Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 840 - The Book Is About To Finish Soon

Chapter 840: The Book Is About To Finish Soon

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The Immortal King was high above the ground in the ninth sky, overlooking the Nine Regions, and having a panoramic view of the vast land.

After millions of years of vicissitudes, the continent that once gave birth to countless miracles, from the Wilderness Age to the Desolation Age, from Desolation Age to the Glorious Age, and from Glorious Age to Chaotic Age, it seemed that this continent had entered its aging period. Thus, these ‘children’ of Nine Regions have dared to come here unscrupulously and used the Nine Regions as a consumable supplement.

But now, in Xia Yu’s eyes, the Nine Regions seemed to have come back to life, from its twilight years to the stable and vigorous youth. And then, the entire Nine Regions seemed to be ignited by the fire of karmic avidya1 and burned up.

An energy that was enough to shock the world was surging in the ground. The spillover that leaked from the cracks alone were enough to terrify people. It was hard to imagine what kind of drastic change was brewing in the depths of the ground.

“Do you like it? This is my present for you.” Wang Lu smiled indifferently in front of Xia Yu, “Your Majesty Immortal King, you are indeed very powerful. So powerful that even if we, creatures of lower realms, try our best, we can’t even hurt a single hair of you, and you can kill us with a single blow without any resistance at all. Nevertheless, we, after all, have a strong supporter.”

Xia Yu coldly snorted and said, “You mean this decayed Nine Regions continent?”

“Yes, the Nine Regions have indeed decayed. Her essence has been absorbed by her children for millions of years. From the Innate Almighty of the Wilderness Age to the Strange Beast and Ancestor Witch of the Desolation Age, and then to the Immortals with their Grand Immortal Path of the Dreamlike Age. Countless powerful creatures were born here and then flew away with the gift of Nine Regions.

“By our generation, the Immortal Path has withered, even if all the present generations are united, the surrounding spiritual energy and even the law of the Main Path has declined. In fact, even without it being extracted by your Immortal World, the decline of Nine Regions is inevitable.”

After a pause, Wang Lu said, “However, even if it has declined, this is still the Nine Regions, the greatest and most amazing place among the ten thousand worlds, and the starting point of all the miracles. Your Majesty, if the Immortal World is still intact, it might be thousands of times stronger than the Nine Regions. However, at present, the Immortal World is just a piece of wreckage wandering in the endless void. What qualification do you have to look down on the Nine Regions?”


As soon as he said that, Xia Yu fiercely raised his hand. At the same time, in the remote Southern Heaven Region, the long-dormant Against the World Dragon Pillar trembled slightly, releasing a terrifying halo of extinction. The halo soon crossed the border of the Southern Heaven Region and spread to several neighboring regions.

In the sky, more cracks were opened, and eight brand new Against the World Dragon Pillars exposed their ‘ferocious heads from the entrance of the cave.’

“When I destroy your Nine Regions, let’s see what you can do about it!”

When Xia Yu spoke, he did not waste his energy to kill Wang Lu in front of him. Although this was also a real body of Wang Lu, he also saw that there were many more of Wang Lu’s real bodies distributed all over the Nine Regions. Thus, it was meaningless to kill any of them.

Instead, he concentrated all his strength on opening the passages. At this time, the space barrier of Nine Regions was weakened to the extreme, thus, he could use the Immortal King’s magical power to forcibly open multiple channels and pull down the Against the World Dragon Pillars.

The Against the World Dragon Pillars were cast from materials that came from a strange creature that was accidentally discovered in the Immortal World during the wars of the ten thousand worlds. It was the World Dragon, which came in two types, Yin and Yang. The Yang World Dragon or simply World Dragon had a world in its body, which allowed it to create something out of nothing. The Yin World Dragon or simply Against the World Dragon on the other hand, had the most powerful force of destruction in all the realms.

In the beginning, when the Immortal World conquered the Against the World Dragon Pillar, they paid a terrible price. However, the reward were thirty-three Against the World Dragon Pillars. Any one of which had the power to destroy everything. Most of them were used in the wars of the ten thousand worlds. At present, there were still nine pillars, all of which had been pulled down by Xia Yu, casting a shadow of extinction in the Nine Regions.

At this moment, despair rose in the people’s hearts when they saw the suddenly opening two-worlds passages, as well as the black Against the World Dragon Pillar.

One Against the World Dragon Pillar destroyed the Nine Regions. If the remaining eight also fell…

As for those Immortals who were beaten back to the astral wind level in the ninth sky by Wang Lu, they all showed a surprised look.

As expected, His Majesty Immortal King was indeed as powerful as the ocean. He broke the space barrier with his hand and pulled down the Against the World Dragon Pillars. They knew how much power it took to open a passage, as they had previously tried it.

At this time, only Wang Lu showed an indifferent look. He sneered, “Xia Yu, you should really wake up and come back. Now…”

“Please enjoy the fury of the Nine Regions…”

“Non-Phase Celestial Cannon.”

The next moment, eight auroras burst out from the ground of the eight regions. Each ray of light had a thickness of fifty kilometers, and they rushed to the sky with the endless fury of the Nine Regions. Each of them rushed to the corresponding Against the World Dragon PIllars that had just descended on this world.

These divine tools that once made the people of the Nine Regions pay a heavy price failed to hold on even for a moment. Under the impact of the aurora, they immediately disappeared. Meanwhile, the two-world passages that Xia Yu forcibly opened with his Immortal King’s power were also burned out by the fury of the Nine Regions.

In an instant, Xia Yu suffered a strong backlash. His Immortal body trembled fiercely, and the Immortal King light that enveloped him, which blocked others from seeing his real appearance, began to fade and his true face was gradually revealed.

“Oh, I really can’t imagine. Xia Yu, the Immortal King, who is the head of the ten thousand worlds, actually looks like this.”

It was Wang Lu again, recklessly staying close to the Immortal King. He then said in a particularly provocative tone, “I guess even those in the Pantheon couldn’t imagine that the majestic Xia Yu is actually a balding old man?”

This time, Xia Yu unceremoniously tore Wang Lu apart. Unfortunately, soon a new Wang Lu appeared next to him.

“Being angry will not help you. To be honest, I really didn’t expect that you would be so stupid to reveal your cards in advance and let people devastate it… Your Majesty, your only chance was to destroy the Spirit Sword mountain before the completion of my Nine Regions Great Array. A pity that you wasted too much time on Wang Wu. Now that I have completed my Great Array, I can give you another one hundred rounds of attack from my Non-Phase Celestial Cannon at any time. Your Majesty, I’m going to ask you for one last time, why don’t you give up?”

Wang Lu’s expression was exceptionally serious and solemn, and even faintly gave off the feeling of someone with guts. At this time, this Wang Lu who appeared in front of the Immortal King was more real than any other one.

“Your Majesty, I can tell you frankly that this Non-Phase Celestial Cannon is consuming the limited lifespan of Nine Regions. I used the blood of millions upon millions of people to rouse the unyielding spirit of Nine Regions, and let it boil again in its twilight years. However, this kind of special method can’t be used again after this. We will not have a second chance to awaken the power of Nine Regions. Therefore… Today, it’s either Your Majesty return to the Immortal World permanently and look for new prey in the other worlds, or we can continue with this and cause the destruction of the two worlds.”

Wang Lu, with a blatant malevolent expression, said, “Hehehe, I wonder, if the precious bodies of Senior Immortals and Immortal King are turned into nourishment, can the Nine Regions live longer?”

“Wishful thinking!”

Xia Yu once again ignited his majestic light. The power of the light belonged to the Immortal King, which obscured everyone’s sight, and the Immortal Technique of the Immortal King was also declared in an instant.

“Your Majesty, don’t resist it!”

No one knew when Senior Immortal Liefeng came to Xia Yu’s side.

“Your Majesty, why don’t we go back to the Immortal World for the moment. This Nine Regions is burning its blood, it will not last long. As long as it’s cold again, we can come back at any time!”

Xia Yu’s expression changed slightly and seemed to be moved.

“Your Majesty! We must not retreat at this time!”

Senior Immortal Fengyun also appeared in front of the Immortal King with a vague voice.

“If we retreat, they will fire the Celestial Cannon into the Immortal World through the two-world passage and kill us all! We must kill them all here!”

Xia Yu once again hesitated. He was indeed too old. His mind was easily fooled. The people around him have different opinions, so he couldn’t make a decision.

Senior Immortal Xiaoyao sneered, “Keep on fighting, find more people to fight, and finally vote for it. It just so happened that when everyone gets together, Wang Lu can sweep you all in one go with his Celestial Cannon. Xia Yu, take a look at yourself now, struggling at the death’s door, what a disgrace. What’s the point of living like this? Think about you when you were young. Are you really worthy of being called Xia Yu?”

When Xia Yu heard this, his eyes suddenly lit up and swept up the burning Nine Regions under his feet. In an instant, he gave up all his hesitation and swooped down like lightning.

At this time, he seemed to have returned to the prime of his life, leading the group of Immortals on a campaign across the ten thousand worlds.

Wang Lu’s Blood Burning Array of Nine Regions was really powerful, but after all… Nine Regions was ultimately too old and rotten. If it was not controlled by some people, it was impossible for it to fire the Non-Phase Celestial Cannon.

Therefore, the hesitation just now was completely meaningless. He didn’t have to consider whether his strength alone could defeat the Nine Regions. He just needed to kill the kid that got in the way.

And if the Immortal King seriously wanted to kill people, he had never once failed! Even if Wang Lu had ten thousand real bodies hidden in different locations, they could not escape the eyes of the Immortal King!

How troublesome could it be to kill ten thousand ants?

At this time, feeling the awe-inspiring killing intent of the Immortal King, the multiple Wang Lus who were scattered all over Nine Regions were surprised at the same time. Wang Wu, who was seriously injured, also took great pains to get up and lifted up her bone sword, which was only two feet long, as if she wanted to resist the Immortal King’s attack.

However, before Wang Wu’s Non-Phase Sword Defense was activated, the Immortal King in the sky disappeared.

At the next moment, countless Wang Lus were killed by the Immortal King in various locations in Nine Regions.

Finally, there was only one Wang Lu left, the one who stayed in the ninth sky, who asked the Immortal King to give up. He was surprised for a moment and then was held by the Immortal King with one hand.

“Now, what qualifications do you have to negotiate with me?”

With that, Xia Yu mercilessly squeezed Wang Lu’s head.

Then, he sneered and looked down, expecting the blood burning of the Nine Regions to become chaotic and disordered, and then the entire land would die in spontaneous combustion.

However, Xia Yu’s smile gradually froze and was then wiped out.

He had just killed all Wang Lus in the Nine Regions, and he was sure that Wang Lu had already died without a burial place. So why was the Nine Regions Burning Blood Array still in operation?

Unfortunately, there was no time to think anymore. An unprecedented aurora erupted from the wild land of the Blue River Region.

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