Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 806 - Making a Deer Out to be a Horse

Chapter 806: Making a Deer Out to be a Horse

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“If there is anyone who doesn’t accept it, and who thinks that he can bully the Earth Immortals, please stand up and let us know as soon as possible.”

Nine-Tailed Fox curled up a corner of her mouth and showed a sneering smile. Her pair of reddish eyes scanned the surroundings and saw countless people bowed their heads.

This was the Heavenly Sword Hall, the highest authority of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals in Nine Regions. After thousands of years of operation, it was imposing and majestic, with a multitudinous atmosphere. But now, the place that was known in the Nine Regions as the most magnificent hall and the most similar to that of the Immortal World had been filled with a strong smell of blood. Hundreds of corpses were lying on the ground in disorder. The broken meat and bones were like a thick blanket that covered the hall ground, which made the hall gloomy and terrifying.

All of this because of the arrival of a group of unexpected guests. A humanoid Nine-Tailed Fox and twelve degraded giant Divine Weapons of various shapes openly slaughtered anyone who opposed them in the Heavenly Sage Hall, turning it into a river of blood.

Facing the silence in the hall, the Nine-Tailed Fox sighed with disappointment, “No? Didn’t you guys act tough just now? Some said they want to teach us a lesson on behalf of Wang Lu, some said they want to take advantage of the situation to overthrow the tyrant Wang Lu’s rule and return Nine Regions to its glory, and some said they want to uproot us and the Earth Immortals and suppress us forever… Why are there no words now?”

Under a towering jade pillar in the hall, an old man with a crane hair and a childlike face was leaning on the pillar. There was a bloody wound on his chest. The blood gurgled out, and he couldn’t stop it. While panting heavily, he tremblingly stretched out his fingers to point at Nine-Tailed Fox and said, “You! How dare you commit such heinous crimes in this sacred place! Even if we are all killed today, can you kill all the righteous people in the world? You guys collude with the Earth Immortals and…”

Nine-Tailed Fox rolled her eyes and then made a gesture with her slender arm and said, “Liu Li, finish him.”

As soon as her words fell, a clear sword shadow rushed out from beside the fox girl and cut the old man and the jade pillar behind him in two.

The person who launched the sword strike was Liu Li. She was the first pilot of the test machine in Nine Regions. After more than five years of training and practice, her synchronization rate with the test machine had reached more than ninety percent. Her strong tyrannical power was comparable to that of the Earth Immortals and was the best among the same group of pilots.

However, after this sword strike, Liu Li took a step back hesitantly and retracted the Immortal Sword into the scabbard.

As a pilot of Zaku, the most important requirement was to absolutely obey. Now that Wang Lu was not here and had authorized Nine-Tailed Fox in his place, she must strictly carry out her orders even if they were absurd and unruly. It was precisely because of this that the gentle Liu Li joined the slaughter just now and let her sword be infected with countless souls. However, it was beyond her endurance to kill an old man who had no resistance ability with one sword strike.

Fox girl glanced at Liu Li with a smile and said, “You’ve worked hard, you can go back to rest now. Today it’s really hard for you.”

Liu Li nodded gratefully and then, without saying a word, left the Heavenly Sage Hall, left Central Region, and returned to the far away Area 51 in Blue River Region, and ignored the disputes here.

As soon as Liu Li left, someone immediately raised an issue.

“I want to withdraw too, okay?” Zhou Mumu very unhappily said, “You have killed those who opposed, caused trouble, and threatened us. Even if we’re not here, you’ll still be able to control the situation alone, right?”

Fox girl rejected Zhou Mumu’s request, “No, you have to stay here, because the conspirators have not been cleaned up yet. The work has to continue.”

“Have not been cleaned up? I think that’s enough!” Zhou Mumu was a bit angry, “Even if Wang Lu asked you to bring us to clean up the situation, isn’t this too much?”

“Too much?” Fox girl raised her eyebrows and looked at Zhou Mumu with interest. “Do you really think this is too much or are you angry and ashamed because of the high-level participation of Kunlun Sect in this rebellion?”

“…That’s enough, I have nothing to say to you. Do whatever you like!”

Fox girl laughed, then turned her eyes to the surroundings. Sure enough, she saw a lot of expectant gazes.

The dispute between her and the pilots of the test machine was seen by all people, and they were looking forward to a further outbreak of conflict. Once they had internal strife, the defeated soldiers in this hall would immediately fight back.

To be honest, the fox girl was looking forward to that scene, because it was a chance to kill some more people to make the deterrent force stronger.

However, if she really killed too many people, perhaps things would not be good when Wang Lu came back. Thus, the fox girl had to put down this idea with regret and said in a loud voice.

“You rascals, quickly let go of your fancy thoughts! Look around you. Look at those standing and lying. Do you recognize them? You’re all nothing more than drifters. Is there any high level personnel of the Five Super Sect here? None of the Elders of the Heavenly Sword Hall of the Spirit Sword Sect are here. Even the senior deacons of the Spirit Pond Peak didn’t come. They merely sent the newly promoted fat man Wen Bao to deal with the errands here… As for Shengjing Sect, only a few marginal Elders are present. The people of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect are just here purely for travel. And the group of straightforward lunatics of the Royal Soldier Sect announced that their absence was due to illness. In addition to Kunlun Sect, there are several unknown old farts who came to stir the water, are there any heavyweight characters of Heavenly Sage Hall here?”

Looking at the gradually bewildered eyes around her, Nine-Tailed Fox sneered and said, “A bunch of opportunists! Do you guys think when you make a group, you have a powerful strength and can occupy the mainstream and thus treat the precious friendship between the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and the Earth Immortals as a stepping stone? And then wantonly speculate? It’s funny that you don’t see it, but the whole world is waiting to see how you all die! I’m merely helping the others do it. Even without me, others will do it sooner or later.”

At this time, an older cultivator who looked simple and upright frowned and said, “It’s true that some people are too extreme when dealing with the Earth Immortals, but don’t you think your indiscriminate killing here is a bit too much?”

Nine-Tailed Fox wagged her tails and said, “Too much? It’s nothing more than decisive action in a complex situation, what’s so excessive about that? If we don’t kill all these rascals today, more people will think that they are in the majority, and they will protest in groups. Then they will be able to confuse right from wrong, and there would be more people that need to be killed. We’ve been having a peaceful time for too long that even the threat of the Fallen Immortal is not taken seriously. A group of rubbish-like things whizzed and gathered, pulling banners and shouting slogans. A few words of fairness and justice in Nine Regions and righteousness could actually allow them to win support from the people and bring them all the way to the Heavenly Sage Hall. During these fifteen years when Wang Lu had no time to be distracted, the Heavenly Sage Hall had indeed become somewhat unreasonable. Today, I clean it with their flesh and blood, which could be considered as purification.”

The words of the Nine-Tailed Fox were so harsh that the cultivators in the hall felt restless after hearing this.

“Speculators will always exist, which is an unavoidable evil in any political organization.” Nine-Tailed Fox said indifferently, “So, we have to constantly crack down on these speculators. Today, I was entrusted by Wang Lu to ‘prune and cut the leaves’ for you and it seems that the speculators have been cleaned up. In the future, I hope you can solve these problems by yourself, and don’t expect Wang Lu to save the day every time. At any rate, you have ruled the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals for so many years. Without Wang Lu, it should be able to operate, right?”

Nine-Tailed Fox mentioned Wang Lu’s name several times and finally subdued the last batch of impetuous cultivators. No one in Heavenly Sage Hall dared to have a different mind, and they only hoped that the murderer would leave as soon as possible.

And the Nine-Tailed Fox did not intend to stay for too long. It was enough for the task here to be completed to this point. If she kept on the pressure, it would be easy to produce counterproductive effects. She and the twelve test machines were indeed powerful, but if they were really attacked by groups, they would inevitably be outnumbered. Just now they were able to sweep the Heavenly Sage Hall and kill more than 100 unknown cultivators because the real rulers of the Heavenly Sage Hall acquiesced in all this, that’s all.

As for the political transactions behind the scenes, Nine-Tailed Fox couldn’t care less. In the final analysis, she was only Wang Lu’s agent, there was no need for her to delve too deep into this… Now the problem had been solved with the help of Wang Lu’s prestige and the powerful fighting power of the 12 test machines. It was the right thing to leave as soon as possible.

But just as the Nine-Tailed Fox was about to leave, suddenly a cultivator rushed in and shouted as soon as he entered the door.

“Not good! In order to save Daoist Master Non-Phase, Wang Lu rushed into the crack in the sky and then both he and the crack in the sky disappeared!”

One stone stirred up a thousand waves. A buzzing sound immediately appeared in the Heavenly Sage Hall, which was the voice of the people talking all at once.

This news was so important that no one can ignore it. In order to save Wang Wu, Wang Lu was lost in the crack in the sky?

The crack in the sky was the passage that the Immortal World forcibly opened to the continent of Nine Regions. If the crack in the sky disappeared, wouldn’t it mean that the Master and disciple were locked up in the Immortal World? It meant that… They were dead!

And if Wang Lu died, what should they do next?

At this moment, even Nine-Tailed Fox was taken aback for a moment. But soon she found that she didn’t have to worry about it herself because someone had come forward in time.

It was Qiong Hua who made the move. A red light streaked across the hall and directly pierced the forehead of the cultivator who reported the news.

After that, Qiong Hua coldly said, “Misleading the public with rumors is unforgivable!”

Instantly, a deathly silence fell on the Heavenly Sage Hall and all the people’s eyes were focused on Qiong Hua. However, the woman was unperturbed. She coldly took back the Kill Immortal Sword with her right hand and ignored everyone. However, any person with insight could see that her decisive action just now had actually turned the tide. She brought the situation back from the brink of deterioration.

Yes, perhaps Wang Lu was really lost in the crack in the sky, or perhaps the passage truly disappeared.

But so what?

It was simply making a deer out to be a horse. (deliberate misrepresentation)

Even if Wang Lu was really gone, the huge legacy that he left behind after 15 years of managing the Nine Regions could still suppress all the rascals. The Zakus in Area 51 was only one of them. Qiong Hua’s sword strike reminded everyone in the most shocking way.

They had no qualifications to create chaos.

Among the pilots, Qiong Hua’s synchronization rate was not the highest. She was even slightly inferior to Liu Li. Some people said that she had used up her creative powers, while others said that she had some hesitation toward this synchronization mechanism. But in short, her performance in Area 51 was not outstanding in the past few years.

Until this moment, all the people realized that the lead disciple of Shengjing Sect was indeed worthy of her reputation.

However, even if Qiong Hua’s sword strike had temporarily stabilized the situation, as long as Wang Lu did not show up for a day, this was just a temporary solution instead of a permanent one.

What actually happened to Wang Lu at this time?

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