Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 799 - Stand Up Bravely For The Truth

Chapter 799: Stand Up Bravely For The Truth

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“You want me dead? Why?” Xia Xiaohe chuckled, “I think I’m very generous and kind. Not only do I leave you Nine Regions people with a ray of life, even those two traitors Bai Ze and Xuan Mo, I even leave them with a beautiful last time. Where else are you going to look for such a good person? If you kill me, there are only a group of cold-blooded and inhuman guys left in the immortal world.”

“Wang Lu said, “That’s better, no one would have the delusion of surrendering to solve the problem.”

“What’s so wrong about surrendering? A wise man submits to circumstances.” Xia Xiaohe replied, “Although it sounds great and also solemn and stirring to valiantly resist till the last man, it’s essentially a kind of willful thing. Living things should take survival and reproduction as the first priority, rather than die for the sake of vain dignity. What’s the point of your insistence on resistance other than for selfish desire? Are you going to be indifferent and let everything in Nine Regions vanish like a smoke in thin air?”

“What’s the difference between that and surrendering to you?” Wang Lu sneered, “Billions of creatures in Nine Regions will be wiped out. A few of the survivors would be reduced to being livestocks. What’s the difference between the result of this humiliation and total annihilation? And who can guarantee that after surrendering to you, you will keep your promise and provide shelter for the survivors?”

Xia Xiaohe blinked and said, “If you are worried about my reputation, it is really unnecessary. At the very least, I am Xia Yu’s daughter. I’m a unique existence in this universe, so I’m not a liar.”

“Not a liar?” Wang Lu pursed his lips in the direction where Xuan Mo and Bai Ze left and said, “Those are the two people that have just been lied to death by you.”

“You can’t blame me for this.” Xia Xiaohe shrugged and said, “If they honestly followed my instructions, how can they end up like this? In the final analysis, they betrayed me first. If after surrendering you guys become obedient, I will certainly not kill you guys. I still have a good impression of the civilization on this continent.”

“Talk is cheap. If you want me to believe you, you have to show some sincerity.”

Xia Xiaohe blinked in confusion and asked, “What kind of sincerity are we talking here?”

Wang Lu said, “Let me f*ck you.”

“… What did you say?”

The atmosphere around them cooled down at an alarming rate, and the mountaintop frosted in an instant.

Wang Lu turned a blind eye to Xia Xiaohe’s reaction and continued, “I said that as long as you let me f*ck you, I will believe you. There’s an old saying in Nine Regions that says once two people f*ck, they will be friends for a lifetime. Come on, since you are so generous and kind, come and be friends with me for life.”

Then, seeing that Xia Xiaohe’s anger had gathered at an astonishing speed, Wang Lu smiled provocatively again and said, “Or is that your long talk just now merely bullshit? You talked with extravagant embellishment, but when it comes to the substance, you began to use all sorts of excuses? Or perhaps that you, the little princess of the Immortal World, though you have lived for thousands of years, have never actually tasted ‘meat?’ Are you still a virgin? It doesn’t matter, I will be gentle?”

“Wang Lu, you really are a reckless guy.”

Xia Xiaohe’s face had turned icy cold and all the smiles had completely left her face. She said, “I thought I could have some common language with you, but it seems like I too overestimated you, this alien. It’s really a misfortune for the Nine Regions to have people like you become the number one in Nine Regions. I will kill you first, and then subdue the Nine Regions1′

“Hahaha, then come on.”

However, when Wang Lu was about to fight Xia Xiaohe to the death, he saw that, in a flash, she casually cut through space, opened a mysterious passage and then disappeared in a flash.

“I’m not going to fight with such a brute like you. If you want to kill me, then come after me. If not, I don’t even know where I would go.”


Wang Lu reacted fast enough, but when he caught up, he could only touch the slight fluctuations left by the healing of the space.

Xia Xiaohe was really too slippery. As the princess of the immortal world, she might not be strong in frontal combat, but she had many schemes and various methods, making it impossible for people to guard against.

In order to cope with this variable, Wang Lu deployed a lot of power to arrange an inescapable net, but she still could seize the opportunity to run away.

However, this result was not too surprising. If Xia Xiaohe was really easy to catch, it would be unexpected instead. And where Xia Xiahe would flee after this, Wang Lu had also roughly guessed it.

The logic for this was very simple. Currently, the most vulnerable link in Nine Regions and also the most afraid of being hit by external force, was the most likely spot she would go to!

After pacing back and forth for two paces, Wang Lu closed his eyes, raised his right hand, and then stretched out an antenna from the tip of his middle finger, which was the high-power communication equipment of the giant Divine Weapon. He then connected himself with the grand array on the Nine Regions.

“Wang Wu, can you hear me?”

“Damn it, are you sick? All of a sudden you suddenly start talking in my head! You scared me to death!”

“Less nonsense, Xia Xiaohe is probably on her way to you. Be careful.”

“Hahaha, don’t worry, I’m in an excellent condition. If Xia Xiaohe dares to come, I will make her and Yanluo both ***** on the spot!”

“Don’t be careless. I always feel that things are not that simple. Xia Xiaohe doesn’t say anything, but she hasn’t shown up until now, and I don’t believe that he is idle now… If Xia Xiaohe’s target is you, it’s possible that Poxu will join hands with her.”

“Let them come!” Wang Wu’s confidence had already swelled out of control at this time, “Let them all come together, it doesn’t matter! I am now the world… Shit!”

After the last word, Wang Wu’s voice came to an abrupt stop, and the channel was quiet.

Wang Lu was silent for a moment, took a deep breath, and then swayed his right hand antenna and connected it to the grand array of Nine Regions Map in a different direction. He looked down at the grand array from a detached perspective, and soon found a collapse link.

The shadow core of Nine Regions Map, the node on the Stellar Peak of Spirit Sword Mountain in Blue River Region, suddenly broke.


In the astral wind layer of the Ninth Heaven, Xuan Mo continued to carry Bai Ze as she strove for a chance of life in the desperate situation. However, Baize was totally unwilling to cooperate and struggled endlessly in her hands.

“Xuan Mo, let me down! Xuan Mo! Do you hear me? Put me down!”

Xuan Mo was extremely annoyed and said, “Shut it! Aren’t you afraid the astral wind will enter your belly and crush your internal organs? Really! The mute magical talisman can’t even stop your mouth!”

Bai Ze was silent for a moment and said, “I’m already a dead man. I don’t need you to care so much…”

“Shut up! I can see if you’re dead or not!”

As she spoke, a gust of vigorous astral wind rushed towards her. Xuan Mo’s heart tightened. The astral wind was the most powerful in the Ninth Heaven, but the wind power in the highest altitude was close to that of the Heavenly Tribulation. Although she was not afraid of being hurt, she was afraid that the speed would slow down, and thus would be caught up by the pursuers.

Thus, Xuan Mo suddenly squeezed herself and pure white immortal spirit sprayed out from every pore in her body, which then condensed into a great immortal technique.

“Yin and Yang Divide!”

The invincible vigorous astral wind was divided into Yin and Yang Qi under the tear of the immortal technique, and suddenly lost its sharpness. Xuan Mo then went up against the wind and instantly passed through the vigorous astral wind area!

However, after this great immortal technique, she felt tired. Thus her speed involuntarily slowed down. Just when she realized this, the voice of her former companions came from behind her.

“Sister Xuan Mo, please stop!” This was Immortal Luo Xue’s voice, a talented woman among the Earth Immortals. Usually she was a bit quirky and somewhat conceited and contemptuous. However, in crucial times, she always persisted in using her gentle and soft personality.

“Xuan Mo, it’s not too late to come back. If there is any problem, we’ll help you to explain it! Don’t let things get out of hand!” The voice was thick and deep. This was the Food Immortal, that foodie…

“Bai Ze had let himself go and made a big mistake, you don’t have to sacrifice yourself for such a scum!” The tone was harsh, but the meaning of the words was still for her benefits. This came from Qin Guangmu, an old man who had been a teacher and friend for many years.

However, hearing the voice of these comrades, Xuan Mo felt sad. All of you don’t trust Bai Ze and want him to be persecuted? Are you all more willing to trust the younger cultivators than your old comrades?

Indeed, it was your freedom to choose who they wanted to trust and to help. We are tired already, just let us go…

In fact, Xuan Mo was clear that her companions that pursued them somewhat wanted to throw away their pursuit. Otherwise, they would’ve already caught up with her. After all, she was not good at speed.

However, they wanted to throw away the pursuit for her. For Bai Ze, they really wanted to kill him.

During this period of time, they hung slowly behind them, waiting for Xuan Mo to put down the Bai Ze. After that, Baize would be brought back to Behead Immortal Platform, and Xuan Mo could open one eye and close the other one, allowing her to soar high. However, how could Xuan Mo put Bai Ze down? Thus, this was a difficult to break stalemate.

Until a voice came in.

“What are you guys waiting for? Hurry up and take down those two people!”

Hearing this voice, Luo Xue, Food Immortal and the others showed their displeasure and even disgust.

This person was called Supreme Ling Dao. He came from Kunlun Sect. Because of his original cultivation and expertise in currying favor, after many years of hard work, he finally rose through the ranks and became a member of Heavenly Sage Hall. At this time, because many of the high-level forces of Nine Regions were transferred to do other more important tasks and the manpower was short, he was temporarily appointed to supervise and manage a number of Earth Immortals. This was not an easy task. To connect the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and the Earth Immortal camp, one needed to be quite ingenious.

To be able to occupy a high position in Heavenly Sage Hall, the mind and skill of Supreme Ling Dao were quite good. However, he was blinded by hatred–In the Grand Competition, his illegitimate son died in the hands of the Earth Immortal. This point was not discovered when the Heavenly Sage Hall appointed their personnel.

At this time, Supreme Ling Dao was in power, and a sense of revenge came into being.

“The evidence of Bai Ze and Xuan Mo’s betrayal is conclusive. If you guys dare to cover them up, you will share the same sin as them. When Mr. Wang Lu comes back, all of you will not end well!”

Hearing Wang Lu’s name, some Earth Immortals were helpless and frightened, and had to accelerate their actions one after another.

Once Luo Xue and the others got serious, Xuan Mo had no chance, and was stopped shortly after… Then, almost instantly, she collapsed on the spot.

“Why, why won’t you let us go?”

Supreme Ling Dao sneered and said, “Why? You shameless and lowly woman actually have the face to ask this kind of question? You two surrendered to the Fallen Immortals, so you two have been the public enemies of Nine Regions for a long time! Who will let you two go?”

Immortal Luo Xue frowned and said, “Supreme Ling Dao, I think there is a secret about their betrayal to the enemy…”

“Secret? What secret can withstand such a great crime of betrayal?” Supreme Ling Dao was angry and said, “You Earth Immortals simply don’t know what is good from bad, the two of them are traitors! You guys don’t need to ask for reasons, just kill them!”

“But…” Food Immortal was unable to put up with it any longer, and thus stood up to speak.

“Shut up!” Supreme Ling Dao’s eyes were red, “I don’t want to listen to your nonsense!! You, go and wipe out the cultivation bases of those two people, and then I will take them to the Behead Immortal Platform so that everyone in the world can see the end of traitors!”

The Food Immortal, who was ordered by Supreme Ling Dao, was silent for a long time and then shook his head. “I won’t do it.”

“You won’t do it? Fine, I’ll send someone else. Luo Xuo, do it. Wipe out their cultivation bases and break their limbs!”

Luo Xue raised her head angrily and said, “Catching them is enough, there’s no need to torture them.”

“No need? How could we warn others without torturing them? If you treat such traitors kindly, how would those who fight in the front line feel? Okay, Qin Guangmu, you do it. Finish their cultivation bases, break their limbs, and take their clothes off. Let the world see their shameful bodies!”

“That’s enough!” Qin Guangmu was furious. “You are not performing official duties at all, but merely avenging private revenge!”

“Yeah, I’m taking revenge, so what? I want you to do it, are you going to do it or not? Let me tell you, every detail that happens now will be reported to back to Mr. Wang Lu when he comes back.”

Immortal Luo Xue coldly said, “Wang Lu will not support your action.”

Supreme Ling Dao sneered.

Theoretically, yes, Wang and Lu would not support him in using such drastic measures, because this would undoubtedly intensify the contradictions between the two sides.

However, that was just in theory. Wang Lu was the number one person in Nine Regions, who was busy every day. How could he have the time to examine the details carefully? As long as the report was beautifully written and accurate, it was likely that Wang Lu would never know the details of the matter. At that time, was it not clear at a glance to which party he would make a judgment in favor of?

Of course, this was tantamount to challenging the authority of Wang Lu, which was the crime of deceiving the superior. However, thinking about his beloved son who died miserably in the arena, Supreme Ling Dao could not care so much.

“It seems that none of you are willing to do it? Fine, I’ll do it myself… Don’t think that since you two have higher realms than me and thus have immortal body protection that I won’t be able to do anything to you.” Supreme Ling Dao sneered and took out two instruments of torture: an iron pillar with thorns and a sea urchin like iron balls.

Seeing the two instruments of torture, the complexion of Luo Xue and others changed greatly. These were the works of Red Sea Underwater Workshop. They could ignore the immortal body protection of the Earth Immortals and forcefully cause damage. However, at this time, both Xuan Mo and Bai Ze were restrained so there was no way for them to resist. If these torture devices were applied to them, death would indeed be better to them than living!

But, it was one thing to bear not to do something to their companions, and another thing to make their moves on Ling Dao. Although he did something bad at this time, he was, after all, the representative of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

However, just when Supreme Ling Dao approached Bai Ze and Xuan Mo, he grinned grimly and prepared to apply the torture devices.

“Ah, this garbage is really annoying.”

A red light flashed over and Supreme Ling Dao’s body was separated into two, the upper part and lower part. Then, the red light spread and swallowed up the corpse.

The next moment, the red light changed into human form and from within, Xia Xiaohe strolled out.

“Looks like I came here at the right time.”

Her smile was still filled with sincerity and concern.

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