Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 89: You're Dead! No One in Heaven and Earth Can Save You!

Chapter 89: You're Dead! No One in Heaven and Earth Can Save You!

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In any event, having the full support from little Ling’Er, their next step went very smooth.

The general principle of this plan was very simple, which was to use the six stars Elder’s perverted character to find a way for little Ling’Er to get close to him and then subdue him on close range.

With her special power of negating all kinds of immortal force, when she caught them in close range, ordinary cultivators would have no time to react. And as long as little Ling’Er could subdue that Elder, the opposite party would not be able to display his ultimate skill. As for the four stars emissary… they would let her go!

The only question was how to put this as-pretty-as-flower Lady Boss in front of that six stars old pervert.

“This is actually very simple. When the fatty went there just now, weren’t there several escort girls? Sister Ling, you will go in the same way they go in. If there’s nothing unexpected, this should be a breeze.”


Wang Lu explained, “Just now, from fatty’s detailed description, those girls voluntarily did this obscene act and didn’t seem to be coerced. Although a Foundation Establishment cultivator has the ability to charm people, it will leave an obvious sign, which couldn’t be missed by fatty. Moreover, I think since they live an easy and comfortable life in this Marquis County, they definitely abide by the rules and thus achieved a certain tacit understanding with the County Magistrate and his people.”

The Lady Boss nodded in agreement. “And then?”

“But in that same detail, we can see that, among those escort girls, there are the professionals, the county’s prostitutes who are skilled in this kind of act, and the amateurs, those girls who, because of circumstances, sold their bodies in order to get money. With that Elder’s character and status, at least, relative to mortals, he should be extremely wealthy.”

“And then?”

“However, for an old pervert like him, there is at least a problem from this arrangement. The population base in this small county, which is only several thousand, is not enough to birth enough beautiful women. Moreover, not all beauties are willing to sell themselves. I bet that six stars Elder has just come here recently, that’s why he’s able to scrape enough beauties for his perverted taste, but I think the pool of beauties is already stretched enough. And for a dirty old man like him, he would be quickly bored with the current batch of beauties because most of them are of low quality. So, it’s impossible for them to hold his interest. Thus, he would quickly run out of beauties to play with!”

The Lady Boss curled her lips in disgust. “Humph, disgusting.”

Wang Lu shrugged. “It’s a necessary human nature to propagate their species. Only you who stand at the height of mankind would be able to see this problem correctly.”

The Lady Boss just gave him a middle finger.

“In short, I think that cultivator should’ve started telling the people in that courtyard to search for new women. This time, as long as sister Ling could appear in front of them without raising suspicion, they will naturally bring you in front of that elder.”

“... What do you mean without raising suspicion?”

Wang Lu thought for a moment before he whispered to her, “It’s like this…”

A few moments later, after listening to the summary of Wang Lu’s plan, the Lady Boss just sighed. “I always thought you’re deliberately trying to give me a hard time.”

“I swear, I never have this intention. Although this method is a bit evil, but there’s no denying that evil methods are often more effective. Moreover, in this remote Marquis County, perhaps it will easily win other people’s trust… Besides, even if you can’t win their trust, so what? As long as you, Sister Ling, show them your absolutely stunning figure, even if they find your identity somewhat questionable, they would still let it slide.”

“... Very well, I will do it your way. However, don’t forget.”

Wang Lu replied immediately, “I know, I owe you a big favor.”

“Humph, it’s good that you know.”


Without further ado, that evening, the three of them commenced their plan.

More accurately, there were only two who actually participated in the action.

One was the Lady Boss, and the other one was Wen Bao. What about Wang Lu? As the director, he stood and watched all of this from a distance.

Their specific performances were as follows:

The first scene: Marquis County main street; the actors: Lady Boss and Wen Bao.

The Lady Boss and Wen Bao walked shoulder to shoulder. The two of them wore dusty, worn-out clothes; they could be described as being down and out. Wen Bao, with slouched posture, walked falteringly, and from time to time, coughed as if he was suffering from a serious illness.

The Lady Boss: “Little Bao, how are you?”

Wen Bao: “Elder sister, I am okay, don’t worry about me.”

“How can I not worry! Your illness… the doctor said, as long as you take medicine on time, you will be cured! Our village is poor, so I take you to the county to buy the ingredients for the medicine!”

“But, elder sister, although the herbal shop has the ingredients, they’re not free.”

“Alas, if dad didn’t squander all of our family’s farms, how could buying medicine for you…”

“Elder sister, don’t lie to me, my illness… the ingredients for the medicine are too precious, even if we still have all of our family’s farms, it still could not cover the full course of the treatment. So, elder sister, no need to care for me.”

“... Rest assured, since elder sister has taken you here, there will be a way to earn money to buy the medicine to treat your illness!”

“Earn money? Elder sister, how can you earn money?”

“Many things! Elder sister will do embroidery, knit, cook, and so on. This is a big county, so there’s always a lucrative job.”


“No buts, didn’t Uncle Wang from eastern village say that by embroidering the handkerchief, I can sell them for a lot of money in the county… In short, you don’t need to worry about this!”

Scene two: County Magistrate’s guest courtyard entrance; actor: Lady Boss.

“Oh, I and little Bao have been mutually dependent on each other for life, I can’t let him die by illness, even… mm, I certainly can earn some money!”

Then, a girl with huge determination walked to the entrance in big stride and asked the two guards guarding at the front.

With both hands clutching each other, Lady Boss mustered up her courage stammeringly said, “Ex-excuse me, does this place need additional staff?”

Without even looked at her, one of the guards waved his hand to shoo her. “Go away. If you want to beg for food, find someplace else!”

However, the other guard has keen eyes. With a single glance at the girl, his eyes could not help but lit up; he quickly slapped his companion on the back. “Hey, hey, look at her!”

The other man curiously turned his head, and after a moment, realized it too; he then said to the girl, “Wait here, I’ll call the housekeeper to talk to you.”

Before long, a person who looked like a housekeeper walked out from the house. After sizing up the girl, that person nodded in satisfaction. “Come with me, let’s talk about it inside.”

The girl, who looked a bit afraid and nervous, followed the housekeeper into the courtyard.

Inside the courtyard, there were many buildings. The housekeeper led the young girl into a secluded room, commanded the servant to pour them tea, and then earnestly asked the girl warmly, “Miss, are you looking for a job?”

The young girl immediately said, “Yes, yes I am! I can do anything! Cooking, washing, anything! But, but I need to be paid in advance, and the amount may be relatively large, so…”

“Slow down, no need to hurry.” The housekeeper calmly said in an amiable voice, “Are you having difficulties?”

The young girl’s eyes began to turn red. “Yes, my younger brother, he…”

After the time it took to finish a meal, the housekeeper had understood the story of the deep love between the brother and sister. However, at this time, a dashing and vigorous servant rushed from the outside and whispered some words in the housekeeper’s ear.

Upon hearing those words, the housekeeper was even more satisfied. After he sent that servant away, he said to the young girl, “In general, I already understand your situation. To be honest, you said that you and your younger brother come from a faraway mountain village… However, currently, there’s no evidence that can prove both of you and your brother’s identities. In accordance with our house rules, we cannot shelter a person with unknown origin.”

The young girl suddenly became anxious. “But…”

“Hear me out first. Though this is somewhat inconsistent with the house rules, but I sympathize with your bitter experience very much, and I also appreciate your selfless devotion to your younger brother. Everything can be broken, is it not?”

The young girl was ecstatic. “Sir, your great kindness…”

“Don’t thank me just yet. I know you’re anxious for the money, but now, the house doesn’t lack a hand. Moreover, based on a servant’s payment, it may not meet your needs.”

The young girl was startled. “Th-then what should I do?”

“... Actually, there’s another assignment in this house, and currently, we are in desperate need of manpower. The reward is very lucrative, moreover, you fully meet all of its requirements.”

“What is it?”

The housekeeper looked at the young girl with a glance. “Tell me, in order to cure your younger brother, are you willing to do anything?”

“Yes, I just have a younger brother. For him, I am willing to do anything!”

“Then that’s good. The thing is… like this.”

The housekeeper didn’t expect to see the dull look on the young girl’s face after softly explaining it to her.

However, this delay was actually a good sign. The more inexperienced she was, the higher her value would be… Although now her whole body seemed to be covered in dust and not pleasing to the eyes, how could the housekeeper, who has such a discerning vision, not see that the girl’s natural beauty was stunning? After he tidied her up a bit, she would outclass all the women serving in the Immortal Teacher’s room.

A long time later, the young girl suddenly bit her teeth. “As long as I can get the money, I… I will do anything!”

“Good, with these words of yours, I can rest assured. After you sign the contract, I can give you the money. However, I can’t decide this matter myself; the final decision must be made by my master. After this, I want you to follow the maidservants to take a bath and change into nice clothes so that the master can have a good impression of you; after that… hehe, the benefits are endless!”

With that, the housekeeper finally discarded his decent person persona and reached out to touch the young girl’s cheek.

The young girl reacted to this by deliberately bowed her head, just in time to avoid the housekeeper’s hand.

“Thank you! Thank you for your great kindness!”

The housekeeper grunted and then shook his head. “All right, you can go now.”


One hour later, with several maidservants, the young girl came out of the bathroom wearing a set of delicate and elegant dress. After taking a bath as instructed, the girl’s delicate and pretty features perfectly stood out; it was seriously like a lotus flower breaking the surface [1].

The senior maidservant, who was responsible for taking care of her, enviously commented, “Look, the girl is simply like a heavenly being descend to the world of mortals. She will definitely be loved by the Immortal Teacher.”

The housekeeper obviously has his eyes on her, but he was still able to control himself. “Come on, Immortal Teacher is waiting for you in the room.”

The young girl revealed a tensed look. “Immortal Teacher… right now?”

“If not now, when? This kind of good thing must not be any minute late!’

Then, with tensed body and crimson face, just like a bride before the marriage ceremony, the girl walked to Immortal Teacher’s room with the housekeeper behind her.


On their walk, little Ling’Er’s heart was filled with mixed emotions.

So far, things went exactly the same as planned by Wang Lu.

Although there were many flaws in her performance and holes in her story, but… in the face of urgent demand, all flaws could be artificially ignored.

That guy, as a professional adventurer, was indeed somewhat reliable.

The one that was unreliable was her… “Damn it! What am I doing here? Instead of tending my daily-turnover-of-over-ten-thousand Inn, I went off to this desolate countryside to stage a young woman selling herself to save her younger brother play. Moreover… I still have to ‘coquettishly stroke my hair’ in front of that dirty old man!”

“Am I being possessed or what? How could I agree to Wang Lu’s shameless request? Is it that few days every month!?”

“Oh, forget it, in any case, in a moment, I can beat that dirty old man until he was barely able to breathe, then I’ll go beat Wang Lu to continue venting my anger.”

“Moreover… to be honest, being praised as a beauty by these people seems pretty cool. When I was in the Spirit Sword Mountain, those stupid disciples never said anything about my look; they have no eyesight at all!”

“Hehe, I’ll let this country bumpkin cultivator experience the real eye-opener ‘fairy descends to earth’!”

Bringing the pride of a woman with her, little Ling’Er finally walked into the main building. Fortunately, that guy dressed neatly this time; there were none of those unsightly things.

Upon seeing little Ling’Er’s face, that six stars Elder immediately revealed a shocked countenance.

Glancing at his reaction through her peripheral vision, little Ling’Er was inwardly proud of herself, thinking, “Haha, he’s hooked! No one can resist my charm! You, a certain bastard waiting outside, just wait, I’ll deal with you soon enough!”

“As for you, dirty old man? Haha, since it appears that you have aesthetic eyes, I won’t beat you too hard.”

But at this time, after the shock of seeing little Ling’Er’s face was over, that dirty old man’s gaze slowly moved downward, along that slender and smooth neck, to see that sexy and beautiful collarbone. After he had appreciated it for a moment, his gaze moved downward again, to look for that pair of white and soft mounds.

That skin color was like the finest sheep-fat white jade [2]; it was glittering and translucent, very attractive to look at. All of a sudden, the old cultivator’s mind seemed to be transported back to several decades ago where he was doing experiential learning in the Blue River Region. At that time, he had the privilege to encounter a scenic spot: white open plain that stretched as far as the horizon, full of paved white jade which dazzled his eyes...

Huh? White jade… plain!?

The dirty old man reached out to pinch the bridge of his nose and then opened his eyes.

A moment later, his fury filled the entire room.

“... You idiot! Where did you find this as-thin-as-firewood silly girl!? She has no chest and no ass, what’s the use if she just has her pretty face alone!? I told you many times, I want a girl with big chest! Take away this flat chested girl and never bring this kind of girl here ever again!”


Little Ling’Er felt like she had been struck by a lighting; before her, everything went black.

She couldn’t remember what happened after that.

[1] Surpassingly beautiful.

[2] A type of jade.

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