Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 752 - Wang Lu Will Soon Tower Over A Huge Ground
Chapter 752: Wang Lu Will Soon Tower Over A Huge Ground

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Sun Buping’s words raised a whiff of alarm in Wang Lu’s heart.

It was not that he was worried that Sun Buping would harm him. If a grand Earth Immortal wanted to do something to him, he would’ve died without a burial a long time ago. Let alone, there was no conflict of interest between the two sides. Right now they were both on the same boat…

However, it was because of this that he needed to be more vigilant. Sometimes, the existence of a pig teammate (a person in the team who is unbelievably noobish or lousy and causes more trouble than the opponents) was the equivalent of having ten enemies. He thought that his action was good for you, but he didn’t know that it would kill you instead.

The leader of the Earth Immortal camp, an outstanding talent of the generation who possessed both wisdom and bravery, was certainly not a pig teammate. But he might be worse than a pig teammate. In many cases, this kind of person did things without soliciting opinions from others. To say it nicely, his reaction was swift and decisive. But to say it bluntly, he was obstinate and self-opinionated.

When Wang Lu was a leader, he was also obstinate and self-opinionated. So, what he disliked the most was other people being obstinate and self-opinionated. When he interacted with Senior Gem Emperor, although the differences in cultivation base between them were worlds apart, he continued to strive to take the initiative, so that in the end, he occupied an equal position with her. But at present, before his eyes, this exceptional Earth Immortal Sun Buping, might not be willing to give him this opportunity.

Just as he thought of this, there was a blur in front of him. Sun Buping had appeared in front of him and reached out to point at the center of his two eyebrows.


“Sorry, time is limited, so I have to tell you the story in this crude way.”

The next moment, Wang Lu’s brain was flooded with thoughts.

Sure enough, it was another self-opinionated and obstinate man who would not listen to other people’s words.


While still in a hazy state, Wang Lu began to hear Sun Buping’s voice.

“I was born in a fisherman’s home at the foot of Kunlun Mountain. Since I was young, I was spoiled by my family. Although my family was ordinary, I was carefree. When I was five years old, a cultivator from Kunlun Sect carried away by a whim, came down to my house to ask for a fish from Qingjiang River. Throughout my experience of fishing with my father, that fish was the first one that I caught personally. Although I was unwilling to let it go, the cultivator had asked for it, so I had to give it up. When the cultivator saw that I was unwilling to give it to him, he suddenly laughed and said, ‘Today, I came down here on a whim. I just want to eat fish from Qingjiang River. I thought it was because my heart was surging with sentimentality and I couldn’t forget my childhood’s favorite. It turns out that fate had brought me to you.’ After that, he took me up the mountain and accepted me as a disciple.”

“I started my career as a cultivator in Kunlun Mountain.”

“My Master was a loose cultivator. He came from Kunlun and used to be a brilliant genius. However, he was banished from the sect for breaking the rules. But because of his contribution to Kunlun Sect, although he was nominally banished, he still had a place in the sect.”

“My Master was a very interesting person. He taught me the immortal cultivation and even how to be a man. He said that he had no other achievements in his life other than the three that he was most proud of. The first was, he was curious. As long as something was objectionable to him, even if it was as big as the sky, he dared to face it. Second, he never admits defeat. Sometimes, his curious character provoked a powerful opponent. If he was defeated, he would redouble his efforts to cultivate until he could surpass the opponent. He has lost countless fights in his life, but not once he admitted defeat. Third, no matter how much trouble he caused, he still lives to the present. Then I understood why we are in a Master-disciple relationship. Because I am also a busybody who refuses to admit defeat. When I was five years old, I went fishing with my father exactly because I meddled in other people’s business. I made a bet with the little bully from the village head’s house that I can catch a fish in Qingjiang river. If I succeed, he must not bully and humiliate the small and weak relying on his father’s status. If I can’t… Ha, I have forgotten it, because in the end, I can do it.”

“Like my Master, I am a busybody who refuses to admit defeat. My cultivation talent is not very good. I can achieve what I have today, many are due to fate, so I’m not proud of it. I have cultivated for more than a thousand years and what I am really proud of is that I have never been blind to injustice, nor have I ever compromised due to my inferior strength… Of course, most of the credit belonged to my Master. Without him to escort me, I would’ve died because I didn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. However, although Master could protect me for a while, he couldn’t protect me forever. In the end, I finally provoked a gargantuan trouble.”

“I provoked a Fallen Immortal.”

“The existence of Fallen Immortals could be traced back to the Great Desolation Era. The corners of historical books are full of traces of their existence. It’s just that people have always regarded them as a group of lunatics who have failed to ascend and have nowhere to go… Little did people know that their real body is actually the True Immortal, which was highly esteemed in Nine Regions. In fact, up to now, there are still people who do not want to admit this fact. They think ascending to immortality means being in a blissful land, and they refuse to admit that even in the immortal world, there’s a risk of being corrupted.”

“This is a group of opponents that no one wants to provoke. For tens of thousands of years, even the records in history books are vague. It’s only known that they occasionally go to the lower realm, and arbitrarily act in Nine Regions, like a hunter on a rapid hunting expedition, with disastrous consequences. Fortunately, this kind of thing is not frequent, perhaps once in several hundred thousand years. Unfortunately, I came across it when it happened.”

“And I.. have never been blind to injustice.”

“At that time, I was already one of the top experts in the world. Many people called me the Earth Immortal. But, in front of the Fallen Immortal, I was as vulnerable as a child. If not for my Master sacrificing his life, I would’ve died without a burial site at that time.”

“Master said to me before he died that I have to let this matter go. No matter what the Fallen Immortal did, I must not be impulsive, because no one will come to save me later.”

“But, he said it too late. If it was five hundred years earlier, when I was still the son of a fisherman, I would’ve remembered it. But I have been his disciples for five hundred years, and my character of not giving up no matter what has long penetrated deep into my bone marrow. So, I finally disobeyed my Master’s order and avenged him at all costs.”

“The next thing is the battle between the Earth Immortals and the Fallen Immortals. You already know the story. But there’s something that you don’t know.”

“After the defeat of the war against the Fallen Immortals, most of the brethren were disheartened, so they built the Tomb of Immortals according to the original backup plan and placed their hopes on the future generations. At that time, with the help of Gem (Senior Gem Emperor), I feigned death to deceive the enemy; I planned to give the Fallen Immortals a nice surprise. But after that decisive battle, the Fallen Immortals were also heavily injured, and the space channel was sealed, so they were unable to pursue… After that Gem took me to the Tomb of Immortals and said that I had done enough and it was time to rest.”

“Actually, Gem is right. I have done enough. The Fallen Immortal who killed my Master has been beheaded by me. The plan of the Fallen Immortals to invade Nine Regions has also been temporarily defeated. It is not an exaggeration to say that I have once been the savior of Nine Regions… But, I’m still not willing to give up.”

“Even though the passage used by the Fallen Immortals to enter Nine Regions is closed, sooner or later it will be reopened. At that time, instead of relying on the future generations, I hope I can beat them with my own hands.”

“This obsession of not wanting to admit defeat no matter what made me feel uneasy when I am seriously injured and dying. I have thought countless times on how to defeat those Fallen Immortals who have already ascended to the world of immortal. In the end, I have only one answer: External object.”

“It’s impossible to surpass those True Immortals who have survived the heavenly tribulation and ascended to immortality with my own strength. But True Immortals are not omnipotent, and their personal power can never be compared to the power of heaven and earth. Even though Nine Regions are fragile and small compared to the immortal world, the Fallen Immortals couldn’t rely on the immortal world, but we can rely on Nine Regions and draw strength from this land endlessly.”

“Of course, I believe you also know that the power of Nine Regions is not only available to us. The Fallen Immortals also rose from Nine Regions. Their understanding of this land is more profound than us. The mysterious use of some power is even more astonishing. At the beginning of the war, a lot of my brethren thought that they had received the earth’s providence, but in the end, they died miserably…”

Hearing this, Wang Lu couldn’t help but sigh. Previously, Ouyang Shang suffered a great loss in this respect. He was blessed with Nine Regions’ providence but was restrained by a seriously injured Fallen Immortal. Later, he and the Fallen Immortals exploded and his primordial spirit wandered in different worlds for a long time. As a matter of fact, it was more or less to wash away the deep mark laid by the Nine Regions.

To put it in a popular analogy, the Fallen Immortal was like a big government official who pressured the people through bureaucratic means. Wang Lu’s solution was to emigrate overseas, change his nationality, and then obtain the innate advantage according to the ‘first-class foreigners and second-class officials’ sequence.

However, there were too many coincidences that affected this situation, so it was impossible to duplicate it. The method that Sun Buping thought of was obviously not this.

“It’s not enough to borrow power directly from the Nine Regions. However, when I re-examined the Tomb of Immortals, I found that this place, which contains thousands of worlds, is also a treasure of infinite power. Moreover, no matter how skillful the Fallen Immortal is, they can never surpass us in this way.”

“The biggest advantage of the Tomb of Immortals lies in the creation. Whether it’s a creation out of nothing or a real creation. In this special space, the rules of creation are greatly enriched, and I am going to make full use of this to create something that can resist the Fallen Immortal: A divine weapon.”

“The work is very difficult. It took me no less than ten thousand years in the Tomb of Immortals to develop this divine weapon into completion. It has a terrifying power beyond imagination… To put it bluntly, this is a supreme divine weapon more superior than the immortal treasure!”

Superior than immortal treasure? Wang Lu was surprised. As the name implied, an immortal treasure was the rank of magical weapon used by the True Immortals, and the highest rank of magical treasure in Nine Regions. If a weapon were to surpass an immortal treasure, then it meant that its magical power must surpass all the magical weapons recorded in all history books.

Was this really possible?

At the next moment, the scene in Wang Lu’s eyes changed again.

A huge mountain-like white human-shaped puppet appeared before his eyes.

“This is what I have devoted my whole life to. Although it’s a man-made thing, it’s stronger than any living person in the world—only a qualified controller is needed.”

Wang Lu looked at it closely and was even more surprised.

The puppet was three thousand kilometers, and initially in human shape. The material was a mysterious metal with unknown composition, which looked unusually strong. The metal surface was engraved with all kinds of inscriptions, making the huge puppet seem mysterious. At the chest of the puppet, a door was opened. Behind the door was a spacious room with a throne, which should be the control center of the puppet…

When he looked at this shape and structure, Wang Lu couldn’t help but think of what he saw when he drifted in the multi-world.

“… Senior Sun Buping, is the divine weapon that you rely on to make an epic comeback actually, is a Gundam?”

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