Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 803 - Must Never Agree

Chapter 803: Must Never Agree

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The fight between the two immortals was like the rise and fall of the hare, in the blink of an eye. Xuanyuan Sword and Broken Immortal King, which were things that only appeared once in thousands of years in Nine Regions, were launched one after another. Both of the immortals were hit at the same time and were seriously injured.

Wang Wu, who watched the entire course of the event, expressed her amazement.

“This storyline…I’m completely at a loss.”

No matter how she previously deduced it before, she could not deduce such a surprising development. These two immortals actually beat each other after just one disagreement! Moreover, it was with killing intent! Were these two really childhood friends or absolutely irreconcilable enemies?

Even in her most optimistic expectation, she never would’ve thought that it would be very easy to trigger a war between Immortals… The previous arrangement, which could cause the two Immortals to have ‘the appearance of unity, but divided at heart’ was already an excellent result.

According to the original arrangement, after she followed the track of Senior Immortal Poxu and arrived here, which would arouse Poxu’s strong suspicion toward Xia Xiaohe, she should immediately walk away. At the same time, she would make a gesture of being hidden by Xia Xiaohe, which would further alienate the relationship between Senior Immortal Poxu and Xia Xiaohe.

But now, it seemed that there was no need to leave in such a hurry, because the following development had to be observed in person.

Wang Wu dropped her shoulders slightly, shifted her center of gravity down and assumed the ready to fight posture. Meanwhile, the Nine-Tailed Fox stood quietly behind her, watching the situation.


On the other side, Xia Xiaohe lowered her head and gazed at the void in her chest, her expression was neither happy nor sad. After a long time, amidst the light cough of Poxu, she asked quietly.

“… Broken Immortal King?”

As the name suggested, this skill was aimed directly at the King of the Immortal World. Its power was so great that it could immediately break through the defense of the Princess of the Immortal World. It indeed had the capital to threaten the King of the Immortal World.

With such a powerful destructive power of Senior Immortal Poxu, it was clear that Xia Xiaohe’s vital organs had been destroyed. However, she was still able to stand and was still able to speak. It was as if she was not affected by it at all.

Poxu coughed out a mouthful of blood and said with a smile, “Yes, I designed this skill especially for Xia Yu, but using it on you is worth it… Even this can’t even kill you, it’s truly an eye-opener, Your Royal Highness. In return, I will show you my ability as well.”

As he spoke, Poxu suddenly opened his mouth and blood spewed out from his throat like a waterfall. The amount of blood was so huge that it seemed that his whole body had been hollowed out. His flesh was shrinking at a very fast speed and his appearance became like a mummy.

At the same time, strong deathly gas began to burst out of his body. His flesh and blood began to fall off and his internal organs began to corrode, revealing pale bones. After a moment, he became a tall and sturdy skeleton.

Xuanyuan Sword cut off his vitality, but Poxu had the means of transforming death into life! He actually prolonged his life!

However, Xia Xiaohe was not surprised by this.

Since Poxu had taken the King of the Immortal World as the imaginary enemy and thus especially created the Broken Immortal King for it, then naturally there would be means to deal with Xuanyuan Sword… The question was, why?

Xia Xiaohe quietly watched Poxu complete his death to life transformation, and then asked.

“Is this your choice? For an inexplicable collection? For a plain fake?”

Senior Immortal Poxu sneered and said, “Fake? Do you know what is true and what is false? Don’t always use your standard to gauge the world, Your Royal Highness. Your Xia Family is always this opinionated, it’s disgusting!”

As he spoke, a dark tide that covered the sky and the sun swept across Xia Xiaohe. The dark tide was filled with chilling and vicious curses. Compared with the dark tide that once ravaged the Blue River Region, the past dark tide was as pure as water.

Xia Xiaohe said nothing and just let the dark tide devour her. After a long time, her voice came from within the dark tide. Her voice was clear and recognizable, as if it was close to the ears.

“Do you actually know who she is?”

“I don’t need to know who she is at all. I just need to know that she is the only confidant who can understand my collection art.”

“Understand your art?”

“Yes, no matter what purpose she approached me at that time, no matter whether she really agrees with my idea or not, since she could say those things to me at that time, I know that she really knows how to do it!”


At the same time, facing the inexplicable gaze of the Nine-Tailed Fox, Wang Wu shrugged her shoulders and explained, “As a top student, it is inevitable that I have to understand a little bit of ‘miscellaneous study,’ but only for academic purpose. Don’t take me as a real pervert.”

On the other side, Xia Xiaohe ignored Poxu’s explanation.

“…Then, for her sake, you would rather abandon the Immortal World and me?”

At the next moment, the dark tide suddenly collapsed inward, and the endless darkness was gathered into a walnut-sized sphere, which twirled in Xia Xiaohe’s palm. Xia Xiaohe’s face had now become fierce and strange.

“Poxu, you really let me down!”

“Let you down? It’s not your turn to say that. The person who ought to feel let down is me! Whether you agree with Wang Wu or not, I have told you clearly before that she is my most treasured collection and proudest work. So how could you do it? Did you consider my thoughts before you use the Xuanyuan Sword? Have you discussed it with me even once? You did not take back Xuanyuan Sword even after I was seriously injured. You still want to kill Wang Wu… What do you take me for? Something that you could play with whatever your want? You want me to do something, I have to do it, and then you pretend that it’s all for my own good, I don’t need this kind of hypocrisy!”

When Xia Xiaohe heard this, she sneered and said, “So you really have been resentful for a long time, and this matter is just the fuse. Xiaoyao has always said that you are born with a rebellious streak, it is indeed correct! I have believed you wrongly all these years. So, let me personally correct this mistake today!”

After she said that, the black sphere in her palm was thrown by her toward Poxu. With lightning speed, the sphere went straight through Poxu’s skull,

However, the ferocious laughter of Poxu came from a distant place, “Hahaha, I have been waiting for this day for a long time. If I can’t kill your father, killing you is also enough! You are able to resist my Broken Immortal King, I’m afraid it’s because Xia Yu that old bastard has given you all the thirty-six puppet insects! I want to see if you still have another thirty-six puppet insects!”

As he spoke, the winds and the clouds were surging, and the surrounding spiritual energy gathered and converged at an astonishing speed. This surging was so great that even the law of the main path in that place was quickly adjusting.

The first time, he sent out the Broken Immortal King in a hurry, but this time, he was able to exert its maximum power. This power was so great that even heaven and earth trembled.

On the other side, Xia Xiaohe silently summoned out the Xuanyuan Sword and held it horizontally in front of her chest. Her eyes were fixed on the reflection on the sword body and didn’t say any word.

While Xia Xiaohe passively still didn’t do anything, Senior Immortal Poxu did his best to exert his Broken Immortal King to the limit of its power.

At this time, all the abnormal changes in the surrounding area disappeared. The clouds that covered the sky and the sun disappeared and it was like a beautiful spring scenery… All because the entire energy was concentrated in Senior Immortal Poxu’s control, such that there was no trace of leakage. Thus it didn’t cause change in the environment.

“Your Royal Highness, farewell.”

The next moment, Poxu went all out to release the Broken Immortal King.

Xia Xiaohe sighed and said, “Farewell, Poxu.”

Then the Xuanyuan Sword drew a sharp straight line from top to bottom. The straight line divided the sky and the earth into the left and right sides. Senior Immortal Poxu, who stood between the sky and the earth, showed a relieved expression.

“Sure enough… It’s you, old fart.”

Then Senior Immortal Poxu disappeared quietly, and the Broken Immortal King that had been released turned to nothing. Only the line drawn by Xuanyuan Sword remained between heaven and earth for a long time, before it gradually disappeared.

After this sword strike, Xia Xiaohe quietly closed her eyes and pondered for a moment. Then she raised her Xuanyuan Sword once again and pointed it toward Wang Wu and the Nine-Tailed Fox.

“Now it’s your turn.”

Wang Wu’s heart shuddered, knowing that now she would face a severe test.

Sitting on the mountain and watching the tiger fight, after all, could not solve all the problems. As a result of the war between two Immortals, the possibility that both sides suffered was only the smallest one. The greater possibility was it ended up with one seriously injured winner… And even if the winner was seriously injured, it still had tyrannical strength that made it difficult for people to go against it head-on.

However, Wang Wu had no basis to complain about the result. Poxu was dead and Xia Xiaohe was seriously injured. It could be said that the most serious crisis in the Nine Regions had been resolved. Now…

The woman in white snorted softly and then her figure began to rapidly expand. In a twinkling of an eye, she turned into a burly giant with a height of several kilometers.

The real mastermind was actually Wang Lu in disguise. Finally, he showed his true colors.

“Come on, let me experience what the Princess of the Immortal World got.”

“Experience shit! Run!”

The voice of Senior Immortal Poxu suddenly exploded in Wang Lu’s ear. The next moment, a space passage was opened at the feet of the giant Divine Weapon and immediately pulled it in. After the giant Divine Weapon fell, the space passage was closed and a thin silver thread appeared where it was originally.

Xia Xiaohe didn’t launch her sword attack. She looked at the place where the giant magic soldier disappeared, shook her head, and silently took back her Xuanyuan Sword, and then the whole person collapsed as if she was made of crumbs.


On the other hand, Wang Lu, who fell down into the space passage, found himself standing in the mountainous area where Senior Immortal Poxu previously used as a stronghold. The shadow of a white skeleton loomed in front of him.

“Senior Immortal Poxu?”

For this Fallen Immortal, Wang Lu’s feelings were really complicated. On the one hand, the two sides were hostile to each other. It could even be said that they were mortal enemies. However, on the other hand, Poxu really helped himself solve a lot of troubles. And it could also be said that Poxu had saved his life–That sword strike from Xia Xiaohe, Wang Lu was completely unsure whether he could take it or not.

“Hah, it’s really you…” The white skeleton shadow looked at Wang Lu up and down with an ‘as expected’ expression. He said, “I knew it wouldn’t be that tasteless woman.”

Wang Lu was silent for a moment, and then asked, “What do you want?”

With Wang Lu’s eyesight, he could see that Poxu was already at the ‘final radiance of setting sun’ stage. Poxu was able to survive under the attack of Xuanyuan Sword and help himself to escape. Poxu had already overdrawn himself so much that it was not long before his soul flew away and scattered.

Poxu smiled and said, “There is indeed something that I want to ask you… Help me avenge Xia Xiaohe.”

Wang Lu frowned. He thought that Xia Xiaohe was clearly hurt by Poxu, yet Poxu wanted him to avenge her?

“That’s not the real Xia Xiaohe… The Xia Xiaohe that you saw is just a clone of Xia Yu.”

“Xia Yu’s clone?”

“The real Xia Xiaohe would not have summoned the Xuanyuan Sword and aimed it toward you even though she knew that I wanted to protect you. Although she is Xia Yu’s daughter, she is not as savage as Xia Yu. But, she probably died a long time ago… Xia Yu’s lifespan has already long gone. In order to prolong his life, he has refined nearly all his children. Xia Xiaohe is his only remaining daughter. But it seems that this is just his coverup.”

“So, the King of the Immortal World is already in the lower realm?”

“Hey, the Immortal World is almost over and Nine Regions is the only place that we have to go to survive. We basically can’t fail this. So, how could Xia Yu not come by himself? However, after he ate my Broken Immortal King, I’m afraid he can’t stay in this world. So you don’t have to worry about confronting Xia Yu too early.”


“A pity I used the Broken Immortal King too hastily. In regard to Immortal Technique, it’s only the first use that has the best effect against the Immortal King. The second time, although I used more power on it, he had already seen through the mystery… What a pity, I have worked hard to prepare that Immortal Technique for five thousand years.”

Wang Lu was silent.

“There’s one last thing that I want to ask you.”

“I’m listening.”

“Can you let me train you, even a little bit?”

“Hey! I’m a man!”

“I don’t even care who you are, of course I won’t care about your gender… For the sake of saving your life, and in addition to a major harm, please satisfy my little wish before I die.”


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