Real Empress from a Noble Family Chapter 46 - Picking a Son-in-law

Chapter 46 Picking a Son-in-law

The white-beard imperial doctor frowned with dignified complexion.

Ruan Qingyan and Qiu Yelan were frightened to disturb him, so they held their breath aside. They even didn’t have time to entertain Jiang Yashuang who brought this old imperial doctor.

It took a long time for the old imperial doctor to loosen his grip and frowned, “Not good.”

Ruan Qingyan and Qiu Yelan’s hearts suddenly sank!

Fortunately, Jiang Yashuang asked calmly, “Can you cure him?”

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“This time I can. But I’m not sure if it happens again.” The old imperial doctor stroked his long beard. Although his complexion was dignified, Qiu Yelan discovered that he was a bit upset.

Ruan Qingyan asked cautiously, “Imperial doctor, my grandfather’s disease...?”

“It’s difficult to cure him by medicine because he is old.” The old imperial doctor sighed, “Especially his body has accumulated countless internal injuries since he has been engaged in many wars for a lifetime... In recent years, he is depressed which worsens the illness. I can only treat symptoms, not the root cause!”

Ruan Qingyan’s face turned pale!

After a moment, his fist and palm saluted. He said, “Even so... I can still serve my grandfather for a few days. Please try your best! Please relieve the pain of my grandfather!”

“Although the old general is old, he must be very happy to have a filial grandson who cares for him although he can’t speak.” The old imperial doctor looked at him sympathetically and comforted him.

In the room where General Ruan lived, there were no four treasures of study. Ruan Qingyan asked the old lady to go to the next study room—Qiu Yelan stayed to look after General Ruan. Jiang Yashuang also didn’t move. After asking Xishi and others to leave, he said lightly, “Although Qi Shuluo is not an administrative assistant, his medical skill is also at the top of the Imperial Academy of Medicine. He said that he could not treat the root cause, I am afraid that General Ruan... can’t survive for long.”

“I know.” Qiu Yelan said in a loss.

She knew when she passed through, and the doctor that General Ruan had found determined that he could not live for half a year.

Now, it seemed to be half a year.

But he really couldn’t die.

Even though he was similar to the vegetative people that Qiu Yelan saw in her previous life. The General’s Mansion was just General’s Mansion if he was alive. Although it had fallen, it was also a noble family.

He was also the only elder whom Ruan Qingyan and Qiu Yelan could rely on—Without him, how could Qiu Yelan intrude into Prince’s Mansion of Xihe and denounce uncle and aunt’s mercilessness as Renqing Pharmacy was smashed?

The most terrible thing was that it was only half a month before Ruan Qingyan going to take the test.

General Ruan was seriously ill, how could grandson concentrate on preparing for the test?! How could he take the test?!

Without the identity of Jinshi, he was not enough to be an official. There were so many Jurens and grandsons of fallen generals in the capital city. Although a seventeen-year-old Juren was rare, he couldn’t compete with Jinshi. If he managed to be an official, his future was limited.

Besides, Ruan Qingyan had already chosen Xue Chang as his teacher... Once he missed this year, even if he could survive in the battle between Empress and Empress Dowager for three years, would he be able to wait until the people of the Empress Jiang as examiner?

“Do you have any plan?” Jiang Yashuang asked.

“Hope the old imperial doctor can cure grandfather for his excellent skilled,” Qiu Yelan said lonely, “What else can I do?”

Jiang Yashuang thought for a while, and said, “In fact, your cousin could not mention Lian Family at that time.”

“What?” Qiu Yelan took a moment to understand. She smiled and said, “I’m an orphan girl. My rival is my uncle. And Ruan Family has also been in decline for many years.... If cousin didn’t pull Lian Family, he might be worried.”

“Since the letter is true, why should we be afraid as we have Empress?” Jiang Yashuang shook his head. “Ruan Qingyan mentioned Lian Family only because imperial examination in spring is approaching. He was worried that you went into the palace alone. But he was also worried about his future. It took him about one month to go to Lanxi and came back. So he used this one month in which Empress and Empress Dowager were in a truce to prepare for the test.”

Qiu Yelan was very clear about Ruan Qingyan’s plan. But she could not admit it facing him, “Two letters were more credible than one letter. Additionally, it is unfilial to official grandmother. Grandmother’s family ought to tell since she died.”

“He extricates himself temporarily from this situation. But it makes my family busy.” Jiang Yashuang said calmly, “Do you know that several of my brothers were sent to Lanxi and escorted the letter and Lian Family to go north on the 16th day of the first lunar month before the Imperial Court was over?”


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Jiang Yashuang smiled, “Dozens of Men of Sacrifice of my family died during this short period of more than ten days!”

“... Do you come to accuse my cousin?” Qiu Yelan frowned and suspiciously asked.

“Do you know the origin of your cousin?” Jiang Yashuang asked noncommittally.

Qiu Yelan thought for a moment and she said, “He was the son of my grandfather’s old subordinate. Because of his father’s preference, he was marginalized by his official mother and brothers, so—”

“He has been a Juren since seventeen years old. Even if his official mother and official brother couldn’t tolerate him, how could he leave the family and be adopted as a child by others as long as the elder in the clan didn’t die?” Jiang Yashuang smiled slightly, but his eyes were cold, “And after he arrived at Ruan Family, he extremely cared about you at once. He treated you like a pearl in the palm. Do you think there would be such a thing that he clicked with you?”

Qiu Yelan groaned, “You mean that my father did not actually die. The cousin was the son of my father after his false death. He is my half-brother, so he is so good to me? Oh, this is not right. In this way, he should be my younger brother— Is he my father? But he was skillful in maintaining appearance—”

Jiang Yashuang looked at her strangely. He said after a moment, “The eldest son of General Ruan, your First Uncle, was famous for being henpecked in the capital city at that time! One year, he was forced to a brothel by a colleague. And he fancied a pretty prostitute. He really liked her and let her be his mistress who lived outside without telling your First Aunt. But your First Aunt knew it and she used Horsetail Whisk to lash your First Uncle. He ran all the way to the street. It was a joke in capital city for several years....”

“Of course, the pretty mistress couldn’t escape. It was said that your First Aunt intended to kill her. But a wealthy merchant passing by exchanged pearls for her because of her beauty when she was dragged out—If she was pregnant at that time, it was about the same age as your cousin.”

Qiu Yelan frowned. Jiang Yashuang was right. Every family won’t dislike Ruan Qingyan for his talent for reading. How could they easily let him be adopted by others, even if he was the old boss of his so-called biological father?

But if they knew that he was not the child of the family, it was not surprising that they didn’t stop him from being adopted by Ruan Family since he found his origin. Even official mother and official brother’s intolerance helped him— At that time, Mrs. Ruan was jealous, and Mr. Ruan was afraid of his wife. He was afraid of taking his child of a mistress back. So he entrusted the child to his father’s old subordinate secretly. And it was undoubtedly logical.

Thinking of Ruan Qingyan’s complex expression when he attended the funeral of Princess Ruan and they met for the first time, Qiu Yelan believed roughly. But she couldn’t estimate Jiang Yashuang’s intention of telling her about these things. So she sounded out, “So what? I call him cousin anyway.”

“General Ruan was defeated in northern territory eleven years ago. His two sons and three grandchildren, as well as your father, Duke of Xihe, were all killed in battle!” Jiang Yashuang smiled faintly. “The news came back to the capital city. There is no need for me to mention the change in Prince’s Mansion of Xihe. Your Second Aunt was sick, and she died before the accident. And your Second Uncle was not remarried before this battle... Although your First Aunt controlled your First Uncle strictly, she really loved your First Uncle. After knowing that her husband and son died, she immediately hung herself....”

Saying this, he paused. But Qiu Yelan had already knew what he meant——First Aunt who didn’t allow First Uncle to have love affairs died eleven years ago. Why didn’t Ruan Qingyan back since Ruan Family had no boys?

Although Ruan Family had begun to decline rapidly at that time, at least General Ruan was in good health and could pave the way for him if he came back at that time.

More importantly, the reason why Ruan Family fell to the present situation was directly related to the issue that General Ruan had no child——He was defeated. His children and grandchildren died. And his wife and daughter-in-law died because of the bad news. Under these circumstances, General Ruan could still survive alone instead of choosing to die with his wife and children. He was very determined.

Although he still had daughters and granddaughters, how could they compare with his own descendants? When General Ruan was able to get up in memory, there were loneliness and deep sorrow in his eyes although he was kind to Qiu Yelan.

If he had a grandson when he was still good, maybe it would be different— Having promising people was different.

“It seemed that cousin doesn’t hate Ruan Family for being away for several years from his actions of caring for grandfather.... Then why did he come back last year?” Qiu Yelan groaned in her heart, and said to Jiang Yashuang, “I’m wondering what your plan is because you pay attention to my cousin?”

Jiang Yashuang coughed and said, “After mourning, Your Grace could come to my house if you feel that you can’t get along with the children of Duke of Xihe.”

Qiu Yelan’s face darkened before he finished speaking. She said coldly, “Please watch how you conduct yourself! Although I am grateful for my cousin’s maintenance these days, I would rather return favor with my life. And definitely not for him....” She was upset in her heart— Wasn’t this guy a gentleman? Was this what he really was?! He hid himself too deep before!

Jiang Yashuang’s handsome face suddenly turned red. He said embarrassedly, “Your Grace— What do think of?! It is my two sisters who are unmarried. Eh. I am speaking for them!”

Sisters? Why did daughters of Jiang Banchao’s family invite me? Especially two years after the end of mourning for my mother?

Qiu Yelan changed her thoughts. She noticed Jiang Yashuang emphasized on “unmarried”— Did they fancy cousin?

There was no wonder that he had to find out his origin!

Qiu Yelan breathed a sigh of relief and said with enthusiasm, “No matter whether cousin is the child of Ruan Family, he is the blood relation to General Ruan and me. Few people can compare with his conduct according to this— Not to mention grandfather. He should treat elders with filial respect. But he also treats me like his sister, although I am just his cousin!”

Marrying lady from a decent family like young lady of Jiang Family could shorten twenty years for Ruan Qingyan to strive. Certainly, Qiu Yelan would try her best to put in a good word for him. Anyway, she didn’t hear about his true love who never leave or forsake him.

“Well, he has been in the capital city for less than half a year. Two famous prostitutes in the capital city who are most probably to win the title of the most popular courtesan are jealous for each other because of him. Few people can compete with his dissoluteness.” Jia Yashuang returned to his usual complexion. He twirled his sleeves and said playfully.

“That’s Young Earl Ling dragged him there.” In order to shorten twenty years for Ruan Qingyan to strive, Qiu Yelan immediately made Ling Zui as a scapegoat. She said indignantly, “He really didn’t want to go there! But he was afraid to offend Young Earl Ling and he had to engage in social intercourse! Please think of it. If my cousin is a man who is greedy for beauty, how could he be a Juren last year?”

Jiang Yashuang groaned and said, “It makes sense....”


Before he finished meditating, a servant ran in, sweating and panting, “Your Grace. The famous prostitute of Spring House, Hua Shenshen, was unwilling to leave at the side door. The housekeeper invites you to send her away!”

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