Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 765 - Still Wants to Eat the Meat
Chapter 765: Still Wants to Eat the Meat

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“I warn you two, if you two kill me, you two will regret it.”

“Regret? Hahaha! What a joke, when did I ever regret doing something? Whether it’s cheating Liu Li to eat lollipops or stealing Senior Brother’s leader’s gold seal, I always have a clear mind in doing things, there’s no regret or guilt. This is called being carefree and uninhibited!”

“… uhm, Little Wu, what you said is not just having a bit carefree and uninhibited heroic spirit, but that you have lost all of your moral integrity.”

“Even losing moral integrity, I won’t regret it.” Wang Wu coldly said and then turned to look at the person who spoke first… or rather the dog.

In a warm hut, a big black dog was hung upside down from the beam by a rope. The knife to open the belly and the hot water to clear up the fur had already been prepared on the side, ready to be used. The black dog’s life was hanging on a balance, but it didn’t have the panic of ordinary animals. Instead, it said calmly, “If you kill me, you will regret it.”

This sentence indeed guaranteed the dog’s life. Although the two women in the room were not afraid of a dog, they were also surprised by its abnormal behavior and prepared to hear what else it had to say.

However, the black dog was silent for a long time before it turned its head and urged impatiently, “Why haven’t you released me yet? What are you waiting for?”

Wang Wu immediately laughed angrily and said, “Wow, this dog is so arrogant! Xiao Qi, let’s process this animal! Cut its penis first!”

As soon as she said it, she immediately went to retrieve the butcher’s knife. The murderous aura that came from her was obviously not false. The big black dog was scared, it thought, ‘Does this woman have any eyesight?’. For an animal like it to speak like a human just now, it was obviously not just a normal animal. To think lowly of it, it was a clever spirit animal. And to think highly of it, it was even worse, perhaps the owner of this dog was powerful. How could they make a move without any scruples? Did they really want to kill it?

Moreover, from their postures, these two women did not want to kill it for anything else, but just wanted to satisfy their appetite… For a bite of dog meat, they would do anything regardless of the consequences. Were they mad?

This Wang Wu was truly a one of a kind in Nine Regions!

Black previously tried to be deliberately mystifying because he didn’t want to expose his identity. Because if his identity were to expose, he would likely die worse than just being a black dog! He could ally with Luo Xiao because Luo Xiao had already betrayed the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and belonged to the rebellious party. On the other hand, although Wang Wu was a weirdo, she had always been on the side of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, which meant that it was difficult to persuade her.

But now his life was at stake, so Black had no choice. Previously, in order to avoid being locked on by Canglan and to obtain Luo Xiao’s trust, he even gave up his magical abilities and turned himself into a big black dog. Now after being drugged by people, there was no room for him to resist.

“I am Black.”

“We know what color you are, we’re not blind.” Wang Wu angrily kicked it, which caused Black’s internal organs to be in the wrong positions. After the kick, Wang Wu still smiled and said, “I’m helping this animal’s blood circulation so it will bleed good. I don’t know if it’ll make the flavor good or not.”

“You guys can’t eat me! I am Black!”

“This dog is full of nonsense, if you’re not black, then are you white? If you’re not black, Xiao Qi would’ve been too lazy to catch you.”

Xiao Qi then shook her head as she prepared the sauce for cooking the dog meat and said, “The first is black, the second is yellow, the third is mutt, and the fourth is white, this is reasonable.”

The big black dog was really anxious. It spat out its dog blood as it struggled and said, “I am an Earth Immortal!”

“Then I am an Immortal.” Wang Wu smiled, but then her smile suddenly stopped halfway. Then she released her invisible power and grabbed the tail of the big black dog. She looked at it carefully and then somewhat incredulously asked, “You’re Black?”

“… it’s me.”


Wang Wu was startled and immediately put down the big black dog and stepped back a few steps. The big black dog immediately swayed under the beam of the building. The dog was bleeding and in a mess.

“How did you become a dog? Did someone turn you into a beautiful mole with magic?” Wang Wu said and began to sneer as the murderous aura appeared on her body. This time, it was not the murderous intention to kill animals, but rather the murderous aura of someone who was ready to fight with overflowing True Yuan.

Although she didn’t know what Black was up to by turning himself into a big black dog, after all, it was once a Fallen Immortal’s dog that almost destroyed the entire City of Immortals. If it was not for Wang Lu and Faceless, it was likely that the strange poison of the Fallen Immortals would still be incurable!

At the same time, Black knew that if he hid anything at this time, it would be a dead end to him. Thus he immediately told the whole situation.

“The Fallen Immortal has come.”


When they heard this sentence, Wang Wu and Xiao Qi were really surprised.

Black also secretly sneered, he was right to bet that information. At this time, it was hard to shake the other party’s mind by saying any other nonsense. Only the Fallen Immortal problem would they not ignore.

“The person who comes is called Senior Immortal Canglan. In the past, among the Fallen Immortals, he was quite powerful. He even had the upper hand when fighting with the top three Earth Immortals in the past… but he had a weakness, I just happened to know it.”

Black was still as straightforward as before and in just a few sentences pointed out his own value.

Xiao Qi shook her head and said, “You are the Fallen Immortals’ dog, so it’s not a surprise that you know some secrets of the Fallen Immortals. But what does this have to do with us?”

“I have betrayed the Fallen Immortal, and now I have no way to go but to temporarily be on the same side as you.”

Wang Wu sneered and said, “When you’re in our hands, you said you’ve betrayed your master? Do you think we’re stupid?”

“If I had not betrayed my master and had no way to go, how could I have been so absurdly taken down by you two?”

This sentence was quite persuasive. As one of the top powers among the Earth Immortals and the number one dog of the Fallen Immortals in Nine Regions, the strength of Black was clearly obvious to all. Although Wang Wu was not afraid of him, she didn’t dare to say that she could easily defeat him, let alone to capture him alive.

“No matter what happened before, now I’m on your side.” Black said, “And no matter how much you want to settle the account with me, we all have a common enemy. Even if we have to settle the account, we should wait until after our common enemy is defeated.”

With these words, Wang Wu and Xiao Qi gradually restrained their killing intent and looked at each other and said nothing.

After a while, Wang Wu said, “You said that you know the weakness of Canglan, right? That’s the trump card that you rely on to save your life, right?”

Black didn’t answer directly, but said, “I know that you really want to kill me, but I will still say that sentence: Kill me and you will regret it.”

“Fine, we won’t kill you then.”

Wang Wu smiled and reached out to cut the rope that tied the dog. The big black dog fell to the ground with a thump, and his nose bled. He then got up and shook his fur, but he didn’t look particularly embarrassed.

However, the next moment, the dog’s leg turned red, and a burst of pain coursed into Black’s brain, which made him involuntarily tremble. When he looked back, he saw that Wang Wu had cut a piece of meat along his thigh with the knife.


Wang Wu sneered and said, “Death can be exempted, but suffering is inescapable. In any case, your usefulness is just your head, your other parts are just ordinary dog meat. It is rare for us sisters, to set up such a dog meat hotpot booth, so it should not be wasted.”

Black resisted the sharp pain with great difficulty and said, “You’re not afraid of me…”

“What’s there to be afraid of? I know that if you’re not afraid of death you wouldn’t have given up your Earth Immortal dignity to become a dog. And those who are afraid of death ought to not be worried about suffering a few hardships, right?”

Xiao Qi also sneered, and this time her smile looked like Wang Wu.

“You spread the strange poison in the City of Immortals, attacked and killed cultivators from all walks of life. Your hands are full of blood. Do you really think we’ll just let you go because of your few words?”

“Later, Xiao Qi and I will set up a dog meat booth. Before we have enough to eat and drink, you’d better tell us all that you have to say. Otherwise, although one Fallen Immortal is a thorny problem, it would not be thornier than one Fallen Immortal plus his dog. We don’t want good power that we can’t use.”

Black went into silence.

This Wang Wu… was more absurd than the hearsay. But if he took it seriously, she was actually far more difficult to deal with than the rumor.

But she was right. Those who were afraid of death were not really afraid of suffering.

“Then I’ll start from the beginning. The thing is…”


In the far north, after a brief uproar, deathly silence was once again restored.

The giant and the purple cloud around that giant had disappeared, leaving only a broken frozen glazier.

Then, all of sudden, the silhouette of a tall iceberg that stood on the frozen ground twisted and began to shrink rapidly. In the blink of an eye, it became a tall figure. It was a thin man in a long azure gown, which had a flowing luster. The azure color and luster were as distant as the sea and the sky. However, the man’s face was ruthless, which was in sharp contrast with his whole body’s splendor.

“Damn it, two insect bastards dare to provoke me, you two will definitely be skinned in the future!”

With that, he seemed to want to vent out his anger. He waved his arm and punched to the side. It was a silent punch, but from the distance came the sound of a landslide. A large iceberg had cracked and collapsed. However, it did not tumble down after that but was sucked in by a force. Gravels and ice mixed together, and from slow to fast, it finally flew like a meteor to the man. However, halfway, it shrank rapidly. And when it was near the man, it was already as small as fine sand. When it was grasped in the man’s palm, it disappeared without a trace.

After this grasp, there were always a few icebergs less in the far north. The man’s face eased a bit, but then he smiled ironically.

“Although this is a lowly land, the taste is actually pretty good. It seems that as long as I concentrate on converging the providence here, I can recover my baseline strength at most seven or eight days. Humph, even if it’s just my baseline strength, it’s enough for me to move unrestrained in this realm.”

As he spoke, he made a move from under his feet. Immediately, the ground rolled and bubbled up like waves. There was a buzz of loud sound within the radius of around fifty kilometers. After no one knew how long, the man nodded and the ground stopped shaking.

At this time, within the radius of around fifty kilometers, the ground had shrunk by around three meters.

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