Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 751 - Sun Buping
Chapter 751: Sun Buping

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Sun Buping

Shu Si carefully held the porcelain bottle. Not only was he afraid of accidentally damaging it, leading to the failure of the plan, but he was also afraid of the poison leakage—although, in theory, he had been the Fallen Immortal’s dog, so being poisoned or not—it did not make any difference.

At the same time, Xuan Yinzi asked, “Are you sure you can use this thing to lure Black here? The source of Mind Disorientation Powder is indeed important, but now the spread of poison in the City of Immortals has been curbed. With Li Yunhe there, the Mind Disorientation Powder is no longer a threat. This is basically a dead end. What else does Black need to pay attention to the Vortex of the Fallen?”

“Good question.” Luo Xiao said with a smile, “If Mind Disorientation Powder is just a strange poison in the general sense, then Black really doesn’t need to care about the source of the poison. But Mind Disorientation Powder is actually not a poison, but a kind of faith.”


“Yes, belief. But this belief is very domineering, and its way of spreading is quite special.”

Shu Si was a bit confused, but Xuan Yinzi quickly realized it and said, “You mean it’s similar to the mental control of an evil cult?”

“Yes, Mind Disorientation Powder is the sublimation of an evil cult’s highly bewitching nature into a real essence. But its essence is, after all, a kind of faith. And since it’s a faith, naturally there’s a totem to be worshiped.” Luo Xiao pointed to the small bottle in Shu Si’s hand and said, “In that small bottle, the Fallen Immortal stripped a part of its own existence and used it as a totem to worship, the vortex that spread the root of faith. In a sense, you can think of it as an avatar of the Fallen Immortal.”

After a pause, Luo Xiao explained further, “For Black, losing the avatar of the Fallen Immortal on Nine Regions is like a Zen monk who lost the golden body of Buddha. To be serious, it’s a blasphemy crime.”

“… I’m going to be convicted of blasphemy if I lose this bottle?” Shu Si was a bit suspicious.

“Fallen Immortals are not equal to us. We are just livestock and pets to them. If they want to kill or slaughter us, it’s all just a thought to them. So, don’t mention again the ridiculous question of why the Fallen Immortals are so strict to us.”

Xuan Yinzi then asked, “But Luo Xiao, to depart from the City of Immortals right now, there must be something important for Black to do. If he rashly puts down his work and has to come back because you impede him, aren’t you afraid of being blamed for the negligence of duty by the Fallen Immortals?”

“It’s better to not have accomplishment than to have it. It’s a principle that one must master when working under a stressful master. Even if the matter at hand is important, if the task is accomplished, the reward from the master is nothing more than being given root bone. But if the Vortex of the Fallen is lost, the Fallen Immortals will not pay attention to the balance between merits and demerits and forgive your blasphemy.”

“… It turns out to be so.” Xuan Yinzi sighed and said, “You really have studied the Fallen Immortals thoroughly.”

Luo Xiao said with a smile, “If I didn’t study them thoroughly, and thus can’t grasp the master’s idea, I can’t be a qualified loyal dog. Well, I’ve already explained the problems that need to be explained. Next, I need you two to cooperate with me to set up a situation, so that when Black comes, he won’t be able to return. First of all, Xuan Yinzi, I need you to play your original role, a sharp nail in the Fallen Immortal camp.”

Xuan Yinzi guessed Luo Xiao’s idea, nodded, and said, “That’s possible. But, Luo Xiao, what you are doing now, is it really just because…”

Luo Xiao said with a smile, Of course, it’s just to eliminate competitors so that in the future, I can be especially favored. Xuan Yinzi, you shouldn’t be so naive to think that I will stand on your side, right?”


At the same time, at a distant corner of the Tomb of Immortals.

“He’s moving!”

Besides Thunder Reservoir, the expected change that Wang Lu waited for finally happened.

A black figure emerged from the center of Thunder Reservoir. Like a black flow of light, it disappeared in a blink of an eye at the other end of the river of stars.

At the same time, the Thunder Reservoir, which released energy violently, seemed to have lost its backbone and became more comfortable and calmer.

“… Seems like Black really can’t wait anymore.” Wang Lu waited for a moment outside Thunder Reservoir to confirm that the opponent was not just luring them out, but was really forced to give up Thunder Reservoir by the emergency before he completely collected the divine weapon arsenal.

This time, he won the bet again, Black really encountered a difficult problem such that he had no choice but to abandon everything else. Therefore, he failed the Thunder Reservoir battlefield through a lack of a final effort.

Without the source that stirred up the havoc, the atmosphere of Thunder Reservoir became calm and restrained. It was no longer fierce and unrestrained. Wang Lu took Xuan Mo’s hand and entered Thunder Reservoir once again. There was still a dark sea of blood, but the sea of blood was drying up and the black clouds were dissipating. Everything was on the right track.

Without the endless darkness, all the details of the battlefield could be seen. At a glance, Wang Lu saw the purple light in the middle of the battlefield. Although it was dim and in a sorry state, it wasn’t completely extinguished. Senior Gem Emperor was still alive, so everything was good.

There were more than ten Earth Immortals in different shapes and forms that gathered around Senior Gem Emperor. Most of them were old faces, such as Calculation Immortal Lu Biechen, etc. Almost all of them were seriously injured and their fire of life shook and was about to go out. There were also several who were carried out by others in their arms, motionless; clearly, they had sacrificed their lives bravely in the battle just now.

“… Wang Lu, you’re finally here.”

Senior Gem Emperor’s voice was fragile, and there was a strong self-deprecation in her tone.

“Letting you see me in this sorry state is really embarrassing. But this is all my fault so I have nothing to say. Time is of the essence, so I’ll go straight to the point. Wang Lu, someone wants to see you.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu couldn’t help but be surprised. Because there was a vague revelation in Senior Gem Emperor’s words: That person status was a bit higher than Senior Gem Emperor, such that the person could make this proud Emperor be a mouthpiece and even in the middle of the crisis, had to find a way to bring Wang Lu over.

Senior Gem Emperor was already the Emperor of the Earth Immortals, so there could only be one person who has a higher status than her… This was a simple reasoning, so no one in the field was too stupid to understand this.

“Our boss is still alive?”

“Sun Buping is not dead?”

Senior Gem Emperor ignored other people’s questions, but nodded to Wang Lu silently and said, “He wants to see you. Come with me.”

With that, the purple sphere of light suddenly came over to Wang Lu’s side. Senior Gem Emperor reached out to hold Wang Lu’s hand. And then they both suddenly fell, crossing the sea of blood, passing through the ground, to a place that was extremely deep underground.

Senior Gem Emperor’s speed was extremely fast, but Wang Lu was still barely able to distinguish the surrounding. It was as if they had passed through many different areas. Among them, there was a permafrost layer filled with ice, a high-temperature layer filled with rolling lava, and the lightning layer with highly condensed thunder and lightning… Just like a strong defense line, which firmly guarded the deepest secret. Eventually, led by Senior Gem Emperor, Wang Lu entered a white space.

There was a person who stood in the middle of the space. In the infinite vast space, that figure was like a drop in the ocean. However, he had an extraordinarily strong sense of existence. Once there, people couldn’t help but focus on him and unconsciously lose their attention to the whole world.

“Sun Buping?”

“Yes, it’s me.”

Wang Lu was slightly distracted. This legendary leader of the Earth Immortals was quite different from what he expected, but there were also many similarities.

There was nothing special to Sun Buping’s look, his facial features were all common. He was also without luxurious clothing. However, his manners and temperament were so unique that they seemed to be out of line with everything around him, which was very eye-catching.

“… So, the secret at the bottom of the City of Immortals that made Senior Gem Emperor flustered is you?”

“No, I’m just an add-on.” Sun Buping showed a meticulous smile and said, “The real secret is right under my feet.”

Wang Lu looked at the pure white ground under his feet and said, “Is there anything else under this?”

“To be precise, under the feet, on top of the head… Everything you see is part of the secret.” Sun Buping said and smiled, “Hah! It seems that the more I say it, the more unclear it is. Unfortunately, the time is tight. I may not be able to finish the story…”

Wang Lu said, “It’s okay. I’m all ears.”

Sun Buping was silent for a while and then said, “As you can see, I am Sun Buping, the defeated general of sixteen thousand years ago.”

Senior Gem Emperor obviously had something to say but was stopped by Sun Buping.

“A loss is a loss, there’s no need to be pretentious. However, I have never given up on the pursuit of victory, even while being buried in the Tomb of Immortals.”

Wang Lu could not help but frown. The establishment of the Tomb of Immortals was a sign that, after a long struggle, the Earth Immortals finally gave up hope and entrusted everything to the future generations. However, Sun Buping’s words were obviously different from the facts.

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