Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 801 - I Truly Paid a Terrible Price

Chapter 801: I Truly Paid a Terrible Price

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Somewhere in Nine Regions.

The fox girl was bathed in blood as she staggered into the cave. Her pretty face was covered in blood, which set off a kind of enchanting beauty.

In the cave, Senior Immortal Poxu had been waiting for a long time. When he saw her blood-covered face, he was stunned.

The Fox girl shrugged and said, “Sorry, although I’ve tried very hard, I still can’t finish it.”

Senior Immortal Poxu smiled and said, “It’s still a good job. Although you failed to kill him on the spot, Feng Yin suffered heavy damage and thus the Grand Array of Nine Regions was successfully broken. This result is enough.”

The fox girl frowned and tried to clench her fist, but her right hand trembled constantly. She said, “Actually… I had a chance to kill him. When the sneak attack came he was unprepared and as a human being, his body is extremely fragile. In fact, I could capture his jade mansion and destroy his body and spirit. But when I made my move, my right hand didn’t listen to me, as if something was holding me back.”

When he heard those words, Senior Immortal Poxu looked very restrained. He said, “Didn’t listen to you? Do you still have feelings for him?”

The fox girl laughed at herself and replied, “Still have feelings? Senior Immortal’s words really make me feel aggrieved and want to cry…”

She closed her eyes and was silent for a moment. Then she seriously said, “I was sealed by him for more than a hundred years, became like a puppet in the world of mortals. This deep hatred, even if I kill all the people in Spirit Sword Mountain by myself, it is still difficult to eliminate. If there’s still a feeling that I have, it’s the endless anger in my heart.”

With that, a few horizontal lines suddenly bloomed on the fox girl’s cheeks and a burst of fire spewed out from her body, which then turned into a few substantial tails behind her. The edge of the cave is instantly melted, showing incandescent light.

Senior Immortal Poxu laughed and patted her on the shoulder and the fire spirit of the fox girl was extinguished in an instant.

“Enough, I understand. It’s just the remnant soul of Feng Ling, not your subjective consciousness… But, how long do you plan to keep Feng Ling around?”

The fox girl said, “Soon… This more than a hundred years imprint is not that deep. It’s only an episode in my long life. For me, serving the immortal world is my lifelong mission. Senior Immortal, what are we going to do next?”

Senior Immortal Poxu touched his chin and said, “Xia Xiaohe didn’t say anything… I think it should be a free action. I want to catch someone now, why don’t you help me catch her?”

“Who is worthy of your attention?”

“Wang Wu.”

The fox girl was taken aback and said, “Hasn’t she already been trapped in the passage, caught by Senior Immortal Yanluo?”

Senior Immortal Poxu said, “How can it be that easy? That person is my favorite collection. With Yanluo and her group of scumbags, it is easy to trap her, but it is difficult to catch her alive. But the Great Array of Nine Regions has been broken by you, so it’s only a matter of time before she is caught by Yanluo. I want you to join me and grab her from Yanluo. Such a perfect collection like her is hard to come by, it would be troublesome if she falls into the hands of other people.”

Fox girl rolled her eyes and asked, “But what if Senior Immortal Yanluo gets in the way?”

Senior Immortal Poxu glanced at her. His eyes showed a bone-chilling coldness as he asked, “Someone is getting in the way? What do you think?”

“I understand.” Fox girl quickly nodded, showing a well-behaved mannerism.

“Ok, now…” Senior Immortal Poxu held out his hand and gently grasped the vein of the space. He wanted to tear the space and open a channel leading to the crack in the sky.

At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps from outside the cave.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Senior Immortal Poxu was completely shocked, and he couldn’t help but loosen his grip on the space vein. Then he turned his head and glared at the visitor with astonished eyes.

“It’s you!”

“I heard that you were looking for me, so I came.”

Outside the cave, a woman in white was holding a green bamboo. She was like a pure lotus flower, standing vividly among the mountain rocks where the lava never stopped flowing. Her cheeks were red, as if fire was reflected on them, like a lotus bathed in the fire.

“Wang Wu…” Senior Immortal Poxu narrowed his eyes in disbelief, and repeatedly examined the woman in front of him with immortal eyes. However, no matter how many times he looked, the person in front of him was Wang Wu, which had long haunted his heart.

“Why are you here?”

Wang Wu scratched her head and said, “I want to say that I miss you, will you accept it?”

Senior Immortal Poxu was extremely angry and said with a smile, “Do you think I’m an idiot?”

After a pause, Senior Immortal Poxu frowned and said, “However, it’s rare that you can escape from Yan Luo’s killing array and still look for me… Do you really miss me?”

Wang Wu clapped her hands and said, “Yes, that’s right. If I didn’t miss you, I would’ve gone back to Spirit Sword Mountain, why bother coming to this wilderness?”

“… Why do you miss me?” Senior Immortal Poxu seemed a bit hesitant.

Wang Wu blinked her eyes and said, “I want to be your collection.”

“Pfft!” Senior Immortal Poxu almost coughed. He said, “What did you say?”

Wang Wu blinked her eyes earnestly and made a sincere and pleasant expression. She replied, “I mean, I was touched by your art of collection and determined to be your collection…”

“Wait, do you know my art of collection…”

“Of course I know that. It’s the seeking of eternal way through torture and pain. The supreme power of Zen says that all living beings suffer, and you want to collect the suffering of all living beings in your collection.”

Hearing what Wang Wu said, Senior Immortal Poxu’s eyes lit up. He excitedly said, “Unexpectedly, your understanding has actually reached this level!”

Wang Wu sighed and said, “It’s because of the last time I had a fight with Senior Immortal. At that time, I felt the unique charm of the immortal spirit, which greatly inspired me and allowed me to understand the wisdom of the universe. After that, I thought, what a wonderful feeling it would be if I could put the sufferings of all living beings into my body!”

Senior Immortal Poxu was overjoyed when he heard of those words. However, the fox girl next to him coldly interrupted, “What you said sounds really absurd. The instinct of living creatures is to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages and stay away from pain. However, your idea completely contradicts the nature of creatures.”

Wang Wu said, “A cultivator is a person who goes against the heaven. What is the difference between a beast and a person who can’t rebel against nature? A hybrid-looking beast like you probably can’t understand that.”

“…You’re very clever and eloquent, but although there are many cultivators who go against the heaven and like to chase pain, few are willing to be made into collections by others.”

Wang Wu said, “Isn’t that what things should be? The world is mostly filled with mediocre people. Most of the people are ignorant and worthless, not worth mentioning. But I, I am an exceptional pervert who likes to pursue pain, like to be whipped with a whip, cut with sharp tools, scalded by wax oil, and pierced through by lightning and thunder! Just think about it, if I had not been so abnormal, how could I have created the Non-Phase Method, which is purely taking a beating skill?”

“Well said!”

Without waiting for the fox girl to retort, Senior Immortal Poxu clapped his hands and praised, “I really did not misjudge you! You’re the perfect collection that I’ve been searching for all my life! Okay, let’s not waste any more time. Come and accept my training and transform into a perfect collection!”

With that, Senior Immortal Poxu desperately could not wait any longer. A huge immortal spirit was brewing in his hand as he walked toward Wang Wu.

“Wait a minute.” Wang Wu held out a finger to his chest, erected up a polygon-shaped golden cover and blocked the footsteps of Senior Immortal Poxu. She said, “There’s one more thing to do.”

Senior Immortal Poxu frowned and tried to break the obstacle in front of him, but he found out that her sword defense was very firm.

“You want to renege?”

“No, I just think that in order to be the perfect collection, you must make this next matter absolutely safe. Senior Immortal, are you really ready?”

Senior Immortal Poxu was stunned for a moment and then immediately smiled, “Are you doubting my craft?”

“It’s not about Senior Immortal’s craftsmanship, but about whether someone will allow Senior Immortal to have a perfect collection.”

“Someone? Who are you referring to? Who dares to prevent me from getting you? Is it Wang Lu? Hmph, I’m going to kill him now!”

“Don’t worry, Supreme Immortal,” Wang Wu shook her head gently, “Wang Lu, of course, is an obstacle, but after all, his ability is limited, and he is already exhausted. How could he have the energy to hinder us? The person I’m talking about is Xia Xiaohe.”

“Xia Xiaohe? Why would she get in the way?”

“Because she still needs Senior Immortal to do things for her, to order about. Just imagine, what would Senior Immortal do if you get me, this perfect collection?”

Senior Immortal Poxu said, “Naturally it’s to play with you carefully and experience the beauty of every inch of your body.”

“See, the matter of the Nine Regions has been forgotten by Senior Immortal. Xia Xiaohe, of course, will not allow Senior Immortal to stay out of this matter. She will definitely try her best to take me away, and then use me as bait to order you to do this and that…I think she must have done this kind of thing more than once when she was in the immortal world.”

Senior Immortal Poxu’s face sank. He said, “Yes, she’s really good at using this method…”

“Senior Immortal has always been rebellious, and rarely showed such flaws before. For Xia Xiaohe, this is a rare commodity to come by. Just imagine if Senior Immortal is really grasped by her, would she let you go?”

The face of Senior Immortal Poxu was even more ugly as he said, “… No.”

“Not only she won’t, she will continue to use me to provoke Senior Immortal. For example… Give me to the other masters and let them leave their marks on me…”

“Absolutely disgraceful! I will never allow you to be defiled by others!”

Wang Wu shrugged and said: “Then you have to keep listening to her, and be a cow and a horse for her. She is the princess of the Immortal World, and this kind of royal scheme, I’m afraid even her father would support her.”

“…” Senior Immortal Poxu said nothing, but his constantly trembling body fully explained his mood.

“Of course, Xia Xiaohe is the princess of the Immortal World. We can’t kill her, but at least we can’t let her trouble us, right?”

Senior Immortal Poxu asked, “What are you going to do?”

Wang Wu said, “It’s very simple. Make her a collection.”

Senior Immortal Poxu’s gaze immediately turned cold. He asked, “… Are you trying to ‘lend somebody a knife to kill somebody?'”

“Yes, but the person I want to get rid of is the enemy of Senior Immortal. The death of Xia Xiaohe is good for us.”

Senior Immortal Poxu was still hesitating, so Wang Wu continued, “Now that the passage between the two world has been opened, and I was defeated by Yan Luo, there’s no qualified gatekeeper in Nine Regions. Currently, Senior Gem Emperor is leading her men to fill my position, but it’s a doomed-to-fail resistance. The Immortal Army will soon break through the passage and come down. It will be too late to do anything at that time.”


“Just imagine, if Xia Xiaohe is also made into a collection, her collection value will not be lower than mine. Even though you can’t completely transform her, looking at the face of the King of Immortal, if you can just transform her even a little bit, it would be a milestone in Senior Immortal collection history.”


“So, Senior Immortal, what are you waiting for?”

“Hmph, hahaha!” Senior Immortal Poxu laughed wildly and then said, “Wang Wu, your ‘lend somebody a knife to kill somebody’ move is too obvious! Do you think my mind becomes idiot when I’m in a heart demon state?”

Wang Wu shrugged and then withdrew the shield in front of her.

“Since Senior Immortal doesn’t believe me, then I have no other way. Please do it immediately and make me your best collection… I just don’t know whether I, this collection, will end up in Senior Immortal hands or not.”

Before her voice fell, Senior Immortal Poxu’s eyes changed.

He had just received Xia Xiaohe’s order.

“Come and meet me quickly.”

Wang Wu saw the change in Senior Immortal Poxu’s expression and smiled, “Xia Xiaohe’s move is fast, isn’t it?”

“… Humph!” In the end, Senior Immortal Poxe didn’t make his move. Instead, he passed by Wang Wu’s side, put one of his hand on her shoulder, and then firmly bound her with an immortal lock.”

“Fox, watch her.” With that, Senior Immortal Poxu left through the space channel and went to meet Xia Xiaohe.

The fox girl nodded silently, then turned her head to look at Wang Wu with a playful expression on her face.

“Who… Exactly are you?”

“Wang Wu shrugged her shoulders and said, “A perverted woman whose true nature has been awakened, can’t you see it?”

“The real Wang Wu would not evaluate herself so maliciously… Your words and deeds remind me of someone. By the way, that someone has a divine weapon that can change its shape at will. If it’s used to disguise himself, I wonder how effective it would be?”

Wang Wu smiled and said, “Oh? I can’t believe that you, the fox, still have a lot of memories. Does your memory make you feel that you have been very happy in these years in Nine Regions? Although it is just a mere mortal, you can be free, you don’t need to be arbitrarily called upon by those aloof Immortals to be their cows and horses.”

“That’s a good joke.”

“Do you really think that’s a joke?”

The fox girl snorted coldly and ignored Wang Wu.

“I won’t care about your identity, so don’t bother me.”

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