Real Empress from a Noble Family Chapter 20 - You Are Such a Beast!

Chapter 20 You Are Such a Beast!

Qiu Yelan went into the palace very smoothly because of the palace carriage sent by the Empress Dowager.

Unfortunately, the Emperor and the Empress were talking to the Empress Dowager when she came to Hall of Taishi, the main hall of Palace of Ganquan where Empress Dowager lived. So, the servant of the palace arranged Qiu Yelan to wait in Lodge of Liuchun, which was not far from Hall of Taishi.

Qiu Yelan and Su He didn’t wait long when there was a sudden sound of footsteps outside the door. At the same time, a man who she seemed to have met before said with a smile, “Cousin, let’s wait in Lodge of Liuchun for a while.”

A man in gorgeous clothes and a gold crown stepped into the door with a smile and just happened to meet Qiu Yelan just after he finished saying, and they were all stunned.

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Qiu Yelan recognized that he was Gu Yan, the Young Prince of Duke of Guangyang, who she came across on the way to General’s Mansion. So, she immediately got up to salute him.

Gu Yan glanced at her and revealed a faint smile and meaningful expression. He said to the person followed him behind, “Cousin, what a small world!”

It was a boy about seventeen or eighteen years old. And when he walked in, he made people feel as if the room had been shining!

Qiu Yelan was a peerless beauty even though she had not fully developed now. Otherwise, Kang Jinzhang would not covet her. Unexpectedly, Deng Yi was as beautiful as she was.

His skin was white as snow, and his facial features were so delicate that it made people praise. He wore a simple style of red peace Ruyi cloud patterned brocade rope, with dark black hair that was held by a lanolin jade bamboo joint hair clasp.

If he hadn’t had a prominent Adam’s apple, anyone would have reckoned that he was a peerless beauty dressed as a man.

“What a peerless beautiful bottom...” Qiu Yelan couldn’t help but glance at Gu Yan with a profound look.

But the boy looked indifferent. He ignored Gu Yan’s words after entering in and took the chair closest to him and raised his robe to sit down. Then, he closed his eyes to take a rest.

Seeing this, Gu Yan smiled slightly. He saluted Qiu Yelan with fist and palm and apologized, “Cousin Deng has always been indifferent. He did not intend to target you. Please forgive him, Your Grace!”

As he said, Qiu Yelan and Deng Yi both knew that the one in front was engaged to be married. Although Deng Yi was indifferent, he could not help but look at Qiu Yelan. Qiu Yelan hadn’t thought of what she was going to say or do when they looked at each other, but she saw a touch of disgust and disdain in Deng Yi’s eyes. He turned his head away and seemed not in a mood to care about her.

“Tut! Do you think I am willing to marry you?” Originally, Qiu Yelan had no opinion on him at all. This engagement was not set by Deng Yi, but now she was angry because she was somehow despised by him.

Seeing that the unmarried couple were in disharmony, and they didn’t even say polite words. Gu Yan’s smile deepened, and he said, “Do you enter the palace for the banquet, Your Grace? Why are you here?”

“I entered the palace at the order of Empress Dowager. I am waiting here because Emperor and Empress were inside.” Qiu Yelan glanced at him and said lightly.

Gu Yan looked up and down her half-old dress, which was obviously short, and he seemed to understand. He turned to Deng Yi and said, “Cousin Deng, why don’t you say hello to Commandery Princess Ningyi? ”

At this time, Deng Yi closed his eyes again, and said without opening his eyes, “Body contact is forbidden between men and women. Please find another place to wait, Commandery Princess Ningyi!”

Qiu Yelan scolded him in her heart and smiled, “Young Master Deng, I was brought here by the servant of Empress Dowager. What if Empress Dowager calls me in but can’t find me because I go to another place? Don’t you think it is not good? Since you are so particular about it, why not go out by yourself, Young Master Deng? ”

“Unruly, willful and rude, she is not like a good wife!” Deng Yi closed his eyes and said coldly.

“... If you were not the grandnephew of Empress Dowager and here were not the imperial palace, I promise I would let you know what was really unruly, willful and rude!”

Qiu Yelan smiled stiffly and said coldly, “Since you are so dissatisfied with me, why not send someone to break off the marital engagement?!”

Deng Yi still closed his eyes, “It was set by the elders, so I have no choice. Don’t you see that I am not in a mood to see you?”

“So, you have a problem with your elders?” Qiu Yelan sneered, “I am ashamed to give myself to you who are not loyal and filial!”

“Use clever words to instigate. It really demonstrates that you lack women’s morality!” Deng Yi said impassively, “The family education in Prince’s Mansion of Xihe is so poor!”

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“That’s the family of your future wife that your grandparents chose for you!” Qiu Yelan said coldly, “If you have a problem, please go back and tell your elders! Why do you throw your weight about!? It is said that you read a lot. Have you forgotten etiquette and shame those saints taught?! ”

Deng Yi opened his eyes and looked at her extremely coldly, “Say it again?!”

“You have the opinion and the ability...” Qiu Yelan opened her mouth and was about to repeat when Gu Yan coughed and glanced at Deng Yi, which made the latter one close his eyes immediately as if nothing had happened.

Gu Yan turned to Qiu Yelan and smiled, “Can we have a quiet word, Your Grace?”

Qiu Yelan stared fiercely at Deng Yi. She thought that Gu Yan was simply separating them, so she let Su He stay in the room, put on her fur coat and went out with him after he insisted on the invitation.

“I suppose you have heard about cousin Deng’s hidden illness, Your Grace?” Gu Yan turned around and asked with a smile when they walked to a place somewhere away from the door and stood still.

Qiu Yelan did not know what he meant and nodded cautiously.

Gu Yan expressed regret in his eyes, “Although you are still young, I can already see how peerless beautiful you will be in the future... Are you willing to marry cousin Deng? To tell you the truth, Your Grace, cousin Deng has no interest in women at all. ”

“Are you going to help me break off the marital engagement?” Qiu Yelan’s eyes brightened, and she said to herself, “Does Gu Yan and Deng Yi really fall in love with each other and don’t want to be disturbed by me. So, he seized the chance to find a reason to quarrel, which is a reason to break off the marital engagement. Is there such a good thing?”

Of course, there was no such good thing!

Because Gu Yan suddenly held her hands and rubbed her hands tightly. His eyes were strange, and his voice was dumb, “Cousin Deng’s father died early, and he lived with my little aunt in Prince’s Mansion of Guangyang since he was a child. If you married him, you will also live there. Cousin Deng has a hidden illness. But I really feel sorry for you marrying a wrong person since you are so beautiful!”

“I thought you were going to be a good person. It turned out that you want to undermine your cousin. You plan to play us as your toys in the future?!”

Qiu Yelan was terrified, she struck his vital part and gritted her teeth without hesitation, “You are such a beast!”

Although Gu Yan thought that Qiu Yelan would resist and refuse, he never thought that this small Commandery Princess was so rude. Unexpectedly, his balls were kicked. Feeling painful and angry, he raised his hands and slapped her ignoring what he said just now, “B*tch! I give you dignity but you don’t want it!”

However, seeing Qiu Yelan was about to be hit, a white hand like a jade stretched out behind Gu Yan. He held Gu Yan’s arm firmly, so that he could not move at all.

Jiang Yashuang’s face lit up with joy, but his eyes were sharp, and he smiled, “It is really a coincidence that Young Prince Gu also wants to find someone to compete?”

Gu Yan only felt dizzy just now. Bump. And he was upside down and had been thrown into the deep snow outside the railings.

Jiang Yashuang turned his head and looked at Qiu Yelan with concern, “Your Grace?”

“Thank you for your generous help, Young General!” Qiu Yelan raised her sleeves to cover her lips, and there were tears under trembling eyelashes. “I didn’t expect Young Prince would make trouble in the palace.” At this moment, she couldn’t express her gratitude to Jiang Yashuang. Because of the gap between her current strength and that of Gu Yan, she could imagine today’s end if Jiang Yashuang hadn’t been here!

“Don’t be afraid!” Jiang Yashuang whispered. He strode down the cloister, and met Gu Yan who was climbing up with snow on his head, “Do you get up, Young Prince? Shall we continue?”

Gu Yan wiped the snow on his face with ruthless eyes, “Young General, are you going to blatantly oppose Prince’s Mansion of Guangyang just for a broken-down Commandery Princess?!”

“What’s wrong?” Deng Yi, who stayed in Pavilion of Liuchun, was shocked by the movement outside. He was shocked when he came out to see Gu Yan’s discomfiture, and he scolded the maids outside the door, “Why don’t you go and tell the Empress Dowager quickly?!”

The two maids were stunned by the sudden conflict. After being reminded by Deng Yi, they suddenly hurriedly raised their skirts and ran to Hall of Taishi.

“General Jiang, what do you mean?!” Deng Yi frowned and walked over—But he hadn’t even reached in front of him, Jiang Yashuang had already lifted up the corner of his robe, kicking his foot in Gu Yan’s chest. This made the noble Young Prince plunge into the snow again!

Deng Yi, who had intended to know what happened, was furious, “You !!!”

“You are looking for death!” Said Gu Yan, who got up the second time with crooked crown and dispersed robe, had no intention of removing the snow on his face. His original handsome face was distorted by resentment, and he scolded, “If you want to die, I will fulfill you! ”

Qiu Yelan’s heart burst suddenly under the hallway. She saw the flash of cold light in his sleeve and exclaimed, “Beware, young General!!!”

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