Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 785 - The Loss of a Gay Friend

Chapter 785: The Loss of a Gay Friend 

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Time flew by. Five years had gone by.

In the past five years, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals still maintained a dazzling development speed. The highly centralized system had not yet shown a decline, and the Nine Regions still enjoyed the benefits of this centralized system.

The construction of the training ground in the Desolate Land of Cangxi Prefecture, which was designated as “Area 51” by the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, was becoming more and more magnificent.

An area with a radius of hundreds of kilometers, a height that reached the blue dome of heaven, and even reached the bottomless abyss had been transformed into the training ground of the degraded version of the giant Divine Weapon: The training location of Zaku. This was where the most cutting-edge technology as well as the largest resources of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals gathered. As the most powerful card in the war against the Fallen Immortal, the Area 51 deserved such a treatment. According to the overall planning of Heavenly Sage Hall, there would be 100 Zhaku pilots whose strength was comparable to that of Supreme. With Wang Lu’s in-depth analysis of the firecore of the giant Divine Weapon, Zaku’s performance had been constantly improving and the future was unlimited.

Of course, there was not much that could be done in five years. Thanks to Wang Lu’s unremitting efforts, the number of Zaku had reached thirty. Under the coordination of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, the qualified pilots were gathered in Area 51 at the first chance, so as to keep pace with the assembled Zaku. From then on, they embarked on a brand-new immortal path and made great progress.

In five years, 30 sets of Zaku have been completed, and the progress has been 50% faster than expected. The first batch of twelve Zaku had now even possessed the power of Peak Deity Stage. Among them, the most outstanding ones, such as Qiong Hua and Zhu Shiyao could even be comparable to a Supreme.

However, Wang Lu was still not satisfied with this. Since two years ago, he simply stayed in Area 51, personally supervising and guiding the pilots of Zaku to carry out special training. For a time, the pilots in Area 51, who originally had been able to do well, incessantly complained about Wang Lu’s increasingly stringent standards.

The pilots were naturally full of complaints about this. But Wang Lu acted like a tyrant and suppressed all opposing voices with great strength. However, the few people who had a close relationship with Wang Lu could smell that there was something fishy about this.


“My guess is he has a break up.”

In the canteen of Area 51, Zhou Mumu indignantly said, “If not, how could this kind of inhuman training be done? Obviously, it is an opportunity to vent his anger!”

At the same table, a pretty girl with a sexy figure was surprised and said, “Huh? Senior Brother Wang Lu has a break up? When? How?”

Zhou Mumu looked at her helplessly and said, “Junior Sister Liu Li, you have rice on your face…”

“Oh!” Liu Li hurriedly scraped it down.

Beside Liu Li, a young man with a scar on his cheek and cold look rejected this guess, “I don’t think that Commander Wang Lu could possibly not distinguish between public and private affairs. What’s more, what is the inevitable connection between a break up and the special training?”

Zhou Mumu sighed and said, “Explaining it to you is also futile.”

“No, I can’t agree with this kind of discriminatory talk. I think that understanding and tolerating each other as comrades in arms is an important part of maintaining tacit understanding in combat…”

Seeing that Xiang Liang was serious and wanted to make a long speech, Zhou Mumu had to ask, “Xiang Liang, do you know what love is?”

Xiang Liang nodded seriously: “Of course, I know that making love is one of the rituals necessary for human reproduction.”


“Hey, did someone just mention reproduction? How can I be left out of this topic?

During the talk, a bald headed cultivator ran over with a large pot of meat. He sat down on the side of the table and looked at Zhou mu with a smile: “I’m the disciple of the reproduction master in Nine Regions, whatever it is that you want to ask, you can just ask me!”

Zhou Mumu looked disgusted as she said, “Luo Xiao… I wonder why would Wang Lu transfer people like you into Area 51!”

“Hahaha, of course, because I’m strong.”

Fifteen years ago, Luo Xiao dragged Black into the mud with his own efforts and thus allowed Wang Lu the opportunity to inherit Sun Buping’s legacy in Thunder Reservoir. It could be said that he had made great contributions. At least at that moment, his achievements were unparalleled, and thus his God of War Blood burned fiercely. This not only relieved the crisis of God of War Blood reversion, but also promoted his cultivation to a whole new level. As for Wang Lu’s combination with the giant Divine Weapon and his rapid ascension to be the number one person in Nine Regions, Luo Xiao’s God of War Blood had already locked in a new target: The Fallen Immortals.

And Luo Xiao in this state was naturally qualified to join Area 51 and became the core force of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. It was just that, he was really not popular and he only had a few friends in Area 51. Only when drinking and eating could he occasionally have a few words with Liu Li.

However, Luo Xiao himself did not mind this. Once upon a time, he was just a small figure in front of Qiong Hua and the other lead disciples of the Five Unique, but now, he had already stood on the same step as them. Compared with this, what did it matter what others think of him?

Luo Xiao said to Zhou Mumu with a smile, “Actually, I agree with your opinion. According to my recent observation, Wang Lu is indeed ‘hungry and thirsty.’ His loyal **** Senior Gem Emperor has not been seen for more than ten days in a row. His other confidant, his beautiful Master, has not been here for a long time. It is said that she stays in the Western Continent people camp every day, chatting and laughing with the blue eyed and blonde haired foreigners… If it’s me, I would also be angry and vent it out to others.”

“Hey-hey, watch what you say, don’t implicate us if you want to court disaster… Do you really think Wang Lu can’t hear you?”

Luo Xiao said indifferently, “Even if he hears me, can he still kill me to shut my mouth? At most he’ll increase the training intensity as revenge. In any case, I’m not the last in ranking here, there are always a few people behind me.”


At the same time, in the supreme command room of Area 51, Wang Lu looked at the image reflected in the water mirror with a grim smile on his face. He had heard every word said in the dining room by those small groups of people.

“Huh, it seems like the training intensity is still low, they still have the mind to spread gossips about me here…”

At this time, a woman’s voice rang out beside Wang Lu’s ear, “Actually, they are not wrong. You’re in a bad psychological state. Especially after Senior Gem Emperor left, your depression is obvious.”

Now that Wang Lu had become the number one person in Nine Regions, there were not many people who could speak up to him. Even the Elders of Heavenly Sage Hall would ponder carefully about their wording. However, there was one person who, if not saying anything, always spoke things directly–Autumn Beam, the sword spirit that had followed him for many years.

As the sword spirit of Rouge Tears, after Wang Lu merged with the giant Divine Weapon, Autumn Beam became the manager of the weapon control system. She became inseparable from Wang Lu himself, just like a right-hand man. In this kind of intimate relationship, she didn’t have to worry about speaking up.

“The fifteen years of intimacy have created a strong bond between you two, even though you have been trying to deny it by deceiving yourself…”

“Stop, have you been reading romance novels lately?”


“Is it Immortal Luo Xue?”

“Well, recently I had a gathering with the treasure spirits of immortal treasures that belonged to those Earth Immortals, and they lent me a lot of books… I don’t think it’s a bad thing to learn from art.”

“But it’s stupid to put the content of the novel into real life! Autumn Beam, if you have time to read romance novels to seduce me, how about we talk about real love? You’re old already, do you want me to help you find a partner?”

“Stop it!” Autumn Beam sounded a bit annoyed, “I don’t want to talk to you. I’m just going to debug the positron cannon.”

Wang Lu shrugged but then the smile that he put on his face quickly subsided.

He was indeed in a bad mood… The strict special training for Zhou Mumu and others was also somewhat intended to relieve pressure.

But of course, the reason for his bad mood was not due to a break up, but because of a loss of connection.

He had lost contact with an important person, and so far, the man had been missing for ten days, and there was no clue to find him!

“The Shengjing Sect Supervisor is actually like a dog, he said he was about to die, he actually immediately died. Tsk, I’m afraid even if Kong Zhang himself voluntarily betray, he would not be able to escape this quickly!”

After Kong Zhang lost contact with him, Wang Lu deducted more than ten times in a row with the skill of divine calculation, but all of them failed. It was obvious that someone was deliberately hiding things. In the present day Nine Regions, there were only a few people who could evade Wang Lu’s divine calculation. One was Senior Gem Emperor, the other one was Lu Biechen. The Sect Leader of Spirit Sword Sect Feng Yin might also be able to do so. As for the others, even Supreme Tianlun couldn’t defeat the divine calculation of the giant Divine Weapon.

Kong Zhang, who was still in Jindan Stage, obviously could not be compared with Senior Gem Emperor.

“… It seems that after five years of exploration, he has finally achieved something.”

Five years ago, Wang Lu authorized Kong Zhang to investigate the elopement of Bai Ze and Xuan Mo. Five years later, when Wang Lu almost forgot about the incident, Kong Zhang suddenly disappeared. How could it not arouse people’s suspicion?

“Bai Ze and Xuan Mo have been missing for five years. If those two are determined to elope, it is not easy for ordinary people to find them. But the disappearance of Kong Zhang can only explain one thing. That person who has been hiding for fifteen years finally reveals the cloven foot.”


At the same time, still in the Desolate Land of Blue River Region. At the edge of the endless vast land, a young girl slowly lowered her previously raised hand.

“Phew, that was too close. I was almost locked in by this sudden calculation… This guy is getting stronger and stronger in the past fifteen years.”

Behind the girl, there was a man and a woman. Both of whom were silent.

The girl said, “I’m afraid the plan will change a little bit. Before taking out that idiot Feng Yue’s legacy, we should consider the possibility of fighting Wang Lu head-on.”

The man behind her said hoarsely, “Are you sure he will find us?”

“You idiot! In the future, don’t call yourself Bai Ze, but call yourself an idiot instead!” The girl gave him an angry look and then said, “What did the little bug named Kong Zhang do just now? Didn’t you see it?”

“He’s dead.”

“Yes! He’s dead! So unless Wang Lu is as stupid as you are, he will surely notice something unusual! I wanted to subdue Kong Zhang, but he acted so fast that he destroyed himself without hesitation, just so that he could warn Wang Lu… Huh, had I knew it earlier, I wouldn’t have taken action while reading a book, which really slowed my reaction.”

The girl complained about her mistake, and then sternly said, “Be ready for battle, Wang Lu might come over at any time.”

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