Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 844 - Time to End

Chapter 844:Time to End

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“Xia Yu, I would like to ask you for the last time. Just stop here and bring your people back to the Immortal World. From now on, our two worlds will never bother each other.”

The same question, which was put forward by Wang Lu before, was like a joke. However, at this time, this question was given by the spirit of the Nine Regions, which carried a different weight.

Many of the Immortals around Xia Yu felt an intense feeling of unwell. The Immortal Spirit all over their bodies seemed to have encountered obstacles, and there were frequent delays in the circulation. Although the degree was very slight, it was hard to ignore.

“Your Majesty, I feel like… the laws of heaven and earth around us are starting to confront us.”

In the astral wind, Wang Lu’s laughter was full of sarcasm.

“Starting to feel uncomfortable? In the past, when you guys came to Nine Regions, you were like the proud son of heaven, all kinds of Main Path’s rules were opened to you. But now, I am the one who manages the rules. Do you think I will give you the past conveniences? And if you insist on fighting against the Nine Regions, I can guarantee that the pressure from the rules is not even an appetizer. At most, it could only be regarded as the scent of food from the kitchen. It’s very tempting, right? I just don’t know if you guys have enough courage to swallow my dinner.”

As Wang Lu spoke, his voice began to become colder than the cold astral wind in the ninth sky, and his words became even more blatantly threatening. And this time, it seemed that he really had the capital to threaten the Immortals.

Even an Immortal would find it difficult to face an awakened world. Otherwise, when the Immortal World came, they wouldn’t have been full of worry and tried to make sure that there was no singularity in the Nine Regions. Now that the trend of strength and weakness had been reversed, perhaps it was time to withdraw to the Immortal World and find another way out. Such as… gathering the remaining forces and go out to attack the Pantheon in the Western Continent.

A few Immortals with intelligence even considered whether or not they could use Wang Lu’s power. There was no eternal enemy in the world, only permanent interests. And swallowing the Western Continent was undoubtedly in the interest of Nine Regions and the Immortal World. At that time, the Nine Regions could absorb the nutrients of the Western Continent and recover the damage caused by the Against the World Dragon Pillar and Burning Blood Great Array of Nine Regions. The Immortal World could also find sufficient nutrients on the corpses of the gods of the Western Continent.

However, after starting the great purge plan that they had been planning for thousands of years, how could they just stop so abruptly? And after having made so many sacrifices, did they want to declare failure when they were about to succeed?

“Wang Lu, don’t play smart. If you really have the strength to serve us dinner, you won’t be talking nonsense here.”

When the group of Immortals was at a loss, Xia Yu stabilized their morale in a single sentence. Although the Immortal King at this time was old and far less intelligent than that of his youth, he was, after all, the Immortal King. The King of the Immortal World who had fought for one hundred thousand years.

“What’s more, even if you can really unleash all the power of this world, so what? I have fought against thousands of worlds, and I have seen a lot.”

Wang Lu sighed.

“I gave you a way out, but you guys don’t want it. So be it.”

The next moment, the twisted air that formed Wang Lu suddenly exploded.

This time, instead of being detonated by Xia Yu, Wang Lu dispersed his air form on his own. And with this dispersion, countless blades of astral wind that could shred the space began to dance wildly.

The nearest two Immortals were dismembered on the spot, while more than ten were seriously injured. Even Fengyun, Qingliu, and the other Senior Immortals were in a mess, and at the same time, their hearts became full of doubts.

What kind of wind was this that it could actually kill Immortals directly?

Senior Immortal Liefeng whispered, “It’s just an ordinary astral wind of the ninth sky. But after being extremely compressed, its power is indeed very strong. Moreover, we are weakened and suppressed by the laws of heaven and earth, making many magical abilities unusable. With this kind of circumstances, it is difficult to protect ourselves if we haven’t reached the realm of Senior Immortal.”

Senior Immortal Liefeng had a high status in the Immortal World. He was especially learned and knowledgeable. Since he said that, then did it mean that Wang Lu’s threat was not just empty talk?

“Insignificant talent!” Xia Yu remained unmoved, “Just now, how long have you been gathering energy? How many times can you use the power of the Nine Regions after that Burning Blood Great Array of Nine Regions?”

As he said this, Xia Yu suddenly turned his eyes, reached out his hand, and pointed downward. Suddenly, a stream of fire was suddenly shot from his finger.

The fire soon turned into a sea of fire. It fell from a high altitude and covered an area of a thousand-mile radius. In the place covered by the Immortal Fire, even the soil was evaporated and annihilated. In a flash, a giant pit of an unfathomable depth appeared on the Nine Regions.

“Since you have become the spirit of Nine Regions… Then, no matter where or how I attack, you can feel the pain, right?”

From within the deep pit, Wang Lu’s laughter raged on, “Hahaha, not really, it just felt like a hair being pulled out. Why? A pit this deep already makes you complacent? It’s just a thousands-of-miles deep pit, it hasn’t even reached that layer of the membrane. If you want me to feel hurt, you’d better use more force.”


Xia Yu opened his palm and pressed it downward.

Thousands of miles away, the land of the Cloud Region began to shake violently. The ground cracked and the rocks collapsed. It was like the end of the world. The scope of this strong earthquake was tens of thousands of miles in radius, which was a hundred times more powerful than the previous fire from the sky.

“Well, that’s more like it, but just a bit. A pity that’s still not enough. Xia Yu, after being a turtle for so many years, sure enough you’ve become a waste now.”

“Empty talk.” Xia Yu said while sneering, “If you are really as good as you said, why can’t you even fight back?”

“I’m accumulating energy. The big move will come soon. If you have the ability, then stay there, I’ll finish you all in one move!”

“What a joke!” Xia Yu glared with his Immortal Eyes and then, from the endlessly distant void came down the primal chaos wind.

This was the spoil obtained by the Immortal King during his battles against the worlds. It was the product of a highly developed civilization in a world that had the power to condense the endless void. Its destructive power was almost comparable to the Against the World Dragon Pillar. It was one of Xia Yu’s trump cards.

And this time, this trump card was used by him on the Spirit Sword Mountain. The primal chaos wind swayed in the air and took away a large area of the sky. Then it turned down sharply and rushed toward the Spirit Sword Mountain.

Although Wang Lu was the spirit of the Nine Regions, and it could be said that his body was everywhere. However, people with discerning eyes could see that the most central part of the Nine Regions was the Spirit Sword Mountain. All the friends and family of Wang Lu, as well as the essence of the Immortal Cultivation of Nine Regions, were almost all on the Spirit Sword Mountain. If this mountain was destroyed, Wang Lu would be a lonely person. From his standpoint, he can tolerate the torrential fire from the sky and the thousands upon thousands of miles of strong earthquake, but he could never tolerate the disappearance of the Spirit Sword Mountain. Therefore, aiming at Spirit Sword Mountain could force Wang Lu to reveal his trump card.

However, unexpectedly, Wang Lu did not give any reaction until the primal chaos wind blew over the land and turned the Spirit Sword Mountain into nothingness in an instant.

“This guy… Has he completely lost the feelings of human beings after becoming the spirit of the land?”

“No! What was blown by the primal chaos wind was only an illusion, a mountain that was exactly the same in shape but not in essence… The primal chaos wind did not have the expected bloody smell. When he detonated the astral wind bomb just now, he used the magical power of the spirit of the Nine Regions to change the location of the Spirit Sword Mountain without everyone knowing about it!”

In an instant, Xia Yu judged the truth based on his combat instinct. The next moment, he began to search for the real Spirit Sword Mountain with the magical ability of the Immortal King.

Although this continent was under the control of Wang Lu, and thus every rules of heaven and earth blocked the intention of the Immortal King, making it difficult for his perception tentacles to reach every corner of Nine Regions, Xia Yu, with his strong power, finally overcame the pressure of Nine Regions and found the real Spirit Sword Mountain.

The result really surprised him.

“… You actually have the nerve to move the Spirit Sword Mountain to the Southern Heaven Region?”

At this time, the Southern Heaven Region had long become a void. It could be said that it was no longer the territory of Nine Regions. No one knew how Wang Lu transported it there in a flash, but… Indeed, it was because of this unexpectedness that Xia Yu took more time to lock its position.

Unfortunately, it just took more time.

“You guys, watch him.”

Xia Yu pointed his finger toward Xiaoyao and mentioned the others to control him.

For this rebellious illegitimate child, Xia Yu was still not willing to make his move. Since he was basically a life-prolonging dish, it was best to keep him alive for a while.

However, at this time, Senior Immortal Xiaoyao seemed to smile and shrugged his shoulders to indicate that he would not try to break free.

This smile caused Xia Yu to feel a flash of unknown premonition.

The Immortal King’s premonition had always come true. But this time, Xia Yu did not follow the instructions of his premonition and directly rushed to the Southern Heaven Region, toward the Spirit Sword Mountain that stood in the dark.

At this moment, on Spirit Sword Mountain, a woman in white was leaping on the Stellar Peak as if she was stretching out. She held the sword with her slightly moist palm, which showed that she was a bit nervous.

A moment later, she looked up and revealed a beautiful smile.

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