The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 101 - Underground Fighting And A Bidding

Chapter 101 - Underground Fighting And A Bidding

"Holy... What are you trying to do, Lu Rongrong?" Zhang Shaofeng was the first to stand up for Yun Jian when he saw Lu Rongrong being insolent to his master.

"Mm-hmm, so what if Jian Jian has someone to pick her up after school? What does it have to do with you? Why must she tell you? Who do you think you are?" Chen Xinyi fired her retort at Lu Rongrong right after Zhang Shaofeng.

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Lu Rongrong had the temper of a spoiled rich brat. Pointing angrily at Chen Xinyi and stomping her foot, she opened her mouth but was unable to say anything. Ultimately, she huffed and ran away.

Yun Jian could not help smiling with crescent eyes. The morning sun shone from the window and cast a ray of light on her face, making her feel warm and mellow.

She had not felt comfortable like this for a long time.

Each time someone tried to pick on her in school, Chen Xinyi and Zhang Shaofeng scared them away with their sharp tongues.

They were really... adorable.

"Lu Rongrong really thinks that she’s some bigshot of a young miss huh! What is she so hoity-toity about? Shame on her!" Yun Jian was unfazed but Chen Xinyi grew angry and scoffed as she sat opposite Yun Jian.

Zhang Shaofeng chuckled dryly and as if recalling something. He glanced around before turning to stick closer to Yun Jian and Chen Xinyi, whispering secretively, "Do you two know that the black market is having an underground fight this Saturday? The venue is at Longtou Mountain not too far away from our school. What do you girls think? Want to go watch it? Heh heh, I guarantee that it’s gonna be impressive!"

In order to persuade Yun Jian, Zhang Shaofeng continued. "And I heard that it’s a wager between the mafia boss of Longmen City and a foreigner!"

As a boy, Zhang Shaofeng was especially interested in fights and battles.

That was also the reason he insisted Yun Jian to take him as her pupil after seeing her trick.

When she heard the words "mafia boss", Yun Jian arched an eyebrow.

Was that not Xu Haozhe’s father, Xu Zetian?

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Strictly speaking, Xu Zetian was her member of the Gu Sha Mercenaries.

So Xu Zetian was wagering a fight with a foreigner?

Hearing the news, Yun Jian then recalled the first time she countered Snake.Lizard in this life she was with Xu Zetian. Xu Zetian was asking for Snake.Lizard’s help. Was it for this?

She pursed her lips, moistening them with a lick. "I’ll go."

Zhang Shaofeng chuckled to himself thinking that his persuasion worked before he laughed out loud heartily.

Yun Jian smiled lightly in return, the meaning of the slight upturn of her lips worthy of pondering.

It was alluring yet wicked.


A week passed smoothly.

When Yun Jian returned home on Friday, she received news that Zhang Zhifan had already received the approval of their company registration. He made some contacts and found a suitable location for the showroom too.

The shop had a geographical advantage. The spacious area it occupied could fit enough cars for display, whilst the location was central and convenient. When the car dealership begins future operation, she did not have to worry about it being overlooked for being too far and isolated.

As it was a new lot of land on sale and there were many businesses on the lookout to acquire different sections of real estate, the developer decided an auction was fair. The buyers would have to bid for the land they wanted.

The bidding was held tonight.

Upon his report, she told Zhang Zhifan, "Prepare yourself for tonight. You’ll go to the auction with me."

She was going to take this lot!

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