The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 100 - Money Makes The World Go Round

Chapter 100 - Money Makes The World Go Round

Zhang Zhifan was completely befuddled. He did not expect Yun Jian to trust him so much.

Yun Jian was bearing all the capital funds, and he did not have to be concerned with the process of starting the company, yet his name was to take full credit when the company was being registered.

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This was a godsend that one could rarely encounter in life!

At the same time, Zhang Zhifan stood firm on one belief in his mind. – Whether Yun Jian could succeed in the endeavor or not, he would remain loyal!

"Sis Jian, don’t worry! I, Zhang Zhifan, guarantee with my head, that I’ll do my best!" Zhang Zhifan declared seriously.

Since he was subdued by Yun Jian that day, Zhang Zhifan and his men had seen Yun Jian as their boss and had been referring to her as "Sis Jian".

If Zhang Zhifan became the chief of the company, his men would naturally become the company’s founding members.

The group of ex-gangsters looked at Yun Jian fervently and spoke simultaneously, "Sis Jian, we promise you our allegiance and swear to stay with you till the end!"

Yun Jian smiled with a nod and told Zhang Zhifan, "Submit the application form for the company as soon as possible and keep an eye out for a store location. Let me know when you’ve found the place. You don’t have to worry about the other matters."

"Mm!" Zhang Zhifan nodded.

Leaving the men’s rental, Yun Jian and Snake.Lizard walked along the pavement.

"You still love money like you used to. You already own a few international enterprises, but you never miss an opportunity to make money," Snake.Lizard teased while walking beside Yun Jian, despite her staying silent just now.

Yun Jian suddenly cracked a grin and side-eyed Snake.Lizard with a tinge of a young girl’s guile. "Money makes the world go round. Who doesn’t want money?"

Snake.Lizard had an aloof temperament, yet she could not help a tug at her lips upon hearing what Yun Jian said.


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Yun Jian returned to school on Monday.

Establishing a business could not be hastened, especially the procedure of the application.

Yun Jian was currently seated in the class for her lesson.

She twirled the black pen in her palm out of boredom while she looked around leisurely.

Once class was dismissed, both jokesters, Chen Xinyi and Zhang Shaofeng, sprang to her.

"Hey, master, it’s been so many days. Shouldn’t you be teaching your pupil something amazing, no? Ah, like what you did previously, knowing that I was going to trip you without looking at the floor, yet also having the time to kick me instead. That was so cool!" Zhang Shaofeng stuck his handsome face closer, speaking to Yun Jian in veneration.

Chen Xinyi shoved the boy away and laughed. "Ignore him! Let him be! Jian Jian, let’s talk!"

Since Yun Jian had transferred to Yi High’s Class A, people had been trying to find faults within her. However, they were all thwarted by Zhang Shaofeng and Chen Xinyi, making life easy for her.

Nevertheless, troubles still came her way sometimes even when she was not looking for any.

Yun Jian noticed that a heated gaze had been trained on her for a long time now, although she pretended not to notice.

The owner of the gaze seemed to have lost her patience as she walked toward Yun Jian.

Lu Rongrong asked roughly, "Hey, who’s the one who picked you up from school last Friday?"

Lu Rongrong could not be blamed. Si Yi was too charming for his own good. His impeccable charisma and handsome features had bewitched plenty of girls.

Yun Jian glanced up at Lu Rongrong before ducking back down to look at Chen Xinyi without regarding her.

Riled up from the reaction, Lu Rongrong grabbed a book from Yun Jian’s desk and hurled it against her table in a tantrum, speaking even louder, "I’m asking you, you bumpkin!"

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