Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 839 - Cool, But Only A Chapter

Chapter 839: Cool, But Only A Chapter

The Immortal King’s power was gripping like a prison and vast as the ocean. When he tore up the space to come to Nine Regions, the entire continent trembled. And when he came down to Spirit Sword Mountain with one hand, it was enough to crush this Immortal mountain that had been passed down for thousands of years, together with everyone on it.

Therefore, the white shadow that suddenly appeared under the giant palm seemed so thin and fragile, as if the after waves of the giant palm could break her to pieces. Thus, when Wang Wu lifted up the bamboo sword and unyieldingly pointed it straight to the sky like the Spirit Sword Mountain, all those who paid attention to this scene sincerely exclaimed.

“Wang Wu, what are you doing?”

“Wang Wu, are you crazy?”

However, the next moment, the voice of these calls was swept away by a sound that shocked the Nine Regions. The collision between Wang Wu and the Immortal King produced a tangible milky white shockwave, which spread out for hundreds of kilometers and even thousands of kilometers away. After a moment, the gust of wind swept the land from the high altitude. The plants went dormant, the mountains shook, and countless animals panicked as they were thrown high into the air by the strong wind. In the sky, the remaining clouds were completely swept clean, revealing dazzling sunlight.

Such a turbulent wave was just the aftermath of the collision, so how tragic the situation at the center of the collision would be? People’s hearts were shocked, but they were also worried about Wang Wu’s condition. Because no matter what the calculation was, she definitely couldn’t possibly survive that palm strike. Even though she was an outside path cultivator, and even though the number of the golden cores in her body could reach hundreds at the peak, what was the significance of this small skill in front of the Immortal King?

However, sometimes, common sense, conventional reasons, morals, and logic were bound to be broken

Silent ensued after the shockwave swept across the Blue River Region. And then, in the silence, a woman’s loud laughter was particularly harsh.

“Hahaha, Xia Yu, haven’t you eaten yet? Your palm is so soft and weak, your wife must be flat-chested right?”

Wang Wu was indeed Wang Wu.

She was the only one who could still speak vulgar in the face of the Immortal King Xia Yu and the life and death crisis of the Nine Regions. At the same time, only she could survive the full power palm strike of the Immortal King.


On the sky, Xia Yu showed unprecedented seriousness. His Immortal Eyes were like swords, piercing the ants below.

A mere ant of the lower realm, could actually withstand the all-out strike from the Immortal King? The palm strike just now not only would’ve severely injured Xiaoyao if he went to block it, it would’ve even killed him. However, Wang Wu was actualy unscathed and only her green bamboo sword was smashed to pieces. Then, in the air, she casually condensed out another green bamboo sword with her magic power, and the light from the sword was boundless.

However, under the serious gaze of the Immortal King, Wang Wu obviously felt a bit uncomfortable and could not help but shake involuntarily. But then she quickly stretched out her hand to cover her chest, and then said in a very awkward tone, “Tsk, I was only talking vulgar, yet you actually want to rape me? I heard that you didn’t even let go of your daughter, you must be a sex addict, right? I want to declare in advance that I already have someone that I like.”

“Humph, you dare to show off your skills! Let’s see how you block this!”

The Immortal King was not moved by Wang Wu’s words and the second palm strike fell from the sky.

This time, the giant palm that came was ten times bigger than before! Like a dark cloud, it covered the sky and the sun. Wang Wu’s eyes became serious and she gave up the plan to continue to tease the Immortal King. She threw away the green bamboo sword and replaced it with a long jagged bone sword.

This sword was tempered by her own Non-Phase Sword Bone. It was the most adaptable magical weapon in the world, and might even be in all the worlds. When she held this sword, she had the confidence that the sword defense that she propped up would be invincible.

Even in the face of the anger of the Immortal King!

The next moment, a golden sword defense lit up in the air and Wang Wu, still as before, unavoidably pierced the giant palm of the Immortal King with her Non-Phase Sword Bone.

This time, the collision did not give out any sound. The giant palm of the Immortal King dented inwardly from the center, which was the location where the Non-Phase Bone Sword held by Wang Wu, and it could not move forward anymore. However, the surrounding parts soon bypassed the sword defense and continued to go down.

The Immortal King realized that he could not kill Wang Wu with his palm, but he did not care at all, because he didn’t need to care about why Wang Wu could withstand his palm strike. His goal was Spirit Sword Mountain. As long as Spirit Sword Mountain was destroyed, Whether it was Wang Wu or Wang Lu, both clowns would surely be beaten back to their original shape.

At this time, Wang Wu, who was wrapped in the palm of the Immortal King, was shocked and angered. She said, “Damn it, didn’t you say that Xia Yu is mentally retarded? How come he managed to come up with this flexibility?”

In the sky, Wang Lu replied angrily, “Even if he is mentally retarded, he is a mentally retarded Immortal King! His combat instinct has long been engraved in his d***! Do you expect him to throw dung at you like a chimpanzee?”


The next moment, Wang Wu could no longer keep hiding her cards. She swept her sword bone around into a circle and the Non-Phase Sword Defense responded with an explosion. This explosion was like a barrel of gunpowder being ignited, which erupted with earth-shaking power. The giant palm of the Immortal King was shattered by the explosion. It lost its shape in mid-air and turned into countless floating discrete energies. It was just that… Occasionally, a few small energy blocks fell to the ground, which triggered landslides. The Immortal King’s divine might, even if it was only a ten-thousandth or a hundred-thousandth of the original, was not something that the land could withstand.

Being able to scatter the full-blown palm strike of the Immortal King, how powerful Wang Wu was actually?

At this moment, everyone in the Nine Regions, all focused their eyes on Wang Wu, and then they fell into deep shock.

After that full outbreak of her power, Wang Wu could no longer hide her strength. Her body was lit up with numerous grains-of-sand-like golden light. The Immortals had amazing eyesight and soon discovered that every grain of golden light was actually a golden core. There were three thousand of such light sources in Wang Wu’s body.

Three thousand golden cores existed neatly in Wang Wu’s body!

“How… How could it be.”

At this moment, even Senior Immortal Xiaoyao fell into extreme disbelief. There were three thousand golden cores in one person? There was no such truth in this world! How was this possible? How did she coordinate these three thousand golden cores to operate simultaneously? Even if her primordial spirit was really powerful and could coordinate the output of three thousand golden cores at the same time, but the golden cores were not ordinary condensation of magical power, they also carried the Origin Law of the cultivator’s Immortal Path.

It was very difficult for a cultivator to have two or three kinds of Origin Law, and to have three thousand of them… This was the power of heaven and earth. But to forcibly contain the supernatural power of heaven and earth into a body, wouldn’t the body explode and die? This was simply impossible, absolutely impossible! Even the Immortals of the Immortal World couldn’t store so many golden cores in their bodies. Even if the power of the Immortal was more powerful than the sum of the thousands of golden cores, things that couldn’t be done simply couldn’t be done.

However, it didn’t make sense to think about it now. Wang Wu had already shown everyone her three thousand golden cores, and her Non-Phase Sword Defense was strong enough to scatter the palm of the Immortal King. Now, it was enough for them to just face it and accept this reality.

“His Majesty! Please allow us to make our moves!”

Outside the Spirit Sword Mountain, the Immortals who had been kneeling for a long time began to bravely raise their heads to ask for a battle. Of course, Senior Immortal Fengyun was the one who took the lead.


The Immortal King coldly snorted, but it was enough of a sign for those who knew him well.

Senior Immortal Fengyun raised his eyebrows in delight, “Come on, let’s kill all of these lower realm bastards!”

Wang Wu had blocked the palm strike of the Immortal King twice, so she was obviously the target of the Immortal King himself. If others didn’t want to die, they should not get involved. So, what they could do at this time was to wipe out everyone on the Spirit Sword Mountain while the Immortal King tried his best to eliminate Wang Wu!


“Who do you want to kill?”

A young and delicate face suddenly appeared in front of Senior Immortal Fengyun, and before Fengyun could cry out ‘Wang Lu’ in surprise, a heavy punch from below landed on his chin.

Senior Immortal Fengyun felt an irresistible force coming from his lower jaw, and he could not help but close his mouth. Half of his tongue was bitten off on the spot, and then there were two rows of tightly clenched Immortal teeth and lower jaw… In an instant, his body was flung high to the sky.

“A waste overestimating his ability… Next!”

Wang Lu shouted fiercely and then appeared like a ghost in front of Senior Immortal Qingliu who was dozens of kilometers away. For the female kind of the Immortals, Wang Lu did not show any pity. There were too many cultivators of Nine Regions who died in her hands in the siege of Spirit Sword Mountain.

In Wang Lu’s eyes, she was no longer worthy of being a human being!

Senior Immortal Qingliu’s experience was slightly better than that of Fengyun. Since she had learned the lesson from Fengyun, she had some precautions. Thus, she managed to cast her immortal method in advance. However, Wang Lu’s fist was unstoppable, easily piercing through the layers of immortal technique before slamming on her pink jaw.

With a string of sorrowful screams and drops of blood, Senior Immortal Qingliu was flung high to the sky. The high and mighty Senior Immortal actually had no ability to resist!

After Qingliu, more and more Immortals were sent to the sky by Wang Lu with such a punch. In the sky, the fight between the Immortal King and Wang Wu had reached the final moment.

Under the full force attack of Xia Yu, more than half of the three thousand golden cores were damaged in an instant, and the long bone sword also lost a third of its length.

Wang Wu appeared miserable, not as cool as she was a moment ago. The three thousand golden cores were the supreme achievement of the outside path cultivation, but it was still vulnerable in the face of the Immortal King. In contrast, after a few attacks, Xia Yu became saner and clear-headed. Thus, the attacks became even more subtle and unpredictable.

“Ant, this ends here!”

With a roar, Xia Yu grasped Wang Wu with a giant Immortal hand. Her Non-Phase Sword Defense was squeezed and then crushed by the giant palm, which immediately caused her to spurt out a mouthful of blood.

“Ant, you can block my ten moves, you are indeed unexpected. But, it’s time for you to disappear.”

With that, Xia Yu coldly stretched out his other hand and pressed Wang Wu’s head from above. As long as the two palms exerted their force at the same time, she would be twisted and broken into pieces.

“Xia Yu, I advise you to let her go.”

At this critical moment, Wang Lu’s figure appeared in the air.

“Being able to break the three-thousand-golden-cores-powered Non-Phase Sword Defense, as a pervert, you are indeed very powerful. But, you’d better look down at the world under your feet.”

Xia Yu frowned slightly and then looked down.

“This is?!!!”

In the Immortal Heart of the Immortal King, a trace of fear surged uncontrollably.

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