Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 748 - Sorry, I Do Want To Court Disaster
Chapter 748: Sorry, I Do Want To Court Disaster

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“Xuan Mo, Bai Ze! Why are you two here?”

Wang Lu showed moderate surprise at the two suddenly appearing Earth Immortals. At the same time, he secretly handed the Rouge Tears to his back and gestured to Wang Wu to preemptively strike with her Star Destroyer Sword.

However, Xuan Mo and Bai Ze were not aware of Wang Lu’s malice. Instead, they hurriedly urged him, “Senior Gem Emperor is trapped in Thunder Reservoir, please go and save her!”

The next moment, Wang Wu’s Star Destroyer Sword appeared, as if it wanted to crush Bai Ze and Xuan Mo into powder. However, after the sword strike was launched, a golden seal came straight toward it like lightning, which exploded exactly at the tip of Rouge Tears.

The golden seal suddenly dimmed, and Bai Ze spurted out black blood on the spot and had to lean on Xuan Mo. The thin sword in Wang Wu’s hand let out a wail and had to withdraw its sword energy and also became dim. Wang Wu herself had to hold back a cough as her complexion alternated between red and white.

Both sides unexpectedly picked the same choice!

Wang Lu frowned and glanced coldly at Xuan Mo and Bai Ze. Both of them seemed to have experienced a fierce battle. They were all bruised and extremely weak. However, after just one sword attack, Bai Ze had become completely incapacitated. Only Xuan Mo still retained a certain combat power. Thus, the next opponent was her.

Last time they parted ways, he had hoped to be able to fight side by side with her when they meet again. Now it seemed to be an extravagant hope…

“Xuan Mo, I can’t believe that even you betrayed the revolution.” Wang Lu sneered and took out a cold long sword from his waist. The body of the sword was crystal clear, and there were ancient characters that read ‘Mysterious Frost’ on the sword handle.

In the past, on the path to immortality, Wang Lu pierced through all the illusions with this Mysterious Frost sword. The sword was fierce and unstoppable, but it relied purely on cheap tricks. Now he had reached a decent cultivation base, which was Yuanying Stage. An immortal sword of spiritual treasure level was thus perfect for him. Then, as Wang Lu lightly stroked the sword body, Mysterious Frost sword was covered with a layer of blood, and its power expanded tens of thousands of times, which demonstrated an artificial distortion.

This was one of the killing moves prepared by Wang Lu. He first used the Yuanying Stage cultivation base to lead the spirit sword to self-destruct. Before the spirit sword was thoroughly disintegrated, it could release a sword qi that was beyond its limit. With Wang Lu’s calculation, if it were to combine with his Primal Chaos Skybreaker Sword, its attack ability could barely reach the baseline of the level of Supreme.

For an Earth Immortal in perfect shape, such an attack wouldn’t even be considered. However, it would be quite a threat to a seriously injured one… Of course, to rely on just one sharp weapon to surmount the gap between Yuanying and an Earth Immortal was to indulge in fantasy.

Therefore, Wang Lu prepared hundreds of them. Other than the Mysterious Frost sword, there were thousands of spiritual treasure level weapons hidden in his mustard seed bag.

That was the weapon arsenal collected by the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals for the Grand Competition. The key to it was taken by Wang Lu by taking advantage of his position. When necessary, he could open this weapon arsenal and set off a storm in an extravagant and outrageous way. When the time came, even then, he would only barely have the power to fight against the Earth Immortal.

“Stop! We are not your enemy!” Xuan Mo loudly said. Her turbid eyes looked tired and hurt as they reflected the cold light of the Mysterious Frost sword. She looked desperate and helpless as she said, “Wang Lu, wake up!”

Wang Lu turned a deaf ear to that. The Mysterious Frost sword in his hand was already like an ignited raging inferno. But just then, a hand held on his shoulder.

“Wang Lu, stop it. There’s something wrong with this.”

Wang Lu looked back at Wang Wu and wanted for her explanation.

“That veto seal just now was not lethal. It was more like an illusion breaker.” Wang Wu said, “They were merely checking if we’re real people or not.”

“Oh?” Wang Lu raised his eyebrows, his thought twirled quickly. Then he reached over the sword and flicked it up and down. His fingertips took away the fire from the sword, making it crystal clear and cold again.

“What happened?”

Xuan Mo finally breathed a sigh of relief and fell down on the ground when her body turned soft. However, she shook her head when Wang Lu stretched out his hand to help her.

“Don’t worry about us… Just go and save Senior Gem Emperor. Black finally made his move. He set up an ambush in Thunder Reservoir. Many of us rushed to rescue her, but although the enemy was only him, his position in Thunder Reservoir is unshakable.”

“Thunder Reservoir?”

Xuan Mo extended her hand and from the void, a disintegrated starlight appeared.

“Thunder Reservoir is at the lowest level of the Immortal Tombs. Follow this light path and it can take you around the ocean of stars.

Wang Lu did not rush to take the starlight but said, “Tell me more.”

Xuan Mo took a long breath and tried to calm down her mixed emotions. “Black designed a trap and lured Senior Gem Emperor to go to Thunder Reservoir alone. It is the most secret place in the Tomb of Immortals. Senior Gem Emperor did not expect to be ambushed in Thunder Reservoir at all and was thus caught off guard and seriously injured. Then…”

Wang Lu said, “Then she asked you for help?”

“No, she didn’t ask anyone for help… It was Black. He actively disclosed the location of Thunder Reservoir, lured us to come to rescue her, and then defeat each of us… But, because Lu Biechen had calculated the vague inscrutable twist of fate in advance that this was an unfavorable path, we came there with an escape plan. But I’m afraid we can’t get to the City of Immortals.” Xuan Mu said and looked up bitterly, letting Wang Lu see a trace of darkness in her throat.


“Bai Ze and I were poisoned by him… But don’t worry, although barely, I am able to seal the poison in my body, so it won’t infect you.”

Before Xuan Mo could finish her words, Wang Lu had already firmly grasped her hand.

“No! Don’t touch me!” Xuan Mo wanted to push Wang Lu away, but at this time, she was so weak that she couldn’t even do this little thing. Her slender wrist was still tightly held.

However, the next moment, Xuan Mo opened her eyes incredulously and a surprised expression came out of her dark pupils.

Because in her body, the endless darkness was disappearing at an amazing speed, like the melting snow. It was then replaced with a cluster of light that’s felt holy and warm. As if she was soaked in warm water, the coldness all over her disappeared.

“This is…”

Wang Lu smiled and said, “Welcome to the big family of Holy Light.”

Although Xuan Mo didn’t understand the Holy Light and didn’t even think about the principle of Holy Light’s poison removal, she knew that she finally got rid of the nightmare that had troubled the Earth Immortals for countless years.

“Thank you, Wang Lu. You are really…” Xuan Mo trembled and opened her mouth. When her cherry lips were slightly opened, she was actually speechless. She had too much to say, but there was no way to say it.

However, Xuan Mo soon calmed her agitated mind and said, “Thank you for saving me, but right now, Senior Gem Emperor is more important. She is the most indispensable member of all of us. Please…”

Wang Lu said with a wry smile, “The poison similar to that in your body has now erupted in the City of Immortals, and it seems that I am the only one who can remove it.”

Xuan Mo was shocked.

Wang Lu’s words revealed a basic contradiction.

Senior Gem Emperor in Thunder Reservoir needed Wang Lu, but the City of Immortals needed him more.

Senior Gem Emperor was an important member of the Earth Immortals, but to Wang Lu, she could only be regarded as an ordinary friend. In contrast, the City of Immortals was everything to Wang Lu.

Wang Lu had the cure. When he returned to the City of Immortals, the poison removal could be guaranteed. However, Black in Thunder Reservoir occupied the best and strategic position, so much that the other Earth Immortals were unable to shake him off. In that situation, how much role could Wang Lu play as a Yuanying Stage cultivator?

One by one, problems appeared in Xuan Mo’s mind, which made her mood continue to sink.

“Why do you want to find Wang Lu?” Wang Wu asked, “Logically, Wang Lu is not the best person. Wouldn’t you be better off looking for me than him?”

It was true that to go to Thunder Reservoir to rescue Senior Gem Emperor, the number one Jindan in Nine Regions was far more suitable than Wang Lu, who had just reached Yuanying Stage.

“It was on the behest of Senior Gem Emperor.” Xuan Mo replied, “From the beginning to the end, she didn’t ask for help, but… She asked us to find Wang Lu.”

Wang Lu shook his head and said with a smile, “This chick, it’s not enough for her to die alone, does she have to drag me down with her?”

“Never!” Xuan Mo’s voice was a bit higher, “Senior Gem Emperor will do no such childish thing. She… There must be something important. Wang Lu, even if you don’t believe us, you can at least trust Senior Gem Emperor!”

Wang Lu asked, “If I can’t trust you, who knows if Senior Gem Emperor is really trapped in Thunder Reservoir? Or even if Thunder Reservoir really exists? Maybe you are a spy sent by Black? If that’s the case, then all the previous discussions have nothing of value at all.”

“I…” Xuan Mo was tongue-tied. At this moment, if Wang Lu insisted on doubting her, she had no way to prove her innocence.

“I don’t doubt you.” Wang Lu said, “But to rescue Senior Gem Emperor…”

At this time, Wang Wu suddenly said, “Go.”

“Huh? Why?”

Wang Wu thought about it and said, “There are two reasons. The first is based on a simple logic: If the enemy wants us to do it, we should not do it. Just now, on our way back to the City of Immortals, didn’t we come across Black’s avatar? Now think about it, wasn’t it a bit too easy to get rid of him? Even Bai Ze, a waste, relying on an immortal treasure, could block my sword attack while he is seriously injured—well, although the price is that he seems to be dying. But is Black’s avatar not as good as the seriously injured Bai Ze?”

Wang Lu muttered to himself irresolutely, “Do you want to say that Black’s interception is actually a kind of diversionary tactic, to make us think that he doesn’t want us to go back to the City of Immortals? But in fact…”

“In fact, if we don’t go to the City of Immortals, but to Thunder Reservoir, he would be in great trouble… Of course, this is just my guess.” Wang Wu seriously said, “And the second reason is that the problem of the City of Immortals is not necessarily for you.”

“If I don’t go there, who else can get rid of the strange poison of the Fallen Immortal?”

Wang Wu pointed to herself and said, “I am.”


“Faceless has already explained the principle of the trick of the Fallen Immortals. Well, it’s not a groundbreaking originality to fight for power at the level of faith. I happen to know a friend who is good at this. Responding to my call, she should be near the City of Immortals.”

“… A friend like Youyou?”

“Oh, if you don’t trust me, you can also add an insurance, granting me a title such as the Holy Woman of Holy Light Religion, or the likes, so that I have the management authority of the Holy Light. In short, it’s still the same sentence, the problem of the City of Immortals is not necessarily yours. But over there in Thunder Reservoir, the person pointed by Senior Gem Emperor is you, not anyone else.”

Wang Lu didn’t waste too much time to think about it.

“Very well, we’ll do as you say. You go to the City of Immortals while I go to Thunder Reservoir. As for these two people…”

Xuan Mo said, “I’ll go to the City of Immortals to call for people. There are too many of our companions who are still completely in the dark. If they can be mobilized, they will soon be able to solve the situation in Thunder Reservoir.”

However, Bai Ze, who had been seriously injured, forced himself to stand up and said, “I’ll go to Thunder Reservoir. I made a mistake, so I’ll take care of it myself.”


Outside the City of Immortals, a female cultivator arrived on top of a crane.

At the city gate, a row of golden armored men blocked her way.

“Who is it?”

When the female cultivator saw this, she smiled and said, “I am Li Yunhe of Eastern Border Region. Entrusted by Daoist Master Non-Phase, I came to solve the difficulties in the City of Immortals.”

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