Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 79: Hello, Do You Know About the Product of the Seven Stars Sect?

Chapter 79: Hello, Do You Know About the Product of the Seven Stars Sect?

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The remark from the Village Head threw Wang Lu, this professional adventurer, into considerable confusion. This only made him particularly curious about everything that happened in the village.

“Village Head Grandpa, what happened?”

Hearing the three words “village head grandpa”, the look of regret on Wang Qi Nian’s face turned a bit thicker. Watching Wang Lu’s windblown dust face, he bitterly said, “Oh child, all these years… you have been led astray!”

Despite knowing that Wang Qi Nian was talking about a different thing, Wang Lu still felt somewhat distressed. “Damn it! Who says I am not?!”

“But fortunately, you’re in luck.” Wang Qi Nian revealed a “you can be rescued” look. “The Daoist Immortals of the Seven Stars Sect have recently come to the village, I think… We should be able to ask them to help you. Although you and that child Xiaohu doesn’t have a good relationship, considering the past nostalgic sentiment, he should be willing to come forward to help you.”

To Wang Lu, this remark was similar to as if he saw tens of millions of sheep and camels fly like doves and all of them rained down their excrement from the sky. However...

Seven Stars Sect? That illegal gang, and Wang Xiaohu?

Wang Lu calmed down and put his thoughts together. Suddenly, he remembered the duel on the Spirit Sword Mountain’s Cloud Tread Rooftop several months ago, and the thing that triggered that duel.

“... I think I probably understand what happened to the village.” Wang Lu inwardly sneered; he thought, “It really is the same. From the textbook, if the color of the energy is withered yellow, then this place might be haunted by demonic people, plaguing the villagers with suffering and misfortune. I initially worried that this might be a big devil or something, but it turns out they’re just a bunch of damn MLM swindlers selling fake medicine!”

He didn’t say these words to the old Village Head because, although the old man looked somewhat young, he was actually over seventy years old. What he thought was enough to impact his worldview; it would be a sin if the old man got a stroke because of this.

“Village Head Grandpa, when did these Daoist Immortals from the Seven Stars Sect come to the village?”

Seeing Wang Lu had turned serious and began to inquire the Seven Stars Sect affair, Wang Qi Nian thought that the youth had the tendency to turn a new leaf; his heart felt a great sense of relief.

Because, in accordance with the Seven Stars Sect’s Daoist Immortals’ argument, some deceived youngsters that were hoodwinked by a gang would become particularly stubborn and difficult to enlighten; even if they were killed, they would not admit their mistake. And Wang Lu who had gone to look for a faraway sect two years ago was likely to become such a victim.

However, in the end, he was a clever boy in the past, so he quickly came to his sense.

“Those Daoist Immortals came to our village two years ago. Speaking of which, it’s also thanks to that child Xiaohu. If he weren't talented and picked by the Daoist Immortals, our Wang Family Village wouldn’t have such a good fortune. These recent years, quite many people have been brought closer to the path of Immortality by the Daoist Immortals. Haha, in the whole Great Ming Country, we’re the only village who is this lucky.”

While Wang Qi Nian was blabbering about the Seven Stars Sect several years of achievements, Wang Lu interrupted him, “Who are all the people that they brought to the Immortal Path?”

Wang Qi Nian said, “It goes without saying that it include Wang Dafu. And the others are, Wang Tiezhu, Wang Laogen, Wang Shanyao… In short, it’s around seven or eight individuals.”

Wang Lu inwardly sneered. “What a clever move, all those men are the village’s wealthiest people! The only exception is Wang Shanyao, but his pretty daughter is precisely the dream girl of Wang Xiaohu that he had tried to pursue for many years!”

“Tsk, tsk, this is too unscrupulous. But, it’s also because this Wang Family Village is too remote, so the villagers are too naive to recognize it. If this is in another place, they would’ve long been exposed!”

“Then, what about my dad?”

As the village’s wealthiest man, he should be their best target, no?

Wang Qi Nian began to sigh. “Little Wang Lu, your dad… Initially, by the Daoist Immortals assessment, he indeed seems like a predestined person, unfortunately, the road to happiness is strewn with setbacks.”

“Did Wang Xiaohu make things difficult for him?

Upon hearing his accusation, Wang Qi Nian became angry. “Why didn’t you learn something good in your two years wandering outside instead of bringing negative prejudice! Although you and Wang Xiaohu often clashed in opinions in the past, he had never blamed you in front of those Daoist Immortals! On the contrary, when the Daoist Immortals found out that you left the village to pay respect on another Daoist Immortal two years ago, the Seven Stars Sect’s Daoist Immortals plan to give up on your father, even so much as to abandon the village altogether. But it was Xiaohu’s words that change their mind so that things turned for the better!”

“Oh, so that’s what happened.” A faint smile has floated on Wang Lu’s face.

He thought, “No wonder all the way here, the villagers looked at me with a strange look. They actually think I am the one who has been deceived by a sect, which almost implicated my dad and even the village. Thus, they saw me with a look of disgust, but at the same time, they also saw me as a victim and looked at me with sympathy… I really want to thank Wang Xiaohu for his kind words, hahaha!”

“Then I have to give my many thanks to Xiaohu.”

“Ai, it’s good that you know… Initially, your dad didn’t have the predestined fate with the Seven Stars Sect, but because little Xiaohu persuaded them over and over, the Daoist Immortals finally acknowledge your dad as a supporter. It was also because of Xiaohu’s advice that they agreed to promote your dad be the candidate, but only after your dad built a building for the Daoist Immortals…”

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu could not help but interrupt. “Building!?”

“It’s the place for the Daoist Immortals and their disciples to stay. Although there are many vacant rooms in our village, how could these worn out house befit those Daoist Immortals? Therefore…”

“Village Head Grandpa, how much do you think is the cost?”

“Only your dad knows the exact numbers, but it should be around three to five hundred thousand taels of silver.”

Wang Lu was stunned. “Three to five hundred thousand!? Are they going to build a city!?”

“This is basically the abode of the Immortals, how could we measure it with our mortal’s standard? All of the materials must be carefully selected!”

Wang Lu sneered. “Yeah, because the villagers’ eyesight is inadequate, the Seven Stars Sect had to use their own people to select the construction materials, just as long as my dad provide the money.”

Wang Qi Nian was startled. “Yes, how do you know?”

Wang Lu laughed. “Let me guess. Because they are Daoist Immortals, they certainly won’t care about the mortal world’s money, so they didn’t even have an account book, am I right?”

Wang Qi Nian felt that something was not quite right with those words, but the fact was unmistakable. “The people from the Daoist Immortals definitely won’t covet the wealth of the mortal world.”

“Hehe.” Wang Lu has heard enough. “Village Head Grandpa, it’s impossible for the Daoist Immortals of the Seven Stars Sect to always stay in the village, so they should have left some of their people here right?”

Wang Qi Nian froze for a moment. “Yes, you’re right. There’s the Seven Stars Sect Publicity Envoy and a couple of senior disciples; their status is far higher than Xiaohu.”

“Xiaohu is also with them?”

“Yes, right now, he is acting as the Publicity Envoy’s assistant.”

“I understand.”

After that, Wang Lu didn’t try to exchange pleasantries with the Village Head Grandpa; he immediately got up, said goodbye and left.

At this time, Wang Lu didn’t immediately go home. Outside the Village Head house, he looked at the surrounding spiritual energy, trying to determine the source of the withered yellow color.

Based on his Qi Cultivating Stage level, it was absolutely impossible for him to do that; but based on the attribute of his Void Spirit Root, soon, he saw a glimmer of yellow rising from the eastern part of the village, which disrupted the movement of the entire surrounding spiritual energy in the village.

It was from his father’s, Master Wang’s old house, which was located in front of their new residence. The building itself was not big, but in the mountain village, it was considered as neat and tidy—no wonder people took a fancy to it.

“Interesting, let’s see what’s going on there.”


When Wang Lu combatively rushed to the “crime scene”, he was surprised to find the source of that evil was preaching inside the house while on the outside, there were numerous innocent bystanders, so much that his original plan could not be successfully implemented.

Wang Lu’s idea to deal with this charlatan was to beat that person black and blue. If the person refused to give up, he would just kill that person, and the accomplices would naturally submit. As long as he got rid of this source of evil, the other matters would be solved in no time.

He just never thought that the Publicity Envoy that was sent to the village was so diligent in doing the work. Right now, there were dozens of people in the courtyard listening to that person with relish, so how could he just go in and kill that person?

While he was still hesitating, he heard the clear and resonant voice of that Publicity Envoy. “Immortal Path is near, right beside us. As long as we seize the opportunity, everyone can become Immortals! Many sects like to portray the Immortal Cultivation Path as something that is high and unattainable, that’s because their view is already outdated. At the same time, they also worry about our awakening would pose a challenge to their position. Imagine if everyone can cultivate and become immortal, how could those Immortal Cultivation Sects be entitled to act arrogant in front of us, acting aloof and remote? Thus, please lay down your preconceived idea, summon your courage, face the immortal path and say to yourself, I can do it! Also, even if you think you’re not young anymore, so you’re reluctant to embark on the Immortal Path, but can’t you think of your children?”

At this time, the villagers were already swayed by his talk. After thinking about it, some of them began to talk, “He’s right, I think our family’s child’s, Gou’s natural spirit root is Immortal Cultivation material, but a few years ago, a traveling Daoist Priest Lu said that he’s not. The way I see it, that Daoist priest is the one with bad intention!”

Even the cultured village’s doctor, Doctor Wang echoed her, “Exactly! Initially, everyone saw that he has an affinity with the Immortality, and we even believe that he’s a capable person, so we enthusiastically accepted him as a guest! However, when we asked him to handle affairs, he used all kinds of ways to shirk out; he is indeed not a genuine material!”

Hearing this exchange, Wang Lu’s countenance turned serious.

The villager’s dialogue was indeed stupid. If this were any other village, at worst, Wang Lu would just simply inwardly scold them as morons. However, this was his own village; he grew up in this place. Wang Lu was very clear that these simple villagers shouldn’t be having this kind of hostile talk… No doubt that withered yellow color had not only changed the surrounding spiritual energy, but also has been projected into the hearts of the people.

There was no place in the world where the people would stay simple and honest forever. In Wang Lu’s opinion, perhaps decades to hundreds of years later, When he had made a name for himself, the Wang Family Village would become a tourist attraction site of the Immortal’s former residence, so this hipster mentality naturally couldn’t be kept up… However, a similar result could happen with different causes. Like if a commoner girl loses her virginity to a night with a prince or being raped by a huge monster ape, the two incident could lead to the girl getting pregnant; but how could this two completely opposite ideas be any good!?

At this time, someone inside the building asked, “Then Mr. Zhou, may I ask how can we grasp this Immortal affinity?”

As soon as he heard this person’s voice, Wang Lu immediately froze.

Because that person who asked a question just now was his father, the village’s wealthiest man, Master Wang!

However, the reply to that question was even more maddening.

“As to the specific, it depends on your sincerity, haven’t I said it before? The first thing is to build an abode for the Seven Stars Sect’s Daoist Immortals, then we can discuss it later.”

Master Wang hesitated. “But, a mere abode actually has a budget of one million, this…”

“Ah, is Master Wang unable to part with his money?”

Master Wang suddenly began to sweat profusely. “It-it’s not that; it’s just… I think my luck is superficial; I am already satisfied with the little wealth that I accumulate in my lifetime. As for that Immortal Path, just forget it…”

Seeing that the richest man had begun to withdraw, that Public Envoy chuckled. “Oh Master Wang, actually, this is not just about your opportunity alone, but it’s for the whole village. If you built this abode of immortal, when the Daoist Immortal, his honorable self, visit in the future, it’s the people who will have the benefit. Is Master Wang cruel enough to break the whole village’s chance to Immortality?”

How could Master Wang afford such a heavy responsibility? He immediately trembled. “If-if that’s the case, then that million…”

He clenched his teeth and was about to bite the bullet, but suddenly, a righteous voice came from the outside.

“All of you, stop this instance!”

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