Yun.”

“Wait a minute, isn’t Heavenly Sword Hall supposed to have ten people? Why is the youngest the ninth?”

“… Who knows what happened to the people of Spirit Sword Sect? They always do things for no reason. Tsk-tsk, killing people in broad daylight, what a bully.”

Several people whispered a few words, but no one dared to say too much. For fear of provoking that beautiful but fierce killer again.

It was not because of Hua Yun’s beauty or ruthlessness that this group of grumbling people silenced themselves.

It was because the person that she just nailed in mid-air was an evil cultivator with Deity Stage cultivation base. At present, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had a strong influence in Nine Regions. It was not easy for an evil cultivator to survive. Thus, most of the people who could cultivate to the Deity Stage had many life-saving skills, and their fighting ability was often a bit stronger than the cultivators of the same level. Yet… he was nailed to death with just one strike. Although he was just a low-rank Deity, it was still Deity Stage after all.

People of Spirit Sword Sect were known to be good at facing people of a higher stage than them. This rumor was really not groundless. Not to mention that abnormal number one Jindan in Nine Regions. Even this little-known Elder also treated a Deity Stage cultivator as nothing. After they realized this, these disgruntled people could only hide their complaints in their stomachs forever.

If they actually dared, one Hua Yun would be enough to deal with them since at most they were only middle-rank Deity Stage. Let alone, there was still Ao Guanhai who clearly looked stronger than her.

“Humph, a bunch of bitches.” Hua Yun, who became the focus of attention, rather disdainfully glanced around and then sat beside Ao Guanhai. The girl’s expression quickly changed into a smile and patted the other person’s shoulder in a friendly gesture.

“Hey, big guy, what are you doing?”

Ao Guanhai said helplessly, “Junior Sister, don’t you think you’re being too heavy-handed just now?”

Hua Yun pouted her mouth immediately, “Humph, those bitches, how could they etch it in their memory if I weren’t being ruthless? Let alone, the dead one is an evil cultivator. I know him, he’s a literal motherfucker. He has also done other evil things. He should’ve been dead a long time ago.”

“Alas… Junior Sister, you’re not that ruthless. There’s no need to force yourself to do that for me.”

“Big guy, you’re so wordy. I was helping you, why are you being this stupid? No wonder you’re always being bullied by Fifth Elder Sister every day.”

“Fifth Elder Sister is my…”

“Your benefactor! I’m tired of hearing it!” Hua Yun interrupted in dissatisfaction. She then asked, “How are Yao’Er and the others’ situations?”

“… Not so good.” Ao Guanhai shook his head and said, “I’ve tried my best, but the poison is very strange. A Wu is right, it doesn’t look like a real poison. But, the specific components still need to be analyzed in detail. In fact, Yin Xuan has helped me a lot by making himself a test subject.”

“Yin Xuan…” Hua Yun frowned a bit and mused, “What was that kid thinking?”


“Dead Face, what were you thinking?”

In a secluded corner in the City of Immortals, the young man roared angrily.

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