Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 763 - I F*cked a Dog  
Chapter 763: I F*cked a Dog

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“Is that the one of a kind, seizing the heaven and earth black dog that you said? It doesn’t look great.”

In the private room in the restaurant, Zen Master Dog Meat showed Wang Wu the tracing map that she had drawn herself. There was a vivid and realistic image of a big black dog in it. There was also a human figure beside it, but it was hazy and was crowded at the corner of the drawing; It was only a small one, which seemed very perfunctory.

This was the tracing map drawn by the magical spell of a cultivator, which could instantly lock the target’s position and show the target’s status. Zen Master Dog Meat took a lot of effort to avoid the dog owner before she drew this tracing map. It was just that Wang Wu seemed to see that the dog in the picture was just an ordinary dog and couldn’t understand why her friend took a lot of trouble for its meat.

“Ordinary meat dog? This is not your specialty. The dog looks ordinary, but it has a trace of immortal sound in it. I’m afraid it’s been passed down since the Age of Desolation. Were it not for my pair of dog-like divine eyes, I wouldn’t have been able to see it. This kind of recessive lineage is the rarest. Generally speaking, the immortal lineage is either very strong that its purity will not be reduced generation after generation. Or as time goes by, it declines and dies out. And the descendants could only inherit a small part of their ancestor’s magical ability. If they want to carry it forward, they need to go back to their roots. And this kind of congealed-through-tens-of-thousands-of-years not-loose-but-concealed outwardly-cold-but-deep-and-passionate-inside bloodline is the first time that I’ve ever seen after eating dogs for so many years.”

Zen Master Dog Meat trembled with excitement. Her cheeks flushed, and there were glistening drops of saliva on the corners of her mouth.

Wang Wu was shocked and said, “Hey, wake up. You’re actually obsessed with that big black dog. Having an orgasm at this time is not good for your reputation!”

Zen Master Dog Meat was surprised, wiped her saliva and glared at Wang Wu, and then explained, “You can’t understand the attractiveness of this kind of dog to a foodie.”

Wang Wu wondered out loud, “Is it really delicious? I don’t think you’ve ever been this attracted to little Bai…”

“To be honest, it might not be really delicious.” Zen Master Dog Meat explained, “In fact, although little Bai is expensive as an immortal beast, it might not taste better than a local domestic dog. After all, the immortal bloodline is not used for seasoning. But after eating dogs for so many years, no matter how delicious the dog meat is, I’m already tired of it.”

Wang Wu said with a smile, “So, what are you excited about?”

“This is about the fine food collection rate! As a professional dog meat eater, eating the best meat is not a skill. You can eat all kinds of dog meat all over the world, and collect their tastes in the primordial spirit. To reach one hundred percent collection rate is really powerful! Over the years, I’ve eaten the most delicious ones, and I have also tasted several super rare dog meats, including immortal dog meat by taking advantage of various opportunities. But there are also several that I haven’t had the chance to eat, including this one. I don’t expect to be able to eat dog meat all over the world in this short life, after all, no one is perfect. But if there’s one more kind, I will not miss the opportunity to increase the collection rate.”

“… Alright, I’m not opposed to your desire to eat, but can’t you do it alone? Why are you asking for my help?”

Zen Master Dog Meat said, “I need you to help me catch the dog. I had offered twenty thousand spirit stones to the dog owner but he didn’t want to sell it. It seems that it’s not something that money can buy…”

Wang Wu interrupted her, “That’s because your offered price is not high enough. There’s nothing in this world that money can’t buy. If you offer the dog owner two hundred million spirit stones, not to mention his dog, perhaps he would even sell his mother.”

Zen Master Dog Meat said, “Well, why don’t you sponsor me with two hundred million spirit stones? Let me experience the infinite power of money?”

Wang Wu was silent for a while and then said, “… or we can take a shortcut such as giving that dog some drug and look for an opportunity to snatch it. No, you just offered to buy it, so if the dog disappeared this soon, you will easily become the suspect. So we might as well keep things a bit more hidden.”

Zen Master Dog Meat asked, “How are we going to do that?”

“It’s as simple as hiding a drop of water in the sea. We can drug the dog owner and then steal all of his valuable things.”


“Or we can make it even more hidden. I’ll go find Old Seven and get some bewitching strange drug and bewitch the dog owner and all his neighbors, and then clear off all of their properties. In this way, no one will notice the loss of a black dog.”

When it came to this point, Wang Wu’s eyes shone and it was as if she was eager to try it.

“Don’t Worry Xiao Qi, you are my best friend, so I will fulfill your wish no matter what!”

“… seriously, don’t you feel guilty of using your best friend to realize your ugly desire?”

“If you don’t have money, you can’t have that much guilty conscience.”


At the same time, at another corner of the City of Immortals.

“You feel some palpitation?”

Luo Xiao asked the big black dog at his feet curiously.

“It’s as if I’m being locked by a powerful presence.” The former high ranking Earth Immortal who now turned into a black dog said seriously, “Right now, I’m not feeling very well.”

After he heard it, Luo Xiao also felt somewhat heavy and said, “Is it Canglan? Even hiding in the City of Immortals we can’t avoid him?”

“It’s not Canglan.” Black said, “Although he has just arrived and his strength is at its low point, the sense of oppression caused by being locked on by the Fallen Immortal will be ten times and a hundred times stronger than now. If that is the case, I’m afraid I can’t even speak to you.”

Luo Xiao’s mind quickly turned. “Could it be that it comes from the inexplicable woman we met not long ago? The one who offered twenty thousand spirit stones to buy you?”

“Her?” Black turned and began to think about it. He aroused the trace of immortal spirit that remained in his body and suddenly realized that he had been drawn by a tracking map and got angry. “Who the hell does she think she is? She actually dares to do this to me? Damn it, if my cultivation base is still set, I’ll go and take her dog’s life. At a time like this, someone actually dares to give me more trouble!”

Luo Xiao mockingly said, “Who else can you blame for this? You’re so afraid of Canglan that you even gave up your own body and turned yourself into a dog, just to hide yourself from him. Thus, if there’s any problem you can only blame yourself.”

“Ignorant fool, you just haven’t seen the power of the Fallen Immortal! In those days, among the Earth Immortals, Sun Buping was only regarded as trash. When he descended to Nine Regions, because his primordial spirit suffered a shock, that he even forgot his previous cultivation method, yet despite all of this, he still became the king of the Earth Immortals. Senior Immortal Canglan, on the other hand, is considered to be a relatively powerful existence within the Fallen Immortals. Even if the channel is not yet opened, he has to come here by force and that his strength suffered damage because of that, it’s still enough to sweep the entire Nine Regions. If you want to survive in his hand, you have to do whatever it is necessary, no matter what!”

When he heard how serious Black was, Luo Xiao put aside his mocking tone and then seriously said, “So, in light of this terrifying opponent, all we have to do is to die here?”

“We have to wait, at least until Wang Lu and the others take the initiative to directly fight against Canglan, then we can get out of the City of Immortals. Otherwise, no matter how carefully you plan and act, as far as the Fallen Immortal is concerned, it’s not worth mentioning. He can lock your whereabouts with a single thought and can come to you in an instant and exterminate you. If you want to live longer, you have to wait patiently… even ten days later, when he recovers his True Immortal strength level and sweeps across the Nine Regions, there are still the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and the other Earth Immortals in front of him. You and I, on the other hand, must hide behind the scenes. Luo Xiao, you must understand our value in this war!”

“Fine, we’ll wait patiently then… hey, do you smell anything strange?”

Black raised his head and said, “Strange smell?”

“I don’t even smell you, a dog, or is it just my illusion? But do feel that the air in this room doesn’t smell right.”

Before he could continue, Luo Xiao’s face suddenly changed.

“Damn it, is someone poisoning us? I can’t exert my True Yuan, how about you? Hey, answer me, you… f*ck, you’ve actually passed out!”

After shouting these words, Luo Xiao began to feel that his eyelids were extremely heavy, and before long, he could not support them and he collapsed on the ground.

Damn it, who in the world did this to him at this time? This new branch that grew out of a knot had grown too big! This could drag down the future of the entire Nine Regions!

In his hazy state, Luo Xiao heard a woman’s lively voice.

“Hah! It’s a success. Then let’s clean all of his belongings and take away all the valuable things!”

The voice was vaguely familiar to him, but just before Luo Xiao could recall the owner of the voice, he completely passed out.


At the same time, in another corner of the Tomb of Immortals, the place where thousands of thunders converged suddenly disappeared.

At this moment, the dazzling thunder, the twisted space, all disappeared without a trace.

There was only a tall metal puppet and a young-looking woman in purple light left.

When the two appeared, the puppet suddenly trembled. The woman cast a look of concern and then got an explanation.

“Do you feel palpitation in your heart?”

The woman asked with some doubt, “Why? Is there something wrong with your synchronization?”

“It’s not a matter of synchronization…” A slightly dull voice came from the metal puppet, “It should be something left by Sun Buping. Just now, a strange wave suddenly appeared in the body of the giant Divine Weapon, which made my heart start to twitch. It seems as if I am being stared at by some terrifying beast. It’s also as if I am suddenly staring at some excellent prey, which makes me nervous and excited.”

The woman thought for a moment and the color on her face changed a little as she said. “I’m afraid that the early warning mechanism of the giant Divine Weapon has been triggered!”

“Early warning mechanism? Who causes this alert?”

“Who else? This giant Divine Weapon is the ultimate weapon made by Sun Buping. In front of it, all the creatures on the Nine Regions are as weak as ants. For someone to be able to alert the giant Divine Weapon, that someone is, of course, a Fallen Immortal!”

After a pause, the girl said in a deep voice, “I’m afraid your guess has come true. The Fallen Immortals have begun to arrive.”

“… they’re here? Then I’ll go and kill them.”

With that, the huge metal puppet disappeared in a flash.

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