Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 797 - I Don’t Want To Be An Absentee Father

Chapter 797: I Don’t Want To Be An Absentee Father

In the cave, Senior Immortal Poxu’s words immediately caused Feng Ling to calm down.

Because this question really hit her weak point.

Has she ever thought that she was not just a simple container… Of course she had thought about it, but she never delved deep into it. Because the answer, which sometimes vaguely appeared in her intuition, was chilling.

Feng Ling was a woman with keen intuition. She trusted her intuition, but she never blindly used her intuition. She chose to know what she should know, as for things that she shouldn’t know… Ignorance is indeed a bliss.

For example, the old man on the mountain always played the role of father with poor acting skills. He awkwardly and arbitrarily gave her the title of illegitimate daughter, and then tried to render a slightly funny father daughter relationship. However, she had long known that She was not Feng Yin’s daughter. The reason why she knew it was very simple, it was already not a secret that the old man was practicing the virgin boy skill, so how could he have any daughter?

Of course, many people also knew that this illegitimate daughter thing was just a disguise, an excuse. The reason why Feng Yin was tolerant to her was that, when the Nine-Tailed Fox ravaged the Spirit Sword Sect more than a hundred years ago, Feng Yin sacrificed an innocent girl and sealed the Nine-Tailed Fox into her body. Then, in order to make up for it, he regarded her as his daughter.

However, Feng Ling had a vague intuition that this explanation was also just a disguise. Feng Yin had spared no effort to act as her father, for decades, even when she had always been cold to him, in order to hide a more important truth.

And this truth, she didn’t want to know. Because her life was good enough for her now. Although many people found it boring to live in Spirit Creek Town, she really liked it.

She liked the mountain, the town, her Ru Family Inn–Whether it was empty or full of guests.

Similarly, she liked the courteous closeness of the white bearded old man. She liked to frown at him when he was around, curled her lips at him, talked badly at him, and couldn’t help but smile when he turned around.

Of course, she always enjoyed the company of the guy named Wang Lu since she met him.

She liked this kind of life very much. Thus, even if she basically deceived herself, she hoped that life could continue along the current track. But…

No matter how beautiful the dream was, there would still be an end.

“You are not the container, you are the Nine-Tailed Fox. What Feng Yin sealed off was not the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox, but the memory of the Nine-Tailed Fox. He turned you into a mortal, and induced you to do nothing in the inn all your life. You even forgot the hatred of being suppressed and sealed, and instead, acknowledged the thief as the father. Alas, it really hurts me to think about it.”

Feng Ling angrily said, “I’m willing to recognize him, what’s that have anything to do with you? Whether he is a thief or a robber, or even if he is a dog, he is still my father. It’s none of your business!”

Poxu laughed and said, “Of course you would feel this way. Feng Yin had induced you for decades, so it’s not surprising that there is such a result. But would you like to hear the answer from the bottom of your heart? ”

“I am me, and I’m not interested in what other people say!”

Poxu said, “The lifespan of Nine-Tailed Fox is very long. Although you are not fully mature yet, you have actually already spent nearly a thousand years. Your life as Feng Ling is only a very small part of it, so it seems to me that your stubbornness is really ridiculous.”

“Laugh if you want, but I will never give in to you.”

“Really? Then let’s give it a try.” With that, Poxu pricked the broken magic needle into Feng Ling’s nape.

The next moment, a horrifying evil wind roared up! The rocks in the cave flew out and the sound of the wind was as sharp as a whistle. In the middle of this strong wind, Feng Ling’s body trembled violently and she uttered a long and painful cry.

Poxu let go off the needle and then took advantage of the wind power to step back. He watched Feng Ling curled up on the ground, unable to move because of the severe pain.

After a long time, the evil wind finally ceased and Feng Ling’s tremble finally stopped, as if the whole person had been immersed in the water.

When she finally raised her head, the girl’s eyes had changed color. A touch of seductive red had soaked through her pupils.

When she saw Poxu, the girl smiled slightly and said, “Thank you Senior Immortal Poxu, I finally recovered my precious thing… After several decades of dreaming, I finally woke up.”

Senior Immortal Poxu said, “Since you have woken up, do you know what you should do?”

“Of course, I must repay the decades of life that Spirit Sword Sect has given me.”

“Good. You are a Nine-Tailed Fox, you should use more of your brain and magical abilities, no need to go hard and act rashly.

The Nine-Tailed Fox said with a smile, “Of course, previously, it was recklessness that nearly ruined the big thing. But now, I will not repeat the same mistake… In fact, these decades of experience is not a bad thing. If there were no decades of getting along, it would be quite difficult to go near him.”

“Yes, as Feng Ling, you can do a lot of things before being exposed. Don’t let us down again this time.”

“Yes. If Senior Immortal has no other order, I will take my leave.”

Poxu nodded and said, “You just woke up from a long dream, but you are more awake than expected. Very good. You can go.”

However, when the Nine-Tailed Fox was about to leave, Poxu suddenly opened his mouth and asked a question.

“How much do you think a boiled radish can sell for?”

The Nine-Tailed Fox was startled and said, “White radish? A few coins is enough.”

“Okay, you can go.”


At the same time, in the sky above the secluded marsh in the desolate land of Blue River Region, a bloody battle was going on.

Those in the passage wanted to get out, while those outside wanted to stop them.

For five days and five nights, waves upon waves of attack came from the passage, but even one mosquito could not pass through.

“A bunch of scums, get out of here!”

No one knew how many times the gatekeeper had swept her sword and a moon-like sword wave blasted into the passage and set off a storm. No one knew how many demons and monsters that had been swept away by the sword wave that they went into panic and wailed in embarrassment.

However, after each of the sword waves, the wounded demons retreated and then came a new batch of demons. The army of servants in the passage looked as tough as the reef under the big waves! After a moment of silence, a new wave of attack began once again.

“It’s really endless.”

The gatekeeper glanced coldly toward the inside of the passage. Her eyes began to sharpen, but the hand that held the sword now began to shake.

For five days and five nights, she had tried her best to stop the attack of the Fallen Immortals’ army. This achievement was indescribable, and could even be called a miracle.

Of course, this miracle was not without a cost. The invincible Non-Phase Sword Defense also could not be eternal.

However it could be infinitely close to infinity, because all this time she was not alone. There were people that supported her.

Nine Regions did not let her face this continent-wide crisis alone. The Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, the Earth Immortals, were all working intensively and orderly at this time. This ‘machine,’ which had been running for fifteen years, was operating with amazing efficiency.

Wang Wu was the tip of the sword, the sharpest and most unstoppable point, while the entire Nine Regions was the thick sword body. When Wang Wu was fighting, it provided her with necessary support. With the Nine Regions Map of Supreme Hetu as the core, more than one hundred of Nine Regions’ most elite and powerful cultivators were connected together. They were located in different parts of Nine Regions, occupying different blessed lands. They then used their own cultivation base to absorb the surrounding spiritual energy, which they converged through the array and delivered it to the frontline of the battle.

Such a huge supply of spiritual energy was enough to make the cultivator omnipotent. Although Wang Wu was just a person with a sword, it was as good as having a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses.

Although her hands trembled, the sword spirit that she brandished out was still as powerful as before. After a round of sword wave, the soldiers of the Fallen Immortals still suffered a crushing defeat, and her Non-Phase Sword Defense was still unbreakable. Whenever she felt exhausted, there would be a warm current injected into her body to wash off her fatigue.

This kind of unique battle array was the final product that had been modified and perfected by countless people after Wang Lu proposed it. In the face of Immortals, a large number of people could not create an advantage–the Earth Immortals in those days had fully proved this point. Under the crushing attack of the upper realm, it was easy to break each of their opponents, and thus more people meant more drag. Thus, Wang Lu simply went the other way and chose one person to fight against the Fallen Immortals alone. The others would just act as supports and didn’t have to participate directly in the battle.

If they didn’t directly participate in the battle, there would be no flaws. And Wang Wu’s Non-Phase Sword Defense had always been flawless.

“Get lost!”

Once again, Wang Wu suddenly jolted the Non-Phase Sword Defense, which shook the bones and boiled the blood of the incoming servants. However, after this round of reverse shock, her body involuntarily shook. Even though there was a warm current being injected into her body, she couldn’t immediately find her balance.

In the passage, surrounded by demons, the light-as-feather woman smiled slightly and then stretched out her hand to point toward Wang Wu’s slanted direction. Thus, a few shadows rushed forward.

This time, the attack still failed to break through Wang Wu’s defensive circle as it was blocked by the counter shock force of Non-Phase Sword Defense. However, before their momentum dissipated, these shadows were already one meter away from Wang Wu.

Although the shadows’ impact failed, the woman’s smile remained unchanged. She waved her hand and began to reorganize the army of servants as if that was just a trivial matter. This made Wang Wu even more unhappy.

“Tsk, do you think that my endurance is insufficient, and that sooner or later I will lose? Don’t worry, little sister, that was just a foreplay. Now, I’ll make sure that you have a constant climax!”

With that, Wang Wu took the initiative to step forward and stepped into the passage!

The woman was slightly surprised by this action.

Then she chuckled and nodded, and the jewel in her forehead sparkled.

“I am Yanluo, pleased to have a fight with you.”


At the same time, in Shengjing Sect in the Central Region, the figure of Supreme Hetu on top of Nine Regions Map shook and a large amount of immortal spirit was scattered. The step that Wang Wu took seemed to be an understatement, but as soon as she moved her whole body, it greatly impacted the entire Nine Regions Map!

Nobody knew how many people in Nine Regions that simultaneously cursed her for picking a quarrel over nothing. It was not enough for her to keep guard outside the passage, she actually went forward to provoke. Did she really want to die this quick?

Unfortunately, it was Wang Wu who was in the frontline far away in Blue River Region, and it was Wang Wu who made the decision. Other people could do nothing but silently provide the surrounding spiritual energy.

“Fifth Junior Sister… is not a person who is impulsive and reckless, she is actually very particular about this step, but unfortunately there are not many people who can see it in Nine Regions.”

On the Stellar Peak in Spirit Sword Mountain, the sect leader Feng Yin was sitting alone in the bamboo room, calm as a rock. It was as if he was connected with the entire Spirit Sword Mountain. Wang Wu’s step just now shocked many people, but it did not shake him.

Because he had expected that Wang Wu would take that step. The core of Nine Regions Map seemed to be Supreme Hetu, but it was actually him.

As long as Feng Yin was steady and stable, this grand array could be maintained for a long time, and Wang Wu could also persist for a long time, and might even fight a beautiful counterattack!

However, just as Feng Yin focused his mind to further expand the scope of the absorption and send more spiritual energy to Wang Wu, suddenly someone came to report something.

Feng Ling had asked to see him.

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