Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 836 - Accumulating Power

Chapter 836: Accumulating Power

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An hour ago, a long lost figure appeared on the Stellar Peak in Nine Regions.

Lu Li wiped his eyes in disbelief, despite his pair of spiritual eyes were already comparable to that of an Immortal, which made him immune to any illusion.

It was just that the appearance of this person was too incredible and exciting. The Spirit Sword Sect, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, and even the entire Nine Regions have been looking forward to his return for so long that most people have even already felt desperate.

In desperation, hope quietly came.

Wang Lu actually came back?

Just when Lu Li was about to exclaim, the young man outside the bamboo room shook his head and put his index finger on his mouth, telling him not to make any sound.

Then, a familiar voice sounded in Lu Li’s mind.

“Keep quiet.”

“Lu Li was shocked, “What? Why?”

Feng Yin stood up and pressed Lu Li’s shoulder, “Since Big Brother… Em, since Wang Lu said so, he must have his own intention. You don’t want to be discovered?”

Wang Lu nodded and said, “Originally, I wanted to be more open and aboveboard. But since that guy is here,” Wang Lu pointed back at the Immortal King Xia Yu in the sky behind him and said, “then it’s necessary to change my plan.”

Feng Yin passed his words through primordial spirit, “The power of the Immortal King is indeed too great. There’s no chance of winning for us in a frontal battle, but…”

But even if they used an unconventional move, with such a huge power gap between the two, what kind of tricks could they possibly play?

Of course, Feng Yin could see that at this time, Wang Lu was already not what he used to be… He didn’t know what kind of adventure he got in the remnant of the two-worlds passage, his power now was already comparable to that of Senior Immortal Xiaoyao, the leader of the Senior Immortals. However, it was still too far away from Xia Yu’s terrifying power that could freeze time and space just by moving his hands and feet.

After all, the giant Divine Weapon was only a creation of the Earth Immortal. Even if the synchronization rate was pushed up to one hundred percent, it simply could not reach the realm of Immortal King. If Wang Lu could come back earlier and completely seal off the passage between the Immortal World and the Nine Regions, perhaps the situation might still be saved, but now…

“I need you guys to do two things.” Wang Lu said, “The first thing is everything goes as usual. Don’t let anyone know that I’m back. Second, bring me the Nine Regions Map.”

“The Nine Regions Map is damaged.”

“Of course, it’s damaged. The Southern Heaven Region was destroyed by the Against the World Dragon Pillar, meaning that Nine Regions have lost one of its regions. So, it’s normal that the Nine Regions Map is damaged. However, the damaged Nine Regions Map is still the Nine Regions Map. If I want every inch of Spirit Sword Mountain to control the rest of the eight regions, then the Nine Regions Map is a must.”

Feng Yin frowned. He really didn’t understand the significance of Wang Lu’s insistence on a damaged Nine Regions Map at this time. But, since he said so…

“I’ll look for Hetu in a moment, but Hetu was seriously injured before and is currently relying on the Nine Regions Map to continue his life. I can’t guarantee that…”

Wang Lu said with a smile, “That’s not good. I have to get the Nine Regions Map so that I can… The Nine Regions Map is much more important than Hetu himself.”

Feng Yin was understandably shocked. The implication of Wang Lu’s words was that he would not hesitate at all to kill or rob to get the treasure. But… This was Hetu, he presided over the Death to Immortal Sword Array and made great contributions in the battle. It was all thanks to Daoist Hetu’s ‘pushing the boat with the current’ that Wang Lu was able to jump from being the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect to the number one person in Nine Regions during the Grand Competition. It could be said that although Daoist Hetu was not the person that guided Wang Lu on the Immortal Path, there was no doubt that Wang Lu had received patronage from Daoist Hetu.

But now, he casually wanted to take Hetu’s life?

Rationally, this was unacceptable, how could Hetu’s life be compared with the overall situation of Nine Regions? But…

Wang Lu lowered his face and said, “Sect Leader, I know you have always been soft-hearted, but at this time, being soft-hearted will only make the sacrifice of those who fell before us worthless. In order to avoid people’s eyes and ears, I can’t leave your place. Otherwise, I would’ve gone and taken it myself… Don’t let me take such unnecessary risks!”

Feng Yin sighed and said, “I understand.”

Dragging a slightly heavy step, Feng Yin left his bamboo room. But when he stepped out of the house, he suddenly turned back and asked, “Where is Fifth Junior Sister?”

Wang Lu smiled but did not answer.


After a cup of tea’s time later, Feng Yin returned to the room with a map where more than half of it was damaged and handed it over to Wang Lu.

“Hetu, he… passed away peacefully. He said that you can definitely lead the rest to the end.”

Wang Lu was silent for a moment. A trace of sadness flashed through his eyes as he said, “I know… Now I have to ask you guys to leave for a while. When I cast the spell, I can’t have anyone around me.”

Feng Yin and Lu Li, of course, had countless questions to ask, but at this time, they had no choice but to leave.

When he was alone, Wang Lu immediately unfolded the Nine Regions Map and pressed one of his hands on it. In an instant, countless lines from all over the world were linked together in him. It was just that, a lot of them were intermittent and faintly discernible. This was a sign that the Nine Regions had become fragile. Although it seemed that the Against the World Dragon Pillar had only destroyed the Southern Heaven Region, its deeper destructive power had undoubtedly spread to every corner of Nine Regions.

At the same time, there were many functions of the damaged Nine Regions Map that could not be activated. With a deep and imposing complexion, Wang Lu wandered the Immortal Spirit from his body inside the map and tried his best to repair the damage… After a while, his complexion relaxed and a smile appeared on his face.

The most important thing was still there.

The next moment, he suddenly felt a bit more sentimental. Considering the damage to the Nine Regions Map, the thing was basically still intact. This was obviously thanks to Daoist Hetu. Originally, he only said it casually, but Hetu actually had earnestly built it for a long time.

“Rest assured brother Hetu, I won’t let you sacrifice in vain.”

Wang Lu said softly to himself, and then he deeply integrated himself into the Nine Regions Map. With the help of the magical ability of this map, his consciousness spread throughout the Nine Regions and he found the person who had been waiting for a long time.

It was a gentle Holy Light, vaguely human in outline, but without facial features.

“Faceless, long time no see.”

“Yes, it’s been a long time indeed, my master.” Faceless’ voice sounded a bit stunned, “Master, do you want to activate the final plan?”

“Yes. Let’s get our people ready.”

“In theory, they are always ready for the Day of Judgment, which was written in the doctrine. But I’m afraid, no one could imagine the true face of the Day of Judgment.”

Wang Lu sneered, “No one could imagine? The Fallen Immortals are about to sink the entire Nine Regions into the abyss. If they could not imagine that the Day of Judgment would come, then these believers are not pious enough. Now, stop talking nonsense and prepare to activate the plan.”

The light that constituted the Faceless One trembled, and then, in a cadence intonation, he recited the long-prepared words and sentences.

It was a strange language that could not be described by any words, and every tone contained infinite meanings. As Faceless One chanted those words, the Holy Lights lit up in Nine Regions, and then, along the hidden channels, like rivers that flowed into the sea, they gathered in one place—in Wang Lu’s hand.

At first, it was just a tiny ball of light. But soon, as the streams of Holy Light converged, it began to expand rapidly, and in a blink of an eye, Feng Yin’s bamboo room was filled with Holy Light. Wang Lu frowned and squeezed the light in his hand to the size of his fist again. However, by this time, the ball of light had shown a dazzling golden light, and accompanied by intense heat, it was like a small sun.

The Holy Light still continued to gather. Along with the Nine Regions Map, tens of millions of Holy Lights kept on surging. Thus, Wang Lu, as the Lord of the Holy Light, gradually became unable to suppress this energy. The light in his palm changed from white to gold, from gold to blood, and finally turned into black. The huge energy contained within it was breathtaking. If it broke out accidentally, even a Senior Immortal would end up dead.

Such terrifying energy naturally did not come out of thin air.

Wang Lu clenched the pitch-black energy ball in his hand and the wailing of hundreds of millions of people seemed to ring in his ears.

To put it bluntly, the so-called Day of Judgment was actually a grand blood sacrifice. In the name of the Sea of Holy Light, Wang Lu ignited the Holy Light in every believer in Nine Regions, and then gathered the burning energy in one place.

The Holy Light religion had been spreading in Nine Regions for a long time. With the help of the Wisdom Sect, the Holy Light was almost everywhere. And now, there were tens of billions of devout believers. Although most of these believers were just ordinary people, when the lives of tens of billions of believers were ignited at the same time, it was enough to create a world-destroying miracle.

Of course, the price was too high. With the launch of the Day of Judgment by Wang Lu, tens of billions of believers in Nine Regions fell into a daze and lost their vitality forever. There were loving couples, loving mothers, generous elders, and lively teenagers…

Tens of billions of creatures and hundreds of millions of families vanished in Wang Lu’s thought. He had no doubt that if the sky had not been torn apart, he would receive countless heavenly tribulations and tortures.

However, all this was necessary. Without the Day of Judgment, it was impossible for the dilapidated Nine Regions to provide such a huge amount of energy in a short time, let alone to support Wang Lu to activate the array hidden in the deepest part of the Nine Regions Map.

“Carrying the fate of the dead and so on… It’s easier said than done. But now, there’s no choice. If the Immortal World succeeds, everyone will die. Sacrificing some people to save everyone, I can be regarded as a partner of justice, right?”

With a hint of a self-deprecating smile, Wang Lu slowly pressed the black ball in his hand into the Nine Regions Map.

The moment the black ball disappeared, this immortal treasure, that bore the thousands of years of history of Shengjing Sect, began to burn.

In the flames, Wang Lu raised his head. His eyes had become unwavering.

“Very well, all of the preparations are in place. Now… It’s time to surprise those two.”

The next moment, his figure flashed and he appeared in the ninth sky, directly facing Xia Yu and Xiaoyao!

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