Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 777 - Sharpen a Sword in Ten Years

Chapter 777: Sharpen a Sword in Ten Years

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Since ancient times, the Southern Heaven Region has been a frontier region in the corner of Nine Regions. It was once known as the desert of Immortal Cultivation World, the same as Blue River Regions. There were very few talents in this vast land, such as the Beast Master School, which could be called as local power. Later, as Spirit Sword Sect emerged in the Blue River Region, the designation of desert of Immortal Cultivation World was finally taken off and Southern Heaven Regions became more blessed. After the gate of the Tombs of Immortal was opened, it became the hub of Nine Regions. Such that even the Central Region was not as good as the Southern Heaven Region.

However, since the Tombs of Immortal was fully developed ten years ago, and the treasures from within it came out, the Southern Heaven Region went from prosperity to decline. It was just like a gold mine that had been mined out. Due to inertia, the prosperity of Feng Du, the city at the gate of the Tombs of Immortal, continued to flourish. But it’s gradual decline was a forgone conclusion. Until three years ago, where a large area in the Southern Heaven Region which centered around the Tombs of Immortal was designated as a controlled area overnight. Ordinary people were not allowed to enter or leave at will. Many industries in the city were forced to move out. Although the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals compensated for this, the Southern Heaven Region was completely decayed. Due to the fact that this change happened too fast, the economic bubble of the Tombs of Immortal burst ahead of time. For this reason, there were countless people from the mortal world and immortal cultivation world who killed themselves. Every other day, it was often seen on the cliff in the Southern Heaven Region that people jumped to their deaths one after another like dumplings. It was indeed a marvel in recent years in the Nine Regions.

As a result, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals who inadvertently caused this severe consequences due to its ban had to bear the public pressure. Even if the people who issued the ban were in the joint name of Wang Lu and Hetu, it could not shut the protest from the people of the Southern Heaven Regions. For this reason, at the high level meeting of Heavenly Sage Hall, the Elders from the Southern Heaven Region repeatedly made troubles against the proposals from Shengjing Sect and Spirit Sword Sect. So much that there were even signs of uproar within the several Immortal Cultivation Sects in the Southern Heaven Region.

However, this was the limit that the Southern Heaven Region could do. Perhaps ten years ago they could still use all kinds of resources to protect their interests. However, now, when the joint document of Wang Lu and Hetu was issued, this was the general trend, and no one could stop it. Now the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was far more powerful than it was ten years ago.

Because the current high level executives of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had mastered a powerful force that could shake the world.


“Bai Ze, are you still not giving up?”

On the grassland, Bai Ze’s lonely back looked extremely small. Compared with ten years ago, he looked much older. But his eyes still contained the awn essence, which showed that he had not lost his sharpness. On the contrary, he had become more reserved because of ten years of tampering.

The woman in front of him was as beautiful and picturesque as ten years ago, and with the same perfect face.

Faced with the question from his old comrade, Bai Ze chuckled lightly: “… It’s not about giving up or not, but just doing what I should do.”

“And the thing that you should do is to wander aimlessly on the grassland? Bai Ze, everyone is waiting for you.”

“I know.” Bai Ze’s smile was unchanged. “Did Lu Biechen help you find me?”

“Since you hide yourself this far, how else could I find you?” Xuan Mo was a bit angry. “You still can’t accept our submission to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals?”

“If you agree to bet, you must accept to lose. There’s nothing unacceptable to it. We lost the Grand Competition, and the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals won the approval and inheritance of the boss. Even Senior Gem Emperor is dead set on being at Wang Lu’s side. Under such circumstances, what else can we do if not submit? You guys have made the right choice by not using your precious power for internal friction.”

These words caused Xuan Mo to startle a bit.

Saying truthful things was Bai Ze all right, but this was not like what Bai Ze would say. In her memory, Bai Ze was a straight talker guy. But when he encountered anything, he would negate it first. He rarely approved of anything or recognized anyone. Many people once used to call him mad dog. If this mad dog had not also been Sun Buping’s loyal dog, he would’ve been ostracized. Now, however, it seemed that Bai Ze had changed a lot.

Xuan Mo was silent for a while and then asked, “Do you blame Senior Gem Emperor for banishing us?”

“How could I? Under the circumstances at that time, Senior Gem Emperor only made the most correct choice. It could only be said that Black’s calculation was too deep that she lost right at the finish line. However, for Black to be able to accomplish that step, it was indeed my responsibility. If I had the Supreme Negation at that time, he wouldn’t have dared to be so reckless.”

“Since you don’t blame Senior Gem Emperor, then what on earth do you want to do?”

“Like I said, I’m doing the things that I should do… When the boss asked me to be his deputy, he needed me to check for his shortcomings. He was so kind to me that I couldn’t repay his kindness even if my bones were to be crushed. Now, although I am not willing to admit it, Wang Lu has inherited the boss’ inheritance, so I regard him as the new boss.”

Xuan Mo was even more surprised. Bai Ze’s hatred of Wang Lu and his Master Wang Wu was so strong that it could be rated as absolutely irreconcilable. But after ten years, it actually became like this!

“He’s the chosen successor of the boss, so even if I have hatred in my heart, I would endure it.” Bai Ze explained.

“In that case, there’s no reason for you not to come back.”

“On the contrary… It’s because Wang Lu doesn’t need me to be by his side. He is the boss’ successor not his reincarnation. Do you think he needs a noisy person to keep saying in his ear what he did wrong?”

Xuanmo was stunned but she felt that it was really hard to imagine that Wang Lu would allow others to question him at will… In a sense, Wang Lu was much more headstrong than Sun Buping.

“It’s not headstrong, but just a difference in the work style. He doesn’t need others to negate him because he can do it himself. Therefore, even if I go back now, I can’t do anything. Instead, I will make my peers angry because of my habits. So, why should I do that?”


Bai Ze interrupted, “Xuan Mo, what do you think of our situation now?”

Xuan Mo seriously said, “It’s grim.”

“Yes, it’s very serious. In my opinion, at any time the sky could split open and the Fallen Immortal swarm in. Ten years ago, they defeated Canglan, which must have alerted the upper realm…”

“Maybe not so…”

“Don’t lie to yourself!” Bai Ze suddenly raised his voice, “Think about the layout of the Fallen Immortal when we were asleep. Do you think they are a group of brave but unscrupulous reckless men? Could it be that they are just a mob with no strategy? Even the loss of a loyal dog can immediately attract Canglan. Do you think there’s no one behind Canglan?”

“That’s why we should gather our forces to deal with the crisis!”

“So what if we gather our strength? Will the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals lack my strength now? The mass-produced giant Divine Weapon brought out by Wang Lu would be as powerful as me when their performance is maximized. And that batch of production has twelve of them! What is a mere Bai Ze then?”

“You can’t think of it that way…”

“Yes, because Wang Lu’s cards are definitely more than just this… I still remembered ten years ago, when you guys first submitted to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, some of you were still somewhat condescending, and felt that you guys were lowered from your high position. Now, how many of you still feel this way?”

Xuan Mo was silent. As Bai Ze said, at first, when the entire Earth Immortals submitted to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, everyone didn’t say anything. But they indeed were unconvinced. Even if it was the order of Senior Gem Emperor and Wang Lu who had Sun Buping’s inheritance. It was indeed not easy for a group of Peak Mahayana Stage Earth Immortals to subordinate themselves to a group of later generation cultivators whose highest cultivation base had not yet even reached half step away to Mahayana Stage.

However, in the following ten years, Wang Lu’s means continued to increase, especially his strength. He was able to crush any cultivator in the world with a fifty percent synchronization rate, so the voice of dissatisfaction became less and less.

Bai Ze said, “My strength alone is insignificant compared with the whole, so I’d better do something that can only be done as an individual rather than join the whole. I believe that Wang Lu is also happy to see someone who has nothing to do with him do something for him…”

Although Bai Ze’s words were unclear, in this part, Xuan Mo couldn’t make out the true meaning of the words.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Bai Ze said, “Think about it. After Canglan was suppressed, what might the upper realm do in this decade? Although they did not forcibly open the passage between the two realms again and send another Fallen Immortal, they must have done other actions… For example, have you ever thought about how much the Nine Regions have been infiltrated by them in the sixteen thousand years of our deep sleep? How many traitors are hiding in the dark just like Black? And how much influence have they exerted on Nine Regions in the past ten years?”

Hearing this, Xuan Mo was shocked, “Do you already know?”

“Unfortunately, it’s unclear, at least not completely.” Bai Ze shook his head and said, “But, there are clues. For example, when Canglan came ten years ago, perhaps there was another person that also came with him.”



“So, you said that there was another person who came together with you?”

In the Netherworld Mountain, Wang Lu was quite surprised by this answer.

“Yes, but I don’t know who that person is. According to the rules, when something happens to Black, I should be the only one who comes to the lower realms. But when the passage was opened, I seemed to see someone following me.”

“Hmm, since you can talk about it, that means…”

“Well, that person came here against the rules, so his existence is not protected by the rules.”

Wang Lu pondered for a moment and said, “In your case, are the rules very strict?”


“You can’t say that? Then I’ll change my question. In your impression, are there many people who might have violated the rules?”

“Not many, but I can’t accurately judge the person’s identity.”

“So what do you think is the reason why that person came to Nine Regions secretly and didn’t do anything for ten years?”

“Perhaps that person is scared…”

“That person is scared because you are suppressed? Could it be that simple? At the beginning, you were subdued because you were surrounded and not yet fully recovered. But ten years later, that person should have completely recovered right? How could a Fallen Immortal in a complete one hundred percent condition be afraid?”

“I don’t know. Perhaps it was just my illusion…”

The dialogue in the dark paused for a while. Then, Wang Lu faintly said, “In any case, you are credited for this information.”

“Then…” The prisoner in the dark was filled with expectation.

“From now on, the price for writing on you will be increased to fifty thousand spirit stones per character.”


“This is the use of economic means to regulate market behaviour. Don’t worry, your life will be much better after this.”


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