Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 786 - This is Foreshadowing, Does Anyone Believe It?

Chapter 786: This is Foreshadowing, Does Anyone Believe It?

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In the Desolate Land of Blue River Region, thousands of kilometers away from Area 51, Wang Lu and Supreme Kuqin of the Royal Soldier Sect stood side by side. Kuqin touched the surface of the lake with one of his feet, which caused circles of ripple.

After a moment, Supreme Kuqin nodded and said, “There’s no mistake, this is the smell of Fallen Immortal.”

Wang Lu immediately frowned and clenched his fists.

“She truly went to my blind spot. I didn’t expect that person to be bold enough to wander around my base camp…”

Supreme Kuqin said, “Although it was indeed a blind spot, this kind of unconventional gambit meant huge risks. But, if she’s willing to take this risk, then she must be plotting something. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

Wang Lu also couldn’t understand her intention, “What’s it in this Desolate Land that worth taking risk for? There’s neither a maid cafe nor a bookstore. What is she doing here?”

Supreme Kuqin shook his head and said, “You have to ask yourself, the Desolate Land has always been the back garden of the Spirit Sword Sect. If you don’t know, no one else will know.” After a pause, Kuqin continued, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave.”

Wang Lu cupped his hands and said, “Thank you for your help.

“No need.”

After sending off Supreme Kuqin, Wang Lu quickly fell into contemplation.

“Is there anything worth risking in this Desolate Land? Catching me off guard by directly attacking my base? She shouldn’t be this stupid. I have been watching over here for many years, she would only court death if she does that. Or, does she want the legacy of Mr. Feng Yue? Yes, this possibility should be very high. As the vanguard of the Fallen Immortal, Feng Yue ought to have the highest expectation and best preparation from the upper realm. If he hadn’t suffered a great loss from the Fenrir, it was very likely that he would have succeeded. And that guy did leave something before he died with me. But if she comes for that thing, then… Xia Xiaohe, I’m afraid you’re doomed to get nothing in this Desolate Land.”

As he spoke, Wang Lu began to smile.

“Good. I’ve finally got the initiative back. Next, I’ll wait for you at Feng Yue’s legacy. Don’t make me wait too long.”


In the wild marsh in the depth of Desolate Land, a girl in a luxurious black dress, a cat’s ear headdress, and with a hairy cat’s tail hanging from her waist, floated in mid air. As she covered her nose and mouth with the gorgeous sleeves, she frowned slightly and murmured, “Have you two found it? At any rate, you two are already in Mahayana Stage, half a step away from the Immortal World, so you don’t have to be taught on how to look for something, don’t you?”

A moment later, a bubble came out of the stinking marsh mud, and then Bai Ze and Xuan Mo raised their respective light cover and floated out of the mud.

“There’s nothing.”

“Impossible!” Xia Xiaohe decisively said, “Feng Yue that idiot obviously fell here. The remains of his corpse turned into this secluded marsh, and the unique stench almost made me vomit. His legacy must be here!”

Bai Ze and Xuan Mo looked at each other, and Bai Ze hoarsely asked, “If the person named Feng Yue was killed here after he descended, don’t you think that any legacy that he had might have already been taken by others? If you look for it here, it is tantamount to a notch on the side of a boat to locate a sword dropped overboard.”

“I don’t need you to teach me how to find things! When I obtained the hidden treasure chest in the virtual realm maze, you were still suckling on your mother’s tits!” Xia Xiaohe gave him an angry look and said, “The upper world’s immortal treasure is unpredictable, you ants are incapable of understanding its marvelousness. If I didn’t enlighten your eyes, you will turn a blind eye to it even if it’s placed in front of you.”

Xuan Mo couldn’t help but frown when she heard it. “Turn a blind eye?”

Xia Xiaohe’s attitude toward Xuan Mo was much more gentle. She said, “People’s perception is limited. For example, ordinary mortals who have not practiced cultivation, can’t hear sounds that are too high or too low in frequency, and can’t see a specific light. It is not until after they cultivate that their perceptual domain expands and they could see that there are many colors in the world.”

Xuan Mo nodded and said, “Indeed so… Then, the treasures of the immortal world exist in ways beyond our understanding, so we can’t observe or touch them?”

“Without the authorization of the immortal, you really don’t even have the qualification to observe… Don’t mention Canglan. Although the idiot is powerful, he never uses his brain to do things. With the wear and tear of the forced arrival, no one can trust to give him the treasure, so he ran naked when he descended down the realm. Otherwise, do you guys think you can suppress him?”

Xuan Mo asked: “But we have just searched the bottom of the marsh comprehensively, and we have not found what you said.”

“The two of you are really useless! Do I have to do everything by myself! I wish I could go back and not take you with me!” Xia Xiaohe was annoyed, then hesitated. She descended down from the air, stepped on the wet and soft marsh with bright black leather boots, and then immediately soared for more than a meter. “No-no-no, I don’t want to step on this thing! Mm, it’s definitely not here.”

Back to mid air, Xia Xiaohe immediately assumed her airs. She pressed her right hand thumb with her right middle finger, took a deep breath… And then coughed violently.

“Aaah, it’s so annoying! Feng Yue that bitch is so stinky! I can’t even perform the immortal calculation!”

After losing her temper for a while in mid air, Xia Xiaohe softly said with red eyes and red nose, “However, I did deduce a clue. That thing is in the Blue River Region. Let me look at its specific location… Tsk, what a wretched place.”


Blue River Region was located in a corner of Nine Regions. It had always been a remote and backward place in the past several tens of thousands of years. Compared with Central Region and other prosperous places, the capital of an ordinary mortal’s country in Blue River Region might just be a standard ordinary city in those other places.

Later, with the rise of Spirit Sword Sect, especially after Wang Lu became the undisputed number one person in Nine Regions, Blue River Region began to prosper. Although it was difficult to reverse the backwardness of tens of thousands of years, there had been many miraculous scenes in the Blue River Region.

For example, this majestic city built in a mountain valley was one of the most famous wonders in the Blue River Region.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please pay attention to the huge tower on your left, which is shining with soft luster in the sun. This is the important scenic spot we need to visit today: Wisdom King City. As the name implies, the word wisdom in Wisdom King City refers to the Wisdom Sect, the Wisdom Sect that enlightens people’s wisdom. The word King is not only to refer to Immortal Wang Lu, but also of the name Wang Family Village (Wang here means King). This is not only the hometown of the revered number one person in Nine Regions, but also the birthplace of the famous Wisdom Sect. Once upon a time, Wisdom King City was a remote and backward small village located at the Dog Ear Mountain. However, with the rise of Immortal Wang Lu and his Wisdom Sect, the village has undergone earth shaking changes in just a few decades.”

As the beautiful guide explained in depth, the shuttle, which could hold fifty passengers, gradually lowered its elevation and began to circle around the tower.

“Many people may wonder what Dog Ear Mountain is? Isn’t this Dragon Horn Mountain? As a matter of fact, you might as well look down. Without this towering Wisdom King City, wouldn’t the mountain here look like a dog’s ear? But now with this tower, the situation is very different… Of course, calling it Dragon Horn and so on is a bit suspicious, as that would be the same as flattery. But we can also see that with the Wisdom King City, the mountain scenery here is really different. ”

“And when it comes to this Wisdom King City, we often say that it’s a miracle of Nine Regions. This tower-shaped city can accommodate millions of people. The masonry of the city’s outer wall is made of celestial mud, and its defense is comparable to that of spiritual treasure. At the bottom of the tower, there is a unique power source. It is said that it can support the whole city to float up after being activated… For these things alone Wisdom King City could only be regarded as a relatively good city in the Nine Regions. Regardless of Immortal City of Shengjing Sect, or the newly constructed Plentiful City, all have more powerful magical powers and functions than Wisdom King City. However, Wisdom King City has one thing that other cities do not. Every material used to build this city is based on local materials.”

The tourists on the shuttle were suddenly puzzled, “Isn’t that impossible? Apart from Kunlun Mountain, there’s no other place to produce celestial mud. As the node of the city wall, the magic crystal fragment is a specialty of the Central Region. This place is basically a mish-mash, how could it be possible to get the materials locally?”

The tour guide seemed to have been waiting for this question for a long time. She immediately nodded and said with a smile, “That is a good question. In fact, this involves the core secret of Wisdom King City: There is an omnipotent altar in the city, which can produce all kinds of celestial materials and earth treasures every time it is used. When it was just established decades ago, it needed to absorb a large amount of spiritual energy and the materials produced were also mixed. However, with the passage of time, the production efficiency of the altar increased more and more. It is said that from 15 years ago, it was no longer necessary to input it with spiritual energy to produce celestial materials and earth treasures, and moreover, the quality is very high…”

“Surely that’s a falsehood!” More tourists expressed their doubts, “How can there be such a treasure that produces something out of nothing in the world?”

The tour guide said with a smile, “Perhaps sire forget that a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage can produce magical power from his or her own self?”

“That’s just magical power, how could celestial mud possibly be produced out of nothing!”

“And that’s why this Wisdom King City is called a miracle.” The beautiful tour guide said with a smile, “I know you guys must have many questions, but next, we will have a chance to go deep into the Wisdom King City and observe the magical altar closely. If there are any questions at that time, I believe they can be answered to a certain extent.”

“What? Even the core secret of the Wisdom King City can be disclosed?”

“Yes, because even the administrators of Wisdom King City do not understand the operation principle of this altar. It is said that Immortal Wang Lu could not completely solve the secret, and Wisdom King City also offers high reward for this. If you can get some insight, you can try to get that reward.”

One after another, the tourists naturally laughed and cursed. If even Wang Lu could not uncover the secret, how could they, as mere tourists?”

At the back seat of the shuttle, a girl with a cat ornament on her head also laughed, but the laugh was actually a sneer.

“A group of fools, just bits and pieces of efficacy and they already call it a miracle, ridiculous!”

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