Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 771 - : Love is Just a Scam

Chapter 771: Love is Just a Scam

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A towering mountain, and an immortal trap great array handed down since the Age of Desolation. Together they constituted one of the famous dangerous spots in Nine Regions.

Netherworld Mountain, the Immortal Trap Array. From ancient times to the present, no one knew how many talented people that came to this place and then disappeared. The interior of Netherworld Mountain was like a ferocious giant beast. It engulfed all the visitors without leaving any trace.

Of course, the more dangerous it was, the more intriguing it would be. There would never be a shortage of curious and adventurous individuals among cultivators. They had never stopped exploring the Netherworld Mountain for tens of thousands of years.

However, it could be imagined that no one had really explored the secret of the immortal trap great array. Whether it was going deep into it or exploring from the outside using the immortal method, it was ultimately nothing. There was once a brutal sect who tried to overthrow the Netherworld Mountain violently. As a result, the entire sect was annihilated from Nine Regions overnight, as if it had been severely cursed.

“It’s really eye-opening today. I can’t imagine that even an immortal could be trapped. Amazing, really amazing.”

Outside the Netherworld Mountain, Wang Lu piloted the giant Divine Weapon to float in mid-air, marveling at the gradually restored mountain below his feet.

It was here that the earth-shaking battle had come to an end. The insufferable arrogant Fallen Immortal finally went silent here.

It was indeed the great Netherworld Mountain, an immortal trap great array. Previously, just for Senior Immortal Canglan alone, it could be said that all the strongest people in Nine Regions could not stop him, and even nearly beaten by his clever trick. However, in the end, this seemingly unamazing mountain was able to suppress him.

“Because this Netherworld Mountain is an immortal trap great array, it can perfectly restrain Canglan.”

The flat and light voice of Black seeped into Wang Lu’s ears.

“Among the Fallen Immortals, Canglan is actually one of the most experienced ones in terms of combat, as he had many years of campaign, so he almost had no flaw. But he still has a fatal weakness: He is an immortal.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu curiously asked, “As an immortal, there are many kinds of privileges that us lower realm cultivators can’t have, so, what weakness is this?”

“The immortal in the upper realm is indeed noble, but… Netherworld Mountain is a prison set up in the Nine Regions by the upper realm during the Great Desolation Age to hold their exiled immortals. This prison is set up for the immortals, all the designs are aimed at the immortals, and the magical abilities of the immortals are used to suppress themselves. If it is changed to an ordinary immortal cultivator, perhaps there is a chance to escape. But if the immortals enter it, they will never come out again.”

“Interesting.” Wang Lu nodded and said, “But, if you know that Netherworld Mountain is an immortal trap great array, can you guarantee that Canglan, who is well versed in practical combat situations, doesn’t know about it and has no response measure?”

“… I’m not Canglan himself, so I can’t guarantee anything. But, in any case, this is already the best result now.”

“Best? Not necessarily. Canglan was not killed in the battle, but only suppressed. Moreover, I can’t personally see with my own eyes that he was crushed into a dead dog by the immortal trap great array, so I can’t rest assured.” Wang Lu said and locked his eyes on Black, “Who knows what happens to him inside? Perhaps he is suppressed and unable to move, but it is also possible that you collude with him, making it seem as if he is suppressed, but in fact, he is just hiding in the belly of the mountain recuperating. After the recovery is complete, he would get rid of the Netherworld Mountain and kill all the Nine Regions dogs.”

Black shook his head and laughed, “Hahaha, since when Daoist Master Wang Lu become so suspicious?”

Wang Lu’s voice was cold as he said, “Do you think I should trust a traitor like you? Do you think I’m Liu Li?”

With that, the muzzle of the several kilometers long positron cannon was suddenly aimed at Black.

“And now in this situation, I can neither trust you, nor find your use value. But, eliminating you will gain me several experience values, don’t you think?”

“I don’t think it’s a wise choice.” In the face of Wang Lu’s positron cannon, Black said in a deep voice, “No matter how much credit a chess piece of me has made, I’m still a cheap kind of dog to the people in the upper realm. If the plan goes well, I probably can eat a few bones. But my plan was interrupted midway by Luo Xiao and I made an irreparable mistake. Then I have no choice but to rebel. So, right now, I’m in the same boat as you. As for my utilization value, I think no one in the Nine Regions knows more about the immortals in the upper realm than I do. This unique intelligence is my use value.”

As they spoke, the Nine Regions Map descended down slowly from the cloud, and the five sect leaders gathered one by one.

Wang Lu temporarily put aside Black and bowed to the five of them one by one. Just now, in the fierce battle against Senior Immortal Canglan, thanks to the timely arrival of the five supreme level strongmen, which symbolized the strongest fighting power in the Nine Regions immortal cultivation world, Canglan was forced to flee like a dog jumping off a wall and finally exposed his flaw and put into the Netherworld Mountain.

There was no prior plan for the whole process. It was these five men who sensed that there was a great war in the far north before they arrived in a hurry. However, even in such a hurry, they had a good tacit understanding with the master and apprentice, Wang Lu and Wang Wu at every step. This experience and strength was indeed worthy of respect.

And these five people also heard the dialogue between Wang Lu and Black.

“Wang Lu, I think he’s right. Although he had committed the crime of never ending death, it couldn’t be denied that he really has value.” Supreme Zhuri said, “I think it’s better for us to keep his life.”

Wang Lu couldn’t help sniggering a bit when he heard it. Supreme Zhuri was a famous idealist bureaucrat in the immortal cultivation world. His nature was not bad, and his strength was strong enough. However, his IQ was not worthy of the name of one of the leaders of the Five Unique.

Supreme Tianlun then said, “From an academic point of view, any deduction and calculation should be based on sufficient information. However, the biggest problem that we have now is that we still know nothing about the Fallen Immortals. If we can make good use of Black’s intelligence, it will be of great benefit to the future battle. However, on the other hand, if you get false information, it would be counterproductive. This also needs to be noted.”

Wang Lu slightly shook his head. This time, Supreme Tianlun said so much, but actually meant nothing. The key here was whether Black could be trusted or not, but Supreme Tianlun was not willing to make a judgment on this.

Supreme Zhuri said, “In the battle just now, if he didn’t use the Immortal Trap Array in the Netherworld Mountain at the last minute, it would be very difficult for us to really suppress an immortal from the upper realm. On this point, his behavior could be regarded as having a good deed to atone his crime.”

When Wang Lu heard this, he sneered, “Supreme Zhuri, are you a dotard? How can you be sure that Canglan is suppressed? Have you entered the mountain and seen it?”

“Supreme Zhuri did not get angry at his statement, but instead turned his head and said, “Kuqin, what do you think?”

“I’m not interested in your intrigues.” With that, Supreme Kuqin unfolded the flag of war. As if it was alive, the flag wrapped Supreme Kuqin and then suddenly disappeared.

Supreme Kuqin chose to leave early without any sense of responsibility. Supreme Zhuri shook his head helplessly and then asked Feng Yin, “Daoist Friend, presumably you’re on Wang Lu’s side right?”

Feng Yin did not try to hide it and said, “Yes, I support all of Wang Lu’s decisions.”

Zhuri then asked Daoist Hetu, “We have finished giving our opinions, now it’s up to you to make the decision.”

Just as Hetu was about to open his mouth, someone suddenly interrupted, “I haven’t said my point of view.”

People’s eyes turned and then saw, from Black’s shadow, a bald headed man slowly walked out. It was actually Luo Xiao.

Seeing Luo Xiao, the expression of the several Supremes were a bit strange. Wang Lu directly aimed the muzzle of his cannon, and the light of the positron cannon converged at the muzzle.

This Nine Regions traitor, commited the crime of killing his own Master for personal gain and caused the fall of Four Element Supreme. It could be said that he had done an unpardonable crime. However, on the other hand, he had also made a marvelous feat: He instigated Black’s rebellion and cooperated with others to suppress the Fallen Immortal. If the merits and demerits were to be compared, then the merits seemed to be more. However, with the precedent of repeated betrayal, Luo Xiao was also not trustworthy.

“I know that you guys don’t have much trust in me. But, I think that it’s necessary for you guys to know that, not long ago, when I was trying to instigate Black’s rebellion, he refused to obey me even at the point of death. I felt very strange. At that time, his plan to kill Sun Buping has failed. In the eyes of the Fallen Immortals, it was already a dereliction of duty by a dog, and according to the habits of the Fallen Immortals, they would not weigh his merits against his demerits. To keep staying on the side of the Earth Immortals, rather than jump over to our side was simply a suicide. But, at the time, he didn’t agree, and said…”

Before Luo Xiao could finish his words, suddenly a burst of dazzling light erupted in front of him. Wang Lu’s positron cannon had aimed and fired mercilessly. An arm thick beam of light brushed past Luo Xiao’s cheek and burned his eyebrows. However, at the same time, it also blocked a shadow that was rushing toward Luo Xiao.

“Black, why are you in such a hurry? He has yet finished his talk, what are you trying to do? Do you want to kill people to silence their mouths?”

After he heard this, without looking at Black, Luo Xiao said with a smile, “Of course, he is in a hurry to kill people to silence their mouths. If I didn’t keep a skill, I wouldn’t have been able to separate from his shadow just now. Not long ago, when he suddenly jumped out and attacked me, I wondered the reason why he did it. Later on, when I was in his darkness, I rocked my brains and finally came up with the answer.”

“He once said that it was not for his own sake that he defected to the Fallen Immortal side, and then he added some bunch of bullshit reasons. However, in the end, I went against him, so I didn’t think much about it at that time. However, the more I thought about it, the more subtle I thought it was. If his joining the Fallen Immortal side was not for personal gain, then for what? Organizational benefits? Or some other lofty ideals? I remembered clearly that at that time when he called the Fallen Immortal as master, he said it in such a respectful and reverent manner. Would such a person directly betray and simply jump the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals side? To be honest, I won’t believe it.”

After he heard of what Luo Xiao said, Black sighed, “It seems that you didn’t trust me from the beginning.”

“Hahaha, how can I trust you, a natural traitor? Do you think I’m an idiot? Of course I have never trusted you, it’s just that I can’t guess your real intention. It was not until you suddenly attacked me not long ago, and tried to kill and shut mouth just now that I understand everything completely.” Luo Xiao said, looked up at Wang Lu and said with a smile, “In short, it’s the trick of injuring oneself to gain the opposite party’s confidence.”

Wang Lu also smiled and said, “Yes, it’s indeed the trick of injuring oneself to gain the opposite party’s confidence.”

As the voice fell, the firepower of the positron cannon fully erupted, and a thick beam of light directly penetrated the Netherworld Mountain.

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