Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 810 - Overwhelmed

Chapter 810: Overwhelmed

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Outside the Heavenly Sage Hall in Shengjing Sect, Central Region, Nine Regions. A crisis that nearly caused two major forces to break up was finally eliminated by the bloody massacre.

The speculators in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals gathered together and were almost wiped out. However, after the Nine-Tailed Fox called the backup to slaughter most of the people, Supreme Hetu finally arrived late and came forward to maintain the overall situation. His focus was entirely on these several points: Sincerely apologized for the various unfair treatment suffered by the Earth Immortals before, and then announced that a more comprehensive internal rectification will be carried out. Interestingly, Supreme Hetu put forward a very detailed rectification plan on the spot, with the signatures of the leaders of other major sects. It could be seen that it was a long-planned thunder strike to eliminate certain forces.

It was true that this would cause considerable internal friction, but the accumulated drawbacks of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals in the past fifteen years were swept away overnight. The relationship between the Union and the ancient Earth Immortals became closer again, and the ruling power of the five major sects was further consolidated. Compared with the previous situation where the undercurrents were raging under the centralized power, it was really much more advantageous, and it was undoubtedly the time to set things right.

The Nine-Tailed Fox, who lighted the fuse, wisely chose to retreat after her success. She left the Heavenly Sage Hall the first chance she got and was ready to go on her merry way. However, before she went too far, she already fell into a new predicament.

“Hey guys… The task is completed, so stop following me, okay? I’m not your mother…”

The fox girl tried to shoo away the entourage behind her.

“Don’t you guys have your own family and friends? For example, you, the lead disciple of Shengjing, why are you not kneeling in front of Hetu to greet him? What are you pestering me for?’

Qiong Hua, who was called out by the fox girl, smiled and said, “You are holding Wang Lu’s token to mobilize us here, if we don’t follow you, who else should we follow?”

The fox girl said angrily, “Then I order you guys to disband and go back to your own places! Even if I’m just a fox, I too want a private life, okay? I’ve been alone for thousands of years, can’t you guys give me a chance to leave?”

Qiong Hua said, “The authorization period given to you by Wang Lu has just passed, and now you have no right to order us.”

“… I don’t know what to say. Are you guys making fun of me on purpose? Because I’m the Nine-Tailed Fox, you guys are deliberately making fun of me, right?”

Qiong Hua explained, “As the pilots of Zakus, we controlled the most important forces in Nine Regions. For safety reasons, obedience to order is already embedded in the creed of the primordial spirit, so even if we want to disobey, we can’t. You ordered us to follow you, so we can only follow you until there is a new order.”

“Who else can give you orders beside Wang Lu?”

“No one else. No second person is allowed… In the deployment of Zakus, Wang Lu only trusted himself, not even Senior Gem Emperor.”

When she heard this, the Nine-Tailed Fox couldn’t help but scratch her head and said, “That guy looks very smart, so how could he make such a low-level mistake like not setting up his substitute? Who will replace him when he falls?”

Qiong Hua seriously said, “If Wang Lu falls, there’s no need to consider the issue of succession. Right now, anyone in Nine Regions can be replaced, but not him.”

“Do you think so highly of your old enemy?”

Qiong Hua said, “I would not consider Wang Lu to be my old enemy, That would be bad for me and Shengjing Sect.”

The fox girl pouted, “Tch, really boring.”

With that, she stopped paying attention to these stubborn pilots and walked around the Heavenly Sage Hall, minding her own business.

For this group of testing machines that insisted on following her, the fox girl was actually not as repulsive as it seemed. It was true that by following her around, these Zakus were an inconvenience, but were they not also protecting her? As a Fallen Immortal traitor who once nearly exterminated Spirit Sword Sect and recently inflicted serious damage to Daoist Master Feng Yin, without the protection of these Zakus, she would be very alarmed every step of the way in Nine Regions.

Halfway through, the fox girl suddenly thought of a problem.

Qiong Hua said that anyone in Nine Regions could be replaced, but not Wang Lu. But now, it appeared that Wang Lu had been banished to the endless void. Could he ever come back?

When she thought of this, the fox girl suddenly got a headache. Although she was forced to betray the Immortal World and jumped to the Nine Regions side, a betrayal was a betrayal, and the Immortal World would never consider the word mercy to a servant. Now she had no choice. Once the ship of Nine Regions sank, she would undoubtedly die.

“I have to think about it. Is there any way to bring that guy back to Nine Regions?”


At the same time, in Heavenly Sage Hall, the leaders of the Five Uniques had gathered. Together with several representatives from the Earth Immortals, they held an emergency meeting. Even though they had just cleared up the accumulated abuses in Nine Regions, all the participants were sad and the hall was filled with depression.

Of course, the problem that the Nine-Tailed Fox could think of, they could also think of it. Wang Lu was trapped in the passage of the two realms, which was a fatal blow to Nine Regions. A small part of this emergency meeting was to discuss the future management of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, and more to discuss the countermeasures in Wang Lu’s absence.

However, how could there be any good countermeasure? Without Wang Lu, no one could fill his role. The war, which had very little hope, seemed to fall further into the abyss, and the sea of blood seemed to be close at hand.

Thus, even though the traces of the massacre in the Heavenly Sage Hall had been washed away by the Immortal Technique, a strong bloody smell still lingered at the tip of the nose.

In the silence, Supreme Hetu took the lead and spoke first, “Daoist friend Feng Yin, how is your injury?”

Daoist Master Feng Yin tilted his body slightly and said, “It’s all right now. Thank you for asking.”

“Is it really all right? I see that your spirit is dispirited and listless, it seems that your primordial spirit injury has not been healed… Don’t try to act ok at this time, okay? If you have any problems, just say it and we will solve it together.” Sect Leader of Kunlun Supreme Zhuri said, “The combat power of your sect’s Heavenly Sword Hall is one of the most important parts of the plan. Every move you make as a leader is of great importance. So you should not act willfully.”

Feng Yin softly said, “Thank you for your concern.”

Zhuri wanted to say more but was interrupted by Supreme Tianlun, who said with a smile, “Sect Leader Zhuri need not say more, I think Sect Leader Feng Yin is just trapped by feelings. After a period of time, he will naturally adjust to it, so there’s no need to insist on dealing with it now.”

Supreme Zhuri cast a suspicious look. The leader of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, who was known for his ignorance of world affairs and poor EQ, actually knew what trapped by feelings was? Wasn’t his worldly affairs calculation only effective for ordinary mortals?

The next moment, Supreme Tianlun said to Feng Yin, “Sect Leader Feng Yin, please be open-minded, she’s just an adopted daughter, and the incarnation of the Nine-Tailed Fox at that, why take it this seriously? I think you’d better find a daoist partner for yourself to give birth to your own child as soon as possible. By then, your feelings would naturally shift and you won’t be sad about the appearance of Feng Ling.”

Feng Yin said with gritted teeth, “Thank you very much for your concern.”

“You’re welcome. I happen to know a lot of female cultivators here, and their conditions are good. Do you want me to help you as your matchmaker? I can give you a free marriage divination. I know that Daoist Friend is proficient with Stellar Star Great Divination, but that kind of divination is often distorted when it concerns oneself, so it’s better to believe in my marriage divination.”


“If Daoist Friend doesn’t have the heart to break the virgin boy technique that has been practiced for years, or have no confidence in this matter because of the lack of practical experience, our Ten Thousand Arts Sect also has a unique solution that can be customized to your satisfaction.”

For a long time, Feng Yin was unable to say a word as his mind went blank for a while.

“All right, that’s enough for the gossip.” Supreme Hetu’s words finally changed the subject back to the main topic.

“Wang Lu is lost in the passage of the two worlds. So, at present, there are three things to do. The first is to prevent the Fallen Immortal from taking this opportunity to open the second passage. For this reason, I have asked the leader of the Earth Immortal to be near the crack in the sky to guard it and share with them the right to use the Nine Regions Map, so that she and her subordinates can appear in any corner of Nine Regions within a cup of tea’s time. The second is to find a way to bring Wang Lu back. Currently, I have formed a team from Shengjing Sect who is best at time and space to conduct an inspection in the Blue River Region, hoping to get results as soon as possible. Third, we should also be prepared for the worst. Some procedures need to be adjusted as soon as possible.”

Supreme Hetu was indeed worthy to be the leader of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals for many years. His three-point strategy was right to the point. Everyone had no objections to the first two points, and were only supplemented with details. However, the third point made them feel awkward.

To prepare for the worst was to continue the fight against the Fallen Immortals without Wang Lu. However, as Qiong Hua said, Wang Lu’s significance was fundamentally irreplaceable. Over the past 15 years, many of his official arrangements were known only to him. Others simply could not mobilize those resources. For example, the production in the Red Sea Underwater Workshop would immediately stop…

Among them, the Spirit Sword Sect suffered the biggest impact. In the past fifteen years, Wang Lu had continuously mobilized resources from the entire continent to pour into Spirit Sword Sect in order to give full play to the infinite potential of the Elders of the Heaven Sword Hall. Each of them inherited the inheritance of the golden generation, and when it came to cultivation talent, they could be regarded as the world’s top. If their potentials were fully tapped, they could play a crucial role. But now that Wang Lu had disappeared, the whole training program came to an abrupt end…

More importantly, in the past fifteen years, because of his strong style, Wang Lu had accumulated a lot of power to himself–although he might not have enough energy and time to make good use of these powers. But now that he was no longer there, who would take over these powers?

This topic was so sensitive that Supreme Hetu didn’t dare to speak rashly about it. Fighting for power was taboo in any organization, but it was also an inevitable phenomenon. Wang Lu left so much power vacuum that someone had to fill it up. But now, who could easily take it over?

Even Supreme Hetu, the previous number one person in Nine Regions, didn’t dare to take it.

Fortunately, before long, the sudden changes in the situation left them no time to think about this problem.

In Heavenly Sage Hall, a red light was lit up at the node connected with the Nine Regions Map–That was the highest level warning sign. Then, a cold voice sounded in the hall.

“The second crack in the sky appears.”

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