Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 755 - Because You Are Stupid Enough
Chapter 755: Because You Are Stupid Enough

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The dazzling sword light of Star Destroyer Sword bloomed in the City of Immortals at this moment, and a large urban area was filled immediately with sword light. As the boundaries, the high walls and domes buzzed and trembled, as if they might burst at any time.

The sword strike’s after effect was breathtaking, so the pressure faced by the one that bore the brunt was even more conceivable. In the blink of an eye, Black’s figure had been engulfed by the light.

Xuan Yinzi watched with amazement. His Fifth Aunt had always been famous for strong defense but a weak attack. Unexpectedly, when she went all out in attacking, the destructive power was shocking… However, if there was no such power, the meticulous arrangement that Xuan Yinzi had prepared with much toil would’ve been wasted.

For this attack of Wang Wu, Xuan Yinzi had truly worked hard.

Yin Xuan took the poison, not really to be a human flesh tester, but to hide the chess piece Xuan Yinzi deeper. When he fell, he disappeared from the public’s view, and people would never think that the avatar named Xuan Yinzi was still alive.

Subsequent things developed a bit unexpectedly. And the short-term cooperation with Luo Xiao accidentally exposed the existence of Xuan Yinzi in advance. However, it was only exposed to Luo Xiao’s eyes. The chess piece Shu Si was still effective against Black.Visit website our Listnovel.com

Yin Xuan set up Xuan Yinzi, and Xuan Yinzi laid out Shu Si. In the final analysis, it was a counterattack at a critical moment. However, Xuan Yinzi or Shu Si alone was far enough from this attack. Thus, he used the method of human sword exchange to summon the Elder of Heavenly Sword Hall to launch a thunderous attack at a critical moment.

Layer by layer of layouts was interlinked, for it to be able to go all the way to the end, how much of it could be attributed to luck was unknown. However, when Xuan Yinzi finally saw the brilliant sword light bloomed in Wang Wu’s hand, all that he could think of was that his previous hard work was worth it.

The next moment, the long-awaited collision sound came.


Black’s figure shattered in response to the voice. However, at that time, Wang Wu’s blazing sword aura had not even fully unfolded.

The sword power had not yet been fully used, so Wang Lu couldn’t help but frown.

“Fooled again!”

How could Black’s body be so brittle? Previously, the power of the Star Destroyer Sword had to be fully used before Black’s avatar was completely shattered. However, it made no sense that the real body was actually weaker than the avatar. Star Destroyer Sword was indeed the strongest killing move in her hand, but she was not confident enough to really think she could defeat the enemy with just one sword strike.

Originally, they planned to contain and drag Black from getting away long enough until a large number of support came. At that time, Black would’ve been unable to escape. He had the advantage in Thunder Reservoir, but the City of Immortals was not his home field.

However, after this sword strike, Wang Wu realized that she actually underestimated the other party’s caution. Black basically did not send his real body at all.

Even though Luo Xiao had grasped his weak spot and lured him with the Vortex of the Fallen, Black still carefully hid his real body behind the scene, and only sent out his avatar… Which was a truly disgusting move. Although the sword strike had destroyed another of his avatar and thus it must have influenced Black himself, Wang Wu felt that the situation was worse than before.

Because the only chance to kill him passed away just like that. It was likely that there would be no such opportunity in the future. Luo Xiao’s sacrifice and Xuan Yinzi’s exposure were all washed away.

“… This guy is really deep.”

Wang Wu sighed and calmly put the forcefully rented Stellar Sword into her mustard seed bag. Then she shrugged helplessly and said to Xuan Yinzi, “Now we’ll see what Bai Ze, that retard could do.”


Not long ago.

“That’s all of it… Whether you all believe it or not, I will not say it again. Now, make your decision as quickly as possible.”

After Bai Ze finished recounting his story, he took a long breath and then calmly gazed at his dozens of former comrades in arms one by one. However, his heart was still a bit nervous.

He knew how important his task was, but he had no confidence in whether he could do it well.

He had never been a man of prestige. In the past, even when their big leader regarded him highly and promoted him to be his vice leader, other Earth Immortals questioned him more than recognized him.

Why made this idiot a deputy? Did he deserve to be above us? All day long, all that he knew was ‘don’t do this’ or ‘that won’t do’, yet no one had ever seen him accomplish anything. Someone who only knew how to talk big was actually qualified to be Big Brother’s right-hand man?

At that time, the prestige of their Big Brother, Sun Buping was so high that no matter what he did, no one would question him. Thus, all doubts were directed at Bai Ze.

He was really not a man of prestige. Even he himself didn’t think that he was a competent deputy. What he cultivated was the way of negation, and what he did was hooting this won’t do or that was not okay… And such a behavior, he himself felt that it was ridiculous.

If it wasn’t for their Big Brother that supported him several times, he really didn’t want to do it any longer than necessary. It was not because of the complaints, but he was worried that he would drag everyone down.

As a deputy, he should be in charge of the overall situation in the absence of their Big Brother. However, he really couldn’t do it. He tried to stand up but was soon replaced by Black and Xuan Mo. And later he suffered a crushing defeat by Wang Lu in the Grand Competition… Under this great shame, Bai Ze’s confidence finally collapsed. He resigned from his post, and even gave up the supreme veto power that their Big Brother had given him… He really didn’t want to make more mistakes. After he suffered repeated defeats, Bai Ze just wanted relief.

However, right now, when he thought about it, that moment of relief had buried hidden troubles for the subsequent changes. If it were not for Bai Ze giving up his veto power, how could Black dare betray them so blatantly?

As long as Bai Ze still held that card, Black would definitely have not dared to rush things. Unfortunately, he himself opened the gate and released the extremely evil ferocious beast… When he thought about this, Bai Ze really wished that he could kill himself.

How could he be so stupid? When their Big Brother gave him that precious veto power, was it because he was smart? Did he have any special skills?

Of course not! The only reason their Big Brother thought highly of him was that he was obedient enough! Simple enough! On the surface, he looked like a mad dog who dared to bite anyone. Whenever he saw someone, he would say a negation. But in the end, besides barking furiously, what else did he do? When their Big Brother was still with them, Bai Ze would only need to do one thing. And their Big Brother just wanted him to do it well.

Then, he screwed up.

Therefore, in front of his compatriots, Bai Ze felt ashamed. His tone of speech was gentle, but his heart was very sour.

However, people’s reaction was unexpected.

“Do we believe it or not? Since it’s you who said it, of course, we do.” Immortal Luo Xue smiled and explained to her compatriots, “When did Bai Ze ever lie? How could he be that clever?”

There was a burst of laughter from the crowd, but soon the laughter subsided.

Immortal Luo Xue then said, “According to your opinion, Black is a traitor infiltrated by the Fallen Immortal, and that Senior Gem Emperor fell for his trap and is in danger… then, what should we do next?”

Bai Ze was stunned for a moment, and his mind went blank.

He had been thinking about how to win other people’s trust, but he did not expect that people would believe everything that he said as soon as he said it. Moreover, the reason seemed to be that he was stupid enough!

However, the problem was not that he was stupid enough, but he had yet to figure out what to do next…

Fortunately, he didn’t need to think too much. Before he could form his reply, Immortal Luo Xue had already said it on behalf of him, “Now I think the most urgent thing in everyone’s mind is to go to Thunder Reservoir to save… Gem. Previously, she carried too much of a burden on herself, while we had too much leisure time. So now it’s time for us to do something. But I don’t recommend that we rush to Thunder Reservoir in such a hurry. Someone had already gone there… I know that everyone here does not trust Wang Lu, but since it’s Gem’s idea, we should at least trust her.”

Not so long ago, the Earth Immortals still regarded Senior Gem Emperor as Emperor of the many Earth Immortals. All of them looked up to her. However, this time, one after another, Immortal Luo Xue showed that their position was not that different from her.

“Right now, we should focus on Black’s movement.” Immortal Luo Xue softly said, “If everything goes well on Gem’s side, Black will probably be repelled soon. The direction of his retreat is either the City of Immortals or Nine Regions outside of the Tomb of Immortals. So we will divide our people into two groups. One group will go to the exit to set up an interception array, and the other group will guard the City of Immortals.”

“What if he goes somewhere else in the Tomb of Immortals?” Someone asked.

Luo Xue replied, “That’s his way to his own doom. There are only two exits to the outside world from the Tomb of Immortals. The longer we hold these two places, the harder it is for him to escape. All right, let’s get going. We’ll use the tactic that we used a long time ago, Liu Guang group will stay here with me, while Duan Yue group will guard the entrance of the Tomb of Immortals. Don’t let him run away. Hahaha, what a good fellow that Black is, we treated him like fellow comrades, but he unexpectedly has the heart of a wolf and lungs of a dog!”

By the end of her speech, Luo Xue’s gentle face had turned red and an astonishing murderous aura burst out of her widened eyes.

“If I don’t cut him to pieces and exterminate his body and soul, I swear I will not be an immortal!”


“… Humph, so they’ve blocked both of them. They’re fast.”

In the city of Immortals, a wisp of shadow quietly flew.

“The leader is Luo Xue? Well, that figures. That girl never really accepted Gem’s leadership. Now she uses this opportunity to put herself in the limelight. Humph, known as being proficient in hundred arts, but the thing she’s most good at is scheming.”

“Bai Ze is here too? Ha! It seems that his stupidity has become a shortcut to gain trust. In those days, he gained Sun Buping’s trust in this way, and now it’s still the same toward Luo Xue.”

From inside the shadow, there seemed to be a self-talk. However, the sound was minimal, and it did not escape the limitations of the shadow.

But soon, another voice came in.

“Listening to your tone, it’s obvious that you have deep feelings with them. How could you betray them and jump into the Fallen Immortal camp?”

“Because they are too weak and stupid. These people can be compatriots, but they can’t be compatriots for life. A cultivator cultivates the path to immortality, not relationship with fellow cultivators… Luo Xiao, I will give you a last chance to clearly explain your betrayal, I can make you die happily.”

“Black, you now have no way out. How about I give you a chance. As long as you’re willing to be my good dog, I’ll show you a clear way to survive.”

“Reckless thing.”

The shadow vibrated and let out a slight fluctuation of pain and terror.

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