Real Empress from a Noble Family Chapter 8 - Stirring Revenge

Chapter 8 Stirring Revenge

“You want to see me?” Qiu Jinzhu, Commandery Princess Ningtai, walked in proudly with her head up, followed by her servants who also held their heads high.

She was a younger cousin of Qiu Yelan and ranked sixth.

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In Prince’s Mansion of Xihe, there were seven of Qiu Jinzhu’s generation, including both boys and girls. Except for the eldest young master, Qiu Hongzhi who was the son of a concubine, the late former heir Qiu Jinglan who ranked third, and Qiu Yinzhi, son of the official wife, who ranked seventh, others of the seven were all girls.

Among the four girls, only Commandery Princess Ningxin, Qiu Baozhu, got married. Other girls all lived in Prince’s Mansion, but none of them was familiar to Qiu Yelan.

She said frankly, “It’s me who found that Persian cat. I thought it would be returned in your name. How come it turned to be Cousin Lizhang?”

“How dare you say it?” Qiu Jinzhu was so angry about it that she didn’t have lunch. Now hearing this, she said bitterly, “Don’t you know in what position you are in this mansion? Will that kind of good thing happen to you? Why didn’t you send that cat to my mother earlier but let that b*tch of the Kang family take the advantage? My mother has saved your life for nothing in return!”

Qiu Yelan said indifferently, “How could I know who that cat’s owner is? I didn’t know it was General Jiang’s cat. I thought it belonged to someone in this Prince’s Mansion!”

“General Jiang?” Qiu Jinzhu said through gritted teeth, “You think that only General Jiang owes this favor? That cat ran away from Princess Yongfu’s arms when she was playing with it! Just now, Princess Yongfu sent her invitation and asked Kang Lizhang to go to the royal palace to have a talk at the New Year’s Eve dinner...Princess Yongfu is Empress’ only child! In the past, Kang Family was not powerful. Although Aunt Qiu often made a scene, she could only make it within this mansion. She wouldn’t have a place to stand when she met other peeresses! But now, Kang Lizhang buttered up the Princess. More good things are in store for her!”

Qiu Yelan sneered and said in her heart, “In that case, I should thank that princess for being careless. I saw her once. Kang Lizhang...Haha!”

“Anyway, there’s no possibility that I get such chance,” Qiu Yelan said calmly, “but I hope you get such chance, as you are also a member of our Qiu Family! Yet...”

Qiu Jinzhu was clever to see it through and gave a cold smile, “What nice words you said! You’re just afraid that Aunt Qiu will keep making trouble for you and want to draw me to your side!”

“So what?” Qiu Yelan didn’t feel any shame but said lightly, “Do you want to see Kang Lizhang gaining ground like this?”

Qiu Jinzhu’s face was gloomy and sulky. She said after a while, “My mother said there were only a few days before the New Year’s Eve.” She meant that if you had an idea, hurry to tell her! Also, she meant that she had her mother, Princess Yang, as a gatekeeper, so she only wanted practical methods.

“Yes, there are only a few days ahead before the New Year’s Eve,” Qiu Yelan said with a calm face, “It’s a pity that I got injured badly. Although I’m a Commandery Princess who’s qualified to attend the dinner, my poor body doesn’t allow me to go.”

Qiu Jinzhu said with disdain, “Even if you were not injured, do you think you can go as you will? Did you ask this family for permission?”

“But in view of my poor condition, even if I got permission to go, I couldn’t.” Qiu Yelan stared at her eyes and said word by word, “So health is the most important!”

Seeing Qiu Jinzhu look blank, Qiu Yelan realized that her cousin was only ten years old and was not so brilliant. Understanding the hint behind her words was an extravagant hope.

So, she waved to let Qiu Jinzhu’s chief maid Qingxin and Su He go outside, and said directly, “This time Cousin Lizhang got the thanks from both General Jiang and Princess, who knows what other benefits she can get in the future! If you let her attend the dinner in the palace on New Year’s Eve, from this on, through your whole life, it will be strange that you and your mother are not bullied by Aunt Qiu and Cousin Lizhang!”

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“But Princess sent the invitation on her own, what can I do?” Qiu Jinzhu said through gritted teeth, “It’s all your fault! If it weren’t for you...”

“What’s the use of blaming me now? I’m afraid that Cousin Lizhang is picking her dressing and jewelry for the dinner in the palace now!” Qiu Yelan said with a cold smile, “If you don’t want her to go there, go for her! Why did you come to me? Do you think I’m happy to see her there?”

There was anger in Qiu Jinzhu’s eyes, “You think I don’t want to go for her? But, my father and grandmother...”

“I have no idea what Madame Lu thinks, but Uncle Mengmin must hope that it was you who returned that Persian cat!” Qiu Yelan gave her a glimpse and said, “It’s just that Uncle Mengmin is a filial son and it’s hard for him to say it out!”

“That’s impossible!” Qiu Jinzhu yelled, “My father is always partial towards that b*tch Kang Lizhang! That’s why my mother told me not to fight her!”

Qiu Yelan sneered and said, “That’s about trivial things! Uncle Mengmin was thinking about Madame Lu so he didn’t want you to fight! But how could Uncle Mengmin hope that you also give in on this important thing? Uncle Mengmin was also partial towards Cousin Jinzhang, but do you think he will let him be the heir of Prince of Xihe? You are Uncle Mengmin’s daughter, while Cousin Lizhang is a cousin of him! She can’t compare with you!”

Qiu Jinzhu’s eyes twinkled, “In that case, my father really will support me?”

Qiu Yelan was drinking the Ginseng soup, smiling but not speaking.

“I will go back and ask my mother. If you dare to cheat me,” Qiu Jinzhu thought for a while and said seriously, “I will tell my mother to torture you to death!”

After she left, Mrs. Zhou went in and said worriedly, “If Qiu Jinzhu really does something against Lady Lizhang, and Lady Yuqing knows that...Even if Lady Yuqing doesn’t dare to kill you, I’m afraid she may torture you.”

Qiu Yelan nodded and said calmly, “So next, you go to see Princess Yang and tell her that I feel very wronged today and I’m in such a bad mood that I don’t want to live anymore!”

“What?” Mrs. Zhou was shocked!

“...Just make her think so,” Qiu Yelan looked at the scars on her arm, sneering, “Then give her the hint that I have known Empress Jiang’s recent order. The Empress Dowager only killed some maids in the royal palace, but I am a Commandery Princess! If I were one would have a good time! My cousin Ruan Qingyan is certain to pass the Imperial Exam next year. He is only seventeen but has already passed the Provincial Exam. As the saying goes, ‘Those under thirty years old rarely pass the Imperial Exam’. Princess Yang should think it over!”

Mrs. Zhou’s face was pale, but when she heard that Ruan Qingyan would probably pass the exam next year, she became glad and said, “Really?”

“I heard it from his own mouth,” Qiu Yelan was sure on the surface, but she actually suspects it. In her memory, no matter in the former life or this life, the Imperial Exam was not easy to pass!

But now she had to be more confident even than Ruan Qingyan himself, “So you don’t worry. We have my Cousin Qingyan’s support, and we won’t have to put up with everything in the future!”

Mrs. Zhou stood up right away, “I’m going to tell Princess Yang right now!”

“How will Qiu Jinzhu deal with Kang Lizhang? I remember she’s six years younger than Kang Lizhang.” Qiu Yelan was reviewing her plan and frowned slightly, “I hope she can do a good job and don’t be beaten by Kang Lizhang in reverse. That will be a joke!”

However, the news coming on the following day was proof that she had thought less of this younger cousin.

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