Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 791 - Sorry, Just Found Out That There Are Two Chapter Nines In This Volume

Chapter 791: Sorry, Just Found Out That There Are Two Chapter Nines In This Volume

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Nine Regions, the crack in the sky.

In the depth of the passage, the ferocious beasts from the upper realm huddled together and were in a dilemma.

“M*therf*cker, are all of you at the front f*cking stupid! Don’t block the door!”

“Which idiot in the back that is spouting shit? If you have the ability then come here to the front! There’s a monster outside! Whoever goes out dies!”

“F*ck off! How could there be a monster in the lower realm? By the way, you’re also a monster!”

“You’re the monster, your whole family are monsters!”

“Stop making such noise! Those in the front row quickly pull out your defensive magical weapon and rush forward. Don’t be afraid of death and open the passage! The brothers behind then can come out to support you! None of us can afford to be stuck here and delay the big thing!”

“What kind of thing are you? You dare to command me?”

“F*ck you, I am thinking about you!”

“Demon bastard, who knows what your intention is?”

“If you dare to say demon bastard again, I will kill you right now!”

“So what? Demon bastards were the ones that destroyed my hometown. Don’t think that when you ascend to the immortal world and follow a master you can change a new leaf, a demon bastard is indeed a demon bastard…”

“F*ck you!”

“Don’t fight in the passage! Do you want to kill everyone? F*ck, which fools are still doing it?”

“Shit, the warping effect of the passage is getting stronger! Do you really want to commit suicide? Damn it, even if I die I will drag you all with me, go to hell!”

“The f*ck, which son of a b*tch launch a flying sword in the back?”

“D*mn it, we can’t fight this battle. There’s a monster in the front, and a group of bastards stabbing people in the back. Brothers, let’s clean up the scum in the back first!”


At the other end of the passage, a man and a woman stood in a splendid light and looked contemptuously at the chaos in the passage.

The man in the splendid light possessed an exceptionally tall and sturdy body.

“Shuiyue, see that? Bastards are indeed bastards. Truly disgraceful.”

The woman named Shuiyue beside him was also extremely dissatisfied, “Leitian, you are right. These bastards are so unsightly. I think the superior is a bit sick, how could they look for such a group of bastards to be the vanguard? They will only drag down the big thing. This passage is really not stable at all. If they continue to be this chaotic…”

Before she could finish her words, someone sneered next to her, “If these bastards are not used as the vanguard, should we use the two of you then?”

Both the man and the woman were startled. They quickly turned around and bowed toward the new third person. “Senior Immortal Poxu…”

The third person was also in the splendid light, but his figure was dim and indistinct. His voice was indistinguishable from men’s and women’s voices, but the impatience in his tone was obvious.

“What happens? What are these scums doing in the passage?”

Leitian quickly replied, “Report Senior Immortal, it seems that the other end of the passage is blocked.”

“Blocked? Although they are just a group of scum, they are also elite servants collected from all walks of life in many worlds. In the present day Nine Regions, they belonged to the top-level elites… Don’t tell me the Nine Regions people knew about the news in advance and thus set a trap at the exit? How many people are there blocking the passage?”

“Report Senior Immortal, it seems that…”

“It seems?”

Leitian was suddenly drenched in cold sweat. His massive body trembled as he said, “There’s only one person…”

“What a joke!” Senior Immortal Poxus’s anger surged upward, then he opened his eyes and looked directly across the long and deep passage to see the Nine Regions.

He saw a woman in white holding a sword while propping up a motionless sword defense. This sword defense stretched for several kilometers, which completely enveloped the crack in the sky without leaving any gap. The servants in the passage were completely blocked at the exit that they couldn’t move even half a step.

These servants were collected by the immortal world for thousands of years, and they had destroyed many countless worlds. They were basically the immortal world’s battle-hardened soldiers. Of which, they consisted of the old royal family of the demon race, spirit beasts, and monsters captured by the Fallen Immortals, but also primal chaos demons that were suppressed from the thousand worlds…

Although they were basically scums, they were scums of the immortal world. Any one of them could set off a natural disaster in Nine Regions. This had been tested more than one hundred years ago.

That was when Senior Immortal Poxu personally dropped a Nine-Tailed Fox from an accidentally opened gap. Then the Nine-Tailed Fox, which was far from perfect, almost wiped out one of the most prestigious sects in Nine Regions. But now, in the passage between the two realms, there were countless more powerful creatures than the Nine-Tailed Fox, yet they were single-handedly stopped by an inexplicable woman.

Was the expectation for these scums too high in these recent years? Or was there something mysterious about this woman?

Senior Immortal Poxu narrowed his eyes slightly and focused his eyes even more. He tried to see through the woman, to understand her power better. However, his gaze suddenly stopped at the sword defense and could no longer penetrate.

“Oh?” Senior Immortal Poxu slightly restrained his anger, which turned into surprise.

A mere trash of the lower realm unexpectedly could resist his gaze with a sword defense, no wonder the hundreds of servants in the passage could be stopped in their tracks… Unexpectedly, after the last Age of Chaos, Nine Regions could still have such a character!

Senior Immortal Poxu immediately showed great interest in her. The plan for the great purge of Nine Regions was imperative, but it did not prevent him from collecting a few rare pets for himself in the process. And this woman in white looked much more interesting than any of his pets.

“Alright, I’ll go and see for myself.”

With that, he stepped forward, ready to enter the passage.

The man and the woman were extremely amazed. They said, “But… Senior Immortal Xiaoyao said that no immortal could enter the passage without his permission.”

“Humph, let Xiaoyao come and personally tell me that. What a joke. Who is qualified to give orders to me except his Majesty the Immortal King? ”

Leitian and Shuiyue exchanged glances. Naturally, none of them dared to stop him… Among the rank of Senior Immortals, Poxu’s strength was at the top three, which was a bit more powerful than Canglan that came to the lower realm fifteen years ago. Although Senior Immortal Xiaoyao had a revered position, he could not do anything to Senior Immortal Poxu. What was more important was that this Poxu was cold-blooded and bloodthirsty, and he often attacked his own people. Thus, the best course of action was to report this matter back to Senior Immortal Xiaoyau and let him decide this…

At this time, Senior Immortal Poxu was not interested in wasting too much energy on these two pawns. His eyes turned back toward the passage and soon he gave out a sneer.

“The passage was opened so hastily that it could not accommodate a Senior Immortal to completely pass through, and forcibly going down will greatly weaken oneself. Fifteen years ago, Canglan that fool suffered a great loss. Thus this time, Xiaoyao allowed these scums to explore the way first. But, it’s too much of a hindrance.”


“I said, these scums are too much of a hindrance. The two of you go and tell Xiaoyao, I’ll help him clean up the garbage.”

Leitian and Shuiyue both have an extremely ominous premonition in their hearts. They wanted to say something, but it was too late.

The next moment, a green ball of light rose from the palm of Senior Immortal Poxu. He held it in front of him and then gently blew it.

The clear immortal spirit that flowed out of Senior Immortal Poxu’s mouth turned into a storm, and the green ball of light was blown forward. The ball flew quietly and slowly. However, when Leitian and Shuiyue saw the light ball, they looked horrified and could not help but retreat.

This was the unique skill of Senior Immortal Poxu, ‘Break.’

Broke the soldiers, broke the people, broke the army, broke the realm, broke the universe and all the living beings… This light ball contained the impeccable insights of Senior Immortal Poxu when he witnessed the destruction of countless worlds. For people like Leitian and Shuiyue, seeing the light ball alone may lead to misfortune.

Of course, they did not dare to look again. However, before they retreated far enough, they saw the green ball of light fly into the passage.

Then, in the passage, the noise of the servants stopped suddenly, and the chaotic power fluctuations subsided.

“Phew, it’s much quieter now.”

Senior Immortal Poxu touched the corner of his mouth and then his body size rapidly shrank. The shroud around him also weakened a bit and his true face was vaguely revealed. However, before Leitian and Shuiyue could see clearly, he had walked into the passage, so they could only see his back.

As far as they were concerned, they saw that the passage was empty. In front of Senior Immortal Poxu was a spacious road. The more than five hundred servants that were previously jammed in it had disappeared…

“This-this…” Leitian shivered as he looked at the back of Senior Immortal Poxu with an inexplicable look.

With his ‘Break,’ he actually wiped out more than five hundred servants! Previously when the servants were still blocking the passage, although there were many casualties when they attacked the sword defense, the actual death was only about ten or twenty people. But now, they had been killed by their own side! The total servant corps in the immortal world was only around two thousand! This person was simply too brazen!

“Come on, let’s report to Senior Immortal Xiaoyao, let him tell His Majesty that Poxu has committed an outrage!”

In the passage, Senior Immortal Poxu sneered indifferently.

What are you going to tell His Majesty? It’s just five hundred pieces of trash used to break the Nine Regions. This kind of thing is dime a dozen… But now, we need to care about the other side.

Senior Immortal Poxu went to the exit at the end of the passage and saw the woman who aroused his full interest at a close distance.

He was a bit surprised.

In front of him was not the expected Peak Mahayana Stage with half a step already passed through the threshold of immortality, but a small Jindan? But soon, this surprise turned into a stronger interest.

“It’s actually… an outside path cultivator, what a surprise.”

There was no other explanation other than the outside path. The law of immortal path would not allow a Jindan to have the power to block the servants. This was truly an unexpected joy, a huge bumper harvest.

Senior Immortal Poxu was already tired of seeing those who followed the rules of immortal cultivation. As he himself was an immortal, he knew the beginning and end of this path very well. However, for the outside path… The outside path was infinitely more beautiful.

When the immortal world was attacking left and right, destroying countless worlds, he happily served as the vanguard, even willing to go through fire and water. Because it was really exhilarating and wonderful to crush those enemies with unknown power with his hands. But now, there was no longer an unknown world within the reach of the immortal world, and all the enemies had been crushed. Although the cleaning of Nine Regions was important, it was not a difficult and exciting task, because this was the origin of the immortal world.

Now it seemed that they had underestimated this world.

Filled with joy, Senior Immortal Poxu, for the first time ever, possessed a merciful heart.

“Are you interested in being my collection?”

The woman in white looked at him in shock.

“Moron, did you drink too much?”

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