Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 769 - My Seed is Already in Your Body

Chapter 769: My Seed is Already in Your Body

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“Do you really think I can’t kill you, a pestering lunatic?”

Surrounded by the golden sword defense, Senior Immortal Canglan’s anger was boiling, and the immortal spirit in his whole body endlessly rolled like a surging tide. The immortal’s pair of divine eyes burst forth with blazing red rays of light, which showed the boundless divine power. The perfectly round sword defense was twisted and stretched, as if it might burst at any time.

The sword defense was not broken, but it was already very hard to support.

Even though it was isolated by the Non-Phase Sword Defense, the extremely cold land still trembled because of this incredible surging power. The immortal did not belong to this world, nor will it be bound by this world’s method. The Non-Phase Sword Defense was already one of the top skills in Nine Regions, but obviously, in the eyes of the Fallen Immortals, it was still not enough.

However, although one Non-Phase Method was not enough, two Non-Phase Method plus one giant Divine Weapon made it very hard for Canglan to break through. Inside the sword defense, he roared. His immortal heart was like an extremely long corridor being penetrated thoroughly by cold.

The situation was really bad for him. A giant Divine Weapon that could use a pure Yang Extinction Cannon was already quite threatening. Coupled with the pestering-like-a-haunting-ghost Wang Wu, in his current state, it was not a matter of how much it would cost him, but that he might not be able to deal with them even with at-all cost.

To pass through the channel between the two worlds, he had to spend at least eighty percent of his immortal spirit. He had just been in this realm less than half a day so he had yet to restore his fighting state. And moreover,this twenty percent of power had to be used to fight hard against these two reckless people, which was not a fighting style that he was good at. But now he had no other choice.

“Show yourself, scoundrel!”

His immortal eyes shone more brightly and in an instant as if a new sun was ignited, the narrow space enclosed by the golden sword defense was filled with light and Wang Wu who hid in the shadow was illuminated and couldn’t hide. However, she was not in a hurry, because before Canglan had the time to strike her, the light of divine’s punishment had arrived.

The light of the Positron Cannon was not inferior in any respect to that of the immortal’s divine eyes. Wang Wu left a hole small enough at her golden sword defense to allow the Positron Cannon light to pass through. Senior Immortal Canglan immediately shifted his attention away from Wang Wu and rose up the veil. The power of the Positron Cannon was too strong. If it really hit his body, there was the danger that it could seriously injure him and even kill him.

He still had big things to do, so how could he die here?

Wang Lu’s Positron Cannon light could not break through his light veil. However, in order to resist the Positron Cannon attack, the light veil had concentrated too much of its defensive power on one spot. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Wang Wu rushed forward with impunity and swung her barefist toward Canglan.

When the fist started to move, it caused a rolling thunder. This was caused by the squeezing of the air inside the sword defense with such power and speed that it caused a sonic boom. With this fist, the invisible air was squeezed into a physical air wall that was stronger than steel. The force was then transmitted to Canglan’s back from thirty meters, which caused a golden light.

An immortal had many treasures. The veil was a treasure, the gown was also a treasure. A plain gown, actually burst out an amazing defense when attacked. Wang Wu’s fist had the power to split the mountain and crush the stones, but this time, it could only slightly flatten the fold on the gown. At the next moment, Senior Immortal Canglan, who had dealt with the Positron Cannon light, turned around and spat out a blazing fire.

Wang Wu’s golden sword defense was broken in an instant. It was not broken by an external force, but by Wang Wu’s initiative to let it go.

Because she wanted to escape.

Canglan’s Samadhi True Fire was too powerful. If she insisted on keeping the sword defense, either it would’ve been melted by the True Fire and she received a powerful backfire, or that due to the heat being locked, the inside of the sword defense would boil and burn her to ashes.

Therefore, at this moment, Wang Wu could only retrieve the sword defense first. As soon as the sword defense was retrieved, Canglan theoretically had the opportunity to escape. However, he actually didn’t retreat. Instead, he moved forward and locked Wang Wu with his divine sense. A Samadhi Fire source then chased after her endlessly and in an instant a sea of fire broke out!

This sea of fire was directed at Wang Lu. It burned the air and didn’t land on the ground, but the heat radiation was unbearable to the ice and snow in this extremely cold place so they began to melt. The glaciers melted into creeks, and creeks converged into rivers. The snowfields melted into lakes and then seas and soon evaporated, which exposed the clear rock surface.

Within a radius of fifty kilometers, the snowfield evaporated. This was the repercussion of the True Fire of an immortal.

Surrounded by the True Fire, Wang Wu couldn’t take it easy.

A sword defense with around three meter in diameter was propped up by her. This sword defense was much smaller than the previous one but also much stronger. There was no sign of wavering even being surrounded by the Samadhi True Fire. However, at this time, under the divine eyes of an immortal, more things finally could be seen.

“One, two, three, four… fifteen golden cores?” Senior Immortal Canglan finally sucked in a cold breath.

Since his arrival in Nine Regions this time, he had been surprised many times in just over half a day, but none shook his heart like now.

Fifteen golden cores? What the hell was this thing?

Yes, it was a thing! Because no matter what explanation was used, it couldn’t explain why a person could hold so many golden cores. This was not a matter of quantity, but something that could not be realized at all. A Yuanying Stage cultivator might be ten times or even a hundred times better than a Jindan Stage one, but it was impossible to put a hundred golden cores in his body and with each one of them was functioning normally and also connected with each other! No matter how strong a man was, he simply couldn’t grow ten arms. Only monsters could grow ten arms.

And Wang Wu was such a monster.

Canglan thought that she was using the same golden cores again and again, but now it could be seen that there were more than one golden cores in her body! No wonder she had so many personalities. However, in this way, it was more perverse and terrifying.

The fear in Canglan’s heart began to emerge again. This time, it was not the fear of failure to complete the task, which would delay the grand plan, or fear that he would be injured by these scoundrels and consequently, a danger of dying… But rather an instinctive fear of the unknown.

After tens of thousands of years since he last came to this realm, could monsters be bred here?

Thus, the Samadhi True Fire changed its color. Canglan began to spare no effort and went all out.

Even if he ended up being hurt by people taking advantage of the opportunity, even if it was hard to recover the loss of power on his descent here, even if it delayed the grand plan of the upper realm… He didn’t care.

He had to get rid of this person first!

The all-out burst of a Fallen Immortal was not trivial, even if it happened when he was exhausted. Even if Wang Wu had fifteen golden cores, he couldn’t stop it.

But naturally, someone could help her.

“Absolute Domain!”

A golden shield with polygonal shape appeared in front of Wang Wu and the raging sea of fire stopped on the other side of the shield. Even the light from the fire could not shine on Wang Wu.

Because in front of Wang Wu, there was a mountain-like figure who casted an omnipresent shadow.

Wang Lu piloted the giant Divine Weapon and personally interfered.

By integrating his Non-Phase Method and the innate defensive immortal technique of the giant Divine Weapon, Wang Lu’s subconscious mind understood this unique defense skill. At this time, Wang Wu’s Non-Phase sword defense might not be able to block the Samadhi True Fire, but Wang Lu’s Absolute Domain easily blocked it.

At the same time, a storm of attacks showered on Canglan. Thousands of Floating Cannons began to frantically shoot out their firepower under the control of Senior Gem Emperor. These Floating Cannons only caused tickling feeling to Canglan who was going all out, and could not hurt him. However, they made him look embarrassed.

At this time, Canglan didn’t even regard his own life anymore, naturally didn’t care about mere embarrassment. He stepped forward and took a deep breath, such that the Samadhi True Fire was inhaled back into his stomach. The extreme north began to show some coldness again. The next moment, Canglan opened his mouth and spat out an orange fireball.

Wang Lu’s complexion changed and could not help but say, “Shit.”

An immortal’s skill was indeed no joke, truly extraordinary. Even the Samadhi True Fire that could melt the snowfield was already strong enough, but once it was swallowed again by the immortal, its power was actually doubled several times. The orange-red fireball not condensed and compressed the sea of fire, but also produced new changes in the compression process.

This was an actual real mini sun.

It couldn’t be blocked head-on because the Absolute Domain was not really absolute. It could not be escaped because the sun could shine, and the light was infinitely fast. It was also impossible to counterattack on the basis of second-to-move-but-first-to-arrive, because unless the causality could be reversed, it was impossible to arrive first before the light.

Wang Lu still had the time to think about all these because the sun hadn’t really exploded yet. If it really had, it would’ve been an unsolvable situation.

But he knew that the sun would not explode, so he merely said the word shit, but did not panic.

Because he had seen what he wanted to see inside the sun.

The next moment, Canglan gave a sneer, and then his primordial spirit made the move, detonating the sun.

An indescribable flash of light and heat appeared. The whole extreme north territory seemed to stop for a moment, and then it began to flow again.

After several breaths of critical time, people could see that in the sky above the extreme north, the fire was pouring like a waterfall, and flames flew on the ground like rivers. Endless light and heat were radiated in all directions from the center.

There were tens of millions of kilometer squares of area in the extreme north, and no one could completely change this piece of land with one’s own strength. But, seeing the magnificent scene where the ground had been burnt for hundreds of kilometers, it made people feel that it was only a matter of time before the entire extreme north was burnt.

The power of Fallen Immortal was so terrifying, but at this time, Canglan’s face did not look good.

Although he had melted the snow and ice in hundreds of kilometer squares of area, he did not melt the opponent in front of him. That several kilometers long golden polygon shield still stood upright, and the giant Divine Weapon and the evil outside path woman that it protected were still safe and sound.


Just now, when the explosion happened, it should break the shield and burn the two people behind it. Even though Canglan was weak and hurt at this time, he would never miscalculate the lethality of the immortal method.

The damn two didn’t die. Canglan was confused at first, but soon he saw something unusual. His divine immortal eyes scanned the area and he could clearly see that the ground under his feet was the scorched black surface exposed after the melting of the snow that covered it. However, there seemed to be a layer of soft light on the surface that did not belong to this place.

His immortal divine mind instantly calculated the cause and effects, and the result came out in a flash.

Previously, just when he came to this place, the giant Divine Weapon had chased him down. At that time, the giant Divine Weapon could not find him and had no choice but to leave. However, at that time, the giant Divine Weapon secretly poisoned the extreme north. When Canglan absorbed the providence of the extreme north and integrated it into himself, the poison also lurked in his body. When he didn’t use it, everything was normal. However, when he encountered an emergency and went all out, the poison would completely flare out. First, it disintegrated the Samadhi True Fire of Canglan, and secondly, there were signs of instability in Canglan.

A poison that could damage an immortal ought to be a kind of strange poison.

A strange poison called the Holy Light.

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