Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 834 - I Didn’t Buy Stocks, I Was Praying For All Of You

Chapter 834: I Didn’t Buy Stocks, I Was Praying For All Of You

It had been said since ancient times in Nine Regions that when an Immortal descended down to the lower realm, there must be abnormal phenomena in Immortals in Nine Regions.

In the Desolate Age, the Immortals in the lower realm were often accompanied by colorful clouds and golden lights. The shrouded place was filled with an intoxicating fragrance, and there were invisible drums and pipes playing the sounds of nature. It was grand and magnificent, as if the Nine Regions was welcoming the wanderer that returned home with the grandest ceremony.

Compared with the Immortal World, Nine Regions was just a starting point. Cultivators cultivated here and understood heaven and earth. Once they achieved something, they would break through the sky and enter a new world. Since the birth of the civilization in Nine Regions, for countless years, there had been many cultivators who had been successful in their cultivation, but few were willing to return. Thus, it was reasonable for the Nine Regions to treat these Immortals who had returned home with splendor.

However, it turned out that the stories handed down from ancient times might not be true. Since Mr. Feng Yue came to the lower realm, the number of Immortals who had descended to Nine Regions had been over one hundred, but where were the so-called abnormal phenomena? In fact, how could the Nine Regions give face to these Immortals who were trying to destroy the Nine Regions? Most of the so-called abnormal phenomena legends handed down since ancient times were those vain Immortals who created those sightings with their own Immortal Methods.

Until now.

The supreme of the Immortal World tore down the wall of space and slowly descended from the sky of Blue River Region. At this moment, the dark and surging clouds suddenly condensed, and the electric arcs that snaked through the clouds no longer appeared. Even the astral wind stopped whistling and became silent.

Space was freezing, as if time no longer flowed.

When the Immortal King came, there was no magnificent and splendid immortal aura, only a heavy pressure that fell on everyone’s mind. This was the abnormal phenomena rarely seen in Nine Regions for thousands and thousands of years. The continent did not offer a welcoming ceremony, but it clearly showed its own fear.

Nine Regions was afraid of the arrival of the Immortal King.

At the same time, the Immortals around the Stellar Peak, one after another, stopped their movements and looked up steadily at the Immortal King’s body in the lower realm. Then, starting from Xiaoyao, Liefeng, Qingliu, Fengyun… and the rest of Senior Immortals and Immortals, one by one they bowed down to show their obedience to the Immortal King. They even completely forgot that they were on a battlefield, and there were a large number of mortal enemies not far from them.

However, the cultivators of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had no time to fight back, because their bodies were heavier than before. The magical power in their Jade Mansion had the tendency to condense. Let alone to counterattack, it was very difficult even to maintain their own methods.

And this was all because an unexpected guest visited the Nine Regions. The Immortal King Xia Yu was simply so powerful.

Even the most combative cultivators, at this time, had despair in their hearts. The power of the Immortal World Supreme was so powerful that its own sense of existence could frighten all living beings. How could Nine Regions compete with such an existence? Even if the Nine Regions had all of the four poles at this time, could they stop a casual wave of the hand of the Immortal King?

However, after the Immortal King Xia Yu came, he didn’t get rid of Spirit Sword Mountain. His attention was only on one person.

“Xiaoyao, do you want me to go over there to see you?”

Senior Immortal Xiaoyao let out a bitter smile and nodded. His body turned into rainbow light and flashed to the distant ninth level of the sky toward Xia Yu.

The two Immortals were facing each other, less than one meter apart… Apart from Xiaoyao, there had never been any Immortal that close to the Immortal King.

“Xiaoyao, why the betrayal?”

In the Immortal World, Senior Immortal Xiaoyao was under one person but above the many and was the person closest to the Immortal King. However, although he received respect from others, he was also subjected to extremely strict restrictions. Xia Yu never gave his subordinates unconditional trust. While he gave Xiaoyao the power and authority, he also left a mark on him… Once Xiaoyao had a trace of disobedience and betrayal in his heart, the Immortal King would know.

After Senior Immortal Xiaoyao descended to the lower realm, his every move was naturally in Xia Yu’s sight. Later, the Immortal King was surprised to find that Xiaoyao’s behavior was totally unreasonable. It was as if he deliberately let the people of Nine Regions struggle at the death’s door. This was completely contrary to the purpose of the Great Purge.

The time for the Immortal World was running out. If they couldn’t purge the Nine Regions as soon as possible and refine it, then everything would end. Senior Immortal Xiaoyao’s delaying time act at this time was a traitorous behavior.

However, at the same time, Xia Yu didn’t feel that Xiaoyao had any rebellious intention at all. He was still loyal to the Immortal World and never disobeyed his instructions… In this case, how could all this be explained? Thus, he summoned Xiaoyao and asked him to return to the Palace of Three Purities to explain everything.

Unexpectedly, Xiaoyao suddenly rejected his instruction and disobeyed him. This was an obvious sign of rebellion.

Xiaoyao actually betrayed him? The surprise in Xia Yu’s heart was beyond words. Therefore, he did not hesitate to drag his still-wounded Immortal body to Nine Regions to ask what happened.

“Your Majesty Immortal King, I… never betrayed anyone.” Senior Immortal Xiaoyao took a deep breath and said frankly, “On that day, I swore my allegiance to the Immortal World, not anyone in the Immortal World.”

“What a joke, do you want to say that my existence hinders the interests of the Immortal World?”

“Your Majesty, with all due respect… How long have you lived?”

Inwardly, the Immortal King Xia Yu was stunned, “What do you know?”


The confrontation between the Immortal King and Senior Immortal Xiaoyao took place on the ninth sky. While the two of them were talking, the remaining defender army in Spirit Sword Mountain also got a bit of breathing room.

When the Immortal King focused his attention on Xiaoyao, the oppressive force that deterred the entire territory also disappeared, and people were finally able to breathe and move freely. However, in despair, no one could raise any intention of war.

Only a few people could maintain their Immortal Heart in this desperate situation.

On the Stellar Peak, Liu Li blinked his eyes and asked curiously, “What are they doing?”

Not far from Liu Li, the Nine-Tailed Fox shook her head in boredom and said, “Those two people? Of course, they are talking, it couldn’t possibly be a blind date, right? Alas, His Majesty the Immortal King has actually come forward in person. This time, we stand no chance at all.”

“Is the Immortal King really that powerful?” Zhu Shiyao’s eyes shone, she was a bit eager to try.

The fox girl almost gone insane, “Have you had enough? Just now, people have stopped you twice and with great difficulty, you were saved by that black guy, yet you still want to fight? What’s more, can’t you see how big the gap between you and the Immortal King is? Let alone you, a low realm creature, even if Wang Lu himself came back, he’s still not the Immortal King’s opponent. That giant Divine Weapon is only at the level of Senior Immortal Xiaoyao, so he basically can’t fight him!”

“Then, since the Immortal King is that strong, it would be a shame if I can’t fight him and verify his swordsmanship.”

“Oh, it must be hard for you to say a complete sentence. It seems that breaking through the Deity Stage is helpful to your IQ, but you better save it. That’s not the way to die.”

The fox girl strongly rebuffed Zhu Shiyao’s request.

“Just stay here. Even if we are doomed to die, we should strive for as much time as possible to survive, even if it’s just for a second… Life is precious.”

Then the fox girl raised her head and looked at the highest point of the Stellar Peak, at the tall tower that broke through the space barrier.

“Wang Lu, can you come back? Little Ling’Er… really wants to see you.”


On the Stellar Peak, in a simple makeshift clinic, Elder Guanhai carefully covered the wounded person’s broken arm in front of him with a layer of ointment. He saw that there was countless ferocious black gas at the wounded part, but when touched by the ointment, it seemed to melt like the snow and disappeared.

“Junior Brother Zhang Sheng, do you feel better now?”

“Yes, it’s okay now. Senior Brother, you indeed use medicine like a god.”

The wounded shrugged and a bright smile appeared on his face.

“It seems that I can fight a few more rounds. Lu, put my armor on.” Zhang Sheng said as he put on a layer of Immortal Armor with his remaining hand.

Elder Guanhai asked in surprise, “Do you still want to fight?”

“As long as I’m alive, of course, I have to fight. Senior Brother, don’t worry about me. My life has been scheduled to be given on the battlefield, which is exactly at this time. What’s more, with Lu accompanying me, I won’t be lonely. Oh, that’s not right. It should be said that at this time, everyone will accompany me.”

“… Don’t let the Third Brother hear you.”

“Hahaha, that Old Third is an old-fashioned guy, but previously he was not like this.”


At a remote corner, Zhou Mumu suddenly leaned under a towering tree.

“Master… disciple is unworthy, and I will see you very soon. A pity this battle is still lost and the Nine Regions still could not be saved… However, Master, your heroic posture of fighting bravely has been etched in everyone’s mind. No one will laugh at us, Kunlun Sect, for having an empty history, no one.”

“What are you doing?”

When she heard this voice, Zhou Mumu stood up in a panic and said, “Zhan Ziye? What are you doing here? What’s more, where’s your manager who is responsible for guiding your words, action and behavior?”

“… At this time, why do I need a manager? Do I still need to care if I have a high EQ and can I make friends? Moreover… She’s already dead.”

Zhou Mumu slightly lowered her head and said, “Oh… What a pity.”

“Everybody is going to die anyway.” Zhan Ziye shook his head, and his wound began to bleed. “So, I have something I want to say to you.”

“You want to say something? To me?”

Zhan Ziye took a deep breath and made the boldest decision in his life.


“Senior Brother, the line of defense has been rebuilt.”

Lu Li cupped his hand toward the old man in the bamboo room.

Inside the room, the old man, who seemed to have experienced many vicissitudes of life, nodded slowly. Compared to not long ago, Feng Yin appeared to be older… With his strength at the Peak Deity Stage and actual combat power that surpassed the Earth Immortal, his lifespan should have been extremely long. But at this time, he looked and acted like an old man.

“Senior Brother, Wang Lu…”

Feng Yin said, “Wang Lu has already done everything that he could do. We relied on him too much.”

“… I understand. Does the tower need to be deactivated?”

“No, just leave it that way.” Feng Yin said, “Although I know all this is just an extravagant hope, I always feel that Big Brother will never abandon us. He will definitely step forward bravely in the most critical time.”

Lu Li said, “Senior Brother, please don’t belittle yourself. After the death of Big Brother… Ouyang Shang, you led the Spirit Sword Sect out of the quagmire.”

“Whenever I encounter a difficult situation, I will think of Big Brother in my heart and I then get the motivation to persevere.” Feng Yin sighed, “And now, I can’t help but start to miss him. I think he should come back.”

“… Well, perhaps.” Lu Li shook his head somewhat indifferently and then prepared to leave.

However, as soon as he turned around, he suddenly saw a familiar figure outside the bamboo room.

The next moment, Lu Li’s eyes widened and his mouth gaped open. His heart was filled with indescribable emotion.

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