Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 764 - There’s a Thrill in Being NTRd

Chapter 764: There’s a Thrill in Being NTR’d

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In the cold and bitter land of the far north, the wind howled like the sound of a slashing sword, and the sky was covered with snow. The vast whiteness was like a piece of gauze, which blocked the sky and the sun. This place was located on the first level in Nine Regions, a well-known dead land in Nine Regions. However, the boundless snow and glacier could not breed many cheaters. Except for extremely few ice spirits and snow monsters, only the howling wind that could liven up this dead land.

On this dead land, suddenly an unexpected guest came.


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With an earth-shaking sound, the glacier on the extreme north burst into a huge crack and then shattered. A gray giant shadow showed a magnificent outline in the broken ice. Its entire body flickered with dazzling luster, which when intersected with the sparkling and translucent ancient mysterious ice shone like a group of resplendent stars.

The giant shadow appeared out of thin air, cracked the glaciers, and then stepped on the crushed ice and frozen earth. Every step it took caused the ground to shake and the glacier to crack. In the distant snow-capped mountain, the accumulated snow fell and began to roll.

The giant walked on the glacier like a beast in the Age of Desolation. There was endless power within its limbs. The ice spirits and snow monsters perched on the snowfield were all panic-stricken and ran toward each other. A moment later, a snow-white dragon rose on a snowy mountain! The dragons of Nine Regions were born noble because they inherited the superior blood lineage from the Age of Desolation. Moreover, the adult dragons had magical abilities. This particular dragon had been sleeping here for thousands of years. When it was woken up this time, it actually panicked. Its long body twisted several times and then quickly flew toward the sky without a trace.

The appearance of this giant in this land of ice and snow was so overwhelming. However, before it could run far, a purple cloud flew across the skylight lightning and rolled toward the giant’s chest and hit it violently. The giant’s huge body suddenly froze and stopped in its track, unable to take a step forward.

However, the purple cloud was also distorted and fluctuated, as if it was about to give up. After a short moment, it condensed into a human shape.

Senior Gem Emperor’s charming eyes were tearful, and both of her hands held her very red head, which was caused by the knock. However, her expression actually showed that she was both frightened and angry.

“Wang Lu, are you crazy?”

The giant shook its head slowly and said, “I am brilliant. How could I go crazy?”

“… if you’re not crazy, why did you dare come to this place?” Senior Gem Emperor said and pushed hard against the giant’s chest as if to push it out of this bitter and cold place.

“Do you really think a thirty percent synchronization rate makes you invincible in the world? Right now, you might not even have a ten percent winning chance against me in my peak, why do you even dare come to this place to provoke the Fallen Immortal?”

“If I don’t come now, I will have no chance in the future.” Wang Lu said and stopped completely. What kind of person was she? How could he not know her temper after living with her for three years? Without a reasonable explanation, she would not hold back. If she was not convinced, she would fight it out with you.

But time was of the essence, so Wang Lu could only make a long story short.

“When the Fallen Immortal came here, they’re not in a perfect state. He has to pay a price for rashly coming here without the two worlds’ channel being opened.”

Senior Gem Emperor was surprised when she heard this and said, “How do you know?”

“At that time, the two worlds’ channel was almost opened… it was my Spirit Sword Sect who successfully blocked the gap. When it comes to this channel, I know more than anyone else.” Wang Lu explained and said, “Moreover, besides the early warning, the signal from the giant Divine Weapon just now seems urgent.”


“Urgent as in I have to quickly take his life while he has yet to restore his power. I don’t know how much strength will be lost when the Fallen Immortal comes to this world by force. But since the giant Divine Weapon didn’t ask me to escape, but rather to go find him, I think there should be a chance of victory.”

Senior Gem Emperor went silent for a long time after she heard this and then said, “With a synchronization rate of thirty percent, its strength is still limited compared to my peak. This means you are still not the opponent of the Fallen Immortal, except for those who are the worst. However, if you have a synchronization rate of more than eighty percent, you can fight even the strongest amongst the Fallen Immortals, so you really don’t have to be so anxious.”

Wang Lu said, “How long does it take to synchronize from thirty percent to eighty percent? One year? Two years? Eight or even ten years? In the past three years, it was thanks to that epiphany that the thirty percent breakthrough was achieved. And from thirty to eighty percent, how many epiphanies do I need?”

When she heard Wang Lu mentioned the word epiphany, Senior Gem Emperor quickly blushed, but she quickly suppressed it so it was not obvious. And what Wang Lu said was true, and she could not refute it.

“That’s why you’re rushing to kill him now?”

“Although there’s a real risk, it’s worth taking. The only problem is…” Wang Lu piloted the giant Divine Weapon and frowned slightly and then said, “That guy was very alarmed and has gone into hiding.”

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“It doesn’t matter, I’ll find him.”

Senior Gem Emperor took a deep breath and then launched her immortal spirit. The Emperor’s purple cloud erupted out like a volcano. It spewed out from her forehead and then flew to the sky. A moment later, the ice and snow were shrouded in purple.

The Nine Regions was vast and boundless, even just one region could have an area tens of thousands of miles. Although the extreme north was not included in the number of regions in the Nine Regions, its area was not inferior to that of the other area. As quickly as her thought, the Emperor’s purple cloud had covered a large area of this place. From this, the power of the Emperor of the Earth Immortal was undoubtedly revealed.

It was just that, although the purple cloud had shrouded the sky of this extreme cold land for a long time, no anomalies were found. One hour later, Senior Gem Emperor shook her head slowly and said, “I can’t find him at all.”

During this period, Wang Lu had also launched an array above the head of the giant Divine Weapon. A huge pot-lid-like disk with around a thousand kilometers in diameter continued to rotate above the head and emitted out invisible waves. After some effort, there was still no result.

Wang Lu could not help but swore, “Are all Fallen Immortals cowards?”

Senior Gem Emperor sighed and said, “They boasted that they were immortal in the upper realm, and their eyes always looked up, not down. They regard everything in the lower realm as ants. How could they be afraid of us? But after Sun Buping took us to a few victorious battles, they had to be a lot more careful. However, they still don’t change their arrogant nature. Like today, we all come looking for him, but he hides himself from us… Every one of them is a serious problem.”

After a pause, Senior Gem Emperor said, “We encountered such an opponent today, but we are too reckless. We have exposed our cards, but we can’t even catch the trace of the opponent. After this, the enemy in the dark while we are in the light. When he recovers his strength, trouble will come.”

Wang Lu muttered himself resolutely, “He came to the Nine Regions from the Fallen Immortal realm so the surrounding natural law should have earth-shaking changes. So if he wants to recover his strength, it should be impossible to do it silently right?”

Senior Gem Emperor said, “Correct. Even when the cultivator reached the peak and the whole body is full of immortal spirit, which could come from an internal source, but the existence of the Fallen Immortal is a different kind of existence to Nine Regions after all. The surrounding spiritual energy and even the law of the main path would implicitly exclude them. For cultivators who could sense the law, the existence of the Fallen Immortal is very strong and can’t be hidden.”

“Is there no exception among the many Fallen Immortals?”

“Although I didn’t break through the final stage of the immortal path, but… that’s what Sun Buping said.”

“I see.” If even Sun Buping said so, then most probably it was true. After all, he was one of them, so this kind of basic common sense should not be wrong.

“Since it was impossible for the other party to recover in silence, then how come he couldn’t be found now…” Wang Lu said with a sneer, “It seems that someone is helping him hide his tracks.”

This inference surprised Senior Gem Emperor, “Someone helps him? Is it Black?”

“It’s not Black. I just scanned it with radar, and there were no abnormal movements around her… Even if the Fallen Immortals have a special hiding method, it wouldn’t go so far as being able to hide one of their dogs. It’s actually not a specific person who helps him, but the land under your feet.”

“Nine Regions? How is it possible?” Senior Gem Emperor was surprised and said, “They no longer belong to Nine Regions after they ascended to the upper realm. Moreover, they are the great enemies of the Nine Regions, so how could they get protection from the Nine Regions?”

This time, it was Wang Lu’s turn to be surprised and said, “You guys have been fighting with them for so many years, and yet you don’t even know this kind of common sense? Didn’t Sun Buping tell you? Although they can no longer be classified as a creature from Nine Regions, most of them ascended from Nine Regions. Relative to Nine Regions, they are cultivators of the upper realm, just like the relationship between the bosses and subordinates. Even if the boss is not good for the subordinates, how can the subordinates not obey the orders of the boss? Most of the Fallen Immortals have the authority to control Nine Regions. Have you guys never encountered this situation?”

When she heard this, Senior Gem Emperor was surprised and a moment later her eyes widened. She said, “I see. No wonder… there were several battles in which we were about to win but they suddenly Jedi-counter-attacked us. Previously I thought that they had hidden cards, but now I’m afraid they used the power of the Nine Regions… Damn it, we worked hard to protect this continent, but we were stabbed in the back by it!”

Wang Lu chuckled in spite of himself, “Why are you angry with an inanimate thing? When it comes to suffering losses, in those days, Spirit Sword Sect also suffered a great loss because of this. An arrogant group who received providence from the Nine Regions were actually hurt by the very same providence, so much so that the sect was almost destroyed. But now, we no longer take it to heart.”

Senior Gem Emperor shook her head and did not argue with Wang Lu on this topic.

“What are you going to do then?”

“What can I do?” Wang Lu shrugged and said, “Since it’s Nine Regions itself that wants to protect him, what else can I do?”

“…” Senior Gem Emperor was silent for a long time and then said, “That’s it?”

“Otherwise, what do you want me to do? Destroy everything along with the Nine Regions?” Wang Lu said with a bright smile on his face.

Since he had assimilated with the giant Divine Weapon, his smile also extended to the giant Divine Weapon. It was just that, when the giant opened its mouth, it looked terrifying and fierce.

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