Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 824 - Sky Tower

Chapter 824: Sky Tower

“Sky Tower? Beside these words, Wang Lu didn’t leave any other clues?”

At the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, an elderly cultivator with heavy glasses tapped the table with dissatisfaction.

“What does Wang Lu think of our Ten Thousand Arts Sect? Universal wishing machine where he could get whatever he wants? Does he respect the academic spirit and understand architectural design? Wanting to break the space barrier of Nine Regions with a tower is too whimsical!”

In front of the old man, Elder Lu Li from the Heavenly Sword Hall of Spirit Sword Sect smiled slightly and said, “What Daoist Friend Shi Fang said is quite reasonable. There has never been a building that could break the space barrier of Nine Regions in the entire history of Nine Regions. However, this is only limited to ‘history.’ Don’t forget that not long ago, one building successfully broke the space barrier.”

When he heard these words, Elder Shi Fang was startled. “Do you mean the Against the World Dragon Pillar?”

“Precisely. If it had not been for the arrival of the Against the World Dragon Pillar, which weakened the barrier of Nine Regions, I’m afraid we wouldn’t have heard of Wang Lu’s voice.”

Elder Shi Fang nodded and said, “Yes, the Against the World Dragon Pillar is indeed one of my blindspots. If I can have the Against the World Dragon Pillar, I might be able to break the barrier and lead Wang Lu back… But the Against the World Dragon Pillar is a treasure of the Immortal World. Whether it’s the manufacturing method or the principle of operation, we don’t know much about it. Thus, it’s impossible to copy it.”

“The so-called not knowing much that you said is only limited to the past. Elder Shi Fang, can you recognize this thing?”

After he said that, Lu Li carefully pulled out a transparent glass bottle from the mustard seed bag. A pile of dark powder was in it.

The powder looked ugly, but Elder Shi Fang was startled that he unconsciously took several steps back.

“Is this black powder…”

“The debris of the Against the World Dragon Pillar.” Lu Li said, “Before her death, Supreme Kuqin managed to cut the Against the Sword Dragon Pillar with the Extinguish Immortal Sword. And this is the layer of debris left on the sword, which Supreme Hetu was lucky enough to recover. I think that, with the research ability of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect and with the help of this material, we should be able to gain something.”

A trembling Elder Shi Fang stretched out his hand toward the glass bottle and said, “This is a momentous point in the history of Nine Regions!”

Lu Li was silent for a moment and then handed out half of the glass bottle and said, “The future of Nine Regions is in our hands.”

“Huh?” Elder Shi Fang couldn’t understand Lu Li’s meaning of the word ‘our,’ but when he tried to take the glass bottle, he found the bottle seemed to be stuck to Lu Li’s hand.

“… You don’t think I’m going to place all the hopes of Nine Regions on you alone, right?”

Shi Fang said, somewhat a bit unhappy, “You don’t believe me?”

“I can’t trust anyone in this matter. Either we do it together, or you do it on your own without this.”

As one of the leading research experts in Ten Thousand Arts Sect, Daoist Immortal Shi Fang had never been this angry. However, looking at the black powder in the glass bottle in his hand, no matter how big his anger was, he immediately held it back.

“Fine, if you insist on coming… But if you can’t keep up with the pace, don’t expect us to slow down and wait for you.”

“You can try to get rid of me as hard as you can.” Lu Li sneered disdainfully.


In the next period of time, as Lu Li said, Daoist Master Shi Fang set up his own research team, and then tried to leave Lu Li behind with the greatest strength.

All the contents of the research were not hidden from him. Every report Lu Li could read at will, and every laboratory was completely open to him. However, the Ten Thousand Arts Sect did not expect him to understand. As the top academic research institution in Nine Regions, they were confident that there was a qualitative gap between them and any other sect. According to the conclusion of Supreme Tianlun, even Shengjing Sect, which had unlimited financial resources and manpower, had a generation gap with the Ten Thousand Arts Sect in terms of academic research ability. As for the Spirit Sword Sect, which had a declining population and a shortage of materials, what qualifications should it have to participate in this kind of top-class research? In this regard, being a good audience was not bad.

In the first three days, Lu Li was just doing his part as an audience, wandering around the research facilities, watching while walking without saying a word. When some arrogant researchers asked him provocative questions, he just laughed it off and never responded.

However, just when everyone thought that the Sixth Elder of the Spirit Sword Sect was going to become an invisible man in the laboratory, Lu Li finally made a move.

The first thing was to overthrow the three upcoming research projects at the morning meeting of Daoist Master Shi Fang. In front of everyone’s surprised and even frightened eyes, he spoke frankly and with assurance. He pointed out the shortcomings of the research plan clearly and gave his own alternative plan. After a long discussion, Daoist Master Shi Fang and other experts reluctantly admitted that Lu Li’s version was obviously superior.

Second, Lu Li selected five relatively marginal cultivators from Shi Fang’s team and formed a research group of his own. He then took over the most difficult project in the whole research program. Of course, Daoist Master Shi Fang would not rest assured that the core content will be delivered to outsiders. Thus, he also led a cutting-edge team to carry out the same research. Three days later, the result was clear, and Lu Li came up with a perfect result one step ahead of time. Shi Fang, who was still two steps away at the time, almost passed away in the laboratory.

That time, Shi Fang and the others suddenly realized an important fact: Lu Li was the man who, in the past two hundred years, single-handedly carried out most of the academic research of Spirit Sword Sect! Although the results of this research were never able to reach the cutting edge technology of the Immortal Cultivation World of Nine Regions, from another perspective, Lu Li had completed the work of a team by his own efforts, and the results were not bad! If such a talent could have the research platform of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, what kind of terrifying energy would be burst out from it?

Therefore, regarding Lu Li, people’s question was no longer whether he was qualified to follow the advanced research of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, but when could a peerless talent like him leave the commoner sect of Spirit Sword Sect and enter the embrace of Ten Thousand Arts Sect as soon as possible…

“Daoist Friend Lu Li, although I have said it once a few days ago, I must say it again. Please be sure to join the Ten Thousand Arts Sect. Only in this way will your talent not be wasted! If you are not tied to the Spirit Sword Sect, but come to our Ten Thousand Arts Sect, the highest academic research award would be in your hands in no time!”

“Daoist Friend Shi Fang, have you ever thought that, if I were not in the Spirit Sword Sect, how could I have the opportunity to grow to where I am now? The entire research resources of one of the Five Uniques are completely used by me, so I have no less than any researcher. So, let us now focus our attention on the right place. The result of the composition identification of the Against the World Dragon Pillar should have been compiled, right?”

Daoist Master Shi Fang sighed with some regret, then nodded and said, “Yes, it has been compiled. As you expected, the Against the World Dragon Pillar… As the name suggests, is a biochemical building based on the Against the World Dragon. Its core lies in the Against the World Dragon, a strange species in the Immortal World. In contrast to the World Dragons in the Tomb of Immortals, the Against the World Dragon does not create something out of nothing, but turns existence into nothingness. And this supernatural power can only be possessed by the Against the World Dragon. It is very difficult to replicate.”

“If so, it means that the situation still falls into the expected D category. Without the Against the World Dragon, there is no way to build the Sky Tower.”

“But the Against the World Dragon does not exist in Nine Regions at all. Where are we going to find it?”

Lu Li pondered for a while and said, “Is it really though? Even if it’s not complete, a part of it is just as fine.”

Daoist Master Shi Fang was stunned when he heard this and said, “Do you mean…”

“A huge pillar in the Southern Heaven Region is basically made of the Against the World Dragon. If we can cut a relatively complete section of it, we would be able to extract all the elements of the Against the World Dragon and restore it.”

“… Extract living materials from inanimate objects? Ah, I remember, twenty years ago, I read Daoist Friend’s article about extracting the elements of the Desolation Age from the amber! That time, my Senior Brother Sect Leader said that if this research goes deeper, it may be possible to build a Desolation Age Prehistoric Park. If Daoist Friend has such a foundation, maybe it’s really feasible!”


“So, these lunatics want me to lead the army to the Southern Heaven Region to cut them a piece of Against the World Dragon Pillar? They really are a bunch of bastards, don’t they have any brain?”

At this time, the dazzling King of the Western Continent was sitting on an elevated dragon chair and was very upset to read the files in his hand. While scolding, he threw it out with force, “Knight King, you wasted my time just because you want me to see this kind of boring thing?”

The file flying in the air was picked off by a slender hand. Aya took back the file and calmly said, “This is the only way.”

“The only way? You mean this is the only way to save Wang Lu, right? For the sake of a mere Wang Lu, you want me to dispatch the main force to enter the Southern Heaven Region that has long been occupied by the Fallen Immortals, which makes the overall circumstances there extremely unfavorable? You mean in that dark battlefield, the army has to break through layers of defense to destroy their core building?”

Aya still calmly replied, “Saving Wang Lu is the only way to win this war. Gil, don’t try to be brave. You’ve done a good job. In the past half a month, you have led us to fight back five waves of invasion from the Fallen Immortal. This is an unprecedented feat…

“So why must we bring Wang Lu back?”

“You know why… In this war, you won’t be able to hold on for too long. Gil, it’s just you and me, so put away your disguise. Don’t show off your golden light to me.”

Golden King tilted his face and remained silent for a long time. Finally, he leaned back and retrieved the golden light from his body. And then… A variegated light appeared.

At this time, the previously pure gold and flawless full body armor had become mottled, divided into countless color blocks, including gold, silver, and bronze. It indeed looked terrible.

“Although… headed by Shengjing Sect, I have tried my best to replenish your wealth during this time, the wealth of Nine Regions will eventually be at odds with your path. For example, the emperor’s dragon chair is nondescript to you. Dragon is a supreme symbol in Nine Regions, but it is only a relatively powerful creature in our land. What’s more, the dragons in the two continents are not the same. Gil, you are not so much as the Golden King now, but more like…”

Aya paused and didn’t continue. But Golden King sneered and said, “Tattered King? Humph, I’ve heard some bastards talk about this before. That’s right, in this foreign land, I can’t hold on for long. But it doesn’t mean that your suicide plan has any meaning!”

Aya said, “It’s not a suicide. You don’t have to send out someone to carry out this task. Nine Regions has already found the right person. He just needs some help from you.”

“The right person?”

Aya turned sideways to reveal a figure that was extremely strange to Golden King.

“Greetings, Golden King. I am Yin Xuan, a Successor Disciple of Spirit Sword Sect.”

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