Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 754 - I Will Be You When I Grow Up?
Chapter 754: I Will Be You When I Grow Up?

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“Is Genesis Evangelion a bad name?” Sun Buping was somewhat puzzled. When he mulled it over, he thought that perhaps the other side had some taboos. And since this Genesis Evangelion was about to be given to Wang Lu to drive, and it was just a name, he might as well listen to his opinion.

“If Genesis Evangelion is not good… This puppet is able to support both heaven and earth and is the tower of strength of my Nine Regions in contending against the Fallen Immortal, why not call it Optimus Prime?”

“… Next.”

“Very well, this thing is a divine weapon that I’ve been honing on for thousands of years in a desperate situation. Although I will die soon, my idea is pinned on it, like a resurrection from the dead, a red lotus bathing in fire… Why not call it Nine Region’s Grand Crimson Lotus (Bankai of Hitsugaya from Bleach)?”


“If not, then how about this: This thing will house the cultivator inside its body, just like a vehicle armor. Its construction principles and materials were all fabricated by me by exploiting the creation ability of the Tomb of Immortals. It does not exist anywhere in Nine Regions, Demon World, or in Immortal World, so it can also be called Xenogears.”

Wang Lu finally sighed and said, “Please say no more, Senior. If you continue, you’re going to plagiarize the names of all the series. This big guy is a divine weapon, so let’s just call it Divine Weapon.”

“… That’s too tasteless.”

“Have you had enough? How long does it take to finish a boring naming problem?” Senior Gem Emperor interrupted unkindly, “Wang Lu, this Divine Weapon is for you. What you need to do next is to increase the synchronization rate as fast as possible. For you, this is a shortcut to the highest level. Just now, you saw that Black acting as if he considered himself unexcelled in the world, but if you can achieve even just fifty percent synchronization rate, you could easily defeat him.”

Wang Lu didn’t think that it was an exaggeration. Just now when he tried to synchronize with the giant Divine Weapon. Although he was ejected almost instantaneously because the synchronization rate was too low, it was enough for him to appreciate the tremendous power contained in the giant Divine Weapon, which was beyond the limit of any immortal cultivation theory.

At that time, he tried to raise his hand. Although he was already ejected before he was able to lift it due to insufficient synchronization rate, at that time, the next thought had already entered his mind: Raised his hand and picked the stars over his head.

Because at that moment, he really felt that the sky and the stars were within reach. If a True Immortal level cultivator was able to move mountains and fill the sea, and the strongest among the Earth Immortals could reverse the day and night, then… This Divine Soldier could move the stars.

“However, since it’s a shortcut, there are shortcomings.” Sun Buping said, “Going to the highest level means that you will lose the chance to browse the scenery along the way. In plain words, your foundation will be very unstable. In addition, this giant Divine Weapon does not completely follow the rules of the path to immortality. Once you fully synchronize with it, you will likely lose the opportunity to ascend to the immortal world forever.”

Unstable foundation and unable to ascend, these were fatal blows to such a talented cultivator like Wang Lu.

However, when he heard this, Wang Lu said with a smile, “It doesn’t matter. In the past, in just twenty years, Ancestor Desheng and Immortal Qin went from Qi Cultivating Stage to Immortality. This speed is faster than any shortcut, yet they didn’t find their foundation unstable. As for ascending to immortality, I have long lost my interest in it.”

The fact that the immortal world produced those Fallen Immortals scum showed that it was not a perfect blessed land. In that case, if he couldn’t go there, then so be it. At the end of every path, there would be a brand-new landscape. The immortal cultivator could ascend to the immortal world, and the demon race could fall into the abyss of the demon domain. Then, this giant Divine Weapon could, of course, find a corresponding new world.

Wang Lu who was once fortunate enough to wander in the multi-world had deep confidence in this point. Although the Nine Regions was vast, it was far from the whole world.

“Good, it’s best if you can have this mindset… Next, let’s not waste any more time. We’ll start the synchronization rate training as soon as possible.”

Wang Lu thought for a while and said nothing.

Actually, there were still many things that he cared about in his mind at this time. For example, in the City of Immortals, had the strange poison of the Fallen Immortal been contained? Or that if Black, who was previously lured away for some unknown reasons, suddenly returned to finish his job, could they resist him relying on Senior Gem Emperor, who was heavily injured, and Sun Buping, who was living and will soon be dead?

However, it didn’t make sense to think too much right now. A cultivator with a cultivation base of low-level Yuanying Stage could not play any role here. However, a giant Divine Weapon with enough synchronization rate could intimidate the scene.

“Very well, what should I do?”

Sun Buping said, “First of all, you have to make yourself more like me.”

“… What kind of requirement is this?”

Sun Buping explained, “This Genesis… Giant Divine Weapon is a magical treasure that I built for myself, initially as my external incarnation. Synchronizing with it is the same as synchronizing with me. And synchronizing with me is naturally becoming the same as me.”

“… Let me get this right. Becoming like it is the same as becoming like you?”

“Well, if you insist, you could say that.”

“Then can I still back out now?”


“Yo, why did you come back so quickly? Did you meet a setback when you go out to work? If you don’t have enough ability, you might as well change places with me. I wouldn’t mind taking over your place.”

In the City of Immortals, Luo Xiao looked at Black in front of him while showing a disrespectful smile.

The next moment, a layer of black flame suddenly burned his handsome face. The flame was thin, but it had great power. In an instant, it scorched the skin and exposed the pale skeleton. In between Luo Xiao’s eyebrows, there was also a tiny flame, which burned his primordial spirit, tormenting him.

“Hahaha.” Under the intense pain, Luo Xiao laughed wildly instead and said, “You, this guy, don’t have the ability to handle matters, but actually an expert in taking your anger on someone else. You, yourself, have achieved nothing, but you happily torture your teammate. I believe Masters know what you like, and will be very happy.”

“Don’t threaten me with Masters’ name.” Black’s ice-cold and hollow voice directly exploded in Luo Xiao’s mind, “Masters strictly forbid us to kill each other, but dealing with traitors is allowed. Luo Xiao, you have guts.”

Luo Xiao’s laughter was intermittent because of the sharp pain, but the arrogant madness was more obvious.

“A traitor? You were one the pillars of the Earth Immortal camp, but you sold your compatriots in the key battle to seek for prosperity. You plotted against Sun Buping that he was seriously injured and the Earth Immortal camp was defeated. And this was in exchange for the dog collar and meat and bone thrown by the Fallen Immortals. Yet, the most shameful dog like you wants to criticize me as a traitor? Besides, we’re all traitors by the corruption of Mind Disorientation Powder. A traitor? Why don’t you give me a demonstration and teach me how to betray Masters with Mind Disorientation Powder!”

“You’ve got a slick tongue, a pity even with your silvery language, you won’t be able to escape death today.” Then, Black’s figure suddenly flashed away and appeared in front of Luo Xiao in an instant. His hand clasped Luo Xiao’s neck and lifted him up. “However, I will give you a chance.”

“You… are obviously Masters’ loyal dog, but you blatantly do something that harms Masters’ interests. Tell me, how do you do it?”

Luo Xiao squeezed out a smile and said, “Harm the interests of Masters? What a joke, I will always put the interests of Masters at the highest position, how could what I do be harmful to Masters’ interests? I’m just against you. I just want to take you down and replace you. I believe once I take over your position, I will do better than you. This is the righteousness of loyalty to Masters, I have no doubt about it.”

“… What a silver-tongued monk. Unfortunately, your mind is crooked.” With that, Black reached out with his hand and summoned a piece of darkness, which he then wrapped Luo Xiao in it.

“Under Masters’ prohibition, I can’t kill you. But, I will let you know how life can be worse than death.”

Within that darkness was infinite terror.

Then, Black turned his gaze to Shu Si who was standing by.

Did he have to deal with the dog dug out by Luo Xiao? When he thought about it, Black realized that there was a serious shortage of manpower in the City of Immortals.

Four Element Supreme went missing for no reason. While Luo Xiao was personally punished by him… Shu Si actually became the only remaining lackey!

Although Black could also try to turn over another Nine Regions cultivator with Mind Disorientation Powder, right now, he didn’t have that much time to waste. Compared with the City of Immortals, Thunder Reservoir was more important. As long as he could follow the trace left behind by Senior Gem Emperor while she was in a hurry and find Sun Buping, he could completely cut the weeds and eliminate the roots. This would undoubtedly dissolve a major problem in the mind of Masters, which was a remarkable achievement. By that time…

However, when he thought of the Masters’s unconventional style of doing things, which did not balance the merit and demerit, Black decided that he still needed to manage the things on the City of Immortals more safely and not leave the Masters’s with the opportunity to punish him.

When he thought of this, Black said to Shu Si, “Luo Xiao’s mission will be yours from now on. If you delay things, Luo Xiao’s end will be your end.”

After saying this threat, Black was about to leave the scene and return to the depths of the whirlpool of stars, Thunder Reservoir.

However, just when the space portal had been opened and his figure began to flicker, a dazzling sharp sword light suddenly lit up in front of his eyes.


This sword light came so suddenly that even Black was caught off guard. Unexpectedly, the sword qi penetrated his body, and a huge hole appeared in his abdomen!

However, Black, who received this heavy damage, actually let out a trace of a crazy smile.

“Well-well-well, unexpectedly, even an ant has become a traitor now! Masters will surely realize who is really loyal to them and really worthy of their attention!”

Under this serious injury, Black looked completely unaffected. When he raised his hand again, like before, a piece of darkness came over to Shu Si to cover him.

The opportunity for this piece of darkness to appear, as well as its own mode of operation, all contained the mystery of the level of Earth Immortal, which was far away from being able to be resisted by Shu Si, who achieved an instant Jindan.

However, if Shu Si was really just an instant Jindan, how could he pierce Black’s abdomen just now?

The soul of the so-called Xuan Yinzi had already taken over Shu Si’s body. In this crucial chess game, a key piece has fallen.

“Fifth Aunt, zoom it!”


The next moment, the sword light became ten times, a hundred times brighter than before and then exploded before Black’s eyes.

He was very familiar with this ray of light. Not long ago he had sent his avatar to the enemy as a decoy, only to be crushed by this ray of light.

The Star Destroyer Sword!

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