Real Empress from a Noble Family Chapter 13 - A Chance to Escape

Chapter 13 A Chance to Escape

At noon the next day, Hongyao, the first maid of Qiu Mengmin came to invite Qiu Yelan in person. “It said that you know about the things that Young Master Qiu Hongzhi fell into the lake last night and things of Mistress Bian and others, Your Grace. Now Prince is going to investigate by himself, so I’m here to invite you to help Prince tell right from wrong.”

It was impossible to avoid this kind of thing, and Qiu Yelan also didn’t want to hide. So, she brought Su He and quickly got on the sedan.

Arriving at the back of the Prince’s Mansion, she saw Madame Lu sat in the first place, and Qiu Mengmin sat with shame at the next seat.

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No one else had the right to sit. Even Princess Yang and Qiu Yuqing were kneeling at the front of the crowd. Of course, no one dared to stand, except Madame Lu and her son.

But Qiu Yelan didn’t intend to join in the fun. So as soon as she entered and witnessed the situation, she immediately raised her sleeves to cover her mouth, coughing to death. Her body was shaking, and she seemed to fall down at any time!

Seeing this, Qiu Mengmin frowned and said, “You can just sit down.”

“Thank you, Uncle Mengmin.” After hearing that she could sit, Qiu Yelan immediately stopped coughing, and walked steadily‒She didn’t even pay lip service, and this let Madame Lu and her son had a fierce look in their eyes at the same time.

“You’ve just come at the right moment. Hongzhi fell into the lake last night, but he didn’t see who pushed him. Some people saw it was Mistress Bian and some people saw it was Mistress Liu. Tell me who do you think it was.” Qiu Mengmin instructed with a gloomy face.

Qiu Yelan said innocently, “I don’t know what to say. Last night when the elder brother fell into the lake, I was talking with Madame Lu. I didn’t know him falling into the lake until a little maid came to inform Madame Lu. And I didn’t know anything else. ”

Qiu Mengmin frowned and said, “Why don’t you stay in your house in the middle of the night and why do you come to my mother’s place?”

“Because Cousin Kang’s face was injured.” Qiu Yelan’s answer made everyone in the hall stunned. And even Princess Yang, who was kneeling down obediently there, looked up at her in confusion.

Qiu Mengmin was naturally confused, she turned away and asked Madame Lu, “Mother?”

Madame Lu said coldly, “It is clear that someone thinks that you are not able to piss me off in the daytime, and he wants you to continue at night‒Do you think you can get away?” After saying this, she looked at Princess Yang fiercely, who lowered her head and pretended to see nothing.

“Madame, you’re wrong. Actually, you remembered that my grandmother had ointment in her dowry that could eliminate scars. So, you called me and asked about it. Why didn’t you admit it now?” Qiu Yelan said with a frown.

After hearing this, Princess Yang clenched her fist vigorously and her face flashed with anger!

“What? Do you have an ointment that can eliminate scars?” Qiu Yuqing shouted at Qiu Yelan immediately, “Give me! Do you hear me?”

Qiu Yuqing only had a son and a daughter. But her son died, so her daughter was her only hope.

Kang Lizhang was so beautiful that she was invited by the princess to attend a banquet in the palace two days ago. This was like a golden road to Qiu Yuqing, who was forced to marry a common person because of being driven out of the Prince’s Mansion.

She originally thought that she could rely on her daughter to be imposing in the future, but she didn’t expect that it was ruined by her niece only after one day!

Now she heard that it was possible for Kang Lizhang to recover her appearance. She couldn’t wait anymore.

Su He saw that Qiu Yuqing made threatening gestures and was about to lunge, she was so frightened that she hurried to protect Qiu Yelan, and she said vigilantly, “Lady Yuqing, please calm down. Our Commandery Princess is weak!”

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“Is she weak? This little b*tch was almost beaten to death by me a few days ago, and now she can move around! She is just pretending!” Qiu Yuqing replied angrily, “Get out of my way! I’ll slap you two if you don’t take the ointment out! ”

“Yuqing!” Madam Lu suddenly yelled, “You back away!”

“Mother!” Qiu Yuqing didn’t expect that her own mother who always supported her would say so to her. She couldn’t help but stunned.

“Do you have such an ointment?” Madam Lu narrowed her eyelids and asked lightly. She did not say that in the dowry of old Princess Xihe, but only said in Qiu Yelan’s hand. Obviously, she denied the content of the conversation between them last night.

Qiu Yelan laughed, “You really have a bad memory. Didn’t I tell you last night? That ointment was already used by grandma.”

“You!!!” Qiu Yuqing and Madame Lu looked sullen at the same time! Princess Yang was relieved, but then she doubted‒Did Qiu Yelan want to entertain them? What could she rely on?

Qiu Yelan just continued, “But this ointment is not only in my grandmother’s dowry.”

Madame Lu glanced at her daughter again. She stopped her daughter’s urge and asked, “Where is it?”

“The Yulu ointment that is secretly made in the palace can also be used to eliminate scars.” Qiu Yelan said quietly and calmly. “But it is very precious. Its main effect is not eliminating scars but nourishing the skin! And it is only supplied for the Empress Dowager and the Empress‒It is even rare for the imperial concubines and princesses to see it! ”

“Yulu ointment?” Madam Lu muttered to herself, as if in memory.

Qiu Yuqing asked anxiously, “Mother, is what this little b*tch said true?

“I’ve heard it once.” Madame Lu glanced at Qiu Yelan hatefully. Her family background was not outstanding. She widened her knowledge when she served old Princess of Xihe. When Qiu Yuqing was kicked out of the Prince’s Mansion, she was still young. Although she was the daughter of the old Duke of Xihe, she did not have the vision and spirit that young ladies of the Prince’s Mansion deserved.

“You are relevant to disfiguring Li’s face!” Madame Lu’s face darkened, and she sternly said, “In order to compensate her, you ought to find a way... to get some for Lizhang!”

“I said that it is only available to Empress Dowager and Empress.” Qiu Yelan said faintly, “What kind of person do you think Cousin Kang is?”

Qiu Yuqing was quite unreasonable, “I don’t care about you. Anyway, I will scratch on your face if you can’t take out the Yulu ointment to treat my daughter.”

“You are irrational?!” Qiu Yelan turned her head and looked at her. She suddenly grabbed the tea bowl at her hand and slammed down in front of her. She said loudly, “How are you! You have no official rank and you were kicked out by my grandmother long ago. It’s polite to call you aunt! But you call me little b*tch and you turned up your nose at me! Who do you think I am with the title Commandery Princess!? Are there any laws in your mind? You’re really cheeky. Believe it or not, if you call it again, I’ll suicide here. I’m wondering how you can tell the imperial court‒My Cousin Ruan is a scholar, who can submit a statement to the emperor! Do you really think that nobody would ask me if I were dead? ”

An artist lives everywhere. Since Prince’s Mansion of Xihe was afraid of Empress Jiang and Ruan Qingyan, they didn’t dare to bully her now. So, how could Qiu Yelan let off this opportunity to vent her anger? Suddenly, she picked up tea sets, fruit trays and even bonsais to throw on Qiu Yuqing!

Qiu Yuqing was stunned for a while, and then she rushed up and beat her like an angry lioness, and scolded, “How dare you talk back...”

“Stop her!” Qiu Mengmin shouted in unison with Madame Lu!

After Qiu Yuqing was taken away, they looked at Qiu Yelan with deep eyes, “Don’t think that Ruan Qingyan, a young child, can protect you. You know whom we are afraid of, so that we don’t hurt you temporarily! Let’s talk about your conditions! Don’t go too far, and don’t forget that Ruan Qingyan hasn’t passed the imperial examination yet! Even if he passes, Prince’s Mansion of Xihe is still a Prince’s Mansion!”

“I’m going back to Ruan Family for a few days.” Qiu Yelan returned to her weak and morbid appearance at this time, and said lazily, “I will bring it to you when I return. Don’t think that I have it in my hand. I would have started using it myself early if I had! I have to rely on my grandfather to check if any of his old friends can do that. Isn’t this requirement reasonable?”

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