Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 774 - Feel Like It

Chapter 774: Feel Like It

“Report on the work of Netherworld Mountain’s Memorial Hall… Last year’s annual income has exceeded ten million spirit stones, and it has been operating really well in recent years.”

On the Stellar Peak, Feng Yin roughly read the annual work report submitted by the Netherworld Mountain’s Memorial Hall. He exclaimed in admiration again and again and his heart filled with emotion.

Ten years ago, the Fallen Immortal was like a huge shadow that shrouded over everyone’s heart, which made everyone scared at the mere mention of it. Nowadays, the Fallen Immortal was just like a clay figurine displayed in the memorial hall for people to watch and even humiliate. Even a child could write and draw on his face– Of course, considering the cost of drawing, only the rich second generation could do it. However, the contrast was so great that the people who experienced the battle a decade ago could not help but sigh.

It was not that no one had questioned whether this arrangement would create an atmosphere of blind optimism. In the memorial hall, the clown like Senior Immortal Canglan did not represent the real strength of the Fallen Immortal. Those who spent ten thousand spirit stones to write those straight characters on Canglan’s buttocks could never imagine how Senior Immortal Canglan, with just three skills, was able to do well against the top powers of the Nine Regions. With such a blind optimism, once a real crisis came…

However, the people who designed this memorial hall had also given convincing reasons: First, since when the safety of Nine Regions was placed on those who were blindly optimistic or pessimistic? When the war came, it would not be their turn to contribute, and it would be a good thing if they didn’t add the chaos. Thus, instead of scaring them about the severity of the Fallen Immortal crisis, it was better to let them write characters happily. Second, when was it your turn to criticize my decision?

In the eyes of people with insight, the weight of the second reason was obviously much heavier.

The young man who had just entered the Yuanying Stage ten years ago had now become the number one expert in the world. He seemed to be able to walk freely and unhindered in Nine Regions. This was actually beyond everyone’s expectations.

Although many had known for a long time that, with Wang Lu’s ability, one day he would follow the footsteps of Emperor Qin and Ancestor Desheng, and be far ahead in front of all others on the immortal cultivation path, but it ought to be a matter of decades or hundreds of years later. After all, it took him more than thirty years to reach Yuanying Stage. Even if, with his Void Spirit Root, there was no obstacle in his path, and that Wang Lu’s cultivation speed went faster and faster after breaking through the shackles… Who would’ve thought that he would directly pilot the giant Divine Weapon from the bottom of the Immortal Tombs and from then on become invincible? This disillusioned many young people who had set their vision on Wang Lu at that time.

It was like a story full of enthusiasm and encouragement. The hero went through difficulties and obstacles, and finally succeeded in starting his business. But when his career began to enter a rising period, all of a sudden, a distant relative left him an inheritance that was enough to buy the whole country. From then on, even if the hero just ate tea eggs (egg boiled with flavorings which may include black tea) and drank coke (A kind of magical drink from the Western Continent) every day, he would still do well. This story undoubtedly educated everyone that self-struggle was ultimately incomparable to inheritance… The moral was too realistic, and too dark.

However, while countless people were envious and jealous of Wang Lu, they would never know what Wang Lu himself paid for it. With his qualifications, ascending to immortality was by no means the end point. Even in the immortal world, he ought to be able to rise. In Feng Yin’s view, even those brilliant historical figures might not be comparable to him. For example, Emperor Qin and Ancestor Desheng… Although ascending to immortality in twenty years was indeed an insurmountable peak, had they ever faced a Holy One ranked enemy at Xudan Stage? Had they ever fought the Earth Immortals in the Jindan Stage? Wang Lu’s deep foundation actually surpassed his predecessors. With such a foundation, his future was really unlimited.

But now, in order to improve his strength as soon as possible, so as to deal with the Fallen Immortal crisis, he locked himself in the giant Divine Weapon and assimilated the methods left by his predecessor. Although this could rapidly improve the strength in a very short time period, it also damaged his future because he had lost his own path. Perhaps, with Wang Lu’s peerless qualification, he could still go on his own path, but it must be far more difficult than it was now.

Of course, there was no need to say this to other people, or they would inevitably develop the suspicion of being duped.

However, the world’s number one expert… When he thought of Wang Lu’s dazzling aura and the way Wang Lu improved his strength, even the magnanimous and down to earth Feng Yin felt a bit despondent. When he came to his senses, he found out that for some reason, he had a torch and a bucket of fuel in his hands.

“Strange, did I want to keep myself warm because there’s a temperature imbalance in the room?”


At the same time, in the Southern Heaven Region, near the Immortal Tombs site, a giant metal puppet was doing a fantastic dexterous maneuver in the air. Around it, there were thick beams of light that were integrated into a net which gave of a tempest like oppression.

The huge puppet was several kilometers tall, and the rain of beams not only came from all directions, but were often only around thirty centimeters or even smaller apart from each other. In theory, there was no room to dodge, but the puppet could change its positions to avoid most of the beams. There were few beams that it could not dodge, but the puppet then created a hole in its own body to let the light beam go through smoothly and not detonate the huge energy contained within it.

For a moment, it could be seen that a rain like beam of light fell on the giant Divine Weapon, but it penetrated through without hindrance and it did not cause any damage at all. And this dazzling dodge had been persisting for an hour before the toe of the giant Divine Weapon burst out a bright light.

After being hit by the light beam, there was only a flash of laminar flow of light on the surface of the giant Divine Weapon and the explosion energy was transferred away without it causing any damage. However, the fact that it was still hit made it stop dodging, and then its body began to rapidly shrank. After a moment, it shrank to a thirty centimeter long model and then was held in the hand by a young man in a red and white robe. At the same time, the surrounding rain-like beams of light also converged and disappeared. And then came the sigh of Senior Gem Emperor.

“Still can’t. If you can’t even maintain such a density for two hours, there is no way to play the main role in the frontline of the battlefield. Wang Lu, I think we need to improve our training intensity a little bit.”

At that time, Wang Lu’s hand was shaking and he almost threw the giant Divine Weapon down as he said, “Don’t you know how to stop? Even like this, do you still think the intensity needs to be increased?”

Senior Gem Emperor frowned and somewhat dissatisfied, said, “Otherwise? After ten years, the synchronization rate still can’t exceed fifty percent. God knows when the passage between the two worlds will be completely opened. At that time, a large number of Fallen Immortals will attack. How many can you block? One? Two? You are indeed the strongest in Nine Regions now, but you don’t really think that you can block the Fallen Immortal right?”

These several questions indeed were indeed powerful and resonating. After a long silence, Wang Lu looked up to the sky with the face filled with the vicissitudes of life and sighed, “You want to do it again, right?”

Senior Gem Emperor’s face turned red, but like lightning it immediately turned normal again.

“Don’t talk nonsense! Who wants it!”

Wang Lu coldly smiled and said, “What do you think? Everyday I think my synchronization rate is still too low. The problem is that we have been fumbling in our method to increase the synchronization rate for ten years, isn’t that because we haven’t done that thing again? If you don’t want to use that trick again, what’s the need to nag on this old-fashioned cliche? Do you think I don’t know how much I weigh? Or do you think I will relax and forget about it? So, in the final analysis, you want it.” After a pause, Wang Lu looked at the Senior Gem Emperor whose face had turned red and said, “In fact, there’s no shame in wanting it. Appetite and lust are only natural. So as a healthy woman it’s natural for you to have a need. If you directly say it, I definitely won’t refuse you. Of course, it’s not that I’m casual in this kind of thing, but this relates to the Nine Regions after all. We are doing a public affair so no one can say anything. You being like a tsundere here is not worth it.”

“Nonsense! You’re the tsundere here, your whole family is a tsundere! I think you’re out of your mind!”

Wang Lu thought for a moment and then said, “Not bad, that’s exactly what I mean. So, do you want it or not?”

“Want your sister! Why don’t you drop dead!”

After that, Senior Gem Emperor shot a purple light at his head and Wang Lu dodged sideways to avoid it. But when he turned his head back, Senior Gem Emperor had disappeared.

Wang Lu waited for a moment in that same spot and then sent his primordial spirit to scan every plant and tree in the radius of thousands of kilometers. After confirming that there was no sign of Senior Gem Emperor, he sighed wearily and then slowly fell to the ground.

Just after he landed on the ground, someone came looking for him.

“You, this guy, really waste natural resources recklessly.”

The voice seemed to bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of humankind, filled with negative emotions such as envy, jealousy and hatred, and the tone was very familiar. Who else could it be other than Wang Wu?

“It’s a waste of such a good young girl to fall into your hands.”

Wang Lu corrected it in a strict manner, “First off, she just looks a bit petite. Her real age dwarf both of us combined. If counted by the legal minimum age, it is not illegal for me to do it with her even a thousand times. Secondly, she didn’t fall into my hands, we’re strictly in a business relationship.”

“Do you mean booty call on order? You’re just making excuses for yourself.” Wang Wu still gnashed her teeth in anger, “One is a big official, the other one is a peerless young girl, do you think I don’t know what happens here?”

Wang Lu was silent for a moment and asked, “Listening to your tone of voice, do you want it again?”

Wang Wu scoffed at this question and said, “Do you still need to ask? Of course I want it. I want it anytime! It just depends on how much you can give me!”

“… If you stop talking, I can still give you ten or twenty thousand.”

“Damn it, ten or twenty thousand? Do you think it’s a free-range chicken? Do you know how many mouths that I have to feed? Think clearly, you are the first in the world now, if you can’t hold the scene, when the moment comes, you still need me to come forward! So hurry up and give me two hundred million spirit stones!”

“Two hundred million… There are no spirit stones with this number, but for others there are actually.”

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