Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 96 - You Dont Understand the World of a Top Student

Chapter 96: You Don’t Understand the World of a Top Student

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After the Wisdom Sect’s people had left the Wang Family Village, the village was immediately thrown into confusion.

Several hundreds of people, nearly all of the people in the village crowded around the Village Head’s house, clamoring.

For half a day, too much had happened in the Wang Family Village that this group of villagers who haven’t seen the world was thrown into chaos. In this chaos, they needed someone to guide them out of the maze, and the person that fits to be the guide the most, who else but Wang Qinian?

“Village Head, why did you give your consent on their altar construction so quickly? Didn’t they say it will affect the change in the surrounding spiritual energy? Obviously, that’s our thing, why did you give it to them? Moreover, if the spiritual energy really changes, then, could it be…”

A witty young man in the village raised his doubt.

Wang Qinian turned his head and scolded him, “Stupid! Do you even know what is this surrounding spiritual energy? Do you know how to use it? In the past two years, I don’t know how much the surrounding spiritual energy that has already been affected by Seven Stars Sect, that devil sect. Have you ever felt it? Has your life shortened? This is those Daoist Immortals’ matter, no need for you to worry about it!? Who the hell are you!”

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Being showered by that stream of abuse, that young man immediately shrank back. Yet, he obviously wasn’t convinced.

Wang Qinian sighed, and then he said, “Not to mention those people are our savior. If not for the Wisdom Sect’s people, our Wang Family Village people would die without a burial ground. Didn’t you see those souls and ghosts that blotted out the sky that time? It’s very scary! We have received their grace, yet you guys want to put forward conditions towards them!?”

After hearing his words, many of the villagers’ face turned red with shame. However, there were some who had been practicing their thick skin skill in the past two years who thought otherwise.

In any case, that thing was just a boasting matter for those Daoist Immortals, so there was no such thing as big kindness and so on.

Although Wang Qinian was already old, his mind was still sharp. Through his peripheral vision, he knew that some people’s hearts were still in doubt; he could not help but coldly sneer. “If you don’t want to remember other people’s kindness, at least remember how they did it! Those Daoist Immortals spoke nicely with us, and they consulted this matter with us first. If they don’t… Heh, no need for me to say about it.”

Old Village Head sneered twice, which clearly indicated that it was a threat, making all the people restless.

When all of them was well-behaved again, Wang Qinian continued his explanation, “Since two years ago, we were deceived by the Seven Stars Sect, that devil sect. However, thanks to the Wisdom Sect, we have been rescued from an impending disaster. However, those Daoist Immortals from Wisdom Sect took a liking to our Wang Family Village’s surrounding spiritual energy and want to build an altar here. In my opinion, this would be good for us. First, we can repay the kindness that they bestowed upon us. Second, if the altar can be successfully built, it would be the greatest opportunity for all of us.”

Some villagers were confused. “What opportunity?”

Wang Qinian laughed. “Of course, opportunity for Immortality!”

Some people put forward their doubts. “Isn’t that a lie that that devil sect said to deceive us? They kept saying that everyone can become Immortal, but in two years in our village, besides arranging a few Yinyang Life and Death Arrays, they didn’t make anyone an Immortal… Although Xiaohu has entered the sect and learned from them, I didn’t see anything amazing in him.”

This remark touched deep into these villagers’ hearts. The Seven Stars Sect’s scam had been laid bare, and their theory of everyone could become Immortal collapsed. This, in turn, made the villagers’ thirst for Immortality took a great hit.

Even Wang Qinian was also affected by this remark. He originally thought that the Immortal Method could prolong his life. However, after two years of effort and after paying a lot of prices, it didn’t change the Publicity Envoy’s words to him: I can help speak for you. However, the Seven Stars Sect’s true color was exposed before that words could turn into reality. However, after he thought about it again, the old man suddenly came up with a new idea.

“Seven Stars Sect is indeed a wicked devil sect, but what they said about everyone can become Immortal; I think that’s good… Otherwise, from all the other things that they can say to deceive us, why would they pick that?”

This statement was tantamount to self-deception. However, it was very popular. As soon as he said that, other people began to chime in.

“That’s right, although that devil sect has done countless heinous crimes, I don’t think the words ‘everyone can become Immortal’…is wrong! Those devils are wicked, but all of them can cultivate devil method, so why shouldn’t we?”

Upon hearing this remark, many villagers hardened their conviction to become Immortal.

Wang Qinian said with a smile, “But, someone must lead the way on the Immortal path. The devils from the devil sect certainly wouldn’t lend their hands to help us. Those common Immortal Cultivation Sect would also not see us mountain villagers. However, I think that Wisdom Sect is different…”

Someone asked, “Then let’s ask them to teach us how to cultivate to become Immortal?”

Wang Qinian coldly humphed. “They are neither your relative nor kin, why would they teach you?”


“Therefore, the construction of this altar is our big opportunity. When the altar is built, wouldn’t it need someone to take care of it? To take care of it, wouldn’t the Wisdom Sect need manpower? Wouldn’t they also need to live here? Wouldn’t they also need people to take care of everyday need? Moreover, I’ve heard that after that altar is built, the spirit stones and elixirs can be produced endlessly. When the time comes, the Daoist Immortals can just reveal a little bit from the crevice, and we all would reap the benefit! Therefore…”

Wang Qinian’s face then turned stern. “The construction of this altar is a big thing for our Wang Family Village! Anyone who rocks the boat or holds this matter back is the enemy of the village, no exception!”

“Since you’ve said it, who would dare to rock the boat?”

“That’s right, Village Head, you have to trust us!”

“When the time comes, if needed, we will not refuse, even if we have to go through fire and tread on water!”

In the midst of these people pledging their support, a sigh suddenly came from the crowd.

“Then what about… Wang Lu, that child?”

The atmosphere suddenly cooled down.

Wang Qinian sighed. “That child, Wang Lu… we have wrongly accused him. I heard from Wang Fugui that Wang Lu has returned to the mountain and probably won’t come here again for a long time.”

Then he went into silence, and no one else made a sound either. A few days ago, Wang Lu had been regarded as evildoer and devil by them. The villagers hated him so much that they gritted their teeth whenever his name came up. As the Village Head, Wang Qinian had even come to Wang Fugui’s house to berate and scold him. Now that the Seven Stars Sect’s scam had been broken, from hate, they suddenly became extremely embarrassed. But at this moment, what could they say?

After a while, Wang Qinian said, “Later on, we should visit Wang Fugui’s house together to apologize. This will also prevent Wang Lu from causing trouble if he comes back.”

“Alas, what kind of sect exactly is that Spirit Sword Sect…”

Remembering the incident several days ago in front of Wang Fugui’s house, Wang Qinian was extremely disturbed!


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At the same time, outside the Wang Family Village, on the Dog Ear Mountain, the leadership team of the Wisdom Sect was holding a plenary meeting.

According to Wang Lu’s idea, their Nine Regions Intelligence Revenue Service would be called Wisdom Sect for the outsiders, while on the high-ranking meeting, it would be addressed as Intelligence Revenue Service.

“Wang Lu are you serious on setting up the altar here?”

Among the few of them, the only one who dared to call him by name was none other than Miss Holy Maiden.

Wang Lu also didn’t mind; he nodded and said, “Of course I’m serious. Anyhow, this is a formal sect, so how could it not have an altar?”

Holy Maiden was curious. “Can you build the altar?”

The dirty old man and Wu Feihua were also curious. Wang Lu’s remark about the altar was true. Every Sect in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortal, big or small, basically each had their own altar. The altar could condense the surrounding spiritual energy and turn it into infinitely wondrous things. It was a top rank applied installation and also the foundation of the Immortal Cultivation Sect. However, such a simple thing like an altar was never in the possession of a trash level sect like the Seven Stars Sect, because they simply couldn’t build it.

This altar thing seemed simple, but the technique and skill required to construct this thing were astonishingly high! The Sect Leader of the Seven Stars Sect was a Xudan cultivator, yet, no matter what, he could not build a formal altar! At present, after saving years and years, the Seven Stars Sect was able to buy a broken vessel from the Mysterious Sky Mansion. They then set up the Five Elements Creature Array on top of the vessel to create an “altar”. The spiritual energy conversion rate was not high, and the things that it transforms into was also limited… Yet, it had already made a lot of other sects envious. How would the reaction if it was a proper formal altar? The dirty old man and Wu Feihua didn’t dare to think about it!

As for Wang Lu, although he has an illustrious background, after all, he only cultivated for more than two years. He was only a low-level Qi Cultivating Stage, so how could he know how to build an altar?

Then they heard a sneer from Wang Lu. “You guys underestimate the top student of the Spirit Sword Sect too much.”

With that, Wang Lu took out a book titled “Fundamentals of Altar, by Lu Li” and then thumbed through the pages.

The Holy Maiden nearly spurted out blood. “You… you want to learn it now!?”

Wang Lu sneered. “Learn it now? Those words are an insult to a top student you know! Let me tell you, the real top student never learn on the spot! I have long ago learned about this, and now I’m just reviewing it!”

“You… isn’t this Fundamentals of Altar is at least a course for those Foundation Establishment or above? You hadn’t even finished Body Refining Stage a long time ago, so what’s the use of learning this?”

“Top student never ask if the class is useful, top student only asks how many credit points are there in a class!”

“What the! That’s just abnormal! But, what’s the use if you just know the theory? Not to mention you learned this subject a long time ago, if you want to refresh your mind now, I’m afraid it’s already too late.”

Wang Lu contemptuously smiled. “With your IQ, naturally, you won’t understand the top student efficiency in refreshing a subject.”

“Okaaay then, Mr. Top Student, when are you going to finish refreshing this subject?”

Wang Lu snorted. “Give me two minutes.”

With that, he began to randomly flip through the book, and then closed it. “Okay, that’s about it.”

“… You’re just pretending, right?”

“This altar thing is not that hard actually as long as you calculate a good location, choose the appropriate altar type according to the formula and prepare the basic materials. The remaining problem is how to establish the spiritual energy tide to form the spiritual energy cycle. Over ninety percent of the Fundamentals of an Altar is filled with the explanation about spiritual energy tide, and this part, I’ve already know it by heart.”

Miss Holy Maiden wrinkled her eyebrows for a while and then had to admit that she didn’t understand what Wang Lu just said.

Simply because she can’t cultivate; Feng Ling never thoroughly studied the theory of the Immortal Cultivation. Her understanding of cultivation was nothing more than hearing fragments and parts from the conversation of the people on the mountain. Once it was related to the formal theory, she was immediately thrown off balance.

However, the dirty old man and Wu Feihua were different, especially the dirty old man, since he was also involved in his previous sect’s several attempts on building an altar. After successive failures, he already had a profound understanding of this matter.

The establishment of the spiritual energy tide was indeed the top priority. One could even say that everything else, such as the choice of materials, the matching array, as well as picking an auspicious date, were all for this goal.

However, it was really difficult to establish the spiritual energy tide. At least, for a group of loose cultivators, it was as difficult as to ascend to heaven. For those sects in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, as long as they have a Jindan Stage expert, that expert, through deep meditation technique, could finely control the surrounding spiritual energy to establish the tide cycle. However… how could an honorable Jindan Stage expert associate with Seven Stars Sect? Not to mention even a Jindan Stage expert would find it difficult to enter the deep meditation without the assistance of the resources from the sect within the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

That being the case, how could a mere low-level Qi Cultivating Stage cultivator like Wang Lu be compared with a Jindan Stage expert?

“Um, you don’t need to bother with the specifics of this operation. This time, you just need to gather the relevant materials and leave the rest to me.”

The dirty old man nodded to express his understanding. Building an altar, establishing spiritual energy tide, all of these were the core knowledge of a sect, so it was normal for Wang Lu to not divulge this. However… how were they going to gather the material?

“Of course you’re going to buy them. No matter what, you’re a local boss in the Blue River Region, so you should know where to find sellers of materials, right?”

As he talked, Wang Lu retrieved his mustard seed bag from his side, took out a paper and a pen, and started to write the list of materials. After that, he threw it at the dirty old man. “Buy the materials on this list, not more not less.”

The dirty old man took a look at that list and felt a mouthful of blood well up in his throat. “Seventh Rank Fine Gold, Fourth Rank Black Earth, Sixth Rank Glazed Fire… Director, you’re crazy!”

Wu Feihua, who heard his remarks from the side, could not help but widen her eyes. “Any one of this stuff easily cost hundreds of spirit stones, how could we possibly afford that!?”

This time, it was Wang Lu’s turn to be surprised. “Didn’t you previously occupy the government of a prefectural capital? A few hundreds of thousands of spirit stones is considered very light, so how come you can’t afford this several thousand of spirit stones?”

The dirty old man immediately began to pour out his grievances. “Hundred of thousands of spirit stones is the sect’s income, not our personal income! The sect’s operational cost is high. Relying on his position, the Sect Leader desperately raked that money before the several elders. When it finally came to my hand, it was already not that many! Moreover, I still have to use it to cultivate! The cost of elixirs are not small, so in the end, I can only save a few spirit stones!”

Wang Lu sighed. “In short, you don’t have the money. Okay, I can cover this first expense.”

He then opened his mustard seed bag and pulled out a sparkling and translucent jade that blinded people’s eyes.

“This, this is the highest grade spirit stone!” Despite raking in money for many years in the Seven Stars Sect, the dirty old man had never seen such a top grade spirit stone. This kind of spirit stone was extremely pure; from its abundance of spiritual energy, this spirit stone could be valued more than ten common high-quality spirit stones, yet Wang Lu just casually pulled it out from his bag! What’s more was the fact that this spirit stone was worth more than the value of the spirit stones that he accumulated all these years!

Even Miss Holy Maiden was extremely surprised—Non-Phase Peak has always been known for being impoverished, so where did this Wang Lu get this much spirit stone?

Of course, by exchanging it with the sect credit. As the Spirit Sword top student, Wang Lu was indeed poor, but not that poor.

“Take this five hundred spirit stones and bring the materials here within two days. Then we’ll establish the altar in the Wang Family Village. Heh, in any case, this will be our Intelligent Revenue Service general headquarters, so we should make it beautiful.”

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