Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 91: All of You Homosexuals Must Die!

Chapter 91: All of You Homosexuals Must Die!

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The housekeeper and the guards then carried the woman inside, with the intention to bring her to the bathroom to clean her up. But then, they heard the impatient voice of the Immortal Teacher explode in their ears.

“That’s enough, what’s with all this trouble, just bring that woman here. Damn! You guys can’t even do this trivial thing, what a bunch of waste!”

Before his voice fell, a cloud of clear air suddenly appeared from mid-air and fell on that woman’s body, which immediately swept away the liquor scent and replaced it with a burst of fragrance.

The two guards trembled at once. This was Immortal skill! They just witnessed an Immortal skill! Although the effect was simply clearing the alcohol scent… but since Immortal Teacher could call out that clear air, he naturally could also summon lightning from the sky, or rain of fire… how awesome was that?

Under the urging of the Immortal Teacher, the housekeeper hurriedly said, “Immortal Teacher, this woman’s life experience is somewhat…”

“Humph, what’s the big deal with her story? Just bring her in!”

The three people quickly lifted the woman into the main building and saw that old cultivator seemed discontent. He has his shirt unbuttoned as he sat in front of the bed and his face seemed hostile.

Behind the old cultivator lied two women. Traces of blood could be seen on their private parts as well as tears in their eyes. Both of them were already unconscious.

“Damn! Why did she have to raise her qi at this time… Who’s going to raise my qi? How could these common women able to withstand this father’s diamond scepter?”

It turned out that this adulterous couple’s double cultivation method, once started, they had to do it every single day non-stop. And right now, that Qi Cultivating Stage female four stars emissary has arrived at the important breakthrough in her cultivation, thus, had no choice but to raise her spiritual energy to prepare for the breakthrough. However, this left the six stars elder miserable because he had no object for his double cultivation, but the double cultivation still had to continue. Therefore, he had to pick several mortal women to make up for it. Unfortunately, these mortal women were not able to withstand his sexual prowess for long. Their essence was already drained, yet it could not cover the gap between this old cultivator’s teeth.

In desperation, this old cultivator wished he could go out and plunder the females from the respectable family in this county. However, the quality of the women in this county was poor that perhaps he needed a hundred of them just to suppress the evil fire in his Jade Mansion, and that was just for a session… However, if he did this, no matter how good his personal relationship with the County Magistrate was, he would not be able to suppress this incident. And once he provoked the Eastern Way Prefecture, the entire Seven Stars Sect would be in big trouble.

And just at this time, the heaven opened its eyes and gave him an opportunity. A stunning woman actually fell from the sky and landed on his lap!

Of course, if he wanted to be honest with himself, the girl was far from stunning, but her look was relatively good, and she also had a well-developed body. These two characteristics were hard to come by in one person. Although this wasn’t a hundred, perhaps this could satiate today’s urge—it was seriously an urgent situation. The old cultivator felt that if he couldn’t get it off within two hours, he would risk qi deviation!

Thus, by this time, he would not care even if he knew the woman has an enormous background, let alone an unclear one. He would care once he did her! Moreover, he has placed a tight array inside the building, what’s there to be afraid of?

However, to a certain someone, strangely, things have progressed so smoothly, even bypassing several events, like bathing, dressing and so on, that he could use to think of his next plan… However, unexpectedly, all the way, there were no obstacles at all as he was carried directly from the entrance to the main building! He actually hadn’t been mentally prepared!

F*ck! Are you kidding me? The poison hasn’t been put between the teeth, the buff hadn’t been put on, yet I have to face the monster right away?

Dealing with a Foundation Establishment cultivator was still an extremely daunting challenge to Wang Lu, even to the point of no solution. Especially since this place was the opponent’s turf, which definitely has many inescapable nets. Previously, from Wen Bao’s narration, Wang Lu could confirm that there was at least a triple array placed in this place.

From the textbook that explained the common array method, a triple array in this guest courtyard has a link to the cultivator’s Primordial Spirit in the Jade Mansion. This meant every single change was completely within this old cultivator’s grasp. Moreover, the old cultivator could also release his spell from any corner of the house; there was no hidden corner that one could take cover.

This thing could be classified as basic skills to open up one own’s realm. There was nothing strange or powerful in itself, but rather the manifestation of a cultivator’s basic skills. Previously, when Wen Bao narrated his experience to him, Wang Lu thought that this opponent was really not easy to handle. Nowadays, the trash level sects’ cultivators rarely possessed solid basic skills. All of them heavily emphasized their cultivation stage, furiously dashing forward in the cultivation path while disregarding everything else. This caused their cultivation to be virtually hollow, and thus they would often be defeated by cultivators from top level sects, scaring them shitless.

Previously, based on his experience on effortlessly killing two four stars emissaries, Wang Lu didn’t think too highly of this six stars elder. However, this horny old dog who love to screw around actually has solid basic skills, which was not easy to deal with… Thus, he insisted on taking the route of a sneak attack.

And now, it seemed that it was hard to tell whether his luck was good or bad. On the plus side, the opponent’s head was already filled with lust that his skill might have weakened by sixty to seventy percent, but the bad side was… he was completely unprepared.

However, in the end, an ugly daughter-in-law still has to face the father and mother in law. “You, mountains of daggers and seas of flames, come and get me!”


A few people had carried Wang Lu all the way to the main building. After the housekeeper had directed the others to put him on the ground, he looked up, smiled and wanted to butter up the old Immortal Teacher by talking about tricks and so on. But as a result, he was slapped away by the red-eyed old man, sending him out of the room. The other two guards were startled and very quickly withdrew from the room on their own initiative and then closed the door.

After that, they inwardly sighed, feeling pity for that lovelorn drunken woman… Could she even still live by tomorrow morning? Previously, although the few women that were sent to Immortal Teacher weren’t killed on the spot, afterward, the doctor who checked on them said that they had suffered a serious illness and they could only recover after three to five months of recuperation. And that was when the Immortal Teacher could still control himself. Now that the old man was about to go insane, perhaps...

Meanwhile, in the room, the old man’s “hunger and thirst” was already unbearable. Seeing that drunk woman on the ground, especially her white and towering breast that was partly exposed, he could no longer contain the flame of desire that burned inside his Jade Mansion. With a lewd smile, he reached out to take off her clothes.

Little beauty, I’m coming!

However, completely contrary to his expectation, that woman suddenly got up, screwed lose that gorgeous long skirt and threw it into the air, which blocked the old cultivator’s sight.

This sudden changed scared the crap out of the old cultivator. He never would’ve thought that the mysterious woman, who he viewed as the sweet rain after a long drought, was actually an assassin!

When she was brought into the courtyard, he had first observed her and found that she had no cultivation in her body, thus he boldly told them to bring her inside. Unexpectedly, they let in a Qi Cultivating Stage individual from a big sect with basic skills that was inconceivably solid! Even if that person’s cultivation was not high, the ability to conceal one’s cultivation meant that the person was a top level genius! In his momentary negligence, he was actually been blindsided!

However, this old man was indeed worthy to be a six stars Elder. In his panic-stricken state, he was still able to react.

This old man drew out the magical power from his Jade Mansion to his upper body. His whole body relaxed and then his upper body swelled up—there seemed to be a faint glossy flow on the outside; simultaneously, it was firmer than steel or iron! Moreover...

“Solid! Shake! Firm!”

Three words were blurted out by him almost at the same time, and impressively, the spells were targeted at the assassin hiding behind that long skirt!

When encountering assassin, most people’s kneejerk reaction was to dodge or defend. However, according to a professional statistic, the best response was actually to counter attack in that dangerous moment. An assassin would usually assassinate their target when their defense was mostly down; no matter how one tried to defend, they would never have enough preparation. However, if, on the other hand, one risked their life to strike back, they would often come out alive. This might sound absurd, but it was an objective fact that one could not deny. This was the valuable knowledge that this old cultivator had learned in the middle rate sect in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortal when he was still a young cultivator.

First, he would defend and launch the counterattack against the assassin all at once. He would cast spells to pin down the assassin, using his Foundation Establishment’s formidable body to preserve his life. He was confident that, unless the opponent was several times stronger than him, he could at least survive the first blow. Moreover, as long as the assassin failed the assassination on the first strike, it would be hard for the assassin to succeed on the follow-up strikes...

Sure enough, while the old cultivator was still extremely shaken from this incident, the long skirt slowly fell from midair and the assassin behind it had been completely bound by his triple spells—the assassin’s movement had become stiff and slow.

However, he could not relax yet because although he had kept off the first strike, the opponent’s killing move has yet to finish.

That woman’s as-long-as-waterfall long hair suddenly spread out and shrouded over him!

What kind of scary technique was this!? The old cultivator was secretly surprised. However, without haste, he once again unleashed his magical power and cast another spell. That numerous black hair could not come close to him.

However, the old cultivator's heart was moved; something was not right, and he subconsciously reached out to his own throat, just in time to come across an invisible thread.

My goodness! The hair was just a distraction! The real killing move was this! Although this silk thread was not lethal, if it really entangled his throat, he would not be able to cast spells smoothly; in this case, he would surely be in a big trouble!

Fortunately, he had already cultivated for nearly a hundred years, so although his cultivation stage was not high, he actually had a keen intuition, which saved his life at this critical moment!

Since he had found this invisible thread, naturally, it could not accomplish its intended target. The old man twisted it with his fingers and removed it. Now, the opponent’s card had been exhausted, so the only thing that the assassin could do was to struggle free from the old cultivator’s triple spells suppression in vain.

Knowing that the hardest part was over, the old man was finally relieved. Next, he would slowly process this bold female assassin!

Thinking to this, the old man’s lower part suddenly became spirited again!

However, at this time, the long skirt finally fell to the ground, revealing the assassin physique. The upper part was not worth mentioning, but, under that assassin’s underwear, he could vaguely see the outline of the shape between the legs...

The old man’s straight spear suddenly wilted… “I knew it! The beautiful assassin was just a lie!”

However… could he just improvise? In any case, the face was still good looking! Thus, although his lower part still needed to be nourished, the flame in his heart began to burn again.

At this time, a voice suddenly sounded from behind him, letting his fiery heart instantly sank to the bottom.

“All of you homosexuals must die!”

A powerful blow, which penetrated the energy field that protected his body and his second layer of protection, the high-level magical tool: the Seven Jewels Protection Heart Mirror, struck the back of his head. A raging formidable force violently rushed in, like a stormy sea, dispersing his consciousness and rocking his Jade Mansion.

His vision went dark, and he fainted.

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